The Love of Learning

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  1. that My Girl video.. that is exactly what I miss!!! his spontaneity his charm that voice!!

    I couldn’t care less if David is from Mars I just want him to sing again.. two and a half years has been too long!!

    • I agree kimak. He hasn’t sung one note even for us since he returned. His singing has been restricted to LDS events and the military tour. I miss that spontaneity too. I’m afraid that has gone the way of his childhood never to be seen again. He is very tight and controlled now and I don’t think he would ever let that slip into his actions in any way unless it is just for his family. When we get any little bit of David, and tiny little bits are all we have gotten, they are very thought out and controlled.

    • Yes, Cook got him to sing, but that was in Utah and the audience was most likely mostly LDS. He hasn’t sung outside of Utah except for the military tour that I can think of since he got back.

  2. all I got is he means it when he says he is in control now.. that last tweet changed things for me almost like a switch went off. guarded to say the least?
    would imagine he is still doing music because he said he was now does that include performing and appearances I have no idea.

  3. Thanks But… You certainly have a lot to say, and have no problem saying it. I also have a lot to say and do the same. What is your problem? We obviously disagree. Why does that piss you off so much? You sound like a whiny spoiled brat. Post your thoughts and I’ll post mine. Demonizing me because you don’t like what I post is the height of childishness. State your position and be done with it, because I will be doing the same. Some people have chosen to ignore me ( alhough they constantly post that they are, which means they’re not, lol). You are free to do the same. You are also free to comment on my posts, which means that I may respond.

    This isn’t a gabfest at the beauty parlor. It’s a blog about David Archuleta, and it’s open to all. David isn’t here to reply to the surgical examination of his life that he receives here, but I am.

    • “David isn’t here to reply to the surgical examination of his life that he receives here, but I am.” And that’s totally healthy and normal

    • Does it piss me off that we disagree? Not in the least. As I said, you can continue to post your thoughts about David’s career. I don’t care. Never have. What does piss me off is when it’s ok for you to post your thoughts about David but not ok for us to do the same. You are a master projectioner. If you don’t know what that means in relation to psychiatry look it up. You are the one who gets pissed off when we post our thoughts. Demonisizing fans. Again, that’s you, not us. I would be happy to just let you post your thoughts and we would post our thoughts, but you aren’t happy with that. You have to demonize us because we post thoughts that you don’t like. You want to praise David. Go ahead. You want to post that he is the greatest entertainer ever and will be a major star some day. Go ahead. But don’t object when we post about things we think are detrimental to his career. Whiny spoiled brat? You to a T. You whine that we don’t like David’s religion (I could care less what his religion is), you whine that we discuss his clothes too much, you while that we discuss how we like or don’t like his hair. You whine about virtually everything we have to say. Just because you have appointed yourself as David’s mouthpiece, doesn’t mean we have to accept it and bow down to everything you say. That will never happen. Do I plan to ignore you. Probably not because I can’t just stand by and allow you to spew your poison about the fans here and not challenge you on it. I don’t agree with everything fans post here, but I do agree with their right to post it. I’m not the arbiter of what is allowed to be talked about here. But, neither are you.

      • Thanks But….. bring it, girlfriend. Your posts are a goldmine of inane nonsense , like this, i.e.. “You are a master projectioner. If you don’t know what that means in relation to psychiatry look it up.”

        FYI, I have a master’s degree in counseling. Please share your credentials and we can analyze David together, lol.

      • Excellent post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Excellent was meant for Thanks. I need to pay more attention to the order of replies. Anyway, thanks, Thanks, for really hitting a homerun with your words. IMHO

      • “FYI, I have a master’s degree in counseling.” Heaven help your clients

      • FYI, I have a master’s degree in counseling. Please share your credentials and we can analyze David together, lol.

        You should demand your money back!!!

      • ITA- Thanks But. So well stated. Great comment. 🙂

  4. If David decides he doesn’t want to do live performances anymore I would be absolutely shocked! And extremely disappointed.

