Baptism in Tears

So, imagine this.  I tentatively open back up Soul Davidian.  I then get caught up in the injustices of no indictments for either the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, or in the chokehold death of Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York.

It’s more than my soul could bear.

No surprises, really…just profound disappointment.

It may have taken a toll on me, for no sooner do I think these thoughts than I’m suddenly downed by the flu. I’ve never had it this bad!

I mean, I’m talking about staying in bed all day Saturday! I couldn’t even reach for my TV remote control, that’s how weak I felt. I couldn’t even contemplate going down my stairs, the effort that would take my aching bones.

I’m running high temperatures and stuffed up with all kinds of unholy ailments. My stomach grumbles in hunger, but even the thought of eating makes me nauseous.

Sunday comes, and I’m starting to get an appetite. I make it down the stairs and draw the curtains to let the sunshine in.

I’m so sick I forgot to mark the anniversary of “We’ll Always Have Verona!” 🙂

No matter.

Monday comes, and my temperature is back to normal, and I’m eating a full breakfast. Still a bit shaken, some leftover cold, but I can still make it to work.

On my way home, I realize I haven’t played any Christmas carols yet, and it’s the season.

I immediately turn to Christmas from the Heart, and The Voice washes over me with “Joy to the World.”

And that does it for me, dear Soul Davidians.

“And wonders…and woooonders….ooooof…hiiiis….his…loooooooooooooooooove”

What is it about the way he draws out the word “Love”?

It poured out over me, and the first tears I’ve shed since all this horrible news in the world unfolded on us and since overcoming one of my nastier sick spells.

The tears flowed while I drove all the way home, and when I felt safe enough inside my home, I just sobbed.  And continued to sob some more with “Silent Night” and “O Holy Night.” and “The Little Drummer Boy” from Verona.

Baptized in tears, my healing has begun.

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  1. WELCOME BACK HG 🙂 beautifully written article.

  2. Thanks! I’m still healing.

  3. Welcome Back hg. Really so glad to see you back for many reasons. Such a well written article. You were missed . I have always enjoyed your posts and this site. Glad that the healing has begun. 🙂 I will now be posting as Hope as I “hope” for better days ahead.

  4. Welcome back HG, cq, and Marie/Hope! All of you have been missed.

    HG, glad you’re feeling better. The flu has a way of sneaking up on you and then sapping all your energy. I haven’t begun to play Christmas music yet but when I do, I’ll start with CFTH.

    Marie/Hope, I’m thinking about changing my name too because I no longer reside in the desert, lol.

  5. I was just so happy to have the wonderful Hg post back, but I’ll admit that I’m ecstatic to have comments back, too. Waving hi to Marie/Hope and desertrat.
    Hoping that others will come back. Maybe 2015 will bring lots of great things to talk about regarding David’s music/career.

  6. Hello HG, Hope, Desertrat and Cq!Thanks for another great post HG! So good to hear you are on the road to recovery! I’m also very happy to say, “Welcome Back”!
    2015 is just around the bend…

  7. Tears truly are the path to healing. I thought of you every time I heard more bad news. So sorry your body was so weakened as well–sounds like it was a tsunami of difficult times. So very hopeful that Soul David can be part of your recovery. There are some amazing videos available of David’s recent holiday performances which are a perfect compliment to Verona. Gentle hugs…

  8. Welcome back, everyone! And Miss Bianca, feel free to share the latest videos here, as was often the practice here.

  9. I also get very down when I think of the recent (and not so recent) events, particularly one that hits close to home as the mother of a young man with a mental illness–the beating to death by police, of a homeless schizophrenic man, Kelly Thomas, as he cried for his father.

    The video that I’m listening to most is David’s minor-key version of “Do You Hear What I Hear?”

