Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

Beyonce Needs Some Peers to Match Her

I like Beyoncé well enough, but when I compare her to her predecessors (e.g. Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson) she’s not as phenomenal as everyone else says.  But judging from the various acts at last night’s VMAs, I can see why she’s considered the Queen.

Just look at her competiton! They’re like little children compared to her “Grown Woman” act.

This is when I lament that David didn’t get the necessary artistic development treatment when he was signed to a major label. We know his tremendous talent AND his tremendous potential.

I now long for his potential even more, just cause Beyoncé needs some peers to match and even surpass her.

Glad I waited for her finale performance though. And her daughter Blue Ivy is just too cute! 🙂