    IF (that’s a big IF) he doesn’t eventually tour, I think it would have to be for financial reasons. If he releases an album and it does reasonably well, it would most likely indicate that ticket sales to shows would do well. If sales are low and he loses money on it, he may wonder if there’s enough interest for the tour to be profitable. I think he’ll tour if he thinks tickets will sell. I can’t think of any singer who doesn’t want to sing for an audience given half a chance.

    Watch his past videos. He looks like he LOVES it! I can’t imagine him not wanting to do shows. JMO but I think he’ll tour. Maybe not as soon as we’d like, but I feel relatively sure he will.

    Of course the above is JMO since I don’t work in the music business. If anyone else who knows more than I do can give any input on this, please do.

    • Anon too, I like your opinion and agree with it. I think if there is a demand for David to do concerts he will do them. And to those who think David is being controlled by his church that is just hogwash. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the Mormon church.

      • Mango, the only thing I think is and really not that I’m sure, but the church does have it’s members give a lot of time to it, of course out of there free will. That’s one factor that I put into the mix if indeed David is caring a full load at college. Time for studies, time for church, time for family…does working on a music career fit that schedule, we’ll see. Now I really do think that working like say at a store to help pay for school and living is different, you work you shift and you are done.

      • May I talk to you about the misconceptions then? Is it true, you have to participate in the temple ceremony via a temple recommend in order to live with God in the celestial heaven?

      • Hey Mango, You must not be on the computer right now. In case you missed my last comment I wanted to repost my question. You mentioned misconceptions and I was wondering, since you are talking about what I said specifically, if you could talk with me a little more about that. Couple questions:

        Is it necessary for one to do temple baptisms and participate in the temple ceremonies in order to live in the celestial heaven for all eternity with Heavenly Father? Correct me if I’m wrong but, it is also necessary to have a temple recommend. In order to receive a temple recommend, you must have an interview with your bishop to determine “temple worthiness”. There are questions of “worthiness” you have to answer such as:

        Are you a full-tithe payer?

        Do you support, affiliate with, or agree with any group or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or oppose those accepted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

        Do you strive to keep the covenants you have made, to attend your sacrament and other meetings, and to keep your life in harmony with the laws and commandments of the gospel?

        Do you live the law of chastity?

        Have there been any sins or misdeeds in your life that should have been resolved with priesthood authorities but have not been?

        Do you keep the Word of Wisdom?
        The Word of Wisdom is a dietary code.

        So, then, is it not true that if you are deemed Unworthy by your bishop for a temple recommend, you will not be able to live with God in the celestial kingdom when you die?

        Last question, if these are not misconceptions, do you consider these rules to be a form of control?

      • ALC, going by this question and your recent comments, I understand that your underlying concern seems to be the issue….works versus grace.

        I don’t want to get into it too much here because I don’t want to offend the beliefs of others here (and this is a fan site not a religious site) but if you are genuine in your questions I am more than happy to discuss the concept of works vs grace from a Mormon perspective if you like.

        I am @AuzzieArchieFan on twitter. If you follow me we can exchange email addresses. 🙂

      • Aww, Shanny. That’s sweet. Thank you for replying. 🙂 I already have a Biblical understanding of grace and works. It would be interesting to hear your point of view though. I may take you up on the email exchange so that we can engage in more discussion. This is not really a discussion of grace and works though. It’s a discussion of control and misconceptions.

        If the word “misconceptions” is going to be tossed around, I think it needs to be defended.
        My question was really more for Mango, since she is the one who accuses people of posting misconceptions. The question is simple, are the practices I stated misconceptions or not? No need, to engage in a lengthy discussion. Everyone else can decide for themselves if they are controlling.

        Btw, many topics are discussed on this fan site, including religion. It was that way before I began posting. That’s one of the reasons I post only here, because of the openness. I do try to stick only to topics that are brought up by Hg or others, though.

      • ALC – Mango never once mentioned the specific “misconceptions” that you seem to want to bring up for the sake of attempting to demean the Mormon church. Everyone here knows exactly how you feel about the LDS religion. Why the need to continually refer to it? We get it. You disapprove. Duly noted. Your motives are blatantly obvious. You don’t want to know the answer to those questions. You already have your own answers cemented.
        Baiting is baiting.

