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Finally checked out the Beyoncé and Jay Z “On the Run” concert on HBO. It’s amazing, not just how much I can be analytical about the images pop stars put out there about themselves, but how I can still get a bit teary eyed. Kudos to the Carters for knowing how to package their love/family so convincingly in their Paris concert finale:

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  1. This will get me a beat down but image is huge, it is almost everything. That’s the fact, right or wrong in terms of how life SHOULD be viewed and lived. Try to get a job these days without the right image for the sector you want to join. David fails to care about that, my opinion and assumption.

    • lol, won’t get any beat down from me, ITA.
      I will say one thing, Beyoncé and Jaz Z , wonderful entertainers. Yes, they know how to package themselves brilliantly.

      Well, as far as David goes…hum, two things that fans know are coming out, both LDS religious songs, yet crickets are still chirping.

      • No crickets chirping here. I’m pretty excited about his religious songs and I’m not even LDS. His Christmas album is my favorite of all his albums thusfar, and its comprised of ALL religious songs. These are the types of songs where David can connect personally with the lyrics, and they really show him at his best. Can’t wait.

  2. Hi Anon #999, Just wondering what kind of an image would you like David to have?

  3. David has the image of who he is.. sweet church boy.

    David followed 12 folks today.. mostly lds peeps, National Geo, but he also followed Carrie Underwood and Pokemon. 🙂

    • LOL Pokemon. He cracks me up. He’s like SuperMormon dude, I’ll follow some important church accounts and peeps, then he’s like MrLearningEnvironments dude, I’ll follow three different National Geographic accounts, then he’s like MusicToo dude and follows Carrie Underwood….
      and then there’s Pokemon.

      Ha. He’s definitely still random.

    • Ha, you may be right about his image right now and really I wouldn’t be surprised that he is very happy with that image at this time. I just hope that he will put out kick …ss music that will show that he is sooooooooooo much more than that…a mature phenomenal singer.

    • Hmmm, I wonder what Pokemon tweets? Yes David has the nice guy image which is fine by me. I just want to hear some new music.

  4. being realistic is the mst comnonly traveled road to mediocrity. ( will smith)

  5. Just curious, I would like to know what you would like David’s popstar image to be?

  6. potluck you asking me.kimak came across as sarcastec, i have no op and what his image should be, just himself

  7. Love that Beyonce/JayZ video!

  8. Image for David, nice clean guy who is savvy to the world. It’s ok to not be of the world participating in bad stuff but not isolation. That image. Relatable pop songs. Donny and Marie, straight laced and wholesome but you know they are very savvy about the world they live in and are willing to be of the world when entertaining. Marie would be a candidate for David to sharpie her legs for instance but I never heard she is not wholesome. Would I like old David styling with the hair and clothes? Of course, not gonna lie. He was a cutie with the styling but whatever. His image to me is of stand offish and thinking the worldly things and us regular folks may not be of his taste. I don’t know, digging a deep hole for myself.

    • Anon #999, I get what you mean. BM (before mission) David was very aware of his image. He wanted to look the part of a pop star, longish hair always styled just right, the latest style of clothes, from $300.00 jeans, graphic tees, expensive sneakers, and jackets. Yeah, he was very into “image” in the way he looked and the way he carried himself. Always polite, always smiling, always made sure he was never photographed looking any other way but happy. I bet of all the thousands of photos taken of David, there’s probably less than a dozen where he actually looks angry. And he does get angry because he is human after all.

      Now, AM (after mission) David is no longer concerned with “image”. He’s basically saying “This is who I am. This is what I look like”. He even wears plain clothes. (did his friend & brother-in-law really take all his great clothes?). He’s no longer concerned about “pleasing” anyone, least of all his fans. He’s doing what he wants to do whether or not it’s the popular thing with his fans or it’s making fans unhappy. I doubt he will have a need or care to be “image conscious” ever again. He seems happy and content without all the stress and pretense which results from having to live up to a certain “image”.

      Hopefully when we finally hear secular music from him, it will be so fantastic that image will prove to be completely unimportant. However, I would still love to see him with a little more hair. 😉

      • In terms of his clothes, pre-mission I clearly remember him being criticized for only wearing jeans and t-shirts at appearances etc. as if he wasn’t bothering to style himself. It doesn’t seem as that image was pleasing people.

