Yep, David: I’m Feeling You

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  1. This tweet from David is good advice to all of us. Take time to listen to your own thoughts. There really are a lot of distractions for us everyday. Hope he is thinking about some great new song lyrics! Now I’ve got to concentrate on work.

  2. My son posted this on facebook and I couldn’t say it better myself:
    A day to reflect and think of what is truly important in each of our lives. God Bless America.

  3. We have a happy family occasion on this date, so we focus on celebrating the good things today.

    Starting college is usually such an exciting, fun, “noisy” time in a person’s life. I’m wondering what his somber contemplation is about. An early 9/11 reflection? Struggles in life or with starting school? His songwriting?

    • I don’t think the contemplation would necessarily have to be somber. I have a friend who takes a week off every year to spend in a rustic cabin, no electricity, no cell service, no neighbors. He says without outside “noises”, he can clearly hear things inside himself that he might not otherwise. It’s one of the things he most looks forward to but he says it also makes him appreciate his family, friends and work life more when he plugs back in.

      • Maybe David’s taking a philosophy class. I think that’s one of his particular interests.

      • Lol maybe! He seems like more of a deep thinker than a quick thinker, if you know what I mean. That lends itself well to philosophy. I envy that. Deep thinkers tend to get more meaning out of things.

  4. 911 tweet by David.

    • Great thanks Grammyj. I’m going to kind of count it as a music career related tweet, lol. Although I know better. 🙂

      cc halo, I’m going to think that his ‘the world is noisy’ tweet is related to a song, lol. I know grasping at straws, lol

      Seriously, two great back to back tweets from David.

    • Great tweet by David in remembrance of 9/11. I really want to go to NYC to visit the 9/11 memorial museum. A friend of mine went to see it recently and said it was very well done-sobering and very moving.

      • I went there when it was Ground Zero, a few years after it happened. There was only a gaping hole in the ground with a large fence surrounding it. There was a timeline attached to the fence, detailing each moment as you walked around it. You could still see damage to nearby buildings. It was almost surreal- in the middle of this huge, bustling, noisy city there was a group of people just standing in silence, staring at a hole. It just didn’t feel right to speak.

      • VJ-Interesting.

  5. Ali- “More of a deep thinker than a quick thinker”, lol. More of a deep thinker than a communicator, too…Sorry, D, I really love ya. But I had to. ha. 🙂

  6. self promo of sorts too if you think about it.. also love this one. such a fabulous voice!

  7. I might be wrong but I think david had no fans anymore ever since him going to BYU. Have a good day.

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