“Open My Eyes”: A New Song?

What David has to say:

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  1. Re: the David-Charice rumors.

    It’s so complicated for youngsters who realize that they are gay in a family or society that doesn’t accept that. Imagine being 8 years old in a Catholic family that would only encourage you to grow up and love someone of the opposite sex. That was what it was like for a friend of mine, who became the first in his state to marry his gay partner. The whole time I worked with him, he was vocally and desperately in love with a woman who was engaged to someone else. It’s a process of evolution in figuring these things out.

    The publicity for the supposed Charice/David courtship probably had to do with her mother being in denial. Or trying to support her daughter’s career image while knowing it was misleading.

    • Yep, cc halo, exactly what I was thinking, mother being in denial and trying to help her daughter’s image.

      cc halo, You are so right about how complicated it is for these kids. Hope that your friend is at peace and happy with his life.

  2. Sound pretty accurate to me- cc halo.

  3. YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew, I have a No Matter How Far, cd that I can send you, but don’t know how to it could work. Maybe if you have a P.O box.

    • cq, that’s very nice of you and Ray to offer. I can’t help with that album, but I can help with the upcoming album.

      YouWereJustaDream, I’d be happy to pick you up a copy of his next album. I’m sure others would as well.

  4. Nice of you to offer cq. 🙂

  5. Nice of you cq and Ray to offer to help YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew. Archie fans are so generous!

  6. Yes-they sure are. I have always been amazed by it. 🙂

  7. CQ, you said this ”

    “Hum been thinking about what has been said about David wanting to purge undesirable fans. Maybe he could say it in his album cover….Only to be purchased by fans that meet these requirements, then list them, lol. Byw am in no way being serious, :)”

    How’s that shoe fitting? It must be pretty snug if you’re “thinking about” David purging undesirable fans. David welcomes all people to his fan base, even those who say that have a “business relationship” with him, lol.

  8. Whadd, don’t look now but you’re acting like the ” fan police”, and in this case, a fan “bodyguard”. As for your post itself, have I ever claimed that David did not welcome all people as fans?

  9. Been reading FOD and learned about an Italian radio station to feature David . Anyone else think this is amazing? Or am I reading too much into it?

    • I saw that Carol, way to go Italian fans. 🙂 Didn’t read to much into it, but still very nice.

      • o cq you read a lot into necetive thinking but not positive thinking ,boy your all over the place,

      • Interesting rooster that you thought it was a negative comment. I think it is a very nice thing for Italian fans to do, but don’t think it was something coming from David’s camp, that’s all. But you are right about one thing, hey I am all over the place, sometimes optimist and sometimes pessimist in regards to David’s music career, lol. Btw, if you think it’s amazing and think it’s something will help David’s career, go ahead and comment about, why not give us your view.

    • Carol, that radio station in Italy featuring David is actually a very big deal. It reinforces the fact that David has has an active and vital fan base outside the U.S. who knows who he is and is enthusiastic about his music. If his fans in the U.S. don’t support him, David can and will have a very robust career internationally, and can do it “his way”, to boot.

      Those who think that news that comes from outside the U.S. is “no big deal” may be in for a shock when David “hits the road” and the “friendly skies” when it’s time to perform his live shows to receptive crowds oversees.

      • An active career outside the U.S. may be exactly what he needs. If he doesn’t like living under a microscope at home, It might allow him to tour Asia, Europe, S.A. and when he comes home, he can go where he wants without notice. It would suck for his U.S. fans, but could actually work well for him.

      • The Archie Radio page has 150 likes, may not be enough for a “very robust career internationally”

    • I’m with cq. I have 4 different 24-hour David livestream channels bookmarked on my computer. It’s a great sign to have fans from a European nation where he’s never toured have the enthusiasm to do this, but I’m not reading too much into it either.

      • I am not reading anything into it but that is just me. To each his own. 🙂

      • When I go to those channels, I am almost always the only viewer watching. Not to be a downer, but if we want to read into it, it needs to actually have a lot of listeners to be anything other than a nice perk for existing fans, IMO.

        But having a community of fans in Europe is a nice starting point when things start happening again, I’m sure.

  10. Anon Too, I saw this from earlier, when you said,

    “You PERSONALLY said previously that it was “time to clean out this fanbase.”