      • Hi Realness, I’m sorry if I misunderstood what Mango was referring to. She said this: “And to those who think David is being controlled by his church that is just hogwash. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions about the Mormon church”.

        Based on the “controlled by church statement” I assumed she was referring to the only time it was mentioned in conversation on this thread, which was way up above. I was in that brief conversation. I also apologized for speaking as if I know David’s thoughts personally. I don’t of course. I felt very bad about that.

        As for demeaning the Mormon church, believe me, I had no intentions of continuing on that subject. Mango, brought it up again. I was trying to politely show that I based my remarks, not on misconceptions, but on evidence. I always have and always will. I was giving her and you and whomever else the opportunity to show me that my evidence is false. I guess it’s not.

      • I’m not here to prove your remarks wrong. I don’t really care. I’m not Mormon. I’m not religious, period. I’m just pointing out that your false attempt at sincerity and concern trolling is fairly transparent. We both know what your goal is here and its not to learn or be proven wrong.

      • You know my goal here? Maybe you can fill me in on it then. I thought it was to read and enjoy the posts and maybe participate a little, which I’ve been doing for a long time now.

  5. I agree that he may want to perform again. He enjoys it-it’s obvious. Even when he was on mission you could tell he enjoyed the live singing. It’s just what type of singing he will do and under what circumstances that we are speculating about IMHO. Will he stay in Utah? Will he do a tour? When?

    I also think finances will be a huge part. I remember hearing that he lost money on a couple of his tours. If I remember correctly it was because he financed them himself without any large sponsorship. I think he did have some small company sponsorship at one point, maybe clothing? But yes, I remember hearing he actually lost money. I remember his meet and greets were not hugely expensive like other artists so he could probably charge way more for those. I don’t know if he sold enough merchandise to help the bottom line. I doubt he would be popular enough to offset the cost with larger sponsorship. It makes sense, all the big names use sponsors to tour. Lots of alcohol companies sponsor tours for example. Bottom line, ticket sales alone will not cover costs.

    • Good points Anne, for all we know he might be taking Premed so that he will be a nose, mouth and throat doctor, lol. no matter how much cryptic messages he has been about music. Really he has never said that music is his career path, only that he is writing and as we have seen, recording and we have a mystery video that he did in Costa Rica, lol. The way I see it, right now, TMZ David is gone, or else more spotting would of happened right now. I have a feeling his is not allowing any pictures, which really is great because it is his private life. So without even any thing coming from him (tweet about a hint that he still is working on a music career) and I’m talking about for the rest of this year, that to me will be very telling that indeed he has putt his career on hold or given it up altogether, jmo.

  6. I had not heard about him losing money on tours. That makes me sad, if it is true.

    • I wish I could remember where I heard this information. I would love to go back and verify what I remember. I have read that a ton of artists must have the major sponsors and merchandise sales to make a profit on touring so it would not surprise me if David didn’t make money on the whole tour thing. I do remember reading that touring with Demi Lovato made him a lot of money though.

    • didn’t know that.. there is what seems to be a cool thing that artists are doing now to fund their work called crowd funding and that is for both the CD and the concerts.

      • Yes, KImak, that might work for David, but wouldn’t that require him to reconnect with his fans, just don’t know if the warm wonderful boy that was connected with his fan, that now is a different man, would want to have that kind of connection ever again, imo, I’m hoping I’m wrong however 🙂

  7. Whadd……. You say, in that endearing way you have, to my post of,

    “FYI, I have a master’s degree in counseling.” Heaven help your clients

    Actually I have referred many folks to this site as an good example of mob mentality and how if the same lies are repeated and reinforced, they can take on the illusion of truth. Some of the posts here have been used as comic relief, and yours in particular are a treasure trove of hilarity and amusement to those who need a good belly laugh. I’ve been asked a number of times “is she kidding?” Please keep them coming. I’m in the process of compiling a top 10.

    • Bliss said:

      “Actually I have referred many folks to this site as an good example of mob mentality and how if the same lies are repeated and reinforced, they can take on the illusion of truth.”

      Your posts here would be a perfect example for them. You repeat and repeat your lies about the people until you have convinced yourself at least that they are true. Projectionism again.

