Who Speaks Spanish?

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  1. Lorrie (AnonAnon)

    I tried to relay this thought in a nicer way previously. I’m not trying to diagnose in any way, but I think that this article will help you understand who you’re dealing with here. And, although difficult, why it’s better to rise above and simply ignore. Let me add that I’m not putting this here to be funny or hurtful. I don’t think the subject matter is a joke. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/your-online-secrets/201409/internet-trolls-are-narcissists-psychopaths-and-sadists?tr=MostViewed

  2. I am not taking sides i am just stating my opinion. In defense of Bliss, I do not think he is a troll . I think he is truly a big fan of David and trying his best to defend him and his religion and so on. I do agree he has been abrasive at times which has led to heated and hurtful bantering back and forth. We are all upset at the lack of communication from David and we all say things we shouldn’t when upset. This does need to stop and let this be a happy place again.

    • “Abrasive at times”???????

      You obviously have not kept up with all the past threads. And YOU have not been targeted unless you are “a non-LDS older female fan”, then YOU have in a roundabout way been targeted.

    • potluck8, your a great fan and I do respect your point of view, but in this case I do have to disagree with you. Abrasive at times?!?!, First why does David and his religion needs to have a fan self appointed defender against anyone that dare says anything against both. You know something he might of started off as that (imo, not right, but with good intentions), but now he has morphed into another agenda all together.

  3. Lorrie (AnonAnon)

    In the article the term troll has a slightly different connotation than a fan base’s usual definition. Bliss IS a long term fan.

  4. from brookwihite’s twitter … looks like several of the ladies from AI7 reconnected.

    “It’s been many moons since the touring life when we all lived on a bus together, so much has happened since those crazy times, but ya know we all just pick up where we left off. Its so easy and normal. Talking about the good and not as good ol’ days on idol, showing off lots of pictures of babies and dogs, updates on relationships, a little religion, status of our hair and other such important topics. We laughed the afternoon away. It was so great, I love them, always and forever. #idolsisterhood #AI7forever

  5. desertrat- great picture thank for posting. 🙂 Also Beauxcefus thanks for posting that video on Jack White. 🙂 It was a great interview and Jack had some really insightful things to say. Love the pics and videos that folks post here at SD. Back to lurking. It is “safer” and easier that way. LOL.

    • Hi Marie, please continue to post, I love to read your comments. I just hope your decision to just lurk wasn’t because of someone else forcing you, will miss you 🙂 Although I think without anything coming from David career wise, we’ll all be going away, lol.

      I do realize that as far as David’s music career to talk about, there is nothing, but, call me silly, somehow, I still want to keep going and really more for the for conversation with other fans, I guess, and I love this site, lol.
      I do feel David needs to step up and clarify his position right now to his fans, it’s beyond weird the way he has chosen to act right now. For David to do whatever he wants is fine, but, I’m sorry, I truly feel that he needs to step up and say something to his fans. Leave his career for two years, says he will be back, comes back, gets mad and says for fans to be patient, then go to college, huh, and expects fans to think what?!!?.

      • cq, as you probably know by now, i see things quite different. 😉

        a saw a young person following what he felt was his calling, perhaps wondering what his purpose was in life. while on his mission, i distinctly recall him gently encouraging his fans (via kari) to move on with their lives too. upon his return i see a young man excited to share what he has learned and experienced. i also see a young man who realizes there’s more to life than music and he’s balancing how to best achieve some of his short and long term goals.

        i said many times that i didn’t quite understand why fansites where have countdowns to his return. i felt like some thought that once the 2 yrs were up, then they would follow his career just as they ad done prior to his mission. no way could i see that happening. i said in a previous thread, to me, this returned david is like a new book with different chapters. maybe it’s a sequel, maybe it’s a mystery. regardless, it is what it is and hand wringing isn’t going to change it.