    The post I was referring to today, from CQ, said this:

    “Hum been thinking about what has been said about David wanting to purge undesirable fans.

    Where have I ever said that David, himself wanted to purge undesirable fans? We both know that he has never said anything like that.It was me who said that ,IMO, David would be well served if his fan base was purged of his negative, entitled, impatient fans, an opinion I continue to have. I never stated or implied that David either felt that or wanted that.

    I realize that there is a knee jerk reaction , for a number of you, to immediately try to “catch me in a contradiction” as a way of minimizing my credibility. I am, like you, fair game, and that”s fine with me. However, you can’t do it with misstatements and flat out lies. At the least, it’s sloppy journalism. At its worst, it’s downright slander.

    Catch me if you can , but please, do your homework .

    • Bliss, read my comment @ 5:01pm,

    • Bliss, Once again you misinterpret my comment.

      It was meant to point out: If David has never shown any indication that he wants to purge his fan base of undesirables, what gives YOU the right to make that choice for him?

      What makes you think David wants you to?

      • Anon Too, I post my opinion and thoughts here because that’s what a blog is for. I have no delusions about what David “wants” me to do. Why do you think I have the power to “make that choice for him”?Why would you even imply that I do?

  11. CQ, I did my homework and found your post at 5:01 PM. You said :” Starshine, yes, I of course, not David, but some fans feel the need to purge the undesirables.”

    Ok. However, the fact is that you did post these very words earlier “Hum been THINKING about what has been said about David wanting to purge undesirable fans. ”

    Are you backtracking because you now realize that your original post was untrue, or are you doing your usual “I was only kidding, or I’m not being serious “dance to avoid accountability for whatever you post?

  12. There is no reply button on your other comment so I’ll answer here. And for the record, I’m not actually here to antagonize you as you might believe. I actually agree with some of the sentiments you express about David, but I never agree with the way you present your argument. You don’t find me agreeing with any of your comments for that reason.

    As to the other issue: What I’m trying to say is, sometimes we do things that we may not realize. If, as it appears to be, an effort on your part to run some fans off, and if indeed you have, then you are in effect making a choice for David without his consent.

  13. Anon Too, in reply your statement of ,” As to the other issue: What I’m trying to say is, sometimes we do things that we may not realize. If, as it appears to be, an effort on your part to run some fans off, and if indeed you have, then you are in effect making a choice for David without his consent.his, “, Here is my response:

    You make 2 assumptions that have no basis in fact : 1) I am making an effort to “run some fans off’ and 2) I have actually succeeded at running fans off.

    Why would any fan of David stop being a fan over something I have said on this site? I am a staunch advocate and supporter of everything about David. I never ever post negative, critical or pessimistic thoughts about him. I think it’s more likely that people who visit this site are turned off by the negativity they read about David than they are turned off by what I post about the people who do the negative and critical posting. This is a site about David, not about the people who post here.

    BYW, how do you feel about CCHalo referring to me, more than once, as a “dog”? Does that make you want to leave this site, and if not, why not?

  14. As for assumptions, I specifically stated IF in both cases, I didn’t state it as fact. Just to clarify. And you know as well as I do that it’s not your comments about David that have made this site a battleground. It’s the comments about the fans themselves and your opinions of them.

    As for you being insulted, I think the ugliness here is unpleasant no matter who it’s directed at. I don’t think there is ever justification for being ugly to others. Life is tough enough without it.

    I do believe the insults toward you would stop if you stopped being ugly to them. It’s a two-way street. It’s simply unrealistic to think you can insult them and not expect retaliation. You only seem to come here to comment when you’re angry. Try commenting when you’re NOT angry about something. If you commented when you agree with someone sometimes, post good things when there are things to celebrate like clips and photos, and make an effort not to destroy the thread, maybe it wouldn’t appear that you’re always spoiling for a fight. You appear to be an intelligent man. I doubt I’m telling you anything you don’t already know.

    The reason I don’t leave completely? Maybe because I’m just stubborn like that. LOL

    We don’t know how many new fans may have come here during the horrific arguments that go on here who may have wanted to talk about David, but then decided not to come back when they read all the ugliness here. Those numbers will always be in question. I think the arguments and ugliness are counter-productive to what you want to accomplish. There’s a better way.