    • I’m sure the recovering addicts you’re “helping” appreciate that you’re addicted to and obsessed with an American Idol contestant. That’s the sign of a true pro

      • Projectionism-in psychiatry, an unconscious defense mechanism whereby emotionally unacceptable traits are denied in oneself and are regarded (projected) as belonging to the external world or to someone else. It is often called the “blaming” mechanism because in using it the person seeks to place the blame for personal inadequacies upon someone else. In its extreme form projection can lead to hostility upon others when one mistakenly perceives other persons as responsible for one’s own mental anguish.

        Spot on!!

      • Thanks Candy. 🙂

    • bliss you got that right,semes like kindergarden around here, tall tales abound

  8. Projectionism-in psychiatry I learned something new today, thank you Candy. Oh my gosh if that doesn’t just describe someone to a “T”

    • yes it does you candy, and all the other ladies her ( i use that word loosley) you all should stop and look at what youall do here,makes me sad ,for the world , with ladies like youall around, you all know who you are

      • Rooster – If that’s what you see in the world today that makes you sad, your priorities are seriously messed up.

    • Anne, lol, you actually said this “Projectionism-in psychiatry I learned something new today, thank you Candy”

      If this is where you come to learn new things, Anne, you’re in big trouble, unless you’re interested in mythology and fantasy.

      • Oh yes, mythology and fantasy like lucrative opportunities in the Philippines, a robust fanbase and a substantial international career

  9. Candy, Nice research. Whose definition is that, Orville Redenbacher?

    As longer as we’re looking stuff up and defining behavior, I decided to look up a word myself:


    “In ordinary English usage, a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.”

  10. candy, this mistakenly preceives other persons as responsible for ones own mental anguish. spo on for you ladies, cq anne marie waddyaknow, and all other who fit lol jmhop

  11. If we,re talking about projecting our issues/emotions/perceptions onto others…..don’t we all do it in some way?

    Ha, I was stressing last night – thought I had lost my brand new iphone at the supermarket and in my mind kept wanting to blame it on my husband and daughter stressing me out at the time lol. I also remember Ali kind of pointing this idea out to me once when I was talking about how the only thing I worry about with David is his happiness. (Yes I got your gentle message Ali 😉 ) In reality, a huge part of the conversation that goes down here is peeps projecting onto David, one another etc.

    I always think it wisest for us to step back and try to look at ourselves with an open mind. Emotional maturity leads to increased personal happiness.

    • “Emotional maturity leads to increased personal happiness.”

      Bliss must be utterly miserable then.

    • Shanny, yes we all at times have used defense mechanisms to help cope with stress or difficult situations and perceived threats. So far posters have mentioned psychological projection and denial. I would like to mention another defense mechanism called “intellectualization”. Days like this i wish we used it here as it might take the emotional heat out of disagreements.

    • Shanny, since you feel you are the word of wisdom with this statement is it for only the fans here that you have a problem with or is it also applied to the one you agree and come and defend:

      Emotional maturity leads to increased personal happiness.”

      • Thank you cq for expressing a question I was too timid to ask.

      • Cq…..sarcasm? I don’t feel I am the ‘word of wisdom’. I feel like I was offering something that might be helpful to people’s happiness.

        I was pointing out that there is more than one person here who projects onto others and we all could do with taking a look at ourselves.

      • Yep, lol a little bit., how do you know that people here aren’t happy? By giving a formula for happiness, well I do take as wanting to give wisdom.