      • Lol, desertrat, absolutely nothing wrong with have a different point of view. I do understand that my view is not in keeping with a lot of other fans, never has been and never will be, lol.
        Yep, you might be right about one thing, he is only comfortable sharing his view in life through the eyes of his church. I loved his book and knew from reading what a spiritual person he was and having that spirituality transcends all religions (imo), but now I see a different David, which is more about continuing to proselytize the views of his church, instead of the spirituality of God. I do respect your right to think that great, but, to me not so much.

      • Hi cq. 🙂 No- I am not being forced out. I would never allow anyone to do that. LOL. -I just really have nothing more to comment on about David’ s career or lack of a career then I already have posted here. Beauxcefus expressed it best- “The new reality is that he’s a college student, apparently, and I personally find nothing interesting about keeping tabs or track of private citizen college students…” “The redundant and useless bickering and defending and all the wasted energy… why??? what purpose is it serving???” Spot on Beauxcefus. Of course-I will lurk and continue to comment when I want to. I am still interested in “other ” topics than David. Certain mean spirited folks (notice I did state folks- not just one ) that post here don’t even exist for me. I am not going to get drawn into a debate or engage with folks that I really dislike based on their comments. Have a nice day. 🙂

  6. I read through that article. Interesting to say the least. Bliss does not fall in the category of a Troll as defined in the article, he does however, fall in as a “Troll Light”.

    As for being a long time big fan, all those who have been targets of his “abrasive” abuse are also long time big fans otherwise why would they still be posting on the David fan sites? The fans who have the right to post whatever their thoughts are about David which may not always be shrouded behind a veil of rainbows & unicorns, or OTT adoration and therefore do not measure up to what bliss feels a fan of David must be. He doesn’t simply disagree, he attacks.

    Then there are the older female fans…..those who he has dared to disrespect because they see David the same way HE does! He has described David in the same way the female fans appreciating David’s looks would.

    Bliss is a “Troll-Light” as described in that article. I would go one step further. Bliss enjoys being at the center of discussions. He loves his 15 minutes of fame being a fan of David has brought him. David himself seems to want to leave career & fame behind & in the past. Soon there may not be any David fansites. Where & what will all the fans who like bliss have enjoyed their 15 minutes do then?

    • I’ll answer my own question. Fans like me who used to frequent the sites every day will continue living our lives because we saw the probability that David’s career would not survive his mission but still have hope.

      The fans who have developed a following and enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame because of David will have a more difficult time letting go. We can see it even now. It’s like any addiction and will take time to get over. The steps will be similar to those going through grief. Crazy, but true.

      Have a good Sunday!

      • lol, yes, you may be right!! for me anyway, yes crazy. I guess I have been so excited to be on the ground floor of a genius talent and was so happy (because of technology) to follow the process, but never planned on him not wanting to continue to work on his career. Without a career, what is left, really nothing, lol.

      • Oh I have to clarify that nothing…what I mean is for me as a fan, not David in anyway.

  7. Just because someone is persistent and may truly be a fan it doesn’t mean they aren’t a narcissistic troll. I’ve pointed out before, that he’s said some of the worst things about the LDS religion himself and is just using it as a one of his arsenal of weapons against the fans.

    From the article: “It is our suffering that brings them pleasure, so the best thing you can do is ignore them.”

  8. I am an older fan and I am not LDS nor am I a troll. I do not post that often and no I have not been attacked by Bliss. I do understand the feelings of those that have been insulted by him. I was defending him as I think he does admire David and I don’t think he comes here as a troll. I do think that some here have been a bit harsh about David’s religion but you have a right to you own opinion. I also think it is getting I little too heated on this site but I will continue to come .

    • In middle school there was a girl who was mercilessly bullied. I always kept out of it and was just glad that they didn’t pick on me. Now as an adult, I so wish I had been able to stand up to them and helped her out. But at least I didn’t support them or cheer them on.

