Will We Get Another Album?

Whatever plans David has for his music career, I think we should all still be impressed that, before he reached the magical age of 25 (the age I swear up and down is the “peak” moment for male musical geniuses), David released five complete solo albums.  Not bad!

So, as we deal with a different kind of “dry spell” (the “what is David up to?” dry spell vs. “David’s in another country doing a religious mission” dry spell), how about a new poll?

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  1. CChalo, is THIS how you feel about David? You refer to “Glorious” as “… pretty, but so saccharine.”

    sac·cha·rine adjective \ˈsa-k(ə-)rən, -kə-ˌrēn, -kə-ˌrīn\
    : too sweet or sentimental : sweet or sentimental in a way that does not seem sincere or genuine.

    Do you doubt David’s sincerity in this performance? Do you think he’s “faking it”? Another jaw dropping post from a “fan” of David Archuleta.

    • The Opinion Police strikes again. The song “does not seem sincere or genuine” in the sense that its ultimate goal is to convert people into Mormonism

      • I had posted this link to this face book page on this thread way up that David himself posted on his twitter to promote that song on the radio station. I am going to copy and paste some of the comments that were posted there. Some folks might think of going on twitter and fb if they insist on defending David’s “honor.” lol. Also the number of David’s fans is what is” dwindling.” That is just the truth. I don’t believe that Marianne and Sally even post here at SD but good for them for posting what they think on fb.Just my 2 cents- I did not like the “Elevator” song and that was not a religious song and I don’t like “Glorious”. https://www.facebook.com/FM100.3/photos/a.118718599321.95341.9283064321/10152784225669322/?type=1&theater
        Marianne Medeiros Roberts: No thanks. Not going to support the Mormon church. Love his voice though. Marianne Medeiros Roberts: I have no problem with spirituality. I’m a Christian. I am just not going to support the Mormon church. There is a fragment of David’s fan base that will fall away. And sadly, I’m in that category.
        Sally Wieland: Wow Marianne …. Sorry for the way some people feel the need to speak to you as though you’re a child just because you would like to appreciate him as an artist without feeling like you have to go through “Mormon channels”. I feel the same way. No one could possibly say that I have not supported David fully from Idol until his Mission …. and I supported his choice in that too. But I am not Mormon, I do not wish to be, and if everything he does that I have access to continues to be connected with a faith to which I do not subscribe, my “fanship” may be in a “pending” state. Maybe tmi, but you hit a nerve …. and thanks for that! Sally Wieland Looking forward to having him do something (in our country) not related to the Mormon Church ….. but beginning to wonder

      • Also I give credit to Marianne and Sally for posting their real names from fb and not hiding behind an anon. user name. 🙂

      • if the ignorant were blessed you would be a saint

  2. Off to a long day at work. Not that anyone cares. lol. Just a heads up that I won’t respond. 🙂

  3. If indeed David bases his music involving his religion front and center, I’ m sure that some fans might have a problem. It does seem like it’s the direction he is going. After being away for a mission for his church, the first song he releases is one that is involved with a movie promoting the Mormon church. Everything involving David’s song (tweets, Facebook etc) Glorious well be connected to the Mormon church, so really right now his career is very much connected to the church. It’s a wait & see if the Cost Rica project is also connected with the church.

  4. not lds but I love Glorious.. thing is I don’t mind folks or David wanting to convert me just as long as a gun is not put to my head like what is going on in Syria and for the most part I don’t feel that. way I see it they feel the need to do this as they feel at least from my perspective they are trying to help people?
    at least most I have run into are that way anyway.
    that being said times are pretty rough these days has anyone watched The Leftovers on HBO? talk about off the wall and at most times quite depressing
    or say seen the commercials for Nicholas Cage’s new movie Left Behind?

    what is also interesting if you look close Jordin Sparks is in it too.

    there are many folks that feel the end of the world is near.. just saying
    not that I think that but tell you what the world as we know it is really having a hard time right now.

    just figured I’d put something out there a little different then the usual
    trying to look at things from all perspectives guess I am trying to understand why all the crazy
    not getting any answers except to think that folks must really be in dire straits to do some of the things they do.

    that being said.. there is another song that David has recorded coming out .. Son Of Man Comes Again?
    not sure what the lyrics are but looking forward to hearing the whole thing.

