What’s Going On?


I must confess: I have been listening less to David Archuleta this past week and more to Marvin Gaye.

I’ve really been struggling over what I’ve been seeing on Twitter, on TV, and other news sources, where people who look like me are under siege.

What can I say? I’m less in the mood for “The Other Side of Down” and more in the mood for:


And in my angrier moments, there’s always


There’s something to be said about life in these United States of America as a black woman or man where you can go back into the historical repertoire of black music and find one that aptly describes the mood of 2014:

Yes, music is my therapy when acknowledging these realities:



Even more so when gazing on images like this:


Sadly, the Getty photographer, Scott Olson, who took this picture, had been arrested for doing his job in covering the Ferguson protests.  Fortunately he’s been released so he can continue to offer  us some salient images.

Interestingly, it was this particular photograph by the same photographer that turned the tide for me:


There it was: the black woman putting her life on the line, raising her hands in the surrendering posture – “Hands Up! Don’t Shoot!” – while simultaneously looking triumphant. Undaunted and uncowed in the midst of tear gas, rubber bullets, and a city under siege. Under siege because people want answers as to why an unarmed teenager was shot six times by a police officer.

It’s quite chilling to see an entire city and state go to such lengths to protect one police officer. And yet, I can’t help but feel hopeful that people, who know their rights – even when those rights have been trampled – will stand up for their right to live, to assemble, to speak, to protest, to NOT BE SILENT.

May our children learn the valuable lessons of this moment as we move forward.


And in that regard, some David Archuleta Love might be helpful here:

Top image: Art by Tara Jacoby.


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  1. Completely understandable HG.

    Not being African-American, I can’t truly understand, but what I do understand is that no person deserves to be shot 6!!!!! times like that. I hope some good can come out of this, somehow, some way.

  2. This has been a horrifying time. I’m the mother of three young men of color, though not Black, I feel so much for Michael Brown’s mother. I don’t know how a person goes on after such a thing. My hope is that his death sparks some real change, real dialogue, some lasting peace.

    I don’t know if I’m posting this right but I found it comforting this morning.


  3. Thank you for sharing your thought provoking personal thoughts on this horrific tragedy.
    As Anne statement lets just hope that some good can come out of this, somehow, some way.

  4. Along similar lines as the cartoon above: When The Media Treats White Suspects Better Than Black Victims http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/14/media-black-victims_n_5673291.html

  5. “My friends deserve to feel as safe and respected as I do”
    That says it all.

    • Agree. This is unfathomable that a young unarmed man is shot down in the street because of his race. I had hoped our society was above that. I realize it was 1 man, who does not stand for all on that department, but thus us way to much like days in our history that are shameful.

  6. great post hg. i was hoping you would comment on the ferguson incident. i believe in due process but it breaks my heart to see mike brown’s mom on tv. regardless of the outcome, she deserves to know the truth about what happened. if it weren’t for the protests, i doubt she would. and another thing, any time you read or hear the 2 words “black male” you can expect the rest of the sentence to be something negative.

    • Great Post hg. Very thought provoking and well written. I do think that the police force in Ferguson needs to show more racial diversity to reflect the diversity there. I did not realize there was such a racial divide in St Louis. Very complex situation with no easy answers.

  7. Off topic: well, well, well someone I guess tweeted about David enrolling at BYU, but then quickly took it down, sorry, cat’s out of the bag, lol. I guess we’ll get some sort of vlog from David, maybe he was just waiting to make sure he got in…hum, wonder if that Costa Rica project he said we would get more information later has been shelved along with all the music he has been working on.

    • Well there u have it!!?! it make a lot of sense why david hasn’t done any new music this summer because he is going to BYU!!!!??? I guess there will no music from david anytime soon!!! Saw a pic with a girl, a girl he is dating now??