  9. From a related article–fits this situation to a T:

    5 things you need to know about internet trollers:

    They love it when you take their bait and respond to them.
    You cannot reason with them. They have one goal and one goal only: to irritate the snot out of you.
    They don’t have manners and they surely don’t follow social or cyber etiquette.
    They love it when you retaliate. In fact, it feeds and encourages them to intensify their ill-mannered tactics.
    They will not let you win or have the last word.

    3 ways to get rid of a troll:

    Remove their audience
    Strip them of their power
    Deprive them of attention

  10. I would like to share MY perception on this whole “fan” thing.
    I want to make it clear that I’m not calling anyone a bad fan if they don’t see things the way I do. I’m just sharing my perspective on the subject.

    First, to ME, it means that I truly enjoy what has been offered to me by the artist by way of music, appearances, a movie, tv show etc. I have become a “fan” of their work. I seek out and am excited for these things when they come up, i.e., seeing them on a talk show or hearing about new projects etc. sure I may hope that they tour soon near me or that they’ll put out new material soon, but if it’s not happening at the moment I don’t worry or stress about it I’ll just keep checking periodically to see if something is coming up.

    Second, I have thought how strange it must be for anyone, but especially for someone who has never followed a celebrity this way themselves, to now be in a position where complete strangers dissect every aspect of your life, are trying to speculate what your motivations are and how you think, and want to know exactly what, when, where, why or how you are going to do something. Not to mention complete strangers discussing you 24/7. If everyone is honest that would be a little odd and hard to get used to and dare I say a little creepy. From my perception David has been very fair to his fans. He has given them so much. You definitely have to give something up being in the public eye and I feel he has had to do that as well. But he doesn’t seem to be willing to give up those things that are of most importance to him, and I feel that is as it should be and a balanced way to live your life.

    Third, if I were in David’s shoes I would want to have more than a GED to fall back on in life. There are no guarantees and he’s still young and can take advantage of multiple opportunities that come his way. And I don’t believe for one minute that he hasn’t appreciated every opportunity and door that has been opened for him because of AI or his fans.

    I also believe him when he’s said he’s working on music, pop and Spanish songs, and I don’t need to be reassured again and again after he has tweeted info concerning his career. I also believe he appreciates his fans immensely but they are strangers to him and we don’t know him and he doesn’t know us. I do not expect anything more from him. I believe he will let his fans know something when there is something new or different to know. Right now he’s shared that he recently went to Nashville to write and the school stuff that fans have found out about is his personal, none of my business, life.

    I haven’t ever felt he was mad at anyone. I know I might be quite frustrated if I had shared information on what I was up to in my career but kept being bombarded with the same questions over and over. I do feel a lot of assumptions get made from very little information or a small moment of his time and it often takes on a life of its own.

    I get the feeling that he wants to define, maybe even redefine his musical sound and is making sure it’s what he wants it to be. I believe he did all those projects pre-mission to help keep something out there but doesn’t necessarily want to have those projects define his sound now, but that’s just me taking a guess as to why he didn’t come home and have appearances singing those songs. I also feel he wants his music to mean something and make people feel something.

    He’s always been pretty altruistic and I think he has no desire for a self involved life. I have seen some fans comment on twitter about how selfish he’s being and I just can’t wrap my head around that one at all.

    Finally I am as anxious as anyone here to hear some of this new material he’s been working on and will definitely be listening as soon as there is something to listen to, in the meantime I have soooo many projects I should be working on at home so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy and maybe before too long I’ll have some new music to listen to while I work!

    • Thank you SJ6179 – totally agree.

    • Love your post and agree with it! Thanks for putting into words what I’ve been thinking.

    • I respect your opinion Sj6179 I do however feel like you are giving us that don’t agree a tongue lashing, lol.

      • btw, not all of it, I truly hope you are right for some of the points, lol.

