David’s Ice Bucket Challenge

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  1. You know I was actually not a big JT fan until a few years ago. I really did not like him that much when he was younger. JT is 33 now so I think he took him time to really come into his own and boy has he. lol. JT seems to have a strong work ethic as does David so maybe when David is 33 he will come into his own as performer too. David has it- he just needs to work on it and hang in there. 🙂

  2. Now I will say there is a long list of current young pop or hip hop or rap music artists that I do find offensive as they really have no talent and are just obnoxious but JT is not on that list. lol.

  3. I don’t know where I heard it or read it, but JT actually said that he didn’t think his voice was that good. He’s a wonderful entertainer that knows what songs are going to be hits and knows which songs he can sing. He’s on a media high right now.
    I too am in agreement with everyone here, yes, David can sing rings around JT.

  4. Wow, interesting (and civil, lol) conversation going on. 🙂 Ya know, I’m not gonna lie. I probably was upset with at David at one time. We put sooo much time & effort into trying to help him begin a successful & well-deserved career. Speaking for myself, I did it because I thought that was his dream. And the more obstacles that appeared in his way, the harder I tried, because “Gol-darnit, this kid is going to be a star – and radio stations can go suck an egg.” lol. So to find out years later that maybe his dream changed…or maybe it was never his dream, yeahhh…that was kind of an issue for me. lol.

    Nowdays, I realize that he probably had no idea what he was getting himself into in the beginning, and as he experienced “industry life”, his thoughts and dreams understandably changed. And I would certainly not want him to have a job that makes him miserable. lol. I’ve been there; it’s no fun…But I’m still pretty sad about what might have been. If anyone deserved to be a star and have a thriving career, it was him. Who knows? Maybe at least the 2nd part can still happen…if he decides that he wants it, that is.

    And I agree that it might’ve been great if he’d gone to a more diverse college. Being exposed to other world views can actually be a good thing- it makes you think more independently, and dig deeper to answer the questions of “Why?”

    • Oh- VJ- I really agree with your comment. 🙂

    • It’s not impossible to dig deep and question at BYU, but not nearly as likely as some other places, where they don’t keep such a tight lid on things. It would be his choice to pursue it or not.

      • cc halo, you are right. It’s not impossible to dig deep & question at BYU. But I think it depends on what one is digging deep about & questioning. As an LDS school, there are some things which are never to be questioned even if a student happens to dig deep & does have questions. David probably would never dream of doing either. At least not the David we know now.

        For all the traveling David has done in his short life, his world view IMO is not as broad as it could be because his world view is like tunnel vision, one direction, at least for himself. Doesn’t make him intolerant or judgemental of other’s. But as a RM who holds a priesthood for his faith, for him there’s only one way so why would he ever have the need to ask “Why” about anything else? Unfortunately.

        Really enjoyed the comments & dialog here today. It was rather peaceful. Good night now. 🙂

      • cc halo- Mm-hm. There are 2 scenarios I’m thinking of, actually. If HE asked questions at BYU, I’m thinking the answers might be more “ready-made”, whereas in a different setting, he might have to research and find the answers on his own…Also, I’d think that because of the similar backgrounds at BYU, folks might not ask HIM too many questions. But in a different setting, his way of life would be challenged left and right, lol. Which, again..would lead to research and pondering. lol.

  5. IF he is wanting to pursue a degree, it would amaze me if he didn’t go to BYU. It is where he obviously will feel most comfortable to be himself. It is where he will find the most potential like-minded girls to date for marriage. I don’t, at this point, think he wants any horizon expanding or questioning experiences. I am coming around to thinking, why not stay in a safe environment? Don’t we all want a little comfort and familiarity sometimes, especially after we go through something stressful? And to be fair, there have been some good musicians that developed their skills at BYU.

    I am trying to learn to accept what I cannot change LOL.

    • Anne~ Hi. Those are fair points. Now watch~ all of these discussions about college, and we’ll find out that he isn’t going…anywhere. ha.

    • I have said this before and will likely say it again and I know ya’all are just riffing off what you see but you don’t know David and you have no idea what he is thinking, has thought or might think. Jus’ a lil’ reminder when you want to paint him into a box :).

      And yeah, I know, you think he’s painted himself into a box.

      I just have gazillions of years in the church, went to BYU myself and heck, if you want to know the whole truth, my great great grandfather founded BYU – and guess what? Questions, curiosity, intellectual investigation etc abound there. Because people are people and they are going to think. Tbh, sometimes I think you guys could use a little exposure to some diversity yourselves.

      • Smanda~ Thanks for the info…Gazillons of years? How old are you?