        Post mission he was wearing bench stuff then when he got his own clothes it was the buttoned up shirts, shorts and long socks, which he also got criticized for. Lol

        I guess everyone has their own opinion of what it means to be styling it. But I definitely think David has being making fashion choices post mission.

  9. I have decided to no longer discuss David’s career. I did like his”pop” music career when he was younger but things change. That is life. lol. 🙂 Just too busy at work and have already stated my opinions. Repeatedly-Over and Over again. LOL. Just not interested but for those that are-Good for you. 🙂 Anyone watching The Voice? I am flipping the channel watching DWTS too. I love Gwen and Pharrell as coaches on The Voice. 🙂 I love Adam and Blake and their chemistry with each other. lol. My shows are almost on. Have a nice night. 🙂

    • ask me if i care

    • Adam has always been my favorite. He’s so..passionate and endearing when he begs to be picked, lol. And he seems more down-to-earth than the others. Blake would be my 2nd pick- he reminds me of a teddy bear, lol. I don’t know the other two that well, but I’m not that crazy about Gwen’s personality. She doesn’t seem that personable to me. All she talks about is trying to help contestants improve their image. I realize she’s a professional, but..I dunno. She’s coming across like “I’m God’s gift to your career.” …but maybe that’s just me.

    • I’m watching DWTS! 🙂 What do you think of the stars this season. Haven’t picked a favorite yet, lol. 🙂

    • you see Joe Kirk.. he looked and reminded me of David!! what a cutie.

  10. I LOVE THE VOICE! It’s by far the very best talent show on television. I love SYTYCD too, but it’s in a league of it’s own.

    The Voice though…OMG! The judges are great and the talent year after year boggles the mind. I love the concept because VOCALS is what it’s all about so “Image” can’t sway the judges. Truthfully, I think in David’s case on his AI audition, I think his looks as much as his voice helped get him through to Hollywood.

    I must admit I shake my head when I think about all these hopefuls, some have worked at trying for that big break for YEARS just to have doors open for them for a shot at a recording career doing what they love. David had all that and what they all wouldn’t give to have been in David’s shoes BM (before mission).

  11. if you are worried about the mountain in the disatance,you might trip over the molehill right in ronrt of yo u ( drew brees)

  12. I thought Taylor was good on The Voice

  13. Hi All, here’s a preview of David’s new song on the Redeemer CD! Track number 13 – Son of Man Comes Again. He sounds good! His voice is deeper! So great to hear him sing again! Enjoy listening to David’s voice as it is now!

  14. Here is Joe Kirk 🙂

  15. Reposting since this got sandwiched in the two videos and I’m sure everyone here wants to hear a new song from David and listen to how his voice sounds now! Click on Track 13!

    Hi All, here’s a preview of David’s new song on the Redeemer CD! Track number 13 – Son of Man Comes Again. He sounds good! His voice is deeper! So great to hear him sing again! Enjoy listening to David’s voice as it is now!

    • Loooooooove that voice!!!

    • FYI, if you listen the the preview just in your browser it’s shorter. The one you hear in iTunes itself is a full 90 seconds. I recommend listening in iTunes 😉

    • WOW, THE VOICE, if possible even better. Country, he can sing anything!!! Sounds a bit like another song of his, just can’t quite place which one….DANG, just makes me even more excited for a secular music album or song…lol.

      • I don’t want to listen. I can’t. It’ll just bring up all these emotions again, lol.

      • It does sound great! But I am worried there won’t be a pop album now. When he was in Nashville, he tweeted this…DavidArchie: So this must be what it feels like to really write music from the heart. Feels good. Takes time to realize some things.
        I bet this is the song he was tweeting about. Wondering if the ‘takes time to realize some things’ is his calling to write religious songs.

    • If I didn’t realize it was him, I’d never be interested, but something about his voice grabs me. Nice to hear, but definitely not my thing.

  16. I love how he sings “and all that was wrong will be righted in him”. Both times. lol
    I checked Amazon. No snippet yet. Remember how we used to piece a song together from different previews? I miss that silliness! Haha

  17. Just wondering, David didn’t write this song. Maybe he recorded it the first trip he took to Nashville. That’s when he was hanging out with the Trumans, who are also featured on the album.