      • Cq- I’m sorry you felt my comments qualified as a “tongue-lashing” to those who may not agree with me. No tongue lashing intended, I just wanted to share my honest feelings and opinions which happen to differ from some that have been shared, I apologize if it came across to you as anything other than that.

      • Omg, no apologizing needed sj6179, it’s me that might of read to much into your great comment.

    • Sj,

      I truly hope you’re right about much of what you wrote.

    • Lovely, SJ. I especially like your take on why no shows since he’s returned. He certainly has plenty of material we haven’t heard live yet. I agree that he might feel those songs don’t represent the artist he is (or wants to be) anymore.

      I still think communication could be better, though. lol

  11. CChalo, stop lying! Prove this: “he’s said some of the worst things about the LDS religion himself “. You think you can justify your relentless hatred of the LDS Church by printing lies about me, do you?

    This, on the other hand, is but one example of what YOU have said about LDS Missionaries:

    “Once a person shows a little interest, the missionaries can be very assertive. In one story, they talked about climbing into an investigator’s bedroom WINDOW and dragging them out of bed to get them to church. They might go into their kitchen and throw away their coffee and replace it with something more suitable. They’ll often try to convince people to give up their jobs if they conflict with going to church, or convince them to kick out their live-in partners so that they can be baptized. They’ll call and call people to try to meet with them or get them to church, but so often people will lie, or just be gone, much to the constant disappointment of the missionaries.”

    You have been on a crusade to discredit the LDS Church and David’s involvement with it for years. What’s the word for someone who comes on a fan site and repeatedly bashes what is near and dear to the person who the site is intended to celebrate? That’s who you are. And you call me a “narcissistic troll” ?

  12. sj6179, I so agree with you.

  13. sj6179, well said. David has always been appreciative of his fans and even gave them a pet name (“go-getters). The vast majority of his fans are good people who are out there living their lives and will be happily surprised when David announces that he has a new CD or other project that he has to offer those who enjoy his talent. What takes place on this site is in no way indicative of David’s fan base. The consistent whining, hand wringing and critical attitude towards David, his religion and his career is only allowed to exist on this site.

    The quote I posted from CCHalo above, which was posted, believe it or not, on Mother’s Day to boot,, would never be tolerated on any other site devoted to David.

    You say :”He’s always been pretty altruistic and I think he has no desire for a self involved life. I have seen some fans comment on twitter about how selfish he’s being and I just can’t wrap my head around that one at all.”

    Sad, but true. I’ve read those comments too, mostly right here. That’s why it is important that these lies do not go unchallenged, lest they take root as truth, which they certainly are not.

    • Bliss the quote cchalo posted wouldn’t be tolerated on any other site devoted to David, but this would????
      Beauxcefus, you know what? I think you are HG, LOL. Why else would your race have been “no secret’ on this site. In any color, you are one nasty, malicious, angry, out of control, psycho sounding crackpot. Spit out the jackal. I can picture you with your head spinning around spewing pea soup,

  14. I just checked out FOD and guess what? Thecomments there are not all positive. There’s a lot of frustration and disappointment about what is going on with David which is nothing.
    Also, why do fans still think everything he did just before he left was for the fans? It was financially motivated. His family was dependent on him. His family home was for sale. He was in the process of purchasing another home just before he left which is where they live now. At least his sisters still live with him. Don’t know about his mom & stepfather. He had to think proactively. The acting in a soapand all the rest gave him the means to go on his mission and come back without having to worry about money. At least not immediately.

    I do think he will eventually need to return to the work force, either releasing music or some other job just like everyone else. He still has obligtions, the one he will always fulfill is his tithes obviously. And just like everyone else, he has bills, utilities, insurance, taxes, food and now college tuition. He has no other skills except as a singer so he will probably sing for a living. Question is, what & when?

    • I want to believe that david will be returning to music again but I honest thinks david don’t care anymore about his job and his fans, my thought of it and Why can david just speak up what is going on with the music situation, is that hard to ask out of him, sure that on every fans mind?? Fans are saying that they will stand by him for long haul and not giving up, what if david still don’t say anything for months to come or next year? David just had changed ever since he came home from mission.

