Beyonce Needs Some Peers to Match Her

I like Beyoncé well enough, but when I compare her to her predecessors (e.g. Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson) she’s not as phenomenal as everyone else says.  But judging from the various acts at last night’s VMAs, I can see why she’s considered the Queen.

Just look at her competiton! They’re like little children compared to her “Grown Woman” act.

This is when I lament that David didn’t get the necessary artistic development treatment when he was signed to a major label. We know his tremendous talent AND his tremendous potential.

I now long for his potential even more, just cause Beyoncé needs some peers to match and even surpass her.

Glad I waited for her finale performance though. And her daughter Blue Ivy is just too cute! 🙂

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  1. My Dear Bliss, a couple responses to you

    “You talk about about my “nasty”comments. Guess what? Your post is nasty. Who are you to determine my motivation for anything? Your post is slanderous and self serving. ”

    To this I say you should read your own posts and take advice from them. This could be a response to any post you write.

    “I was merely defending myself against a malicious post directed at me. Everyone has the right to defend themselves when they feel attacked.”

    Playing the victim again. Poor Bliss so defenseless against the big bad crowd of David/Mormon haters here. It’s fine for you to defend yourself but of course we aren’t allowed to do so. You invent meanings behind other’s posts so you can “defend” yourself against attacks that are only a figment of your imagination many times.

    “When you do it, is it because of your “massive need for attention”? Is it all about you, you, you?”

    Who has the massive need for attention? Why you, you, you, Bliss.

    Yes, I have no self-control Ali. I enjoy toying with one poster here who only thinks he knows what is going on, but in reality is so self-absorbed that he is mostly clueless.

    • anne what you just said could also apply to you,,not just bliss

      • rooster- there are times I wish you would join the comments and be a part of the conversation and not just back Bliss. While that is your right to do so, I know you must have a lot to say that posters would find interesting. How about sharing your point of view about how music has changed, what kind you enjoy, your favorite songs of Davids, etc.

      • I have never claimed to be perfect

      • UGH, the replies go out of order, that comment was for rooster

    • Anne- I understand where you are coming from except for the last line ” he is mostly clueless.” Your friend is anything but…his comments are cunning, calulated, and have a direct purpose. Its best to not drink the kool-aid…just sit back, munch some popcorn and dont feed the into things.

      • Candy, I agree. I know my weakness is in reading and replying. I meant he is clueless as to knowing himself, but it didn’t come across with that meaning.

      • Hope David stays in Nashville for awhile as at least he is around musicians and songwriters in a very music centered city. 🙂 It is really very difficult not to engage here at times with some folks but I am really trying not to as I am just tired and really bored of it all to be honest. I state that but then I am drawn into it at times but I am just done. It is all just ridiculous that folks can’t just state their honest opinions here and if you don’t like the comment then just move on. There is no need to critique someone’s comment. There just is not. I know all don’t agree with my comments and honestly I just don’t care if you do or don’t. I will not debate it as it is my opinion. What someone comments here has no effect on David’s career or lack of a career. It is all just speculation.

      • You got that right Marie, comments here don’t have any effect on David’s career, imo too, (although some feel differently) we are all still speculating and have conversation about our thoughts regarding his career, or lack of career. I enjoy reading a variety of scenarios as to when, what and how his career will evolve. It’s just conversation that has no bearing on his career whatsoever, but just fan site talk, especially when nothing career wise is happening at this time. I do realize that some feel that these kinds of scenarios shouldn’t be discussed, but, imo, I don’t see harm.
        I hope you continue to comment.

      • Candy, you say whatever you want about me. Here’s what I say about you.

        When did munching popcorn become the indicator of being indifferent or, as you pretend to be, “above it all”? I know you like to portray yourself as a “grand dame” who finds all of this quite amusing as you luxuriate on your deck overlooking the magnificent waters of South Joisey. You may be able to fool some of these bumpkins who fall for your pretentious act, but I can assure you that you don’t fool me. You are at the very top of the “I can’t quit him” list.

  2. It so funny to me how I’ve been accused of being a pot stirrer, mostly from lurkers that feel the need to jump in to give their opinion and disappear, but I have to say, I’m kind of an amateur in that category, lol.

    Fun tweets yesterday, hoping for more fun tweets from Nashville, that is if he still in Nashville. I guess the lunch with Katie was just that a lunch with a good friend and no business involved.

