And the Greatest of These is Charity

Didn’t realize David is still involved with Stand Up 2 Cancer. Good for him! 🙂


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  1. To Mango… Why is your username ‘mango’?

    Are you from PH? 🙂 coz… I know that David was so in love with the Philippine Mango! Haha
    Maybe fans should send him the ‘dried mangoes’ from here… It’s very tasty and yummy too 🙂

    That’s it! Maybe fans could send him another scrapbook/album where fans’ messages are compiled. You know, to remind him “hey um… David,just like you we’re still alive and kicking… 🙂 just wanna say we never left your side, always here supporting you. xoxo” sumthin’ like that.

    You know, if only I am capable of composing songs… I would compose David a song that’s so good it would be number 1 in billboard top 200 for three or more months, and would win him a grammy and an mtv award and would sell him to platinum records… I would send it to him alongside my request letter (and I would make sure my letter would sound like it was my dying wish for him to record the song I wrote to leave him w/o a choice but follow my wish haha). But alas, I can only play piano in tap tap revenge, and every word that I just typed are all but a dream LOL 😀

    And if ever it’s true that he and his team are reading fan sites… HI DAVID! HOW ARE YOU? HEY KARI! PLEASE TELL DAVID I SAID HI….. THANK YOU

    Hahahahahaha. I’m getting crazy…


    • Youwerejustadream…..I am from Utah. I chose Mango because of David’s love of mangoes at the time.

    • YWJADTIOK- Did you ever get that David album you were asking about? Just wondering.

    • YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew, love your comment!
      After watching a really sappy love lost story on Hallmark channel called The Lost Valentine it kind of reminded me of a fans connection to an artist. Let me try to explain what I mean, but it might not come out right because as you all know, I do lack that wonderful skill of writing.
      We as fans have a love for a voice that has fed our souls in a way that few voices can. As fans we don’t want to know the man’s (that the voice belongs to) personal life, we don’t want the man to like us, we don’t want the man to give up anything, just to sing to us, we just want him to also want to feed us with his glorious voice.
      After the sappy love lost story and after reading your comment, I sure hope you now have the No Matter How Far cd, but if you don’t, if you feel comfortable giving your email through that blog, I would be delighted to contact you so I could send you that cd. You see, I understand the connection to the voice.

      • Hi cq 🙂 awww… You feel me, I feel you. Yes! It’s the voice and it’s magical connecting process to our music soul 😀 can I have a virtual hug *spreading virtual arms LOL

        Thank you for the offer 🙂 actually, nope… I don’t have the cd haha. But it’s okay, I don’t want to bother you guys and it will cost you extra… I’ll just you know, nip some of those allowances on the side and save up for it. 🙂

        I can’t wait till the day David releases another music, I can imagine already the crazy party that’s gonna happen here

  2. I have to post this video. How great is this. Kelly Clarkson and Trisha Yearwood singing together at the Garth Brooks concert introduced by Garth. I would love to go see Garth in concert. Kelly looks great after the birth of her baby. The quality of the video is not the best but still good to hear her. I always thought that David and Kelly were two of the most talented vocalists that AI produced. Such different music careers right now. Love Kelly. 🙂

    • Thank you Marie for the great video, yes great voices these to lovely lady have.
      Anon too, that’s all we have as fans is hope. 🙂

  3. Marie, That’s a great video. I would love for David to do a duet with someone well known. What a great way to make his re-entrance in the music world.

    I may be the odd man out but I have this nagging feeling that there is something in the works bigger than we think. I keep thinking back to Stephanie Maybe’s dad’s tweet about there being a “wall of silence” on she and David’s “project.” It makes me wonder if there’s more to it than a regular album. I have all sorts of scenarios in my head as to what it might be.

    Soundtrack for a movie?
    Voice over?
    Songs for a Spanish duet with Enrique (lol just dreaming)
    Spanish album?
    Songs for a TV Special?

    I guess you can tell I’m a dreamer and would like to see him make his comeback with a big splash. I hope we get more clues soon.