    • I thought I saw somewhere that ASCAP had David listed as one of the writers. Is my memory failing me? LOL

      Religious music is not usually my thing but I loved what I heard. His voice is wonderful on it. I also liked the music.

  18. Anon Too – Jason Deere sent out a tweet and corrected this. He said David was a performer and the information on the ASCAP listing was wrong.

  19. I think the writers may be correct. Jason was talking about himself being listed as the performer.

  20. It was great to hear the clip. Go listen, VJ! I love David singing just about any genre but I actually love Contempory Christian music (CCM) so I’m happy with this. CCM music is different than traditional hymns and can sound like pop songs. It’s the words that make the difference. Hallelujah, new music from David!

  21. They’re launching David’s “Glorious” on the radio this Sunday.

    FM100.3 ‏@FM1003 1m
    Be sure and tune in this Sunday for a sneak preview of a new recording by David Archuleta–it’ll heard near the…

  22. I think they changed the clip. I can’t hear David’s voice anymore.

  23. The Redeemer album genre is Christian music, so maybe that’s where David’s direction might be going, hum. I’m a game show junkie, so I’ve watched the Bible Challenge and the show features Christian singers and I have to say, very cool with a lot of lively dancing and even rap. Well we’ll see where the future lies with David’s music career, of course still hoping for secular music 🙂

    • Same with me. Don’t know at this point. We know he has been writing pop songs, so I just hope all that writing and recording will not be tossed aside.

      • Well there’s Christian Pop isn’t there? David is known to write songs with a message. In fact when he said he would be writing about “dating”, its not about his dates but maybe its a “guide” or rules set to music? Can’t see him sharing this own dating experiences unless its about how its not easy finding someone who is more into him as apposed to his celebrity?

    • I could not open it up to listen to it but that is OK. I have Google music or amazon not iTunes. Not interested in that genre of music but good for other folks that are. 🙂 Noticed that this was next to the song on that link – Genres: Christian & Gospel, Music, Southern Gospel
      Expected Release: Nov 04, 2014
      ℗ 2014 Shadow Mountain Records

      Shadow Mountain Records is an LDS music label. Looks to me that is direction David’s music is headed in or actually is in. 🙂

  24. I think my concern is that Christian radio stations will not play music by a Mormon. Or, am I wrong? I haven’t listened to Christian radio in years, so I don’t know what is currently being played.

    • No, freofan, you are correct. They probably wouldn’t. The songs would have to be inspired by the Bible, rather than by “the restored gospel of Jesus Christ” (in the description of The Nashville Tribute Band on FOD). Two different sources of inspiration, I believe (the key word being “restored”).

      • That’s true, “restored” means that all other churches are apostate. Can’t see that flying anywhere but Mormon circles.

  25. what does that mean.. and in relation to this song?

    I love it.. I love his voice it has deepened, has a country feel and it isn’t all stuffy. way I see it it is David’s Angels of sorts?

    I hope it sells well with his lds peeps kind of think it will too. 🙂
    also think David is mixing doing both religious and gospel

    heard they will be previewing his Glorious cover this Sunday and that he will be performing with Lexi Mae Walker for Rising Star and charity next month too.
    hope for a video!

  26. I’m happy that there is once again music related excitement, but still feels like a continued proselytizing, the movie, pr for the Mormon church, the song on the Redeemer album about Jesus coming back to create a perfect world, kind of like come join us and be saved. Well lets see, so far he has put out a Call to Serve, I think DVD, singing religious songs, went on a Mormon chat, singing religious songs, is featured singer in a religious Movie about people that belong to the Mormon church…witht even seeing the movie, I can just imagine it’s about how horrible there lives were until they were saved by the church and how happy they are now. Yes, I’m sure they are not fake and all truly believe what they are saying, but come on, of course, it’s pr for the church. Well at least the money is going directly to charity, happy for that. Oh and I do believe the Costa Rica video is the song from the movie. It does seem like a religious direction, but still a wait and see.
    I really was thinking that he would go the Christian route, but maybe not. I’m really thinking that Shadow Mountain Records will be his label, maybe they are trying to tap into the Christian market?!?
    Man his voice is even better, hoping for some secular music from him soon.