    • and of course you have proof of all this. SJ6179, i agree with you

    • Yes, frustration is being felt by fans everywhere. I don’t know the whole financial thing regarding David, but if he just wanted to leave music for his fans, he could of recorded a bunch of videos for Kari to release to the fans for free while he was away, so I do agree that the albums and the acting gig, all though great for the fans, it also helped him financially.
      I guess he does have to work at some point or maybe he has enough money to last the right of his life, who knows. 🙂
      Right now I’m still hoping he is working on a music career and will be releasing some secular music. Was really hoping that Costa Rica video was an awesome secular Spanish song, but realistically, from what I have been reading, it sounds more like a video of the song he sang for that Meet The Mormons documentary…not that’s bad at all, it’s just his private life and really being that it’s a church thing, I think he is volunteering his time, no pay. If it’s the song I heard, I think it’s call, Glory? I do like some spiritual songs, but that one, not so much, but I will listen if it’s able to view on youtube, lol
      He has to know how frustrated fans are, so being that he isn’t saying anything, I’m thinking he is working on music and will be releasing music soon or else, I’m sure he would like his fans know that wasn’t going to happen.

  15. All these views remind me of my days in Chile, when I saw David in the devotional. The lashes came and went, hahahahh in those days. A group of fans created a blog just to criticize. There’s just something that’s completely true, life goes on, and criticism too.

    Sorry for my English.

  16. The real problem is that david is not stepping up the plate and keeping the fans out of loop and sitting and wondering with he gonna do with the music or not and fans are just tired of waiting and waiting and he is the one who is causing this situation with the fans for him not speaking up and fans are not doing anything wrong, it me, david seem very rude lately with the fans, Sorry but that how I feel about This whole thing??

  17. My guess is that david has a new girlfriend and he is spending a lot of with her, there is a new pic on here and He was pic with a girl standing front her, could be his new girlfriend with group of people and his sisters. I think college and new girl that he want to focus on right now, music just not in his mind so far. Take care u all

  18. no clue what is going on.. but this sure is fun it’s like the
    Godzilla movie in 3D I just saw.

  19. Just saying~ Um, I’m having trouble understanding your 11:01 post. lol. Could you possibly explain what you’re saying? Where are you seeing the 6:18 comment? Do you have a link? Thanks.

  20. Oohhh. I see the pic @6:18 up thread. Must be David’s engagement dinner. lol Just kidding.

  21. Oooooh. OK, thanks, desertrat. 🙂

  22. I am so confused right now, lol…I think that’s my cue to leave for the day.

  23. The same girl who is pictured with david is wearing two different tops I guess the girl love that foods there. I guess group of people saw david, wanted him and his sisters all together in one pic or they all came together. No idea who is the spike hair guy standing next to david, maybe that is his friend. David seem like the girl in the photo. Supposed girlfriend and it look like it the same girl in the pic at the pizza place that david and his sisters was spotted , click next pic from the right, I might be wrong.

  24. I agree with so much of sj’s comment, but like Beauxcefus says, it makes a huge difference whether he’s a private citizen or pop star. Acting as a fan is appropriate under certain circumstances, but it’s up to David to DTR, as they say at BYU. It means “define the relationship.” We need to know where things stand if we want to be appropriate.

    I think possibly he doesn’t want to commit one way or the other yet which is why we have this no man’s land right now.

    • Co halo,I know nothing about LDS. Whst the difference about a realtionship if u are a LDS, it a normal thing , I thought it was more church thing with Jesus. Take care u

  25. The pretty girl in the pictures is married to his cousin.

  26. What? I had no idea that girl next to standing to david , she is married to David’s cousin, wow! she looked so young! I guess they gotten married young age, I guess happens when u are LDS. Have a great day everyone take care u all.

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