      • Shanny, thank you for your concerns about our happiness. I have to wonder just who you think it is here who isn’t happy. I, for one, am perfectly happy in my personal life. If you are referring to our life on this here blog, what makes me happy here is to challenge Bliss on his attempts to continually degrade, denigrate, and smear the grannys who post here. His bullying of other posters just because they prefer to choose for themselves what they are going to post instead of just posting what pleases Bliss. I realize you agree with Bliss and it would make you happy if we would just “all step back and look at ourselves” and see that agreeing with Bliss is what would make us happy. I promise you that would not make me happy. I don’t like being pushed around. I understand why you have some problems with some of the things posted here about the LDS religion. I don’t blame you. It is your religion and you understandably defend it. You do so without showing disrespect for others. I will never disagree with you regarding your defense of your religion and David’s religion. I, however, will never agree with Bliss’ tactics in defending David or his religion. I will never agree with Bliss’ tactics in degrading David’s female fans and especially his elderly female fans. He is very wrong to do that and if you agree with him you are wrong too. There is no need whatsoever for Bliss to be so nasty in speaking of the ladies here. Even the ones he disagrees with. All is required is for him to say “I disagree with you and this is the reason why”. As I explained to him earlier, he can praise David to the rafters and I will never tell him he cannot. He has every right to explain his opinions and post them. He does not have the right to put down everyone else who might have a different opinion. Bliss, however, does not seem to ever grasp this point. I firmly believe the hostility on this blog would shrink 100% if Bliss could understand that. I also believe he chooses not to understand it because he receives gratification from stirring up hostilities.

        I am in awe Shanny of your ability to intelligently make comments that are well thought out and well phrased. I wish I had that ability but I don’t. I have explained myself as best I can and I hope it is not too unintelligible. I know you’re not going to agree with much that I have said, but I hope you know that I have not meant anything I said to be disrespectful. A little tongue in cheek maybe, but not disrespectful….I hope.

      • Cq, I wasn’t saying people weren’t happy. Lol. But aren’t we all interested in smoothing out the bumps a little more in life? Emotional maturity helps with that. Gosh, my nana, she’s the queen of emotional maturity and I’m in awe of how well she has handled the challenges in her life. I’m grateful to have her example which shows me what’s possible and really….how ridiculous I am sometimes. Lol

        And yeah, I was handing out a little advice but I’m far from the first to do so in the fandom and it definitely wasn’t in a high and haughty way, which I felt was kind of how you were implying.

      • Thanks But…, you are right, I disagree with a lot of what you said….mostly what you are assuming about me and my motives etc. I’m glad you said it was mostly tongue in cheek though because it gives me hope that you don’t paint me exactly as you just described. Lol

        You raised a lot of points I could make a response on….but basically, I’m hearing that you want your grievances to be heard. Believe me, I hear them. I understand them. I accept them.

        I prefer to not speak about people individually – even though that gets me criticism too lol – hence why I dole out general advice lol and general comments. All I can do is repeat what I’ve been saying lately as well as here in this thread – respect is a two way street and we all ought to look at our own behaviour. And maybe I should add some old advice I’ve doled out before 😉 ….if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. (That’s especially for the grandmas today lol)

      • Shanny, Ok maybe I did step out of bond with my sarcasm, I’m sorry, I do know you are respectful and I shouldn’t just assume you are pointing fingers at just a group you don’t agree with. I guess when you get told how wrong and what a horrible fan you are, sometimes you (I) get a bit sensitive with some remarks.

      • Cq, you know what, I feel I get told all the time how judgmental I am (and how judgmental Mormons are too) so I understand how a person can start feeling like they’re constantly being told how bad they are and feel misunderstood and become a bit sensitive.

        In that vein, I’m grateful that you said this….”I shouldn’t just assume you are pointing fingers…”


  12. I am watching Stand Up To Cancer and just noticed this tweet from David- @DavidArchie · 2h
    Congrats to Crush Kids’ Cancer – David Archuleta’s Angels for reaching your goal! #StandUpToCancer is on tonight! David has some amazing fans and I will never forget when he was on that show due to those incredible fans. David is so lucky to have those supportive fans. So if he ever wonders why he wants a music career he should think of those fans. 🙂

  13. On a David note….I find it interesting what that ‘Someone’ person said about David’s learning tweet.

    According to them, David DID want to confirm it to fans that he was studying. (That’s nice that he was letting us in on the know even though it has nothing to do with his career.) and that he did it in ‘codespeak’ so not all 1.3mill followers would be alerted as to where to find him. (I find that interesting. That didn’t cross my mind. Goes to show David has a multitude of things to consider beyond what us fans want at any given moment. It can’t be a permanent walk in the park.)

