Glorious Music Video

Here’s the music video to David’s new song, “Glorious.”

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  1. When you play this video with high quality sound and see the gorgeous images–you know, the whole package–the beauty of it really works on you. But with a lesser quality sound, to me, the quality of the song itself seems underwhelming.

    One interesting thing in the “how times have changed” category was pointed out by a Mormon feminist on a blog, who said that only a few years ago, a church leader spoke at a Women’s Conference and said that, “Unfortunately, we see some very poor role models of womanhood in today’s society. We see women boxers and wrestlers as we flip through the television channels… In my opinion, these activities demean the nobility of womanhood.” Lol. I guess a lot of things are changing at warp speed.

  2. Hm…Wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to keep up this site’s reputation for controversy. Check out the comments by David’s cousin on this trailer (Vanessa’s brother, the one who was in the military when David visited with him after AI):

    • CChalo, I am sure you were greatly heartened and empowered by some of the hateful comments posted on this trailer aimed at your favorite target, the Mormon Church. Why else would you trip over yourself to post the trailer of the movie that generated those comments. Even David’s cousin chimed in with his contempt for the religion of his youth, causing I’m sure, no end of glee and reinforcement for your #1 agenda that LDS, is, after all, “no good”.

      What’s your point? Some people, even some Mormons, have, like you, a bug up their a** about the Mormon Church. So what? You can convince every Tom, Dick, and Harry that LDS is bad news, but as long as David doesn’t feel that way, you’re just preaching to the same old choir that already agrees with you.

      You have been posting outside accounts, articles, and anecdotes bashing the LDS Church for years in hopes of validating your hate. In the end, you are just a garden variety bigot who hates a group of people because they are different from you. How on earth can you call yourself a supporter of David Archuleta when you have a heart so full of hatred for what he loves so dearly?

  3. I love seeing and hearing David singing this song. He really touches my soul. The video reminds me of the one he did for Everybody Hurts, the way it shows how we are all connected. I’m glad he was asked to do this because we get to see him doing music !!!! He looks great btw.

    • I noticed he looks great right off the bat. lol The video is very nicely done. Always love getting a rare glimpse of him in the studio and watching that expressive face of his.

    • “I love seeing and hearing David singing this song. He really touches my soul. The video reminds me of the one he did for Everybody Hurts, the way it shows how we are all connected”

      Yes same here Oliveoil. And true about the connectedness. 🙂

      • Shanny, when I watch him sing emotional songs I feel so pulled into the song and his feelings. I really can’t think of another singer that does that to me, at least not to that extent. It all started for me with Imagine.

  4. Truthfully- I would rather go see the Broadway musical-“The Book of Mormon”. lol. Actually I do have tickets to the national tour of the show that is coming to my city. They were not cheap. Just saying. 🙂 cc halo- at what time in the video is David’s cousin in it? I am going to see Gone Girl in the movie theater this weekend. It looks so good. Have a nice night folks. 🙂

    • His cousin Willie made comments under the video, not in it. If you click the YouTube video HG posted two threads ago and look at the comments, he made a point to say that he downvoted it. I thought that he was probably jealous or something, but turns out he’s newly disaffected with the church, and pissed off. I think we tend to see David being somehow hermetically sealed from these kind of things, but even his own family seems very divided.

      • Oh- cc halo that is what I get when I don’t read the whole comment you wrote. lol. Wow- I did read the comment on you tube by David’s cousin’s . OMG. I do give him credit for being so honest and obviously not everyone in David’s family shares his religious views. Very interesting to read the comments on you tube of this video as many of the other comments there were brutally honest and not positive. I am not surprised at all. Just wish David would have focused on his secular music career. Oh well. David’s choices. Off to bed as I have a long day at work tomorrow. 🙂

      • Obviously- I am referring to the video for trailer for the movie that was posted not David’s video. But I am quite sure not all comments are positive on that video either. Oh well.

      • “Even his own family seems very divided”…been there, done that. 🙂 And I had to google the definition of “hermetically”, ha.

      • If the reason he made the comment truly is because he’s disenchanted with the church, I think he should find a far more adult way to express that. And also refrain from dragging his cousin into the middle of it. Kind of a cruddy thing to do to your own family, if that’s the deal.

        He should definitely speak up if he had something to say. I just don’t think he should use David as his platform.

      • Who cares what David’s family thinks about LDS? They are just “other” people. All that matters is what David thinks about his religion, and the jury (David, himself) has spoken. David is a devout Mormon. Nothing anyone else can say is going to change that. He loves his religion, and he has the absolute right to do so. Read the constitution. People need to get off his back, accept what they cannot change, and leave him alone to be who he is. David is allowed to grow and change. Constantly trying to stunt that growth and imploring him to go back to being what he used to be, just because it was pleasurable to you, is selfish and insidious. If this was a family setting, it would qualify as emotional abuse.