  27. Since we’re talking about Christian music and someone brought up rap, cq?, I wanted to share this song by a Christian rapper called Lecrae. I believe his new album is doing very well on iTunes right now. He’s very popular. Not usually a fan of rap but this song really gets to me!

    freofan, you brought up a good point and VJ and cc addressed it well. I don’t look forward to seeing this album in Christian stores either, at least not where I live. I’m curious to see what happens. But, I’m an avid Christian music listener and I’ve never heard of the Nashville Tribute band.

    For me, if he’s going to sing spiritual music, the lyrics will make the difference. Most of his Christmas album songs were carols written by protestant Christians. The others were secular.

    Glad to hear David’s voice again though!! 🙂 🙂 Beautiful!

  28. sorry guys meant to say I think David is doing both secular and religious music.. hoping he does anyway.

  29. cq the song is on a friends cd along with Alex Boye I might add.. it is ok by me if you don’t buy it or even listen to it just talking me I liked it because it was David and fabulous as well.
    flipped when I heard how mature his voice was too.
    I really do think he is doing both.

    • Me too Kimak, would still be here if I didn’t think he was still doing secular music. You bit I will listen to it if it appears on youtube and I will also listen to Glorious…it’s the VOICE. I’m still a fan of David the music artist, just not a fan of religious stuff.

  30. heard the video is Spanish too.. not in the movie. no clue if it is religious though but did hear a rumor it was the song on that clip we heard. liked that too!
    sure have missed that voice.

  31. Hey guys… Just sharing this David Archuleta pictures. He really looked dashing here:

    ‘THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN (specifically the asian edition) was my most favorite from David. He was more himself in this album… And he looked radiant and handsome in this album and the process surrounding the allbum 🙂

  32. How do we know for sure the Costa Rica shoot wasn’t for “Meet The Mormons” ? I think people started to wonder because there is a woman from Costa Rica featured in the film. I’m asking, not disputing.

    • He was with Kari… And Kari’s presence is tantamount to ‘career related works’ 🙂

      I just think whenever David’s involved in mormon activities, he’s doing it for free or in other words do it for the sake of giving service for his church. So I kinda doubt David brought Kari all the way to Costa Rica because he was involved in an LDS activity

  33. Here’s another dose!

    Can’t wait for the upcoming album (I really think it’s an album he’s working on… Look at those music tweets) 😀

    I wish there would be pictorial again… No matter what David would wear on that pictorial, for as long as he had one I would be more than happy 🙂 look at the potential from his selfies in the instagram! Haha

    His voice really deepened ain’t it… It’s new and it’s awesome 🙂

  34. I’m sorry to spam this. This will be my last one. I’m just so wowed by this guy’s music. This is another one that blows me away! Wanted to share it.

    • Thank you for sharing. You can be relevant and in the world while being clean and religious. If David is going the religious music road I hope he isn’t the goody two shoes pie in the sky type with his music although that snip of music seems to say he is. Its just not my cuppa but like we say its his life and his choices. He just seems way too irrelevant and idealistic now but maybe he is not over his mission teachings yet. No clue.

      • obviously he is not your cup of tea.. maybe Chris Brown can jerk your chain some I think his music is doing pretty good.

      • Love this Anon 999, You can be relevant and in the world while being clean and religious.
        Yes, I agree that goody two shoes doesn’t work for anyone, but especially an artist that might want to be part of a secular music career, then again, it really wouldn’t matter one bit if he put out music that everyone loved. Both end of the extremes, extremely religious and the other end, trashy singer, is not my cuppa either. I still believe that David will find a way to give ALL his fans great music, hoping anyway, lol.

    • It is compelling, Oliveoil! 🙂

      Anon999, I like what you said “You can be relevant and in the world while being clean and religious”. One of the things that I find so compelling about Lacrae, other than he’s speaking God’s Word and it’s powerful, is that he’s speaking from his heart and with such passion! I really think that we will hear more from David’s heart and I look forward to it. I think this new song is just a favor that David did for this group and I’m sure he will get some financial compensation for it too.