    I tend to think if we have a VRS in the fandom at the moment, it isn’t the person here on SD that predicted David would study – that was an easy and likely guess any of us could have made based upon previous rumours on twitter and others things like his age, church teachings, career status etc. And in fact many, many fans DID predict he would go to college lol, they just didn’t repeat it constantly. However, this person calling themselves ‘Someone’ got the 4th of July thing right when there had been no previous rumour source.

    Hmmm, I’m not sure enough about this person that I’d bet on it if I were a gambling person, but they have got my attention. Lol

    • I have been thinking about that ‘someone’ person, too. That made so much sense to me. Sounds logical that he would not want to announce exactly where everyone could find him. I didn’t realize that ‘someone’ was the one with the 4th of July info. Very interesting.

    • Oh sure! Like 1.3 mill followers are REALLY ALL ODD Fans who would REALLY CARE? That if they were “alerted” where to “find him”, they would drop everything & go looking for him? Come on….
      I don’t buy it. What absolute rubbish! If “someone” is Kari or another “insider”, why be so mysterious?

      Where’s HG? This thread has just about run it’s course. Time for a new one. Oh yeah, nothing new to write about. It’s all been said & rehashed to death.

  14. Bliss must be in heaven–this is all about him. I was interested to see his video, but really, when someone doesn’t post or react in a rational way, no amount of sweet talking, reasoning or scolding can make a difference. Try to ignore, including the harmless sycophants.

  15. Off topic, but still kind of on:

  16. miss pumpkin spice

    since we don’t know when his new CD is coming out i would prefer to obsess about the secret BYU girlfriend! just got back from a “fabulous” vacation so i’m out of the david loop! did i miss anything exciting???!

  17. Anne, you say this “I also think finances will be a huge part. I remember hearing that he lost money on a couple of his tours”

    Really? Where is the proof of this? I have never seen any official documentation of the bottom line numbers of any of his tours, and my guess is that neither have you. If I’m wrong, please post it so people are not, once again, mislead by misinformation pulled out of someone’s behind.

  18. Shanny, I can’t remember but what did ”someone” say about the 4th of July?

    • David is starting to get more boring now!!!!!!!

    • People were ringing their hands a bit more than usual. I think even to the point that some people were saying they’ve had enough and might move on. ‘someone’ came on FOD and basically said….wait for the 4th of July.
      We were all expecting he’d turn up performing somewhere but instead he flew off to Costa Rica and made the video on the 4th/5th July and of course we got a picture of it. There had been no previous rumours.

      Could have been a good guess but it probably has to be the best guess turned true I’ve seen in the fandom. Now they’ve popped up with an insightful view of what David meant in his recent tweet. Hence, why I won’t assume they are legit but they have been good enough so far that for the first time ever, I’ll watch and wait to see what else this Someone has to say.

  19. miss pumpkin spice

    shanny- i was just at FOD, i didn’t see the someone person. where is their comment?

  20. Yes- I was going to ask about the” someone” person too.

    • This was post Sept 3 at FOD:

      Found this on fod from ‘someone’,

      Watching so closely, a person can take something personally that was absolutely not meant that way. David holds no resentment toward fans and did not mean to give offense with the tweet. It was simply his way of indirectly confirming what some fans already know without alerting all 1.38M followers of where to find him on a given day lol.

      Please be assured that music is still happening. Things are in the works.

      And because I know someone will ask this, NO I cannot give you “proof” of why to believe me. This is just something I wanted to come here and say. Feel free to scroll right on by …

      • I kinda doubt “Kari” would “know” what the reaction of David’s fans was to his tweet about “learning”. It’s not as if she has nothing better to do than to keep tabs on his fan’s comments & tweets.

        More likely, could be Gina Orr, who SHOULD be keeping tabs as his “manager”. IMO.

      • My first thought was that it was Kari, second was Gina…then a friend mentioned perhaps it was someone that had a vested financial interset in a future “project” (t”hings are in the works”) and wanted to reassure fans which made the most sense to me. #DamagecontrolPerhaps?