    • was thinking about it..
      maybe a documentary or a movie of sorts like One Direction or Justin Bieber puts out but David style? David Archuleta Returned Missionary Superstar? 🙂
      I do remember they were filming of sorts there was a lady photographer in SLC I think? same day he was doing that line dance I think
      did they film him on the Military tour? you notice no videos came out plus he did film in Costa Rica.
      thinking out of the box here I guess maybe it could be a follow up to his CTS video?
      not necessarily very religious more of a.. Meet The Mormon Pop Star kind of thing? 🙂

      • kimak, That’s a very interesting thought. It would certainly explain why we don’t know anything yet. He could be saving it for a “tell all” about his career plans in the documentary!

        I see I’m not the only dreamer. 🙂

      • And he could sing the first single off his new album in it.

  4. There is always hope. lol

    • I mean why not.. they are coming out with a Meet The Mormons movie Oct 10 and David sings on it why not a Meet The Mormon right off his mission kind of thing? not lds but kind of think it would be cool if they were following him around every so often? probably singing too.
      did see a tweet from a guy at the Nashville airport that said David told him he was working on a CD so maybe more then one thing?
      hope some appearances are coming up too.

  5. CQ, this from you.” As fans we don’t want to know the man’s (that the voice belongs to) personal life, we don’t want the man to like us, we don’t want the man to give up anything, just to sing to us, we just want him to also want to feed us with his glorious voice.”

    Speak for yourself. For you, it has been and still is all about what David can do to fulfill you and your needs. You actually say that you’re not interested in his personal life yet you have been criticizing and bashing the most important aspect of his personal life, his faith, for over 2 1/2 years. You also post about wanting to know about his management, his song choices, and every other imaginable aspect of his personal life, so what on earth are you talking about?

    You want David to “feed” you? That has got to be the creepiest thing I’ve read yet from a female fan.

    Your attempt at cold, businesslike indifference regarding David as a way of masking your real feelings about him fall flat every time. We all know how you really feel about him or you wouldn’t be posting about him 24/7 on this site.

  6. Bliss, I will say you never disappoint, you have a way of always turning any a comment into a negative plan. Talk about not getting the point!!!! you are the one that sees smut in everything. I was not talking about David the man I was talking about his voice.

    • CQ, David IS his voice. You can’t chop him up into the pieces you like and disregard the rest (although you try to do just that)

      FYI, when a woman refers to being “fed” by a man, it means one thing, and it’s not macaroni salad. The “smut” came right from your mouth (pun intended).

      Your constant references to only caring about what David can do for you paints you as a selfish, entitled person, and when you say that you “don’t care about him personally” you come across as cold and demanding (not to mention “full of it”). You’ve been posting 24/7 here for over 2 1/2 years, and I can assure you that you have been commenting on his “personal life” for every minute of it.

      BTW, how’s that scrolling past my posts policy working out? Feel free to do it, and frankly, I would appreciate it if you do. That way I won’t have to respond to your sad attempts at damage control that pass for “clarification” from you.

      • Just can’t stand a thread without hostilities can you Bliss?

      • “FYI, when a woman refers to being “fed” by a man, it means one thing, and it’s not macaroni salad. The “smut” came right from your mouth (pun intended).”

        Oh God, I think I just realized what you are implying with this comment. I could have read what she said a million times and not thought of something like that. Only you could read what cq wrote and think of something so dirty. You have a dirty mind and that’s why you take the innocent comments made by some of the people here and conclude they meant something they did not mean. If you would get your mind out of the gutter maybe we could have a lot more peace around here.

      • Bliss, you should be ashamed of yourself!!!!! You are so far off the mark it’s not even funny!

        HG, If ever a comment deserved deleting, that one does!!!

    • cq, your comment was a beautiful, heartfelt reflection of the kind person you are, and I appreciate so much the way you support us in our common enchantment. 😉

  7. dang, should be no a before comment and after negative should be place.

  8. oh geez.. talk about slime.

  9. I had a discussion with an objective person regarding this place and the situation here. I have now come to the conclusion that HG likes the controversy here and loves the hits it brings to her site. The other sites still operating are getting 1/4 the posts this place has. That can be the only reason a lovely, intelligent woman would allow a person to abuse other posters and run roughshod over her site.

    Yes, although I respect HG and love her blogs, I believe she allows this vile, disgusting, self-righteous, abusive, twisted posting by one individual to continue because it invites more interest in this site.