    Sometimes just a change of subject works. Just putting that out there.

    Again, no, I don’t find ANY insults amusing or productive.

    Well, it’s getting late here. I’ve enjoyed out little convo. 🙂 Goodnight, Bliss.

  15. Anon Too, thanks fpr your reply. You say that if I stopped being “ugly” to others, they would stop being ugly to me. This is a chicken and the egg question. If you look at my history on You Tube , twitter and fan sites, you will see that I am a fan that loves to talk glowingly about David. I love David’s heart, soul, personality and his music, and have been posting such for every bit of the 6 1/2 years he’s been “around”. It was not until I found this site did I starting reading numerous posts that criticized, bashed, mocked, and generally disrespected him in every way possible. Frankly, I was shocked.

    Finally, I decided to confront these people who did this and was immediately branded a bully, a troll and an intruder. I became the problem to them, when, in fact, they were the problem.

    The easiest way to get me to stop confronting people for their negative and incessantly critical posts about David is for these people to stop doing it. Then we can all join together to do what is done on every other fan site, which is to enjoy and celebrate this unique and wonderful artist and exceptional human being called David Archuleta.

  16. Chicken and the egg, huh? Interesting. I guess each side sees it differently. Perhaps at this point it’s no longer about who started it but how to end it. As with all wars, ending it has to start somewhere.

    Things are different now. David is not communicating much. Fans are trying to keep the sites going and it’s not easy with nothing much to talk about. Some sites have already shut down or have little to no posts some days.

    I can’t say I’m sorry that the discussions of religion have stopped because it’s a no win conversation. But I really don’t understand some of the things you seem to object to. Maybe some of it is just a matter of misunderstanding.

    This fandom is primarily women. As a man you may not understand that women like to talk and will talk about anything. And as women, it’s practically in our DNA to discuss hair, clothes, looks, etc. As children we dress our dolls and fix their hair. As mothers we dress our children and fix their hair. We even buy clothes for and dress our husbands. LOL We put on make up every day. We are raised to be appearance conscious. I really think it’s a matter of you not understanding that critiquing appearance is a woman thing, not meant as personal insults to David. And yes, I do indeed critique my children’s and husband’s appearance before they leave the house. And I ask them about mine. I’ve even been known to tell my son he’s” lookin’ hot! and will need to beat the girls off with a stick.” LOL As women, we notice everything on everyone and we talk about it.

    When it comes to his career, fans talk about what it would take for him to be a success. Perhaps it’s not the level of success David wants or perhaps it is. Neither of us really knows, do we, just how big or small of a career he wants. But fans wanting him to succeed is not a bad thing and I don’t understand criticizing that either. I actually enjoy those conversations. It’s good to see fans having high hopes for him and seeing that they think he deserves it.

    One last thing. And this is not meant in a snarky way. I am saying this in all seriousness because I really don’t understand why you think anyone here should let you dictate what they should say and how they say it. You obviously don’t let them tell you what to do or say. Why should they allow you to control what they say? You say they should be held accountable.” (your word) Accountable to who?

    All I’m saying is that perhaps you should pick your battles and not let it only be about the fight. Take part in celebrating the artistry of David here as well. Try to enjoy being a fan. It can be fun if you let it. Perhaps do as I do, try to never post in anger. It really does help. Just a suggestion.

    I have to get to work now. Wishing you the best, Bliss. 🙂 I hope you can find a way to be a part of the conversation without animosity on either side.

    (sorry for the overly long post)

  17. My biggest dog barks like crazy at imaginary burglars. I very kindly and nicely explain to him that those sounds he hears are, in fact, just neighbors going about their business, and that his barking just creates a terrible atmosphere in the neighborhood. But sometimes I just yell at him to stop. He doesn’t listen either way, because he just knows that they are burglars.

    Bliss, of course, is not a dog. But when a person on this thread posts simply that the new clip hasn’t caused a buzz outside of the fandom, he goes OFF on them…they’re fabricating…breathing down David’s neck….toxic to him….artistically counter-productive…nerve-wracking….bark….bark….bark. This has nothing to do with “defending” David from burglars.

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