  8. Oh my cq, perhaps the rumors were true after all.

    Back to topic, I have been reading as much as I can regarding this story and other similar stories. I too have a male child of color, dark latino complexion. I worry every day about him as he gets older and adopts the look of today’s youth, baggy pants, backwards baseball cap etc etc. I am terrified by what I have read regarding the militarization of our police forces. I understand the war on drug running, terrorism etc. But why would the local police need to look like a para-military force on a regular basis? My family came here to get away from para-militia in our every day lives.

    I read one key to stopping this is true community police forces, ie you must live in the community you serve. Sounds like Ferguson force did not have a residency rule. I don’t claim to have any answers at all, just sad and sickened. My heart goes out to the Brown family and the community of Ferguson and all the good people who just want to live their lives in peace.

  9. Pic taken down, Well it seem david was caught in the act at BYU, now david gonna have tell the fans that music is def on hold , want to focus on college.

  10. There gonna be angry fans after this BYU and he may lose fans over this too, I guess we won’t be hearing from david. I wish david the best of luck in college.

  11. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Hello AllAbut!!~ PLEASE TELL US WHERE IS THIS PIC??!!!! 😦

  12. Here what I am not understanding here, if david was planning going to BYU when he came back from mission, why he told the fans long time ago instead of us getting exticed over new music all this time, that is not right???, I feel like a idloit.

  13. i think it’s cool if he’s going to school and doing music on the side! i wonder if this is a chemistry book in his hand.

    • I am happy he is going to BYU get more edacation but he should have say months ago that he was going there instead all of us sitting and waiting new music as we all thought he was planning to do in the first plAce when he said on the vblog he did.

      • Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

        Thankks for posting the pic!!!! IS THAT THE ggIIRLFRIEND OIS TEACHER1111 😦

      • he took college courses before and continued to work on music; also, he didn’t announce it to the fan base. (this is assuming that the posts from other students on wordpress blogs were true.)

      • Who know, she might be college tourist campus person, But I know how inportant school is to david but again he should have told us, it would have be nice, what he did, he was wrong for not saying Anything but u all may not agreed with me. I guess david will be attending classes everyday and now david is officially a college guy!!!

      • David has recorded new music since he got back and he (supposedly) filmed a video for a spanish song in Costa Rica. That tells me he is planning to still have a musical career. A person can go to college and do other things as well. I have many family members that have held a full time job while in college. I think a higher education is a great thing to have, if you have the chance to get one.

        P.S. That book says “Campus Education Week”. Maybe an orientation guide of sorts?

    • Not surprised at all if David goes to BYU as I thought he was headed in that direction. Actually twangy AI alum Scotty MCcreery (not really a fan) has a music career and goes to college BUT he has a major record label and a good management team behind him. He also tours and makes appearances. Big Difference. I always have wondered how motivated David was to have a music career as it is so competitive. Nothing wrong if he is not but I just always wondered. Good for David for going to BYU college (if he really is)- just too bad is not a diverse music college but whatever. 🙂 Watching SYTYCD after a long day of work. 🙂

  14. I think david is planning to attend college for 4 years not temporary, just my guess.

  15. The cloned ghosts of Sybil are among us!

  16. HG, I just wanted to say that your post really resonated with me. No, I don’t have the perspective of a persecuted group but I would hope that any human could relate to the oppression and wrongness of what has and is happening. Some may deny it but I think the statistics tell the undeniable truth. It has hurt to see the news and even to see people around me trying to brush this off as him “deserving” to be shot. No. Just no. That kind of denial gets us nowhere.

    I was also appalled at the seeming police state that was implemented once the protests began. Sniper rifles aimed into the crowd, large scale armored vehicles, locking up reporters. Where are we?? We like to believe we live in a country that values and respects freedom and the rights of its citizens. The whole thing has been eye-opening and left such a questioning in me. How do you trust a system that will let cops arrest (oh, sorry, the official word is “detain”) someone for taking a picture? Really??

  17. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Sorry for that mess, my keyboard is having serious issues today 😦 I said~ is that girlfriend or teacher? THANKYOU!!!

    • I don’t think it’s either. Just someone who saw him on campus and asked for a pic, from what I could tell on her twitter post.