  10. Went to run some errands and decides to listen the little Red Album while in the car, awe still a great album for David at that time in his life. I actually listened to it differently this time, listen to lyrics and thought, how would David sing these songs now…You Can, my favorite, Barriers, My Hands. etc.I know he sang Crush at Cooks concerts, but I don’t count that one (he wasn’t prepared)..hum.
    Man, I would love to hear the grown-up mature David tackle these songs, but don’t know if the new David would even want to sings these songs again. I do want to move forward and am looking forward to his new album in 2015, but still, it would be fun to hear him sings some of the oldies, but goodies, lol.

  11. Senseless no more

    So very happy to see Soul David up & running again. Still and always will be the site I will come to for anything worth reading about David and any other subject HG writes about so eloquently.

    HG, hoping you continue to heal physically and that your heart finds peace & serenity in the midst of all the craziness and injustices happening in this world we live in.

    • this is like a homecoming; welcome back Senseless no more.

      • Senseless no more

        Aww, thanks desertrat!

        So happy to see you, cq, Marie/Hope, cc halo. missbianca, angelofdja back too. Hoping to see many others here again soon. I think the word hasn’t spread yet and some fans of SD & HG still don’t know this wonderful site is up again, and may I add, none too soon!

        Wishing all a good night.

      • Hi Senseless no more. It is like a homecoming. lol. So busy at work so not much time to post anymore but so glad to see SD and it’s commenters back. 🙂 Hope more do join in the comments as it is a wonderful site.

  12. Yeah, happy to see you Senseless no more as well as cchalo, Hope, desertrat, missblianca & angelofdja…hoping that we will have a lot of fun time discussion in the coming year regarding David’s music/music career.

    Hoping David’s latest collaboration pops up on Youtube.

  13. Marie/hope I thought of you on Tuesday night at a party with a group of Bunco friends. The Voice was the topic of conversation and all I thought was Marie would love to be part of this exchange, lol.
    Of course, it also went towards AI and how it doesn’t compare to the Voice. One did comment that AI has produced two super stars, Kelly and Carrie and the Voice has not. Of course, didn’t chime in about being a big David fan. I know that they would say ‘who’ and that would get me mad, lol. Anyway just thought I would share.

  14. Oh my gosh, I am so happy to have you back HG!
    I saw your post this morning but didn’t have a chance to say anything.
    But you know, all day I felt just good to hear from you again even though you
    shared how ill you were in body and soul.

    Glad your body is pretty much mended and your soul is on it’s way.

  15. HG, I am so sorry you have been so ill ! Glad you are feeling a bit better! May you continue the road to full recovery! David’s music is healing! I listen to other artists for a while then I always come back to David’s voice. It hits deep in the soul! Thank you for your comments! 😀

  16. The Nativity video is out, lol, don’t know how to bring it over, maybe someone else can do it. It’s nice and I loved seeing David, but to me the ending seemed like an advertisement. One thing that seems to be a recurring theme for almost all the projects David is involved in right now is at the end it’s an advertisement for the Mormon church, imo. Nothing wrong with that and it’s just my take on it, I’m sure that again I’m in the minority.

    • This is very beautiful, and starts as another minor-key version of a holiday classic, reminding me of David’s DYHWIH. Like the “Glorious” free download, this one asks people to share it on social media before downloading, so it actually IS an advertisement for the LDS church, as was the Meet the Mormons movie and this production. The addition of other faiths here seemed like an afterthought, and it leads to a Mormon-produced video, so I think you’re right, cq.

      I know that the Mormon church is making an effort to update its proselytizing efforts with a couple of initiatives: to effectively use social media, and to emphasize its Christianity to appeal to a larger population. This and the MTM movie are both very well-done parts of this effort, I’m sure.

  17. Unlike the good old days of 2008-09, I refrain myself from watching D’s videos while at work. With that said, I can’t wait to get off work. 🙂

    CQ, I’m curious, why does the video seem like an ad to you? Is there an ad at the end?

  18. The new video already has over 170,000 views, and fits the pattern I’ve noticed, which is that David’s official work for his church gets a LOT of support, for example, the huge turnout for his MOTAB collaboration, and the large numbers for “Glorious” views and downloads. His non-official performances, even if they take place in his hometown and are religious in nature, however, get very modest support–the DYHWIH video(s) only have about 5,000 views at this point. I guess we’ll see how the professional video does, but I expect that when he is truly re-launching his career, it will be on his fans to support him, not “his” LDS peeps.