      • Yes, Ali, I thought the same thing. But at least in the most recent one, he didn’t specifically identify the “family member that sings in the movie”. It must be tough, though, being the black sheep, when one person is so prominent in the church, kind of like being an Osmond who left.

  5. Is it weird that I haven’t seen this or even listened to the snippet yet? lol. I will. I just want to be in the mood.

  6. Apparently David is the #1 trend on Facebook right now 🙂

  7. See?? “New single”. Someone needs to stop using those words…lol.

  8. I spy a positive comment from Rascal on the video. Loved seeing that. I’m sure some are gone forever, but there are others waiting in the wings, even if they’re no longer actively participating in the fandom. David’s is not a voice easily forgotten, especially if you’ve heard it live. That’s how I feel anyway. This sounds a little too dramatic. lol I’ll just go watch the video again. 🙂

  9. Yes, YouTube. It is the same Rascal! He has the Somebody Out There video he made on his channel.

  10. Ok, he doesn’t have the SOT video on there anymore. He did, though. I’ve always remembered his username.

  11. Loved seeing David sing & think he looks & sound great. The video was nice and after seeing him it just makes me more excited of the possibility of secular music coming…so happy that that we still have Costa Rica project to look forward. The song is sweet and fits the video, but I can understand why not all comments are positive.

  12. Although I understand why the video is not focus on David singing, I would of like seeing more of him singing. His love for music & how he just gets lost in the song is great watching while he sings, perhaps why fans say he is so much better seeing & hearing him live.

  13. Hmmm…midnight in Calif and his video already has 51,603 views

  14. Somebody asked why would the Mormons make a movie like this? Initially it wasn’t as big a production as it turned out to be. The decision to use David in the promotion was once again, brilliant. It’s helping the church more than David so after reading the comments about the trailer, the pros & cons, I recalled a news cast by a Utah tv station back in April i think it was, about the falling away from the church by so many members was a serious concern. This coming from the church itself. Thus lowering the age of missionaries which is more about retaining them in the church then converting others. The movie I think is also more about getting those members who are no longer active to hopefully see the movie and get them back as active members. According to that news cast from SLC, of the 14 mil members only about 5 mil are active in the church. Making the movie to be distributed in as many sites as projected is a costly project which of course the church can afford but who is their target audience? Not Christians. Their target audience are other Mormons.

    Just my perspective. No offence intended. But the news broadcast is real.

    • ITA-just sayin’. I would add that I believe most all organized religions are losing members not just David’s church. David’s cousin’s comments are going to be seen more on the comments on that trailer on you tube then they would be here on SD so I am going to copy and paste some of his comments (not the entire comment as I did not post most of the profanity) as I think that they are interesting. That trailer has over 26,000 hits. I am sure some folks have no idea what we are talking about. My question is to those of you folks that attack and are so critical and judgmental of others that post here on SD- If David’s own family doesn’t always agree with him how in the world do you expect all his fans to???? I also wonder how the rest of his family will feel when they take the financial hit from David not bringing in the money that he used to as he has not focused on his secular music career in really several years- which is his choice. just saying. :Willie Deliz (David’s cousin)
      18 hours ago

      “I can’t wait to see “KNOW the Mormons”. That’s a WHOLE different movie. This is all media eye candy bullshit. “Oh well how would you know Mr. random person posting about it?”. Maybe because I grew up in it AND I HAVE A FAMILY MEMBER WHO SANG for that movie. Sizzles the frying pan The movie will probably display all~ the “nice” things and draw in a big “crowd”, but there’s a reason people say/think Mormonism IS a CULT. When you go through the temple and “do the sacred ordinances”, you truly start to realize, omg, Don’t let the movie suck you in too hard. It has an amazing structure at a glance, BUT, and I hope you, the reader pays close attention to this detail… IF you STUDY your religion, then you WILL KNOW that this church is BS. I WENT THROUGH EVERYTHING EXCEPT “Temple Marriage”. Did a mission, wore the “garments” both in the civilian world and during my Military duty. [VMA 311 Tomcats, Oorah lol]. So Enjoy this movie. I have no doubt that these people are truly great people, my issue is the fact that EVEN the ABOVE AVERAGE mind, will fall prey to, “damn I need to go to this church.”. -WD

      • This makes me sad. 😦

      • Yes, we know...

        Really? Not only did we hear about this–ooooh–“scandalous” info last night, we got detailed instructions on how to find it. And then, for our reading pleasure, we even get it posted this morning. Why?

        Sharing this stuff is tantamount to passive-aggressive Mormon bashing. Every church has its disenchanted apostates. Regular posters here even write about how they have left their own faith.

        Bliss may be a burr under your secular saddle, but he is spot on when it comes to David and the abhorrent lack of respect for David’s personal beliefs.