  18. Regarding the unnessesary shooting of this young unarmed young man, there will hopefully be an indictment & arrest soon. Then a trial if in fact it gets that far. My fear is that it will result in another aquittal like the Zimmerman fiasco. I don’t know What’s Going On or what the answer is except to have the police “policed” but not by their own departments.

    I can’t imagine what all parents of young black American boys & men are thinking and going through, The fear and worry for their sons every time they walk out the door must weigh heavily in their hearts and minds. 😦

  19. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Thanks Ali 🙂

  20. Well guys I don’t think we will not getting not much information on david and his music everwise because of him going to BYU soon, I am not mad at david but upset for him not being honest when he says that he was returning to music again, My guess he was planning going to college even before he left from chile. nite guys.

  21. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    I do know one thing~ if music was his #1 priority he would be going to Berklee not BYU.

    • Sierra- I actually agree with your comment- Berklee would make more sense for David as it is a music college. Also it offers diversity of students which I just think is so important now.

  22. If David is in fact going to BYU, not really surprised. It’s like Deja Vu. I refused to believe the rumor about the shhhhhh! Mission. And we all know what happened there!

    Of course he could just be participating in the Education Week classes even though the tweet which was deleted was pretty clear. Don’t blame him though. He should have a Plan B, a backup plan which would include a degree in a profession which would allow him to make a decent living because marriage will not be too far off in his future. Here’s the young lady he was seen with on campus. Don’t know if she’s a “special friend”, but they look pretty happy.

    Also I now know why David didn’t change back to his “Rock Star” look, especially the great hair. He can’t look like a Rock Star & be a BYU student at the same time. haha.

    Men’s Dress Standards at BYU:
    “A clean and well-cared-for appearance should be maintained. Clothing is inappropriate when it is sleeveless, revealing, or form fitting. Hairstyles should be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles or colors, and trimmed above the collar leaving the ear uncovered. Sideburns should not extend below the earlobe or onto the cheek. If worn, moustaches should be neatly trimmed and may not extend beyond or below the corners of the mouth. Men are expected to be clean shaven; beards are not acceptable. Earrings and other body piercing are not acceptable”.

    I hope he enlightens his loyal fanbase, many who don’t know what to think right now.

    • The pic with the girl. Someone says, she ran up to him and took a pic, idk david was just on a date last nite from a tweet, maybe he doesn’t have a ” ‘special friend ‘ just not yet.

      • People are wondering if he coming back to music again, my guesses are, I don’t think he is retiring but I think he is going to 4 years school and after that go back to music, that gonna be a long time but who knows. I think david will do a vblog this week to talk about his situation rather he will be coming back in the future or not.

      • I don’t know….they look like they were walkng. But whatever.

        I forgot to add, David going to college is not a bad thing, far from it. The sky won’t fall. The stars, the moon & the sun will still shine. 🙂

      • The gal in the walking photo looks like a student guide. Very common for orientation, tours and such.

    • Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

      O. M. G. I bet that’s her!!! Nice work 😉

    • Wowza. Wouldn’t it be easier to just go bald? lol.

  23. “Also I now know why David didn’t change back to his “Rock Star” look, especially the great hair. He can’t look like a Rock Star & be a BYU student at the same time.”

    Completely untrue. David’s dress and grooming pre-mission was absolutely within BYU standard guidelines.

    Education week is often attended by non-students. I think if he were going to enroll full time as a student he wouldn’t feel the need to attend education week, but that is just a guess, of course.

    • Come on now…his hair pre-mission was NOT within the BYU guidelines. Or I must be blind. 😉

      But no biggie. No one really knows what David is doing other than going out to eat & going on dates. 🙂

      Dinnertime for me. Bye-bye.

    • Sorry but that girl prolly got in trouble for spilling the beans on about BYU on david, yes I believe david will be going to BYU full time!

      • Lol I don’t think she’s lying. She is a fan of David that I have followed on twitter for years. She also works at BYU. He may very well be taking classes there this fall, I have no idea. But that is not why he was there today.

