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It never ceases to amaze me that, despite so little news coming from the David camp (or from David himself), there is still a vibrant conversation taking place here on Soul Davidian.  Granted, most of these comments are just back-and-forth verbal battles, but I usually can’t be bothered to read through because…well, it’s rarely about David per se.

Still, it does have me thinking: Why are we still here?

Maybe out of habit?  I guess I don’t have the heart (or the energy devoted) to shut the whole thing down. Maybe I’m still holding out hope that David will still salvage something out of a vibrant music career.

So, methinks it’s time for a new poll. What say you, Soul Davidians?

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  1. In case you are wondering why Ray is upset…he came on FOD said some nasty things and his language was so NOT appropriate for any site. I was on twitter and said I was surprised at his language and that it wasnt very David like. Nothing more then that, its still there under my account. Mods deleted his foul language. And he is now upset. His language here isnt appropriate either…

  2. I wish sometimes that everyone did not react to everything so strongly. Everyone has ups and downs and some people are old and grumpy and some are young and silly or in a bad mood but sometimes I think it is less hurtful to try to contain the problems that any poster is having with anger/language/whatever to the site where it occurs and not make it so vastly public on twitter where it becomes gossip fodder to random people and causes even more hurt feelings. This is just from my lurking standpoint as it seems to be ganging up on people even though they sometimes were in the wrong.

  3. Old saying-If you can dish it out then you had better be able to take it. Some folks(they know who they are) should think before they make a comment that is mean spirited and critical and judgmental against another commenter that they even specifically name in their comment. Then to try and play the victim after they do that is just ridiculous. Please -they made the comment in the first place to be negative and get a response. Why else would you specifically name the person? Notice I did not name any posters names in this comment. Kept it general. Ignore and scroll down but sometimes it is not easy. Stop blaming the fans. It is ridiculous. Go on twitter if you want to” protect” him. What is David doing or not doing with his music career? That it the question folks are trying to answer. Off to work. 🙂

    • you should folloe your on advice,what i said on fod was not directed at candy or kimk,,unles s they were the ones saying bad things on twet to david .bull #$%^. is realy not that vulgar, you are just mad because some on challanges your sick minds

      • Raaaay…Hi. For some people, I realize that cursing is part of their everyday language. Maybe you fit into that category, I dunno. lol. But not everyone was brought up that way. For others, like myself, it can actually be a bit offensive and off-putting. If it’s something that I don’t want a small child to hear or say, then I’d be uncomfortable hearing it myself…It seems like you’ve gone into attack mode because maybe you felt attacked yourself? But I think peeps were just reacting to the words you used..not saying anything about you as a person. That’s all I wanted to say, I guess.

      • VJ-ITA. 🙂

  4. ha notice the guys are going postal.. me thinks they are more out of whack with all that is going on then the ladies are.

  5. Another general comment-Also don’t go to another fan site and be critical of folks that post here at SD. We all can read. lol 🙂

    • marie you should retain what you read, it was an other eho brough up sd on fod, o you pour ladies did a bad word upset you, you never heard that word before and you are so full of it, MARIE heres a kiss for you **

  6. nobody knows for sure what is going on all theories.. could be there is something wrong with David right now just that we don’t know it.
    not like he is going to tell us.

  7. Well something is going on that is for sure. Or maybe David decided to just use his twitter account for basically his music career (something I agree with) and nothing is really going on with his music career to tweet about right now. So maybe that is just it.

    • I think you might be right, Marie. David is doing school now so he is concentrating on that. Nothing music related is currently going on so he is silent. He also must be staying mainly inside his house or refusing to have his picture taken when out as no Utah sightings posted. I wish he’d post something on twitter but looks like we might have another long drought. Oh well that’s David’s decision and his life.

  8. I think it is all about school. He is doing school and nothing else right now. That is why he was working on his music so much before the semester started. He has said that he wants to just concentrate on studies and nothing else. I saw that somewhere.

  9. we all can see that by now that david want to concentrate on college not music, if david choose not to go on with music than he should let us know.

    • mus be he is still going to do music hasen,t said he isn,t has he. you the one with problems jus saying my op

      • Wow my! U don’t need to be mean like that, I have no problems with anything. Your post is so uncalled for!!! We don’t know what going on with david with music, only himself knows that truth!.

  10. if it true that david got problems going on right now, does that mean he want to quit music?

    • I don’t think he is quitting music. He’s studying now. Music will be released eventually when the time is right….when David can fit it in his schedule. Whenever that may be…..

  11. Listen with an open mind & heart. Chills!

    • Wow, this guy isn’t looking at the world through rose colored glasses that’s for sure, lol. a bit to dooms day for my taste, but I like the message at the end, even if it’s simplistic and easier said than done.
      A video like this could be said in any generation, of course, dealing with what that generation is facing.
      Thanks Starshine for the video.

    • I like the video, but I do agree with cq.

      Actually, like David says “Things are Gonna Get Better,” or more exactly, things ARE much better:

      • Like that link cc halo, I especially liked this:

        Does this mean everything will soon be perfect, and so our work is done? Not even close. Tupy does not mean to suggest the world is all rainbows, butterflies and unicorns. The goal of Human Progress “is not to paint a rosy picture of the state of humanity, but a realistic one.” To do that, he writes, one should “compare the imperfect present with a much more imperfect past, rather than with an imagined utopia of the future.”

  12. Starshine, That was posted to my Facebook page yesterday and I listened to it, boy did he ever hit the nail on the head!

  13. Thanks for posting Starshine. I had not seen this video. 🙂

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