    Thus, sadly as I will miss certain people here, I am out of here. The last straw for me was that person accusing a perfectly acceptable statement of being sexual. OMG, how disgusting can he get? cq made a perfectly rational statement and he, in his sick twisted mind, saw smut. He is obviously just trolling for things his twisted mind can turn into crap. OR, and this may actually be the case, he just pretends to be a superfan, and posts his garbage to get attention as he is really just an attention wh*re.

    Anyway, carry on everyone. I wish all the real logical, questioning, true fans the best in the future.

    The twisted one (and his sidekick who appears once in a while) I wish you a good medical insurance plan that provides good mental health benefits as you need them.

    • Dang Anne, wish you wouldn’t go. But I do have a feeling that pretty soon if we don’t hear anything from David regarding his music career, all sites will become silent. Love your point of view and your perspective on David’s career.

    • I don’t know that I agree with that. It’s true that without moderation, this malicious, unbalanced person has been able to take over, but if the philosophy is to provide an open forum, it might not be so simple.

      I have a person I deal with who is constantly inappropriate, angry, irrational, grandiose and a black and white thinker (they have Borderline PD). I keep thinking that if I do or say just the right thing, they’ll “get it.” I’ve done this for years. But of course that’s absurd, they have to have their own motivations to change. Ignoring actually helps because being ostracized is a great motivator to be more appropriate, while arguing has the opposite effect.

      Ignoring is best, but what if a person is smeared and attacked? That’s bullying and really shouldn’t just be ignored, for the sake of the victim. In my school bullying prevention training, the advice is for bystanders to intervene. I would think that supporting the victim with positive reinforcement, without in turn attacking the bully, might be a good middle road.

      • cc halo-Good point about the bullying as that is really a concern. It is not only the best to ignore a comment that you don’t agree with but to also not engage with the person making the comment. I think the issue is when the person making the comment mentions someone “specifically” in their post they don’t agree with or have issues with. I really do try to avoid mentioning anyone specifically in my comment now- unless- I am agreeing with them. If I don’t agree with them then just better not to engage with them. “Easier said then done” around here as I have been the “target” many times in the past. lol. Also some folks have an issue with ITA; lol; and probably :). Guess What-I will post that even more. lol. And I don’t care what some folks think of me. Sorry I just don’t. lol 🙂

      • I should have mentioned that the person I was discussing, likes to be inappropriate, and when people express their shock and disapproval, that it’s highly motivating for him. So scroll, scroll, scroll.

    • Anne, I hate to see you leave too. I don’t think HG allows the vile, disgusting, self-righteous abusive, twisted posting by one sick individual to get hits to her site. I think she is just a busy lady and she doesn’t read the posts made here. I think she just provides the forum for fans use and leaves us to police ourselves. Unfortunately, one individual cannot police himself, but enjoys tremendously policing everyone else.

      I have been close to leaving many times, but I enjoy reading the posts by the more rational posters. With so little going on in David’s career, I don’t know how much longer I will stick around. I have wondered for some time now why the fan sites are still active at all. I wonder how many times FOD can recycle the same old pictures and stories. I don’t even look at them any more, I’ve seen them so many times. I don’t think David would even care if all the fan sites closed down so my thought is, why do they even bother.

  10. I can not understand why it is so difficult to understand how some of us are so keen on David’s voice …. and that is all.  I don’t have to like his life decisions and that includes college, religion, marriage, or anything else.  Some I agree with, some I don’t. 

    Others do care and that is cool.  But NO ONE will define these thoughts for ME.

    Back to lurking untill we get some music.

  11. Anne and Carol, please don’t leave. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and your point of views. Please don’t let others drive you away!

  12. ha well don’t think it is mainstream fans that are bothering him.. most likely young mormon girls.
    he is quite a catch.

  13. Good point kimak. Bet it is young mormon girls. Guess the “older female non LDS fans” that do not reside in Utah can’t be blamed for stalking David at his apt. LOL.

  14. Isn’t that ironic? The place that he ran right back to after the horrors of LA, is probably the least “safe” for him.

  15. What have I missed? David has an apartment? Where? When? Why? Oh yeah….BYU is in Provo and his house is…where is his house? Murray?

    Ok. So I’ve been MIA for a while with personal issues and honestly, with nothing going on musically with David, and him becoming a college student as predicted, I needed a short break.