      • Wow Smanda deep roots with BYU, I totally understand you defending your school that love. Correct me if I’m wrong, if you are LDS and have questions about the religion and decide to change of step away from LDS, I understand that you could not continue. Now I would understand that if LDS gets special fees and you change, that those special fees revoked and they have to pay regular fees, but I’m under the understanding that they are expelled.

        I totally believe that student ask question, I’m just thinking that maybe they won’t be excepted in the same way that a liberal college. Could a gay couple have housing and be excepted at BYU?

      • Thanks for this post, Smanda. While I’m not LDS, I think the idea that LDS members (and David specifically) are locked into a narrow world view is a stereotype. David has had exposure to the world at large and many different cultures and views. The fact that he doesn’t practice the same beliefs as everyone here doesn’t mean he needs more exposure.

      • Appreciate your comments Smanda. Yes, none of us really know, including you, and we all acknowledge what we do here is speculation and conjecture based on the little bits David allows us to see. However actions often speak much louder than words. Time will tell and we will all accept whatever happens mostly because we have no choice LOLOL

        I actually hope BYU does allow free discourse questioning various teachings etc. as you say, as I think that is important for anyone, especially young people. I hope outsiders’ impressions are wrong.

      • Smanda- Sorry, I was just teasin’. That doesn’t always translate well in cyperspace. Seriously, thanks for sharing your experiences and perspective. You were there, and we weren’t, so obviously you’d be more “in the know”…And no, obviously we don’t know David’s thoughts; it’s just fun speculation to pass the time…that’s what fans do best. 🙂 I’ve had plenty of exposure to diversity, though, so that comment doesn’t really apply to me. 🙂 ..Later.

      • VJ – let’s just say I’m over 50 🙂 – and actually happily so. I’ve loved getting older.

        Cq – here’s the funny thing. I don’t love BYU. But not because its a place where people can’t question. It’s just gotten too elite for my taste. My son graduated from there and its a much different place than it was when I was there. I didn’t actually graduate from there because I preferred a different program at a different school so I transferred to a place where I was mocked and denigrated several times a week for my faith. Can we talk about prejudice and Mormon stereotypes? Ugh.

        Were you asking if a person who decided to leave the church would be expelled from BYU? I don’t believe they would. They would have to pay nonmember tuition I think but would not be expelled. There were non LDS kids there when I was a student back in the dark ages. If I remember correctly, the student body president was not LDS. The honor code is a different matter – students sign an agreement that they will abide by the honor code and the failure to do so can be a reason for expulsion – but not always. its not so very black and white. A gay unmarried couple living together/having sex could not attend BYU – but a straight unmarried couple living together/having sex couldn’t either.

        My personal feeling about David and college is that I hope he goes. College is a magical time. I wish that for him.

      • Smanda I appreciate your reply. I’m glad that expulsion is not the case if you decide to change religion, thank you for setting me straight. Believe you me, I’m sure that all religious college have strict rules(code of honor) to follow and really, BYU or any other religious college are not bad colleges, in fact, probably excellent colleges.

      • Smanda, I believe that you’re incorrect about one thing. It’s ironic, but a person who leaves the church would be dismissed from BYU, while people who have never been Mormon are fine. I have non-Mormon friends who sent their daughter to BYU, and were very comfortable with it because of having so many in our circles who are LDS. (She converted and married in the temple, which her parents were unable to attend–but that’s a story for another time).

      • Just skimmed that article – it sounds legit but I’m always cautious of ax grinders. Things are not always as they are presented. If they are, that’s weird and I vote no. I’ve never heard that stuff before.

      • Smanda, it’s in the Honor Code that you need an endorsement from your bishop that you are attending church and faithful, or you will be dismissed from BYU. Non-Mormons have different requirements. That link was just the first I came across on that subject. I’ll leave it at that, if anyone wanted to research it further…

      • Cc – yes, I’m aware of the Honor Code and the bishop’s endorsement, etc. I also know and knew kids who were LDS but not active while attending church schools, or muffed the honor code in some way and were not dismissed/expelled. Depended on the kid and the bishop’s spiritual impressions about which direction to take. I also knew kids who were expelled. So much depended on the kid’s attitude and needs.

  6. Hey, do ya’ll remember this? Here’s depressed David back when he was involved in his music career and feeling tons of pressure from his fans, or so some like to believe.

    • Didn’t he have practically the whole year (2011), before his MKOC tour, when he was “laying the foundation”? Or am I forgetting how busy he was then? Sometimes I wonder if the two solid years away from his family was really the hardest separation, but since he doesn’t think of it in any kind of negative light, the blame tends to fall most on the career pressures.

