Woke Up with This Song in My Head

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  1. Angels I love that song!

    Gray ‏@GrayAAA 47m
    New song entry today on Ascap: SON OF MAN COMES AGAIN written by @DavidArchie etc.

    not listed as a performer.. who know though.
    pretty deep title

  2. Love this performance, HG. David’s ability to perform a song live is one of the things that has kept me drawn to him over the years. Really, more so his live performances than the studio recordings.

    I took a bit of a fansite/twitter break over the weekend and it was refreshing to look at things just from my perspective without other voices coming into play. I do value hearing other opinions but sometimes I find myself getting lost in everyone else’s strong feelings to the detriment of truly taking time to understand my own. If that even makes any sense lol.

    Anyway, that was really neither here nor there. Wishing you all a good start to the week!

  3. What a beautiful song sung by the most beautiful voice in the world, nice one Hg.
    Good to see some action as far as music career goes for David. You got that right Kimak, pretty deep title. My guess it’s a song about Jesus, so a Christian song?!?

  4. Jason Deere ‏@jasondeere · 43m
    @GrayAAA @kimak @mlpb3 @DavidArchie David sang on the new @NashvilleTBand album, I am producer not singer of song. Info entered wrong.?.

  5. On the facebook page for NashvilleTributeBand: So thrilled to have this kind of world class talent work with us on our brand new Nashville Tribute Album (@NashvilleTBand). REDEEMER: A NASHVILLE TRIBUTE TO JESUS CHRIST comes out November 4th! @JohnCowanBand @DiamondRioBand @AlexBoye1 @SHeDAISY @DavidArchie @NathanPacheco @DueWestMusic @knelson_music @mcktweepez @trumanbrothers @SilvioRichetto

  6. not necessarily.. that is a song on Jason’s CD.
    Alex Boye is there too.
    want to hear it and Glorious might not be for me and all but I do love David’s voice. hope someone posts a video of them both.

    who knows what is up.. David did say he was writing about his dating experiences too so could be both.
    you don’t like it don’t listen or buy it simple as that.
    as for waiting for David to be the next Elvis etc.. think that ship sailed a long time ago.

  7. On the LDS interview David said he writing pop and Spanish songs.

    • I hope for himself only not for other Artists. We all know that david had not been working on his own new music ever since BYU so I am not getting my hope up for a solo album anytime soon.

      • I’d like to know where you get your information. We don’t KNOW David hasn’t written since his classes started! It’s reasonable to assume that classwork has been a major focus; but, he is pretty good multitasking. I’d actually be really surprised if he hadn’t written since.

  8. To say the least, this collaboration has me curious. I’ll definitely buy David’s single, not sure about the album. Thanks to the archu-detectives for sharing this info, lol.

  9. So, I read that David has a song on an album and I get all excited and right away someone has to throw cold water on the whole thing. I’m really getting tired of that. I agree with you, kimak, if you don’t like it, don’t listen. Simple. By the way, I am not religious AT ALL. But, I do love the sound of a beautiful song/voice. Ave Maria is a good example.

    • It a LDS not his own solo ablum, sorry but I don’t want to hear Church music , there is difference between pop and church music. Who rather david’s music want to hear?? Me pop.rest of u guys??

  10. At this rate, I can’t wait to hear him sing something. Anything! Is David gonna get his twang on? Haha This’ll be interesting.

  11. He just tweeted he’s writing with Stephanie so some music is coming. Don’t know when or how. Maybe he’ll do a couple of EPs since he’s writing/written in Spanish, too? Who knows.

  12. Okay now Is there a tweet that david just tweeted he says he is writing , I hope it true now lol , it about time he is writing again, thank u david!

  13. Any new music from David will be great. To me it looks like he will probably have one song that he recorded on that album. I think he has also been writing and recording for his own solo album as well.

  14. Mango, loved your post. I am also “not religious” and not even Christian, but when David sings “Ave Maria”, “O Holy Night”, etc. I am transfixed by his voice and his deep spirituality that transcends any specific set of beliefs. I am hoping that David will be reminding us of exactly what a magnificent singer and healer of souls he is in the not too distant future. That is his forte, and what sets him apart from any other mere “singer”.

    • want to hear them I am sure there will be videos for us to post when they come out.. I loved David’s Trying To Be Like Jesus when he sang it in VIP

  15. Stephanie is lds but doesn’t put out all religious music.. this one is my fav.

    Zombie Song

    supposedly David covered her Glorious for the Meet The Mormons movie coming out Oct 10.

  16. Yipee for working on music tweets!!!!!

  17. I concur. Glad he is opening up a little. Yayyyy for music tweets!!!! Wonder if he has been looking at sites? Something got a hold on him. Lol

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