    • Meant to say “on his fans *of any faith* to support him, not just LDS people in general”.

      • I see that pattern happening too. Yes, I hope that he gets the support from all his fans when he is truly re-launching his career. I’m thinking that the support with all these projects is for the church, not so much for David.

  19. D’s voice seems so much deeper and richer in this interview. 🙂

  20. angels we have heard on high. outstanding! however, i would have preferred more david. 😉 i noticed while reviewing the video comments, so many people don’t know who david is.

    • Yes, desertrat, more of David would of been nice. That surprises me that people not knowing who David is, I would think most views are lds and I just assume that everyone lds person knows David, lol.
      The fandom bubble sees things maybe a little different than outsiders and that includes lds. I just assume that David is huge in his Mormon community.

      • Peter Hollon has a nice voice, but he’s no David Archuleta, : )

      • I would have to agree more of David would have been nice. cq I see your point about the end of the video. Also everyone’s musical tastes are different. I just prefer the more soulful songs for Christmas. Like for example David’s version of This Christmas that he performed on his Christmas tour. Not that is the kind of Christmas music that I enjoy. 🙂

      • Hope yes, yes, yes my vote also…soulful and just plan fun songs. Yes, also some serious religions songs in the mix, but it does get heavy with only those type of songs, imo. I agree with you about everyone’s got different taste in music. I’m still a fan (go figure), but I’m not abroad and am not gaga over all that he is doing right now. I am however, happy that a lot of fans are enjoying what he is doing now, to the point that sum are being totally gaga, lol 🙂

      • cq- lol. 🙂

  21. What a pleasant surprise to see you back HG, and so glad to hear you are on mend. David is wonderful and always give me a lift when I am down and I have been enjoying everything he has given to us . Glad you are back!

  22. I love his spiritual Christmas songs, but I have to admit, my favorite Christmas song he’s done is the one Hope posted. Here’s his performance in Verona. I was there! He slows it down and gets a little more funky with it. Chills from the start. Yes! Yes! Yeeeeees!!! This is souldavid! No one on the planet can compete! NO ONE!

  23. Thanks for posting this video ALC. This is the best performance. I was looking for this video of David’s from Verona but was having some computer issues today. lol. 🙂

  24. What just amazes me is that these videos from David’s 2011 Christmas tour don’t have more views. Now there is the real deal in those videos of what Soul David can actually do as a performer.

  25. Thank you, Hope, for posting it in the first place. It brought back a spark for me listening to him sing that hasn’t been there for awhile. Just trying to hold onto it and run with it 🙂 He has so many sides to him and his voice is so versatile. I like funky David.

    HG, glad you’re back and healing! For me, in songs like “Joy to the World”, it’s not so much David’s voice that heals, it’s the person who he is singing about that heals me. Good to see some familiar names back here. When I comment, I’ll try to tone it down a little.

  26. I agree with you ALC. I like funky David and soulful and pop music David. 🙂 That is one of the reasons why I am posting as Hope now. I “Hope” that things will change for David’s music career. 🙂

    • Now I understand the reason for the name change. At first I thought it was “Hope” because you were hoping things would lighten up a little here at SD. I too, hope he will let it rip again someday. I’d love to see him loosen up and lose some of his inhibitions, just be himself. Not talking Jonasesk, I mean like he loosened up singing this song. You’re so right. This type of music really shows what he can do as a performer, and shows off his extraordinary vocal ability in a different way. Come back funky David!

  27. Actually the reason for the name change ALC was some of both. Plus Marie is not my first name. I just am trying to be just a bit careful about what I post here. I feel the way you do about toning it down for various reasons. Although I still will tell the truth and be honest even if others don’t like it. I feel that David still has not returned to his career. It is all church related and he is going to college. Nothing much to say for me. There is always “Hope” lol. 🙂

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