      • Again, I think anyone who tweeted at BYU saw david there, it was taken down and that is truth that david is going, are just protecting him, sure david was mad be “caught in the act” at BYU!!!!

      • Yeahhhhh he looked real mad in those pictures…that are all still online… 😉

  24. David need to get it that truth is already out that he is going to BYU , David mind well just admit it!. Stop hiding it. Nite guys

  25. At this point I really am not expecting to much as far as music goes, I just feel we will get some, unless he has completely decided to shelf all the things he has been working on since he returned.
    Ugh, I just want to hear what he has been working on and hey, how about that Costa Rica thingy…maybe it was for Meet the Mormons that got cut from the movie, so maybe we will never get any information….WHO IN THE HECK KNOWS, expect David himself, lol.

  26. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Dear God, why does EVERYTHING concerning David have to be such a big mystery??!! David ~please update us! We are going crazy and getting sad 😦

  27. I just can’t see David walking away from music. He said to be patient but I am sure he didn’t mean for another four years.

    • Today pics at BYU , it sound like to me that david is enrolling and visiting the campus with other people there too. I think some fans need to stop deny that david is not going to BYU, it already proven by the pics! I am off guys

    • I’m right there with you potluck8, I believe we will get music, if he wasn’t planning on it, he would of let us know by now.

  28. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Wish I lived in Utah! I would go there too and try to get into all DAvid’s classes!!! 🙂

  29. Sierra aka VIP Drama Queen

    Yes rooster I do believe that is what it means!!! 😉 lol

  30. Good morning guys, So david is going to BYU for real now and he says that he will returning to music again so he made a little fib about it all this time??

    • What if david does a vblog telling the fans that he is giving up music , some fans are worry that david might be done singing I mean who knows if david gonna say anything about BYU and his singing, he may say nothing, he may just move on without giving us no warning.

  31. Allaboutdavidarchulet, I highly doubt it! He may be going to BYU. and I say good for him. I don’r think he will let hi fans down

    • If david does attend 4 years of school there I guess he will still only sing in churches and BYU If he take music class that would pretty much it, I am waiting for david to say something but I doubt it he will. I guess we will wait and see what happens. I am off for now.

    • I am amazed by the dedicated fans that David has. Always have been I am a fan but don’t have that kind of dedication that some fans have. I am a fan of many different music artists. David’s fans have so much patience. Not me. I am sure that it is a much smaller number of fans than it was coming off of AI but still impressive. I sure hope David appreciates them. 🙂

      • Yes, amazing…I think because fans are not just fans of his voice/music, wanting to follow his career, they are fans of David the man, so I’m thinking they would be fans of David the doctor, dentist, accountant etc…lol.
        I’m a fan of David the singer, so I’ll still hope to get music from him…really not interested in TMZ David.
        I still believe he will release music and really until he says that won’t happen, I’m still sticking around.

        Btw, Marie, who’s your favorite dancer on SYTYCD, mine is Ricky.

      • cq- Great minds think alike. lol. Ricky for the win. 🙂

  32. Wait, David is going to Mars? Is he going to film a music video there? I can’t wait!!

    • lol, the rumor mill is something else. It feels kind of like the rumors about him going on a mission, only this time I think it really is a bit different. He might still do music while going to school and the respect police won’t be needed, lol. maybe we’ll get a privacy police instead, lol.

      Have no doubt in my mind that David will continue with music, after all he is music, lol. What I think he might not continue is with a music career. Heck, I bet he could sing every single day for some event, church especially, in Utah.

      Now what I’m hoping we get is a release of the music he has been working on, probably if so, it will be in a very low scale, without much promo, no label to help…the unknown?!?! maybe soon we’ll get some sort of communication from David. Declaimer: I know he doesn’t have to inform us of anything.

  33. Marylee~♪♥DA2014♥♪ @Marylee_NCGirl · 14m
    davidarchie’s photo http://i.instagram.com/p/r9mz70ly9_/ < one of @DavidArchie 's most touching thoughts shared.

