Tuning Out Noise, and Tuning in for Inspiration

Just loooooving this new commercial – NOTHING STOPS SERENA

Congratulations to our 18th Grand Slam winner! 🙂

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  1. I am confused by his tweet, it seem like david is saying that it the rumors are true that david had apartment and maybe college kids stay at and he hear partying and he is sitting alone thinking his thoughts??

  2. Hey HG, David is definitely on a wavelength with your current post!

  3. Great commercial Hg, yup in line with David’s tweet.
    Congrats Serena, phenomenal tennis player.

  4. So pleased to hear from him, and it’s nice that it gives an inkling of what’s behind the lull. A bonus is that there are no quotes, so he’s giving us his own thoughts.

  5. Hooray for communication! Can’t beat that lol

  6. Still kinda vague…but at least it’s something

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