      I see that his name is in the BYU student directory, so it sounds very strongly like a go. I suppose he IS in a “box”, if that means that he has no option but to be a faithful Mormon while at BYU, but I agree with Anne @ 11:35. I’m sure he’s got plenty of things to question and dig deeply about without actually crossing the line.

      • It’s a little confusing why not let the fans that have been waiting for him to return to his music career know what he is doing. Great that he is going to college, I just don’t get why not let his fans know. Oh there is next week, so maybe we’ll get that announcement soon or not. We’ll get the hit when everyone that has a class with him tweets about it, lol.

      • cc,your 1st paragraph. I know, something doesn’t add up to me.

        cq, I guess he’ll only tell us if it’s music related, and yet, he hasn’t said anything about that to us either. What a contrast compared to what he said in this video. How the most important thing in preparing music was his relationship with his fans, Communicating with us was most important. He thanks his fans and goes on about how it means a lot to him. His focus is different now.

        I’m happy he’ll be taking college courses, but combine that with the fact that he doesn’t keep us in the loop about anything music related and it’s actually a little discouraging to me.

      • Yo. You do not know what he thinks positive or negative 🙂

      • Alc, I feel the same way: I’m happy he’ll be taking college courses, but combine that with the fact that he doesn’t keep us in the loop about anything music related and it’s actually a little discouraging to me.

      • Alc, thank for bring that video over. Yes, he did says the relationship with us guys (fans) is most important and communication is key…hum I guess the new David maybe doesn’t feel the same way, kind of a shame.

      • Smanda @ 2:46. Yes, true. I was searching for the right way to say it–but it’s late and I was lazy–I’ll edit that to “he doesn’t TALK about it in a negative light”

  7. I can’t sleep so am doing a little research. Fall semester starts Sept 2, it looks like, so we will for sure know by then.

    I think as a private religious college, BYU can kick out whoever they want based on religious beliefs. However, looks like BYU, like most religious schools, takes some federal funds for research etc. This then becomes that problematic gray area other religious schools are dealing with as far as can they discriminate if they are taking federal funds? This is not a BYU only problem, it is being discussed and is problematic for a whole range of religious affiliated institutions like hospitals etc. . My question, why would a non Mormon even want to go to BYU? Is it because their Mormon parents won’t pay for any other school? Don’t expect an answer to that one, just wondering out loud.

    • One of my son’s closest friends at BYU – and since- is an African American girl from Manhattan who switched majors a few times so didnt graduate till she’d been there for 7 years or so – never joined the church. She went there by her own choice and supported by her parents, because they liked the moral atmosphere, lack of drinking, etc. She was very happy there.

      It’s a dry campus to be sure but soooooo fun. Tons of social and service activities. I went to BYU from very liberal Wash DC and experienced major culture shock but had lots and lots of fun. If David really is in the student directory, really is going to go there – then three cheers for him. I’m excited for him.

    • Non-Mormons have to pay the higher tuition, because they’ve never supported the LDS church by tithing, I suppose. My daughter’s Mormon friends actually all go to BYU in Idaho, which is much easier to get into than BYU Provo, and a great way to get an inexpensive 4 year degree. BYU, Provo is very selective and difficult to get into, and exclusive, as Smanda says, though I’m sure David would have had no problem, lol.

      I graduated from UCLA, but lived in a private religious dorm, and the advantages of that were probably similar to going to BYU: you have a community of clean-living kids in a world where college life often equals debauchery. My poor kids are having to cope with college life without that advantage, but I think they’ll do well anyway.

  8. Now the million dollar question…..is he going to put his career on hold while attending or is he going to continue with his career while going to college also, hum…raising my hand to vote for doing both, lol.
    We say see…

    • I vote for both as well. And I’m truly so happy for him, if that’s his plan.

      I looked at the directory – interestingly, I have two nieces currently serving missions – one shows up as a student though she won’t be there till she’s done and the other doesn’t. Idk what the difference would be.

    • I have made this comment before in previous posts but here it is again-AI alum Scotty McCreery does both BUT he is signed to a major music label and has a really good team behind him. He has had that label since he left AI. He tours and does appearances which David has not done in over 2 years. Scotty also is in country music so maybe that is easier cause I never have liked his voice. My question still is- what kind of music career is David thinking about? Maybe his options are very limited now too. This is not going to be a popular comment with some but here it is-I fail to see how David’s going on this mission helped his music career as many fans stated it would prior to his leaving.

  9. smanda at 1:17 says “…I transferred to a place where I was mocked and denigrated several times a week for my faith.” I chose to attend a historically black university (hbcu) for my undergrad degree because of the way I believed I was treated in high school due to my race. I found it much easier to learn in the hbcu environment because I could focus on schoolwork without having to worry if someone would be willing to work with me as a lab partner, if my input would be valued during group projects, etc. If D is going to BYU and he chose so because he feels comfortable there, I can relate.