    • Lol, the end of the world has always been a fear. I remember being so afraid that God was going to blown up the world because I didn’t do everything that the church said is what God wanted me to do….IMO, all religion instill that fear in humankind. I’m not going to base my life on that fear. To me it is wrong. As far as movies about the world coming to an end, they have been around for ever too.

    • So interesting hearing your take on all of those things Kim. 🙂 thanks.

      • lol I know.. my mind wanders all sorts of places.
        just think we should at least try to be open to what others believe.. there is
        so much of the not trying out there today

  5. Thanks for all the nice replies last night. I was feeling down about a lot in life and I was just kinda acting out like a baby if you know what I mean. I still love David but I don’t love this song. I don’t love all his songs from the past either but I love a lot of them. I love how he did his tweets and sorry I missed it. I was sleeping. Good that he is coming to the fans again. I can see they are thrilled. I still think that the Mormons think they know more than we do but not in general life and I know the Mormons arent mean or anything. I think they sometimes think David is their special guy. I guess maybe if David was my religion or from my location I might think the same. Go David and keep on the communicating with your fans who love you

    • Aw, that’s really sweet, vulnerable and beautiful Anon #999.
      I’m sorry things in your life are hard right now. I wish I could be a fairy god mother and wave away all the sadness in the world with a wave of a magic wand. Or at least give you a physical hug.
      After the birth of one of my babies, I was having a slightly painful procedure done and an old, about to retire nurse came and held my hand. It was an example to me that day, of just how healing and sustaining the touch of another human being is. Cyber hugs all around. Better yet, go give someone a real hug peeps. 🙂

  6. I guess it matters not all to some that David (and others working with him) have said repeatedly that he’s doing pop music, he’s doing Spanish music, he’s working on mainstream music in addition to these church-related projects. And yet I see fans lamenting over and over about how they have no idea if he could possibly ever be doing something other than religious music again. Here’s a hint: YES, HE WILL.

    Many many artists, well known artists, have done gospel or Christian projects in addition to having mainstream careers. Why it has to be made into this giant drama fest with David, I have no idea.

    Here’s the deal…if you are fine with the religious music, then listen and enjoy. If you can’t stand anything but secular, hang out a bit and that’s coming too.

  7. My View, so true . I just don’t get all the angst. Tons of secular artists have also put out gospel/Christian/spiritual music. So many I can’t even begin to name them. No one is forced to buy that genre of their music unless they want to. I mean, even Bob Dylan put out a few gospel records, and some people went ballistic. David is a spiritual person, just like millions of other people. He is an artist who is expressing his deepest feelings through music. It’s pretty sad that people seem to get personally offended when he shares this part of himself with fans and other people. Have a glorious day !!!

    • oliveoil, you say you don’t get all the angst. Well, I don’t think there is too much angst, just more people speaking up and saying that they refuse to endorse or support what he is doing right now. I don’t feel angst about anything. He can do what he wants. I want to ask you something though, I know what you believe. You are a believer like I am, Bible only, correct me if I’m wrong. Why do you think some Bible believing Christians are not supporting this? Some are still silent and not supporting, but others are beginning to make statements about it. If you believe like we do, why are you scratching your head about it?

      • I’m just wondering why some fans are having such a hard time with David singing music that is spiritual. Even during AI he would say he liked to sing music that was inspirational and had a message. Then he had the Christmas album, Christmas tour, and charity events. As far as other Bible believing fans, I think differences in theology may make them uncomfortable. As long as I can enjoy and relate to his music I’m happy to be his fan.

