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  1. Shanny, I also took your comment in the manner it was given, as you put it, “I was talking about all the stuff I love.” Isn’t it interesting how people see things differently! And I must also say, you have always put the Mormon religion in a good light. Thank you for that!

  2. Shanny, I just read all the recent comments and want to come on to lend my support to you for having the courage to share your thoughts about David on this site. It is plain as day that this site is a hostile environment for anyone who wants to come on and post any feeling that is uplifting and in support of David and his beliefs.

    I am embarrassed, as an American fan of David’s, that a great fan like you, from beautiful and friendly Australia, is treated with such nastiness and disrespect by the “usual suspects” on this site. Be assured that I will always support you in any future efforts to celebrate David as he moves forward in his career.

    • Bliss- Here in this beautiful country you and I reside in, we have this great first amendment, its called “Freedom of Speech.” Im sure Shanny would open her heart and her home and welcome you with open arms should you choose to move to Australia! Unless you make that great leap of faith next month and cement your promise to move to Siberia.

      • Candy, I looked into living in Siberia, but they are having a severe popcorn shortage, so I decided to postpone my move. . As for the 1st Amendment, as a student of history with a College Degree from an esteemed university in the great state of New Jersey, I am well aware of what that piece of legislation allows. There are other laws, however, such as the laws of decency and respectful treatment of others that are not covered by the constitution, but are no less valid and important. People “hide” behind the constitution to justify all kinds of behavior because “they can”. It still doesn’t make it the “right thing to do” and certainly not “David-like”.

    • From beautiful and friendly Australia? You’re beginning to sound like a Miss Universe contestant

  3. Well, sweetonda and oliveoil, here’s the thing, Shanny attacked somebody in her post. She called them “haters and those who think disrespect and meanness are good”. Question is: Who is she talking about? I think in light of other attacks made on the posters here, some of those who are attacked frequently kind of assume that she’s talking about them.

    Is it really fair to make an attack and not be specific about who you’re talking about or what was said? For clarity sake, wouldn’t it be best to at least be specific about that?

    If you think a post is offensive, would it be too difficult to challenge that poster and that post specifically and as soon as possible, rather than go somewhere else, gossip about it, then come back and make a vague attack? This would help to avoid confusion. I, for one, am confused as to who in the world on this site has been disrespectful of the artist we love. If disrespect can be in the eye of the beholder, how are we going to know what offends you if you don’t tell us specifically? Even something as simple as saying: Your comment offended me.

  4. I didn’t feel Shanny’s comments were inflammatory or attacking anyone personally on this site. Maybe think about why you immediately felt the need to put the shoe on. I haven’t commented on here in awhile because of the bickering, negativity and, in my opinion, non-constructive criticism that goes on ad nauseum. It seems you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

    I don’t always agree with how some comments are given or taken when defending certain points of view on both sides, but I can’t sit quietly today and watch Shanny be bullied just because she sees things a certain way. I took her comments to mean a general feeling of criticism that constantly goes on here and elsewhere, but mostly that she is happy that David is feeling empowered and confident to do things his way and to that I completely agree. I also think she has been nothing but gracious and patient in her comments when things get pretty heated on here and is more often than not in the minority for her viewpoint. But I for one am tired of the bias that I feel exists in the comments on this site and felt the need to have her back on this one. Have a good day all.

  5. ALC, I understand what you’re saying. The only thing I can think of is there have been some remarks about David’s religion that could be interpreted as somewhat unflattering. That can be very hurtful to those who share his beliefs, as well as others who hold strong religious beliefs. Other than that, 99% of the comments about David only show our love and concern .

    • Thank you oliveoil for reading my comment and taking it into consideration. Thank you for trying to help me understand what is offensive. I really appreciate that. Maybe those specific “inflammatory” comments about religion can be addressed by the offended ones when they occur. Otherwise, the commenters here are just giving their perspectives without trying to attack anyone personally. My beliefs have been repeatedly slandered and spoken of harshly on this site. I don’t take these remarks as personal attacks or as disrespect for me as a person. I defend them without fear or hesitation because “I know Whom I have believed in and am persuaded that He is able.” In the process I’ve been able to get to know these people better and I actually care for them, even though they challenge my beliefs sometimes.

      • ALC, if I remember correctly, you have had a chance to discuss religion with David personally. I say wow, you must have nerves of steel and you go girl! People need to hear different perspectives (and I’m sure he heard plenty on his mission). It shouldn’t be offensive to discuss our different beliefs–we might learn a thing or two.

      • I shared with him what I believe and what confused me about his beliefs. I didn’t hold back! Out of respect for him, I won’t comment on what he said back but, overall, he was very gracious and didn’t seem to hate me, lol. He certainly didn’t call me names and make accusations. He did share with me what he believes.
        Who knows, maybe it helped him prepare for his mission.

        cchalo, you’re one of the ones I was talking about there at the end. We’ve had some lively conversations, lol. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to open up.

      • ALC, I remember reading a missionary blog from a guy in the Missionary Training Center with David, who said that he was known as being good at handling the difficult questions, so maybe you WERE one of the ones who helped him prepare!

      • lol! Cchalo, you may be right. I didn’t mean to be of help. I care a great deal for him you guys, so don’t take that the wrong way.

      • ALC- Interesting comment. 🙂

    • Olive Oil, you say, “99% of the comments about David show our love and concern”. Really now. David has been called a liar, lazy, ungrateful, clueless, poorly dressed, “too” conservative, unmotivated, etc etc. time and time again on this site. Also to refer to what has been said about his religion as “somewhat unflattering” is like referring to Hurricane Sandy as “unpleasant weather”. There are posters here who are members of the Mormon Church and who love David. The manner in which their religion has been spoken about on this site for the past 2 1/2 years can only be described as appalling and rude, even by the lowest standards of common decency.

