Angels from the Realms of Glory

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  1. Hope you are feeling better Hg, thank you for the new thread. The video is beautiful, but would of loved more singing by David.

  2. Amazing and beautiful. David looks so happy.

  3. testing to see if my posts will now come thru …..

  4. testing

  5. It will be EPIC when or if David ever puts out or does anything relating to music/his career that isn’t in some way connected (directly or indirectly) to his church, lol Last thing I read in FOD was he is doing a concert for the church conference in February. I guess we do have Costa Rica project that is a little removed from the church, lol. Hoping 2015 bring some crumbs to the rest of his fans waiting.

    • o cq get over it

    • I totally agree, cq! But I don’t think there’s much point to thinking about it for a long while. There may be some hints about a tour next summer. We can get excited then!

    • The conference in February is a Choir Conference–not church related, I don’t think, though it’s in the church conference center.

      • lol, you are so right cc halo, yes a long while, I do tend to think of some things and post, lol. Yes, it pointless…it’s just my weirdness. Thanks for the February thing clarification, I did jump to conclusion with that one, 🙂

  6. I saw Chris Rock’s new movie “Top Five” today. Of course, parts of it made me think of David.

    In the movie, Rock is a comedian trying to move his career beyond the image that the public had of him. A recovering alcoholic, Rock’s character is on a promo tour for his new serious film but his fans aren’t interested in seeing his serious side. At one point, his agent (Kevin Hart) tells him that his star has fallen so low that the next step will be DWTS (… i found that funny even though i enjoy dwts, lol). Through out the movie, Rock seems to struggle w/the phoniness of Hollywood and the celebrity lifestyle as he ponders his current relevance. Overall it’s a good movie but a couple of scenes were a bit graphic for my taste.

    • I can’t tell you how many things remind me of David throughout everyday life, Desertrat, lol. I guess just knowing so much about him makes it so. The movie sounds very interesting and it has gotten good reviews. I’ll try to catch it, although I just tend to wait until they’re available on the premium channels on tv. That line about DWTS is funny and you know what a freak I am about that show, lol.

    • I saw a movie with that theme once! It was called “One Trick Pony” and starred one of my favorite singers Paul Simon. Everywhere his character went, people only wanted to hear is first big hit (“Ace in the Hole”). I thought the movie was pretty bad, not the least because Paul Simon is a singer NOT an actor. Not long after, Simon made the big time again with his album “Graceland” but I suspect even now people ask him to sing “Sounds of Silence.”

      I really, really, really hope David can again capture the hearts of people with his voice and charisma. It may take TV to do it though.

      • I had to google that one; had no idea that paul simon had tried acting. Speaking of paul simon, I think jason mraz channels his vocals.

  7. Thanks for the info about the new Chris Rock movie Desertrat. I hear it’s been getting good critical and commercial buzz. I like Rock’s brand of humor, so I now must add this to my “must see” list for Christmas… Kevin Hart is on a hot streak too. His observation of DWTS is one commonly held in the industry and the public – the last refuge for fading or washed up stars. It has provided short lived injections of life into a handful of contestant’s careers. It’s still pretty entertaining, once you get used to the smell the desperation wafting through the screen off some of the contestants. It’s good to have HG and this forum back

    • i highly recommend it but it wasn’t as funny as i thought it would be. for that, it probably has more to do with me than the movie — i’m going thru w/my pre-holiday anxiety blues, lol.

      and i agree, it’s good to have hg and the forum back. the first week of this site’s shutdown, i felt a little like i was locked out of my living room. 🙂

  8. So nice to see/read your comment Beauxcefus once again and I totally agree so nice to have this forum back. Always look forward to reading your wonderful comments.

    Hope, from last thread, love the reasons for your name change.
    Alc and Hope, also from last thread, totally agree with you guys..that’s the only reason I’m still here, waiting for him to return.

  9. Yes -desertrat. Thanks for the info on the movie. I will have to go see it. Watching The Voice tonight. I have loved Pharrell as a coach this year. I am pulling for Matt. He is on Adam’s team. He is my favorite. 🙂

  10. my last spam post, lol. i read that david is going to france. i hope cmoi is still around and if it’s true, that she gets a chance to see him in person.