    And where is Peter? Didn’t he say he would be back in Sept? Well, it’s September and I’d like to see what new (or old) music he’s discovered over the summer along with videos. 🙂

    • All summer long David’s been spotted in the Orem/Provo area getting haircuts, pizza, multiple restaurant sightings in a day, so I’m pretty sure that he’s had a place that he uses at least part time for a few months now.

      • i wonder if he has a room mate, e.g., daniel?

      • Good question desertrat about the room mate. I give hg much credit for keeping this site going. Don’t know how she does it to be honest. 🙂 Well back to very long work days tomorrow for me. I am looking forward to both DWTS and the Voice. I try to watch them both. I am surprised at the lack of a bigger name celebrities on DWTS this season. Must be the A-list celebrities do not want to do it or don’t need to. lol. I will miss Maks.

      • I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard more about David at BYU. I have three children going there, and not one of them has heard anything about David being there. School has already been going for a week, and I imagine word would get around like wildfire.

      • I have to say that I’m surprised by that too. Someone else mentioned that it’s possible he’s not on campus much. So far there have only been two sightings – once in a classroom hallway (that could have possible been at the BYU location in SLC) and he was seen at the dining area on the Provo campus one morning although there was no picture.

        On a campus as big as BYU and with as many students as they have there, if he was around much I think there would be more sightings. CC mentioned the possibility that he’s doing some independent study, which allows him flexibility on having to physically be on campus and may explain that whole “creating my own learning environments” part of his tweet. Honestly that line didn’t make much sense to me at the time but if he is doing independent study then I could see why he would use that phrase.

      • My daughter’s doing all online classes at her junior college, and even though she’s VERY social, she loves it, because of the flexibility. It would be kind of a shame to possibly miss out on the whole interpersonal environment of a top 4 year college like BYU, if indeed David is going it alone. But that might be good news for us fans, because it leaves a lot of time for music-career activities.

  16. Yes- I agree Starshine. Where is peter? 😉

  17. yeah, where is peter? 🙂

    re. this blog, it amazes me that HG has run it alone for 6+ years. i imagine at times she could be too busy w/life, work, family, etc. to monitor everything going on here. to be honest, i was concerned 2 years ago that she would shut it down.

    off topic, i’m looking forward to dwts. tavis smiley, talkshow host one of the president’s biggest critics, will be on there. i’m waiting to get a few laughs off of tavis.

  18. From Kari’s Instagram, found on FOD:

    ‘On the road of life you can”t get off the exit ramp without
    some bumps and roadblocks–and a few detours.’

    Guessing school is one of those detours.

  19. True, but some things seem to relate to David. So I guess it’s just all up to whoever reads it to interpret as they want.

    • That is true. While the quote may relate to her life or a family member or even just something she liked, it could definitely be applied to David as well. Don’t think I know of a single life without bumps or detours.

  20. Well there some rumors on the gossip sites and media tabloids that JT (who is married) was caught cheating with one of his back up dancers while on tour but that could just be gossip. Most of what they write is not even true half the time. But I am sure that the gossip could not have made JT’s wife very happy. lol. That could have had something to do with Kari’s tweet but on the other hand it could very well be about David too. Going to school is a big detour.

  21. Kari is in her own world now folks.. think she is in Australia with JT now for a show in a few days.

  22. Yep kimak and a nice world it is. JT’s concert was the hottest concert ticket of the summer.

  23. JT ‘s first show in Australia is Sept 18.

  24. was going by this Perth?
    think I saw some kind of treasure hunt there going on now for his vinyl album somewhere there

    from what I can tell they keep adding shows

    • That’s a typo for Perth. The tour will be there in October. Officially, October 8 & 9 but I believe they have the 10th open in case they add a third show.

      • thanks saw two things vinyl record hunt and what looks like rehearsals or new music I guess. do you think whoever ATM is her next boss?

      • Yeah not sure the full JT tour crew is there since the first show isn’t for another 10 days but obviously someone is there doing the hunt thing and pushing promo. Not sure if that would include Kari or not. I honestly don’t know the specifics of what she does for JT so I would be horrible guessing at that lol.

  25. If someone wants to know , why don’t you just ask her if she is still with David?

    • I feel fairly certain that she’s still with David, I just don’t think there’s much for her to do with him right now. Maybe when he goes on tour again.

  26. And he is still working on an album, from what the guy in the airport said…

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