Back to School

Hmmm, David mentions his younger sisters off to school (but no mention of his own school plans – if he has any):

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  1. OMG, the emoji! Hahaha!

  2. Love the touching comment. I’m so glad he had the summer to be with his sister, especially after reading that comment, awe.

  3. Love it. It was great that his sisters dumped the ice bucket on him. This made my day. 🙂 Such a great cause. Then he nominated David Cook. lol.

    • And Jeanette McCurdy,lol, don’t know why, but it kind of makes me feel good that he nominated her.

    • And Cook’s video is coming right up. Jeannette tweeted too.
      David Cook @thedavidcook · 1h

      Filmed my #ALSIceBucketChallenge earlier. Will be posting shortly.

  4. David did it!! Haha it was funny! Jazzy was cool doing too, hope amber does it also, Now david cook did his, can’t wait to see his video, Hope jennette mccdury does it too.

  5. Of course I won’t be surprised if David does attend BYU. I hope he is prepared for the BYU-TMZ if he does go there. It will be the MTC all over again. Only probably worse because almost all students have smart phones. Can you imagine all the pictures and tweets about David at first. I’m sure it will die down, but it would be much easier to be a more normal student if he went to almost any other University in the U.S.

    • You are so right, any other University. I’m thinking that he has read the tweets inquiring about the college rumor. It was interesting that he did mention his sisters going off to school, but no mention of his college plans. He has to know that his fans have been waiting for music, so I believe no matter what his plans are, he will be giving us some music soon.

  6. Don’t know if this got posted on the last thread or not. I love watching David dancing. Two fun vids in one day,
    Click the link

  7. A little longer video of the ice bucket challenge:

  8. That is a cute video too. You are right Grammyj-2 fun vids in one day. 🙂

  9. Why some fans thinks david isn’t going to BYU, the pics prove it all!! Pictures don’t lie, I do think that david will keep the BYU private unless he want to tell the fans what going on with him and I think david might retiring from the music business to focus on more on his personal life as normal as he can but I might be wrong with all of this. Nite guys

  10. Ah, the video is great!

    Forget rumours that clutter the mind and live for the now with David and what we see. So much else going on that is bad so rumours be still.

    The talk about music is good though!


  11. Yes, two fun videos in one day, yippee!! I am so ready for David to get back to music, which he hardly mentions anymore, but don’t know if that’s going to happen. It does seem like he is in a different track, but we’ll see. Still think we will get some music. By saying this, I mean from now on, I get that he wanted to spend the summer with his family and I guess sisters in particular and am happy he had that opportunity.

    • Me, too, cq, I’m so ready. But I’m a little sobered by the news that Snow Angelz is closing up shop until something music-related happens with David. 😦

      • Me too. I loved that site. The posts were so funny. It’s always good to have a laugh and as ODD fans of David we should lighten up. It’s his life and career. We are just here for the ride wherever it goes.

      • I read that article cc halo. Thanks for mentioning it. Very well written and here is the link. I know hg has a new post but I am commenting about this here as cc brought it up. Here are 2 quotes from the article by TOfan that I totally agree with :
        “I don’t know what he has planned for the future, he’s certainly keeping us in the dark for the most part… either because he’s conflicted about having fans at all, he isn’t sure what path he’s taking right now or he just doesn’t feel like sharing. Fair enough.”
        “It feels very strange being a fan of his right now… I feel as though I’m a fan not of a pop performer in the public eye but just a guy who just wants to live his life. Which of course I’m happy he’s doing … ecstatic actually… but it makes me feel like some kind of weird stalker so I think it’s time for me to back off blogging about him.”
        Of course- TOfan does state “I’ll be back” “And I’ll still be on Twitter, of course”

        For me- I just think that David is living in this bubble in Utah surrounded by basically his family and church members and that is really not being part of the music/entertainment industry. Just my opinion. If he really wants a music career I hope that changes but maybe he is going to BYU( a private Mormon college in Utah) and putting music on the back burner. We shall see. 🙂

  12. I watched this bucket challenge multiple times! Never fails to make me laugh! 🙂

    Hey… I saw a short video of David tap dancing! Like for real! Can this day get any more fun?!


    • PraisingtheartistryofDavid

      Actually it could get more fun, if David would just make some kind of announcement involving his music career.

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