      • Are Kari or Gine or a financial investor in close enough contact with David to be knowing why he worded a tweet a particular way? Unless they happened to be on the phone with him today and discussed his tweet, I think not. More likely someone who he speaks with personally on a day to day basis? Unless of course, they just understand the issues of being a celebrity and assumed that that is what David would have meant and why he worded it that way……?

  21. Thanks But….. In response to your post to Shanny at 9:30, You refer to me by name no less than 8x in that post. You need to get over me , and soon. You’re breaking my creep-ometer. Obviously I have pushed way too many of your buttons, and there must be a whole bunch of truth in what I say here for you to care that much about controlling the damage. Shanny is a bright woman and can make up her own mind about what is posted on this site. You are not the first person to try to poison Shanny against me because it is very important to you and the other complainers to isolate me into being your only opponent. Shanny is way too smart for you. Find someone at your level. It won’t be hard to find here. The place is crawling with them.

    • The more insulting you are to me the more I know I have hit the mark. I mentioned your name because I was talking about you. That’s how it’s done. I haven’t even an inkling of an idea to try to poison Shanny against you. She has already made her decision about you and I don’t expect to change it. The way my comments work is, if I’m thinking something I just kind of blurt it out there. There’s not a lot of planning goes into it. If there was, maybe I could talk as beautifully as she does. Andd yes, you push a lot of my buttons. Disrespect, discourteousness and bullying kind of does that for me.

      • Thanks But…..This site is not for the faint of heart. If you find me too “disrespectful, discourteous and bullying” for you, you can always talk to the others here who will gleefully agree with everything you say, and call you brilliant for saying it. BTW, has anyone called you a “circus bitch”, an idiot or a dog on this site. I’ve been called all that and worse, but somehow I haven’t disintegrated. I won’t bother listing the numerous names that David has been called here . It’s just too long a list.

        As for your self congratulatory comment of “The more insulting you are to me the more I know I have hit the mark”, I’d hold off on the champagne. The next time you hit the mark will be the first.

      • Well thanks both for the kind things you’ve said about me. I’m not sure what else to say that wouldn’t be inflammatory……
        A good nights sleep always puts a new perspective on things maybe….? Shrug.

      • Bliss said –

        “Thanks But…..This site is not for the faint of heart. If you find me too “disrespectful, discourteous and bullying” for you, you can always talk to the others here who will gleefully agree with everything you say, and call you brilliant for saying it.”

        Ah Bliss, if that were only the answer, but you won’t let us just talk amongst ourselves. If we say something you don’t like you just insert yourself into the conversation with your opinion about how wrong we are and what bad, disrespectful fans we are. Don’t deny that you search every word we post just looking for something you can pounce on with your reprimands. Things everyone else in the world would see as innocent and inoffensive you see as a crime punishable by death. You say if we don’t like your comments to just scroll on by, but you don’t afford us the same courtesy.

        I have heard from you multiple times that you were called “circus bitch” although I didn’t actually see it as it happened so I will have to take your word for it. It’s sad that you drive people to such lengths. When you can’t convince a bully to stop bullying sometimes frustration will drive you to use words you would have never considered using otherwise. If this were literally a playground, maybe someone could stop the bully by knocking him on his a**. That’s kind of hard to do that through a computer screen though. Words are the only weapon available and they have been proven to be inadequate to the task. So, words escalate and tempers escalate and things get said that maybe some would like to take back. You use your words to hurt just like a bully uses his fists. Don’t be surprised when the bullied try to strike back. You could stop the hostilities here today if you chose to do so and you know it. But you won’t choose to do it because you enjoy it. You choose inflammatory words designed to stir up the biggest fire because it satisfies a need you have that I can’t even begin to understand. You say you are a very nice person if we could just meet you in person. Yet, you choose not to bring that nice person here. Somehow, I just can’t that nice person you claim to be so I have my doubts that it’s true as you say.

  22. Shanny-think outside of the box…who has a financial interest in a “project”

  23. if you think your are beening bulled leave the play ground,

    • Is that the answer? Has that been the answer to bullies through history. Just give up and leave and let the bullies win? Is that the kind of people. You can’t beat the bullies so just leave and let them have it? Maybe to you, and I hope not to me, so I’m going to do my best to hold my own with the bully/ies. We’ll see.

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