    • What a beautiful post from David! I know we spend a lot of time debating what will happen with David’s career and what has he done for the fans and when will he tell us more (I include myself in this as well) but sometimes I get an active reminder that there is much more to life than what others who are not close to us see. To read that this summer was the most time he’s had to spend with his sisters in 7 years really resonates. I’m glad he has had this time.

      • It was such a sweet post. Wonder why he had to be Dad to them? I, too, am happy he is so close with his family, especially his sisters and he got to spend the summer with them..

        As many have said, no reason at all he cannot go to school, even full time, and maintain a career in music. Heck, imagine if he is majoring in music, he can learn the technical side of things perhaps to make his production better without a producer. A girl can dream LOLOL

    • Yes, very happy he had that time with his family.

  34. Such a touching and heartfelt post from David. So Sweet. 🙂

  35. if david planning take a break from music to focus more on school, hope david informed us about it but he doesnt have too, it is his choice. yeah what a sweet tweet from david with his sisters.

  36. Totally OT, but this video which is relevant to my family has gone viral:

  37. Thanks for posting cc halo. Really great and informative video. He really did show everyone what a day in his life was like in the city. Well done. 🙂

  38. With all the rumor mill around David and after today’s touching thoughts about his sisters, it got me wondering, what Daniel is up to. Wonder if he is on a mission, getting ready to go or is he going to BYU? Actually none of my business, but still curious, if anyone knows.

    • Don’t know about Daniel but I would like to weigh in on David “being like a dad” to his sisters. Based on the tweets about how much they love & admire their dad Jeff, as well as pictures they’ve posted of him, makes me believe Jeff has not been an absentee dad. He’s also supposedly very involved in the sports they play & they do spend time with him.

      I think the role David has played was & may still be, as a “financial provider” for the entire family. Not his mom anymore or Claudia since they got married. The house they live in is supposedly David’s so he provides that as well. Probably the reason why he wasn’t too happy about their “dirty bathroom”. 🙂

      My personal thoughts about why he did so much just prior to leaving on his mission was not only to leave something for his fans, but to make sure his family, specifically mom, sisters & even his brother would have the financial resources they would need in his absence. As far as we know, no other member in his family, except maybe Daniel, have been employed since David auditoned for AI.

      Jeff & Daniel have kept a very low profile, even way before David left & they probably want it that way.
      As for Daniel or the sister’s going on missions, I believe based on the criteria for getting a “Mission Call”, would they meet the qualifications? Not that they are not good kids, just that they don’t seem to ber as drevout as David. Not to mention they have to pay their own way as a missionary.

      Just my thoughts & observations as I saw them. 😉

  39. CCHalo, thanks for posting that eyeopening and heart warming video. As a true blue “New Yawkah I have traveled on those subways and walk those streets all the time (I noticed he gets on at the Bliss St. stop in Queens, lol).

    I will say what I’ve said about David. There is a huge difference between height and stature. Not everyone can be “tall”, but everyone can be “towering”. The young man in this video is obviously a sensitive, intelligent guy and has made an enlightening video of a slice of his daily life. He is someone that anybody would like to know. Who knows? I just might run into him on the subway or the streets of NYC one day. I hope so.

    • Lol. Thanks. I definitely noticed the Bliss St. station.

      • Terrific video. Also relevant because David’s life as a famous person must be similar in ways as he moves through his average day.

      • I’ve thought the same thing, Smanda. Getting attention and being remembered has it pluses as well, but I think it would feel a little more flattering if it’s because you’re famous rather than because you’re different.

      • For sure. But maybe it would have the effect of making you feel different and “other”. Object rather than person.

        In any case, what a great kid and what a great idea. I hope lots of people see the video and begin to understand better.

  40. cc halo,

    I just watched today’s episode of “Inside Edition” on tv a little while ago and Jonathan Novick’s video was featured on the show! How about that?! Thought that was so cool because YouTube is one thing but to be on a nationally televised show is pretty awesome. 🙂

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