      • Thanks for answering. If you don’t mind me kind of exploring this subject a little further with you, as a fellow believer. By differences in theology, what differences are you talking about? Also, do you think that there is ever a time when as believers we need to draw a line and say, ” Sorry I can’t go there. I can’t support that because it’s endorsing false teaching and a false gospel.”

      • you are SO TRANSPARENT just go ahead admit that you CAN’T STAND the fact david is MORMON and your mind cannot deal with him having DIFFERENT BELIEFS than you. so much that you HAVE TO point it out every chance you get. the same THING that allows you to KNOW that what you believe is true, ALSO lets david believe that his religion is true. I PERSONALLY THINK ALL RELIGION IS BULL CRAP. but if joe schmoe want’s to THINK that some dude parted the seas AND THINK ITS ok for a father to take his SON up the mountain to sacrifice til THE ALMIGHTY says oh hey JK BRO then WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT. its all about equal fiction to ME. honestly if ANY of that was in the CURRENT DAY we would all say someone repeating that STORY was certifiable and maybe CRIMINAL. but religion is about SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF for those who follow it. what makes YOUR VERSION OF religion true and david’s not? WHAT CONCEIT.

      • Hi Bruh, Yes, I’m transparent and I want to be. You are a non-believer and this was really a conversation that I wanted to have with a fellow believer. I don’t care that you lurk. I don’t care if 100s even 1000s of people lurk. They can read or scroll, it doesn’t matter to me.

        Just want to make a clarification on what you said even though you can care less and you know nothing. David, and I do not come by “truth” the same way. He does it with his feelings, a burning in his bosom, etc. I do it with facts and evidence. You can scream at me all you want. Go do your homework.

      • LOLOLOL

        the only true EVIDENCE is seen with your OWN EYES. were you around when god CREATED THE UNIVERSE?? you do seem old but i didn’t think THAT OLD.

        no. YOUR EVIDENCE is stories told down and down AND DOWN like a centuries old game of TELEPHONE. but go on ahead with your RELIGIOUS FALSEHOODS they are a good bedtime story. your arrogance is amusing.

      • Do your homework, Bruh. You’re only speaking what you want to believe. Btw, you mentioned Abraham and his son. Do you know how that historical event went down? It’s a beautiful story. God never intended for Abraham to kill Isaac, nor did He allow it. He wanted to test Abraham’s faith and obedience toward Him. It was also a beautiful foretelling of the ultimate sacrifice that would take place. God sacrificing His Only Son on the cross for you, Bruh, (love the name, btw). You in all you disbelief and sin. But it was for me too, my sin too. Whether you believe it or not, He loves you. You’re making a choice to reject it though.

  8. So true about other artist putting out gospel music. I think in David’s case it’s just timing. Coming off of a two year mission and then the first thing that he releases is connected to the church. I believe when he releases music that isn’t connected to his church and it’s awesome music, things well be better.

  9. 260+ comments. Any best guesses on how long this thread will get? Lol

    I hope HG is ok……?

  10. Been thinking the same thing Shanny. Hg is a very busy gal so I’m thinking she just hasn’t had time. Just happy the site is still going.

    • Could be HG is making some pretty good extra money letting the blog grow. The more hits the more money. I know some bloggers earn money much like youtuber. Or she could just be too busy.

  11. This quote, from CQ, typifies the disrespectful attitude shared by many on this site about David’s personal and deeply held beliefs: “I believe when he releases music that isn’t connected to his church and it’s awesome music, things well be better”.

    “Be better”? Better than what? Is “religious music” inferior? No matter how it’s worded, the on going contempt, posted daily on this site, for the things that David values in life, is truly reprehensible. I have been called the “fan police”. I wear that badge proudly. Someone has to point out and expose this kind of thinly veiled disrespect and insensitivity, so I guess I have the job. Anyone care to join me? I warn you, though. It’s not an easy job. It’s not for sissies. You get called everything from a “circus bitch” to a “dog” every time you expose one of these toxic posts.