    I do believe that Utah has artistic creative people and I understand David wanting to tap into that pool, but I also am happy that he is comfortable going to Nashville to tap into that creative pool also.

    • Yes cq, I was so happy to see he is still working on the writing between the tweets from Utah and Nashville recently. Nice to see him catching up with old friends and mixing business with pleasure. I believe you never know what you can create based on even lunches with old friends 🙂

    • cq, for what it’s worth, i don’t see you as a pot stirrer. As far as people who jump in and drop a line or two and then leave, i guess I have been guilty of that a time or too. May i say it wasn’t intentional but sometimes critical that i get back to my husband quickly. My life is quite demanding at times and time is not my friend. However, I really do get what you mean about lurkers coming in to criticize and then leaving without further discourse, leaving the conversation one sided.

      • Carol I truly appreciate your comment, thanks. I too have been guilty of posting and leaving (not this site, but FOD), so I really should not be critical of lurkers posting and leaving. the old those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones scenario, lol. Really everyone is entitle to their opinions regarding comments, but really criticizing the poster is not right, so sorry lurkers.

  3. just because david had lunch with katie moore, it doesnt mean she is helping him with a album cover. maybe they are just eating having a fun lunch nothing more too it. david going to BYU soon so it gonna take more time for him to do more songs out prolly next year , push back of because college, i doubt david is doing a album cover anytime soon

  4. i think nashville gonna be his last stop of writing songs before going to college.

    • You. are. obsessed. with. the. college. thing.
      Get over it. No one has a desire to see you posting the same thing 7 million times in a row.

  5. Not David-related, unless you count a re-working of Imagine, but really fun musical experimentation:

  6. Interesting cc halo. Thanks for posting. 🙂

  7. “When faced with senseless drama, spiteful criticisms and misguided opinions, walking away is the best way to stand up for yourself. To respond with anger is an endorsement of their attitude.”

  8. *passing popcorn*

  9. Before I go out to dinner with my parents. I want to apologize for taking part in all the “senseless drama” yesterday. We should have been celebrating the news of David in Nashville working on music. Instead the thread turned into as one poster called it, a minefield, and I’m sorry about that.

    I had previously vowed I would not be goaded into responding to insults or criticisms directed at me. I will not let my buttons be pushed again by instigators & will just ignore the insults hurled at me. Hope everyone else will try to do the same. We will always have different viewpoints here at SD, it’s what makes this site interesting & never boring because we all can agree to disagree in a civil manner.

    See you all later. Hope we get some word from David! 🙂

    • Senseless I totally understand, I too have been goaded into responding, I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, but I’ll keep on trying, lol. One thing for sure, I won’t stop giving my point of view and I’m glad you won’t either.

    • It’s tough because people are generally discussing their own ideas on the topic introduced in the OP, and then get slammed for talking about it! Hah. I think almost all readers can see for themselves how absurd it can be, and don’t need anyone to point it out. So a reminder to myself–ignore, ignore, ignore.

  10. Shanny in Australia

    I agree….peace is ideal. I’m all for peace. And I agree, that more often than not, the best answer is to simply use the scroll bar. That’s actually why I comment so seldom here. Lol

    However, peace is a two sided affair. If people are expected to suck up the hurtful, disrespectful, judgmental, mean spirited ‘opinions’ or ‘attacks’, then isn’t it only right that in return others are expected to speak more kindly, respectfully and sometimes withhold even sharing their opinions?

    That is what I have always been for.

    And can I just briefly say……saying nothing…..means to truly SAY NOTHING. Other little comments like ‘lol’ or ITA or munching popcorn or ‘I’m saying nothing’, is in fact sending a message, taking a side, adding contention. We all learn through this experience together. We all make mistakes but hopefully we’re learning from those mistakes. Me included.