  10. Misc., the fan sites have barely mentioned the Video Music Awards. I would have been more interested if D was more engaged with music, lol.

  11. I agree desertrat about no mention of music events now. I watched the VMA’s and was just not interested except when Miley had the former homeless guy accept her award. Great cause helping the homeless but I remain a bit cynical with Miley that it might have been self serving PR move. But I hope it wasn’t. I would be the first to agree that when I post about David’s music career -or lack of- I am repeating myself as I even mention it now that I posted a comment before in another thread. lol.

  12. Can’t help but wish that David would attend a music school like Berkeley in CA as he would be surrounded by young folks with the same interest-music. There I go again repeating a previous comment. lol. As far as I know BYU is not known as a music college. Maybe he is going to attend mostly online courses wherever he is enrolled.

    • I don’t know where BYU’s music program stands statistically in regards to other schools but I do know that Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, the upcoming band The Moth and The Flame and many other as yet unknown but excellent bands found their genesis at BYU. And I know that Mormons love both music and excellence. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  13. Smanda I’m so sorry you were as you put it ‘mocked and denigrated several times a week for my faith’ several times a week, that is so wrong and understandable why you feel that it’s better to be with people that share your faith so mocking and denigrating wouldn’t happen. Your faith is something you chose and in no way should be mocked for that choice, but how about all the people that are mocked and denigrated because of the color of their skin, their height, the odd looks in general, should they also be separated and only be with people that share those traits, hum…I’m thinking that you had to share to those people what religion you were, but these people don’t have that choice.
    BTW, what college did you transfer to?

    • That’s an interesting thought Cq – one I have pondered and discussed at work and other places. I’m a huge fan of diversity of all kinds so I hope for more mixing and mingling. I did once – after college – attend a writing class where the students were invited to create characters and write a group short story. One of the characters they created was a much mocked Mormon mom. I sat in the class as a Mormon mom. Today I would speak up. At that time I just left and didn’t go back.
      I attended the University of Utah. Only one of my professors was LDS. Most of my class was LDS. We sat for three years and listened to derogatory comments about our faith and culture for three years without fighting back. It was not that fun.

      • I seriously need to proofread before hitting send.

      • So you say it was the professors not the students that abused you because of your faith, I’m sorry that happened and the one place you needed to go is to the school administration and log the complaint against the professors, religion should only be discussed in a religion class, but we are talking about a perfect world, lol.

  14. cq, I think that’s a good point, distinguishing between what we don’t have a choice about, color, short/tall, unusual looks/mannerisms, and what we do have a choice about, our faith, our political affiliation. I’m very sorry to desertrat about her experience and completely understand why she would want to go where her skin color wasn’t an issue. When it comes to other things like faith though, it does come to whether or not you will make a stand or avoid.

    I’m Christian, went to a small Christian high school, and then tried to transition to a major University. I felt like a gold fish thrown into a ocean of sharks. I was quite shy and easily intimidated at first. I do remember professors challenging my beliefs, like Smanda mentioned. It’s not fun. It leaves a bitter feeling in your spirit. The way I see it though is, you have a choice to make a stand or not. There were times when I made a stand in class in spite of my shyness, although very awkwardly, and times when I didn’t have to because someone else did. Overall, just the whole massive scene became too overwhelming for me. I came to a point where I wanted to quit and probably would have if it weren’t for some very wise friends of mine encouraging me to not give up. I did have groups of friends I could go to for support. I have to say that I grew from the experience. I had to learn to be less shy and more assertive, more independent. What didn’t kill me made me stronger, bolder, more confident.

    As for David, I don’t care where he goes. Of course, I’d rather he live in a vibrant music town, like Nashville. However, he can be challenged at BYU. I’ve heard testimonies of people who began to question and look at things differently based on facts that were taught at that school. I’m glad he’s going to take courses. I just really hope he makes it part time and music full time. He has a tremendously mind-blowing gift. I believe it was meant to be shared with the masses. It would be a shame for him not to use it.

    • Alc, that’s my thought, glad he is taking courses, but would still like for it to be part time and music full time, well, well we’ll soon find out.

  15. I know we like to think of David as Our Kind of Perfect, (in the pedestal sense, not romantic) and thus someone who would ideally be a part of a diverse cosmopolitan environment, attend Berklee School of Music (which is in Boston), live in Nashville, live in New York, live in LA, etc. etc. But I’ve heard that the Mormon culture is known for an emphasis on music and dance, so it’s not like he NEEDS to step outside of it. As a musician, he would be a product of his culture, not an exception to it.

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