    • Bliss, I think she just meant that all of the fans will be happy for the new music. Not that one is better than the other.😊

      • Olive Oil, with all due respect, CQ has a long and documented history of dislike of all things LDS, especially their influence on David and his music. Her post is merely another bite at the same ” LDS is the problem” apple. No one here wants to come out and say ” I’m an LDS hater” so they word their posts in a way that, when they are called out, they can say it was not meant to offend. This is how racists, anti- Semites, homophobes and all sorts of other bigots go about their business. Look at the way that racists talk about Obama. They never come out and say “I hate him because he’s black” but you know that’s exactly how they feel. It’s the same disingenuous language used here with LDS.

    • Give it a rest why don’t you?

    • Proselytizing is utterly disrespectful and insensitive

    • Bliss if it make you feel good & superior to continue to trash me, by all means enjoy!

      • Cq, You keep insulting David’s belief system, I will keep calling you out on it. Count on it. You’re not fooling the few intelligent people on this site with your vague insulting references about LDS. Get off their backs and I’ll get off yours. David’s religion is not going away, and neither is my exposure of the bashing of it from you and the rest of the anti-LDS posse.

        If you ever meet David, would you look him in the eye and say ““I believe when you release music that isn’t connected to your church, things will be better”? Of course not, because you know that it is a hurtful thing to say. Well, it’s no less hurtful to say it on a fan site.

  12. I mean YOU Bliss. Cry baby! Act like a man and quit picking fights with the women here who have a mind of their own and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.

    Not everyone loves or agrees with everything David does, says or believes but can still be a fan. Believe it & get a life because David does not know you & you will never be his bestest friend.

    • Just sayin, did you really say this?, “I mean YOU Bliss. Cry baby! Act like a man and quit picking fights with the women here who have a mind of their own and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions.”

      Unlike you, I don’t have different rules for men and women. I respond to what is written, not who is writing it. You and the others focus on me and refuse to discuss the substance of what I post. If , as you say, ” the women here have a mind of their own and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions”, then why do you have a problem with me doing the same thing? Are only women allowed to voice their opinion here? Did I wander into a beauty parlor?

  13. All I can say is its a wonderful day that we have at least one song. It’s not a real religious song, if any. I take to be more inspirational than anything. He is also making an album.

    • Amen to a wonderful day! Love hearing that voice again after so long, and so many indicators of new things to come!

  14. Speaking of things to come, did anyone post that during his twitter party last night David confirmed that there was Spanish music coming soon??

    He said it in Spanish so I had to use an online translator to read it (lol ironic)

    Valeria ‏@_Rambear
    @DavidArchie espero algún día nos permitas escuchar mas música pero en español, no sabes lo emociados que estamos porque eso ocurra!
    Google’s translation: I hope someday we can hear more music but in Spanish, do not know what we are because emociados (??) happen!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie
    @_Rambear algún día no tan lejos 😉
    Google’s translation: someday not so far 😉

  15. Whadd, you post this :”Proselytizing is utterly disrespectful and insensitive”.

    If you believe that and you believe that David does that, why do you remain interested in David and continue to post on his fan site? Can’t you find an artist who isn’t, in your opinion, “utterly disrespectful and insensitive” to follow?

    • Bliss, in a way, all artists are proselytizing to their audience. The way they view life is a strong message that fans can like or reject. People seem to get very defensive when the message has religious or political overtones. But ALL artists are promoting something, don’t you think?

      • Olive Oil, IMO, any artist worth their salt is promoting their view of the world. Otherwise, they are just singers. I think the word “proselytizing” gets a bad rap. Every commercial on TV is a form of proselytizing. People are always trying to persuade others to their way of thinking. It’s up to the individual to either accept or reject what is being “sold” to them. That’s why some people drink Coke and some people drink Pepsi. Actually, I think the Mormons are pretty polite in their efforts to “convert” others to their way of thinking. If it’s done relentlessly after someone has said they aren’t interested, it can be annoying, but I don’t see any evidence of that from LDS. When I have met Missionaries in NYC, I have made it clear that I wasn’t a potential “customer” and they still were very pleasant and conversational about whatever non Missionary topic we were discussing..

        if David only spoke about wanting to convert others to LDS, that would be off putting. I have seen no evidence of his doing that since his return. David is an artist who seeks to reach people on a universal level. He knows that he could not do that by presenting only LDS teachings to the general public. David is not some “Jesus freak” looking to convert the world to LDS just because he went on a Mission. David’s wisdom extends beyond just the teachings of the LDS Church. IMO, the LDS-phobia we read daily on this site is not only disrespectful, it’s misplaced and unnecessary.

