Daily Archives: October 1, 2014

Glorious Music Video

Here’s the music video to David’s new song, “Glorious.”

Sentimentality vs. Emotional Depth

Before I give my opinion on David’s new song “Glorious,” I’m just going to remind everyone that this guy was capable of writing a song like this one when he was all of 17:

Ya’ hear that, Soul Davidians? Emotional depth, melodious melancholy, and that achingly “weeping” note that only the Voice can deliver.

Yeah…where is that David that I fell in love with it?

The main thing saving “Glorious” for me is 1.) it’s sung by The Voice, which has been muted for much too long! and 2.) it has the potential to grow on me with repeat listens.

But without David’s glorious notes on “Glorious,” this song would be so….mediocre.

Yes, I expect better. This is David we’re talking about. The guy who made me “feel a song” as old and schlocky as Bryan Adam’s “Heaven”:

This is the Voice who restored the sacred in a sacred song that had become secular as he did with the soulful melisma that ends “Joy to the World” (beginning after the 3:00 minute mark):

And finally, this is the Voice that had me swooning and melting all over the place with this:

I want the magic and I want the intimacy.  David is too emotionally deep to reduce his song output to sentimentality. And perhaps that has always been the elephant in the room: that unspoken angst in the midst of all the Fan Wars.

His focus on his faith just might curtail his emotional impulses, where he stops trusting the passions of his soul and instead focuses on the dogmas and the doctrines.

I say this, not to knock his faith. Far from it! If his faith is where his passion lies, then I want him to dig deep into that and bring out the passion and make us feel it! I don’t want some do-right-by-the-book sermon that substitutes real-life struggles and real emotions for some superficial message about how we should all come together in perfect harmony. That’s kid’s stuff and child’s play.

David has shown us when he was a teenager what he was capable of, and now that he’s a grown man, I don’t want to see him regressing or retreat from being his authentic self in his own authentic Voice.

“Glorious” gets a pass because it looks like a soundtrack for a faith-based film.  It’s fine if he wants to contribute to his church in these ways, but for the rest of us, I hope he gets back into the groove of what made him so special and what made me willing to spend $250 for VIP tickets and a 2-hour drive to see him in the flesh and hear him live.

If David is not ready yet to dig deep with his own songwriting, then I’ll be more than happy to hear him cover other songs.  He has always been at his strongest when the excellence of a song suited the excellence of his Voice.