      When he said he was writing from his heart, I’m of the opinion that it was something different that hasn’t come out yet.

    • Mmmm…I like that video. Thanks, ALC.

  35. OMGOSH, what an awesome video !! Thank you so much for sharing this. I”m not a big fan of rap, but his message and presentation is soooo compelling. LOVE IT !!!

  36. justhanginaround

    Sneak peek of David’s video from Costa Rica! More stuff to happy dance over!

    Also great post:
    NEW on SAz: Behind the scenes with @DavidArchie in Costa Rica (not really)

    • Nice pictures…I just hope the production and the song match the awesomeness of David’s voice.
      Now the waiting for when and how it’s going to be launched, lol…a lot easier knowing something fun is coming for all of David’s fans.

  37.  I listened to Son of Man and  found I very much liked his voice and thought the song itself not bad at all.  Subject matter aside it was country sounding but not heavily so.

    But it got me wondering if he will be singing outright LDS based spiritual music,  LDS (code) music or just generally spiritual music.  Did some research and it appears there is discussion within the LDS community about this.  Not specifically about David but within the LDS.

    I also recognize he will likely do other kinds of music, as he has said before, pop and Spanish, but within the more religious it still remains to be seen.

    So for those who are curious, here is a link to Linescratchers-a blog about LDS musicians.

  38. Wow, those pants are….really red.

  39. This video is amazing to me. 2 of my favorites- Barbara Streisand and Billy Joel performing together on her new partners album-which is selling well on iTunes. I saw this video of the 2 of them on ABC news tonight. They still sound great. The genre is-vocal pop- Good for Barbara 🙂

  40. Isn’t it- cq. Billy is 65 and Barbara is 72. Having longevity in the music industry is just amazing these days. They both sound as good as they did when they were younger. I would sure wish the same for David. Plus it is the” NYS of mind” song they are singing and being from NYS I love that song. lol. 🙂

    • Yes, Marie their voices are still ‘like butter’ velvety smooth. I would wish that kind of longevity for David, he’s got the voice, I just hope opportunities will be there for him to get to that level. I know you and I have the same feelings regarding some of the things he is doing with his career, but in the end, it’s his life. I’m just happy that just maybe there will be secular music. Although he does sing religious music wonderfully and he does have fans that would be just fine with him going that route, but to me I just hope he wants a broader music career. I guess we will see what that Costa Rica video will bring. Like I said before, I just hope the production is great and the song is catchy.

      • Barbra’s new album “Partners” debuted at #I on Billboard. No surprise. Vocally, no one can touch her, IMO. I will be buying her album.

        I wonder if David still checks out Billboard? Probably not. Didn’t I read somewhere that he said something about not really into “today’s” secular music? So what is he listening to? Inquiring minds want to know. David introduced me to a lot of artists and songs I would never have listened to if not for him, like Eva Cassidy.

      • Sharshine, I hope he is getting more comfortable with some things. I know there is a lot of junk music out there, but really, there is so much more good music than bad. Boy do I miss that David, it’s almost like getting to know a whole new person, for me anyway. I know I’m in the minority (big surprise, lol) but I did like pre mission David, he was so much fun…the new David so far is so serious.

  41. CQ, the difference is that the pre-Mission was an adolescent. The post-Mission David is an adult. David has changed dramatically, as most young adults do. David takes his craft seriously, but he does not take himself seriously. My guess is that David is having more fun now than he had pre-Mission, but he’s doing it “his” way and with the people who he feels most comfortable.

    His fans are not his friends or his playmates. Streisand and Billy Joel, who are showcased on this thread, have always been all about the music. David has come back and has let it be known in every way he can that “cutie-pie” David is no longer. I believe he now feels that he will either make it as a legitimate singer or not at all. I applaud it, I encourage it, and look forward to hearing what I am sure will be music that will make Streisand herself stand up and take notice of David’s unique and enormous talent.

    • Bliss, I actually agree with you about David changing, but I always felt he was serious about his music, I did love his dry sense of humor and always loved how real he was. I don’t see that he has changed as far as being serious about music, but the direction of his music is what will be interesting to watch where it goes.

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