      • The Nile… Everything he has done since his return has been strictly LDS. Perhaps that will change but so far, it has not “extended beyond just the teachings of the LDS Church”. Why is it so difficult for you to accept that he is strictly LDS?

  16. justhanginaround

    Hi All, ArchieRadio has officially begun. Have a listen! Pretty wonderful hearing David’s songs on air! His songs sound amazing on this radio station — all David!



    Mobile devices


  17. Oh I am so excited to hear the music in Spanish too. His velvet voice and the smooth language will be so wonderful. This is a wonderful thing to come of his mission to the Spanish speaking place he lived in. He will be bold in his speaking of his native language and I think the music will be bold too. I will focus on this thing to come for all of us to be happy with the results.

  18. Bliss let me give you some amo to be defender of all….I have a problem with ALL religions! Enjoy!

  19. CQ, why do you think I want to “get rid of you”? You have your POV, which I usually don’t agree with, but so what? Keep posting away, but expect me to speak up if I feel it’s warranted, and vice versa. This is a blog. That’s what blogs do.

  20. ALC, great question. Yes, I can say that I would never support teachings that can not be supported by the Bible. Even in mainline Christianity there are disagreements in interpretation. However there are basic tenants that keep us in the truth of the gospel. That’s John 3:15 -16. What do you think?

    • I agree! 🙂 What I think is this. false teachers that teach a false gospel and a false Jesus can and will use our “language”, but mean something totally different. Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light, right?

      For example, the wonderful verses you mentioned; someone can say they believe those verses. They believe in God and Jesus. We might say to them and to ourselves “That’s great. They are believers just like me” We could then go about our merry way, thinking what we want to think because it just makes everyone happy. BUT, what if we were to dig a little deeper and find out that the God they believe in was once a sinful man who progressed to become a God. And they, btw, can also progress to become Gods just like our present God.

      We could dig deeper and also realize that the Jesus they believe in also progressed from a sinful state into Godhood, was a literal brother born in a physical union between a physically man-like heavenly father and a physically women-like heavenly mother, just like they were. Not only is Jesus their literal brother, he’s also Lucifer’s literal brother, NOT the creator of the angel, Lucifer. THEN would you agree that although they may say they believe John 3:15-16, in reality they believe in a different God and a different Jesus, not the Jesus of the Bible, nor the God of the Bible?

      • What you describe is not supported by either the Old or New Testament. ( John 1:1-34 ) Pray for eyes to be opened by reading the Bible more and wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Also, maybe that isn’t taught so much anymore. Hope not . Can’t believe I’m still up. Feel like Jesus is coming back soon. G’nite ALC. 🙂

      • oliveoil, I’m with you in your thinking! Jesus is coming soon! 🙂 Prayer is so important and believe me many have been sent up for the very things you mentioned. My whole point is that there is a reason why some of us won’t support certain things. sadly the info. is true.

  21. Let u know that someone is using same username as mine, so if u see ‘just sayin’ is not me.

    • I think they were around before you changed your name. To be honest, yours is too close to Just Wondering’s name and I get a little confused. Since you’ve changed your name several times, would you mind changing it one more time please, so it’s less confusing. Lol

  22. huh. i have been using just saying??

  23. Mm. There’s a lot I could say, but I’m not feeling 100%. By the time I am, no one will be on this thread anymore, lol. So I’ll save it…for the moment.

  24. okay whatever u all say. Saw the video, it was okay. Take care u all

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