    • Yes, we know...

      Pure conjecture of course, buried under the guise of “entitled opinion.” Want the official reason, according to LDS leaders (in a public YouTube video)?

      The initial and shorter film received very positive responses, primarily from nonmember tourists who saw it at the Legacy Theater in Salt Lake City. Most common responses fell into 3 categories:

      1. Better understanding that Mormons are Christian
      2. Better understanding about the actual name of the church
      3. More respect for the church

      THAT is what prompted the extended version of the movie, not that the official reasons for it would suffice among gossipmongers.

      • Official reason? If it’s “official”, it must be true!

      • Yes, we know, thanks for providing a little balance and perspective. I pretty much discounted his comment after reading the crass, offensive way he expressed his feelings.

      • Thank you! Repeating the cousin’s comments were totally unnecessary & is just gossip having nothing to do with David’s career. It’s easy to see someone’s agenda when these things are repeated. I know, “free speech”. I smh when I read things that fans repeat that would hurt David’s feelings or make him uncomfortable. We are not here to tell him how to live or what choices to make, just to support him (though obviously on this site several disagree with that).

      • Yes, we know …….. what made me sad was that this person’s rant was posted on David’s fan site. David has always been super respectful of everyone, even those he disagrees with. Hard to believe this guy is from the same gene pool.

  15. This is a really cute and interesting video of Tim Allen on Jimmy Kimmel. Tim was just recently on the show. He mentions that is 5 yr. old daughter likes David Archuleta’s music. I would guess that maybe it is music from his first album and TOSOD-his pop songs 🙂

  16. Saw this in the comments on the MV and I just had to smile. In the words of the great Paula Abdul lol “That sums it up for me” :

    “Am I the only one who literally cried cuz of seeing Archuleta? And him singing. And him in the studio. And him everything. The video itself. I don’t even know. Watching him after 2 years, I am just so happy. criesagain”

  17. Awwwwww….. 😥

    Crying with the “great” Paula……

  18. As we can clearly see, there are people whose agenda on this site is to highlight and , yes, proselytize, their utter and complete contempt for religion in general and LDS in particular. Marie, who usually lets others do her heavy lifting , has now joined her comrades in posting, for all to see, how David’s cousin is on board with the Mormon haters who have taken root on this site. She actually thinks that “If David’s own family doesn’t always agree with him how in the world do you expect all his fans to????” Apparently she thinks that if every person in David’s extended family does not have the same attitude about LDS, that justifies her hatred and her right to post it on a David Archuleta fan site.

    Yes, We Know says, “Not only did we hear about this–ooooh–“scandalous” info last night, we got detailed instructions on how to find it. And then, for our reading pleasure, we even get it posted this morning. Why?”

    These Mormons haters on here love to bring over other accounts of anti-LDS sentiment as a way of saying, “See, it’s not just me. Others feel the same way”. They use it as a buffer when they are called out on it.

    Then, this, from Yes, We Know,
    “Bliss may be a burr under your secular saddle, but he is spot on when it comes to David and the abhorrent lack of respect for David’s personal beliefs.”

    Thanks for your support. I welcome all fair minded folks who wish to join me in defending David’s integrity and right to his beliefs from these relentless religious bigots who, for some reason, are given free reign to spread their hate on this site every single day of the week.

    • Drama Queen: “An overly dramatic person. Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion whenever the chance is given.”

      • Whadd, if it’s so “unimportant”, why is anti- LDS rhetoric posted on this site by multiple people 24/7.

        Bigotry is never unimportant. It should be exposed wherever it appears and neutralized by people of good will so it does not become “normal”. Can we count on you to join the fight?

        Religious bigotry is no different from racism or homophobia. They all stink. If David were Black or gay and people came on this site to bash him for that, they would, hopefully, be banished in a heartbeat. The tolerance for the bigotry against David’s religion on this site is troubling, to say the least.

      • Okay, how does this work? If you like David’s music, you should also tolerate his church’s bigotry against gay people, for example?

    • All I did is cut and paste a comment from you tube that was posted by a family member of David’s. LOL. Why don’t you address what David’s cousin said in his comment on you tube? I thought that family was very important to David. By the way I hate to tell you but more folks(especially younger folks) post comments on you tube than on some random fan site so- I would start commenting on you tube. LOL. 🙂 Whatever. lol. 🙂

      • Marie, you still saw fit to post it here, so you need to take responsibility for bringing negative commentary about David to this site. How did that help David or enhance his career in any way? Why bring hurtful posts to a fan site, regardless who wrote it. The opinion of one of David’s many cousins has no more value than any other opinion, and given it’s harshness, does not really warrant special attention, IMO.