  11. Beyonce has someone who exceeds her media manufactured stranglehold on “stardom” in the 21st century – arguably the 1st commercially and critically acclaimed real bonafide rockstar of the 21st century – Jack White. He’s all I feel she is not… ORIGINAL. DARES TO BE DIFFERENT. A little weird and eccentric but lots of pure raw talent that acknowledges the influence of past masters in music and artistic vision, making it feel and sound new, fresh, exciting… he makes me tingle with excitement each time I hear him sing or play, because he challenges himself to never “go by the rules” regarding using setlists at his shows… he plays what he feels, and takes the audience along with him on the ride… I never saw Hendrix play, never have seen Jimmy Page play live, have seen Clapton and Jeff Beck play… I saw Jack White play live this year, and I’m sold. I’m not alone in the thought that he’s a bonafide rockstar, with the makings of a legend if he stays true to his vision and left of center way of making his mark, without selling out or compromising the eccentric side of his personality that fuels his genius… I think David would do well to study Jack White’s model for “how to be a little left of center in the music business but still manage to make them dance to your tune and fall at your feet” model for success.

  12. Did david go back home in Utah, he hasn’t tweeted all day today , maybe he was in Nashville for one day or Maybe he had a very busy day for writing???

  13. PS – He lives in Nashville, where he owns his own independent record label called Third Man Records. It’s comprised of a record store, performance venue, and other interesting things… It’ll probably never happen, but my DREAM would be for David to drop by Third Man, to see how a “throwback”, somewhat eccentric/anachronistic white blues loving boy from Detroit became the 1st bonafide rockstar in the 21st century, doing it HIS way… I’ll hold my breath *sigh*

    • Jack White is a very interesting music artist and you are right Beauxefus- very original. 🙂

      • *SIGH* Call me crazy, but he really excites me musically – in the same way Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Beck, and lots of other real artists from the past and present do… They make me really want to hear see what they did/were doing/gonna do next musically, because the genius and the talent is so overwhelmingly in your face – even in the quiet moments and softer songs… he’s eccentric and quirky and lives by his own set of “rules”… my kinda dude, lol

  14. Yeah why david don’t have record label??? Maybe he already have new one now.

  15. LOL… anything is possible, AADA…

    • What and wait??!! david don’t have one than why he working on new songs , david need one before he can start, is that right?? Well okay that don’t make any sense. David should have a new record label period again. Well okay nite guys

  16. A record label could be a big help, but IMO the large corporate record label ship for David has sailed. IMO Jack White is an example of the 1 in a million independent artist achieving success (mega success in Jack’s case). It’s rare, but it can be done. David and Jack are on the surface very dissimilar artists… I think Jack could have something of value to impart to David and others who pursue career outside the so called music mainstream as independents.

  17. David could very well be working on getting his music out, in album or EP form or some other format… we’ll know when we know, ya know? 🙂

    He can release his music without having a record label or record deal… the odds of said release having much commercial success outside what’s left of his bedrock fans or garnering much press or attention would be slim to none… which may be alright by him.

  18. 2013 Grammy Awards… had to search hi and low for this – it gets banned a lot due to some BS copyright infringement crapola… anyhoo… Jack and this singer, Ruby Amanfu, wrecked the joint… I still gets the tingles watching his energy in the 2nd song, and from the understated sexy in the 1st… grown folks stuff heah… yay-uh *wink*

  19. Really liked your videos and your thought provoking comments, beauxcefus.

  20. cq – per your question above, he’s still in Nashville according to a tweet from Marie which was retweeted by David

  21. cchalo, wardrobe malfunction……….too funny !!! 🙂

    • Nikki Minaj just had one, I guess it can happen to guys too! He could probably use a little fashion advice from all of the older Mormon guys he’s been with lately on how to keep things better under wraps.

  22. Just wondering

    I have come to the realization that he buttons up his shirts to hide his so called Mormon “magic underwear”. I bet he has worn them ever since he became a missionary. Lol

  23. candy my take on things, anybody seen that buick commercial, the lady on the porch, marie,and anne ( thats not a buick ) yhe lady at the car cq,and candy ( thats what i told him ) LOL HA HA

    • Are you referencing me? If so can you please post the commercial you are referencing as I have no idea what you are talking about. I’d love to know the reference to your put down, as I think it must be a put down. Thanks 🙂

  24. Excuse me? What? Sorry rooster. I don’t get it. But if you think what you said is funny, that’s all that matters.

    Anne, yes. It a put down. rooster never comments unless it’s a put-down.

    I agree, No to that shirt. He looks so much better & much more comfortable without the buttoned-up look even if it is “the style” or whatever. Or if he must button-up, time for a larger size especially with the garments he vowed & must wear forevermore. I don’t think he’s trying to “hide” that he’s wearing the garments because if that were so, he would be wearing baggier clothes.