      The very fact that these allegations must be constantly denied is proof enough that there is truth to them. It’s as plain as day, and all there in black and white.

  6. Just to clarify as to not “offend” anyone in the future…Munching Popcorn, is a saying that is used when one wishes to sit back and watch. Which in the world of fandom is nowadays called “lurking.” Not as a “taking sides.” The first time I saw it used on a fansite was by the infamous and beloved GG Doorsfan. It was meant as a fun expression, how people take it is out of my control. Im always astounded as to how people see things so differently; Im sitting here watching, munching popcorn and someone 8,000 miles away is offended.

  7. Bliss, I really think most of the negativity has been fan to fan rather than fan to David, but then again, I don’t read every comment.

    • Olive Oil, the number of posts critical of David over the past 2 1/2 years far outweigh the fan to fan posts. I would need a staff of writers to keep track and respond to all of them, but I can only try to neutralize some of the worst ones. Believe me , it ain’t easy, because it never stops.

  8. There’s a new post up by HG featuring David’s snippet. ——->


  9. I think that the best word to describe attempts to control a large variety of posters on an open forum by insult and harangue is “quixotic.” People might as well go to David’s American Idol forum, which still gets posts, and try to monitor and police the thousands of pages and free-wheeling comments there. ALC is so right–we’re all individuals, and bringing up some generalized vision of the past and making a slam, is pretty counter-productive.

  10. I can honestly write that I just no longer care what anyone thinks of my comments here. As far as being concerned about others not liking or agreeing with my comment: Been there,Done that, and I have moved on from caring or responding or debating. No one is going to change my opinion and I am not going to change the opinion of anyone else . I am good with that. lol. I ignore and as cc suggested just keep on scrolling downward. 🙂

  11. It is best to try and ignore comments that you don’t agree with. Just move on and don’t engage. 🙂

    • Why are people so afraid to engage others with a different point of view? If your point has any substance it should be able to stand up to questioning and scrutiny, or is that what people are fearing?

    • Marie-Ive been trying to apply the ignore and scroll option, dont always win the battle but it beats choking on popcorn 🙂

      • Lol. I enjoy your humor there candy, in light of everything. You still found the humour in it.
        Btw, I understand why you munch popcorn. Lol. My words were advice/observation to everyone and were in context of the discussion being had about how we can have more ‘peace’, they weren’t so much a criticism.
        Sorry, I’m in a hurry.

      • Candy. 🙂

  12. Thanks Marie. I agree with scrolling and don’t engage. 🙂 Been trying to do that.

    To Shanny, I do respect you. You have been one of the very few who have stood up for what you believe. I was surprised when you called whoever “haters”. But, we all have our moments. I was even more surprised though that others were defending the comment. That’s why I confronted. Please feel free to confront me if/ when you feel offended by what I say.

  13. Ohhhh goodness. lol.

  14. Hey guys.

    It’s Saturday morning here and I have a ton to do and my kids are waiting for me to take them to an activity we are already late for, so while there are tons of possible things I could say, I am out of time. However I do want to say something before people move on to the next thread…..and I think I will let it be a reiteration of what I said a couple of threads back when people were discussing how a little peace and kindness would be welcome around here:

    “I agree….peace is ideal. I’m all for peace. And I agree, that more often than not, the best answer is to simply use the scroll bar. That’s actually why I comment so seldom here. Lol

    However, peace is a two sided affair. If people are expected to suck up the hurtful, disrespectful, judgmental, mean spirited ‘opinions’ or ‘attacks’, then isn’t it only right that in return others are expected to speak more kindly, respectfully and sometimes withhold even sharing their opinions?”

    P.S. Thanks to those who went out on a limb to support my position. I know it’s not always easy.

    Take care all. 🙂

  15. I think we know now there is an “agenda” to break down & purge David’s fanbase of those who comment here and are perceived as “undesirables” by a certain segment of his fanbase. And to cause so much drama, bickering, put downs criticizing & name calling in the hope that HG will ban certain posters or eventually “shut down” this site. I’m not imagining it. It’s very obvious that is the goal. 😦

    Beat him at his own game by taking away his constant need to control the discussions & dialog on the threads here at SD. Stop giving him so much power and just ignore his diatribes.

    • The thing about “debate,” political or otherwise, is that no one ever changes their position or really listens to the other side–the only point is to appeal to your base. We see it here again and again, on both “sides”. So no matter how good or reasonable you think your points of debate may be, it’s completely useless to engage in it.

      • *it’s completely useless to engage in it unless you just want attention,*

      • CChalo, I agree. I don’t expect anyone to change their position because of anything I post here. I post for the benefit of those who are unclear as to how they feel about David, and may come on here to read what his fans are saying about him. If I didn’t post rebuttals to the negative rhetoric that has been posted here about everything from David’s career to his underwear, then only those negative points of view would be represented.

        I want “lurkers” to see that there are people, like me, who accept David as he is, and realize that he is a young man who is growing and changing. David deserves to have both sides of his story “out there”. This site is heavily weighted by posters who are critical and negative. I want to present another side of David, which, in my opinion, is more reflective of how the great majority of his fans feel about him.

        For the record, I have no “agenda” to close down this site or “get rid of posters who disagree with me”. Starshine is obviously very threatened by me or she wouldn’t post such histrionic nonsense about me. My only agenda is to promote and celebrate David, and challenge those who I feel are not posting in his best interest.

        This is a blog. It’s what blogs do.

    • P.S. ITA, Starshine.

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