      • I don’t think anything here or any other fan site helps David or enhances his career in any way. His “go-getters” have been very supportive and positive from day one and if the amount of positivity meant anything, he would be a huge international megastar, based on FOD alone

  19. Fan, you made some excellent points earlier. For example, you said ” Repeating the cousin’s comments were totally unnecessary & is just gossip having nothing to do with David’s career.”

    The fact that the cousin’s comments have nothing to do with David’s career is of no interest to these people. If David doesn’t give them the type of career they feel they deserve and have “earned”, they would just as soon he had no career at all. It’s classic “jilted lover syndrome”. If he doesn’t want to please them , they don’t want him to be happy with anyone else, or in this case, any other type of career.

    Another good insight from you, “It’s easy to see someone’s agenda when these things are repeated”.

    The relentless anti LDS drumbeat has been going on here on a daily basis since David announced he was going on his Mission. It comes in all sizes and shapes, but it all has the same stink of bigotry and disrespect for David that we see today and every day on this site.

    The philosopher Edmund Burke said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    That’s why I speak up for David’s rights and support all other people of good will who do the same. Welcome aboard, Fan.

    • “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

      So, this applies to everything else but not the LDS Church’s bigotry against various groups of people?

  20. Whadd, acceptance for gay people is an evolving concept. I know of no mainstream religion that currently sanctions gay marriage, including Judaism, which is mine. LDS is anti -gay marriage, which is unfortunate, but they are no different than Catholics, Jews, and all the other Judeo- Christian denominations at this time. The tide is turning, however, and like MLK, Jr. said “No lie can last forever”.

    Barbra Streisand’s CD is # 1 in the country. The other day, a group of Orthodox Jews refused to sit next to women on a plane. Would that prevent you from buying her CD because she is Jewish and you are a woman? David is being made to be “guilty by association”. Until David expresses his views on a issue, it should not be assumed that he agrees with every policy of his religion just because he is a follower of that religion.

    • Barbra Streisand is not promoting Orthodox Judaism and has not recorded a song for a movie called “Meet the Orthodox Jews”. I will by David’s CD if he releases one and I like the music.

      • Whadd, I love the idea of a movie called “Meet the Orthodox Jews”. That would be an eyeopener for sure, lol.

        Why is the fact that David promotes his religion such a problem for you and others? He loves his religion. It brings him joy and comfort, and is the basis for his deep spirituality that is reflected in his wonderful singing. Is it that’s he’s LDS? What’s so terrible about LDS? They seem like very nice folks to me. Who are they hurting? You don’t believe that nonsense that CCHalo posted about Missionaries barging into homes and throwing out the coffee the residents were drinking, etc, do you?

        David hasn’t become “more Mormon” since his Mission. He’s just “more confident” in his open expression of it, and isn’t keeping it in the closet any more. As a strong proponent of gay rights, you should be applauding David’s open expression of his beliefs, not admonishing him for doing so. It sounds very hypocritical to me. David is just being who he is, with no apologies. Isn’t that the basis of the gay rights movement?

      • No, being unapologetically intolerant is not the basis of the gay rights movement

  21. Whaddoyaknow, perhaps everyone should begin burning their Bibles. Would that satisfy your “tolerance” and “openmindedness”?

  22. Whadd, when you say, “No, being unapologetically intolerant is not the basis of the gay rights movement” .Of course it’s not, and that’s a good thing.

    I do not understand how bashing David’s religion on his fan site is helpful to him or his career. If you are a fan of David’s music, then what difference does his religion make, and if it bothers you that he’s LDS, why are you still following him? You do know that you’re allowed to stop being a fan of his, don’t you? If your favorite restaurant no longer serves food that you like, you don’t have to go there, unless it’s the only restaurant in town. David is not the “only singer in town”. Why waste your time on a singer whose affiliation is with a religion who you take great issue with? When I read the daily complaints about how David is no longer this, or too much that, or will never again be the person we loved, blah blah blah, I say to myself, “are these people masochists”? Stop subjecting yourself to so much angst over a singer who is just being who he is. Move on. It’s not the end of the world. It was fun while it lasted. Find someone who you are comfortable with. Unless of course, you enjoy coming on a fan site and bashing the LDS Church for political reason, which seems to be the case.

    • Like I said above, I don’t think anything on a fan site is helpful to him or his career. His “go-getters” have been very supportive and positive from day one and if the amount of positivity meant anything, he would be a huge international megastar, based on FOD alone. I’m still here because you want to me to go away

      • Whadd, regardless of the effect, I don’t understand how a person who is enough of a fan to post regularly on a fan site would want to go to the trouble of posting harsh and unpleasant comments about the artist they claim to care about. What is there to be gained from doing such a thing, unless the intent was to cast light on negative posts intended to harm the artist?

        You say that you’re still here because I want you to go away? The last time I heard someone say that I was 16 years old, lol. I’m out of practice in responding to that level of immaturity. You can do better than that.

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