  11. I can only “hope” Matt wins. lol. I thought his original song that he wrote was really good. He has competition from the country guy Craig. Those country fans vote. lol. I agree with you desertrat that if David goes to France wish that cmoi could see him. Are these appearances out of the country related to his church activities? I thought it was but not really following so don’t actually know. Off to vote for Matt. 🙂 The finale of The Voice should be interesting tomorrow.

    • I think it’s a fireside performance for the missionaries and church members. I believe if it was an official career music tour, it would be announced and be promoted that way.
      From what I understand, it’s free and he even has to pay for his expenses being that it’s for the church, but I could be wrong. I think the one to Hawaii was also the same type of concert. I guess if he was being paid, he could make a living just doing firesides.

  12. Thanks for the info cq. 🙂

  13. Just an observation on the social media. I don’t have twitter but it seems to me that David is not gaining any new followers on twitter. He has been stuck at the same number of followers on twitter for what seems to be a long time. Maybe I am just not understanding twitter. lol. 🙂

  14. David has about 1.37 Million followers. Not too shabby for an artist that has not been “in the game” for 3 years, in a culture where you can be forgotten in a wink of an eye and replaced by the “next cool thing”. The fact that he has maintained that total shows that most folks are just waiting to see what the future holds. David has been received with the same wild enthusiasm as he always did when he has performed since his return. His voice is deeper, richer and more powerful than ever, and his recent performances can only be described as breathtaking.

    David will now show the folks in Spain and France what they’ve been missing, and he will no doubt hypnotize and mesmerize them, as he has every other country he has landed in.

    As for the mention here earlier that David might throw his “secular” fans a “few crumbs” in 2015, what can you say to a person like that?

    • Here we go again. And again. And again.

      David has been back “in the game” for a long time.

      The audiences, aka “the folks,” in Spain and France, will undoubtedly be huuuuuuuuuge. As always, they will be hypnotized, mesmerized, pee and poop in their pants and be hospitalized. Nothing less can be expected when an international superstar… excuse me, famous international personality appears at a fireside.

  15. Here is a post from Ali on FOD from yesterday. David obviously has his priorities straight , and I commend him for it. Ali’s last sentence shows that she too has her priorities straight, and I commend her as well.

    December 15, 2014 at 10:40 pm
    “In the midst of all David has going on now, with preparing for this trip and doing shows and finals at school and I’m sure many other things we don’t know about, David made a trip yesterday to visit a young girl with cancer, going to her home to spend time with her. I saw a brief mention from a relative on twitter last night of how appreciate they were that he took time to do that and her father left a comment on David’s last FB post as well.

    From random mentions over the years, David does this fairly often but rarely ever mentions it himself. He has such a good heart. The next time it’s wondered why he hasn’t taken time to do this or that or to greet every fan, I’ll think back and know that he’s doing so much more than we will ever fully realize.”

  16. Off topic, I call myself taking a break from the 24 hr news coverage of the tragedies of the past couple of days. Can’t believe I settled on watching the Poseidon Adventure. 😐 Haven’t seen this in years.

    Re. D’s # of twitter followers, I don’t see them changing much unless he does something bad or shocking. He needs to pick a fight w/Kanye or send out some tweets full of offensive babble. For the record, I’m jk. 😉

  17. Good answer desertrat. lol. 🙂 I am watching The Voice. Very entertaining finale. I always like the voice’s finale. Some really talented contestants this year. Hope Matt wins. 🙂

    • Hope my brother in law is a big Voice fan, actually a big fan of all singing competition shows. He posted on Facebook that he predicts that Matt will win and that his original song will be a huge hit, lol. of course, thought of you when I read his post.
      Btw, he thinks David has a nice voice but was on DC camp for season 7, lol.

  18. Oh once again my favorite comes in second in a reality singing contest. lol. Craig is OK but I thought that even Chris and of course Matt was the better choice. Matt should have won. 😦

    • I so agree about Matt and Chris. I think Craig got votes at the end by country peeps that hadn’t been watching the whole time. Seemed to be they showed up the last couple weeks in droves to support. Feel,as though Matt earned it all season he was so good with whatever he did.

  19. sj-Yep 🙂

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