    Is it OK to say that?

    • Starshine , you ask “Is it ok to say that” when you refer, contemptuously, to “the garments he vowed & must wear forevermore”?

      You know it’s not OK or you wouldn’t ask if it were OK. Of course, you can say it on this blog until the cows come home because mocking David’s religious beliefs and the customs of those beliefs are “fair game” and a primary source of “passing the time” by all too many of the regular posters on here.

      I saw this on twitter and I think it is applicable to what goes on here:

      When you truly care for someone, you don’t look for faults. You don’t look for answers. You don’t look for mistakes. You accept them.

    • Yes ITA- Starshine. I totally agree with you. I have to ITA because I know that annoys some folks. Oh well. lol. 🙂 cq- I am watching SYTYCD tonight. 🙂

      • Yes, Marie, interesting to be told that ITA and lol are wrong, lol, lol, lol. YES, I’m watching SYTYCD, bummer that it’s almost over. Although don’t like it as much as SYTYCD, DWTS is starting Sept 15th. Hoping for a good group of stars.

    • your post shows how smart you are not ,if you haven,t seen the connerical,

  25. OK, so…Marie is Mormon. Marie isn’t wearing an outfit that covers her whole body up to her head…Ya know what I’m sayin’, David? 🙂

    • I don’t think David wears those buttoned up shirts as a cover up. I have seen him in pics with his top button open. I think it’s his fashion statement but that particular shirt looks too tight LOL.

    • I agree with Anne. It’s his style, nothing to do with what’s underneath.

      FWIW, Marie says that she never wears her garments while performing. (Not that that applies to the picture in question).

  26. VJ-Exactly. 🙂

  27. BTW, for anyone who thinks I was “mocking” David, that was not what I meant to do. As a missionary, he did make a vow to wear the sacred garments forever. And he is honoring that vow as anyone can plainly see. Would not expect anything less from David.

    As for Marie and brother Donnie, it’s highly unlikely they wear the garments, but who knows? She does wears very tight-fitted clothes in her weight-loss commercials though.

    And as anyone can also plainly see, David needs bigger shirts, at least he did in that photo. 🙂

    He’s full of surprises too. Nashville? He’s very, very close to my neck of the woods. Down the highway a bit actually. I wish he could just spend 6 months or a year in Nashville. It’s a music mecca. No other place like it. Not LA & not NY. 🙂

    • Donnie and Marie were each married in the temple, so they do wear them.

      • Oh, I did not know that, cc halo. I do know Marie remarried her 1st husband after divorcing husband number 2 (or was it number 3?) and seems very happy now and does look great.

        Can Mormons marry in the temple more than once and after divorcing a previous spouse whom they also married in the temple? Just wondering?

  28. Anne, when I read this from you, “Looks like contempt is in the mind of the beholder. I see no mocking or contempt going on except in your mind which loves to take things out of context and read into things for your own twisted benefit.” I must respond by saying:

    If you can’t read the contempt or mocking in Starshine’s post that I have no choice but to conclude that the problem with you is that you’re just not that bright. I’m holding out that your irrational contempt for me is so intense that you are willing to intentionally portray yourself as “slow” rather than concede a point to me, no matter how obvious it is.

    I should warn you, one day I may come on here and say that the sky is blue. That may be a tough one for even you to dispute, although CQ and Marie will immediately come on to agree with you and congratulate you on your fantastic post.

    Before you and your allies throw your daily hissy fit because I called you “slow”, remember that you referred to me as “twisted”, so spare us the false outrage.

    Now, where’s my dang popcorn?

  29. Just wondering

    I was just messing around. I don’t care one way or the other. I just thought it would be comical to say. But if I am not mistaken, the underwear is not supposed to show.

  30. First the hair. Now the clothes. Hope we have some new music to talk about soon. haha

  31. I-wonder, where are you? Miss your quirky comments.

  32. Woop! Jason Mraz on SYTYCD.

    One of David’s favorite artists, isn’t he?

  33. Jason Mraz was backed up by what looked to me like an all girl band?! How great was that? He’s got a very nice voice but IMO, David’s voice is better. 🙂

    Back to watching SYTYCD.

  34. Love Jason Mraz. 🙂

  35. HG’s got a new post up ——>

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