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  1. I guess he means, no more Waiting for Yesterday-eh-eh, Day-eh-eh, Day-eh-eh. 😀

  2. Batya ‏@Batya11394 4m
    @DavidArchie “the amount of time and effort you put into these stupid quotes is getting absolutely obnoxious” – unknown

    Lol. Well, that’s one interpretation.

    Sorry to be spamming on the Ice Bucket challenge, but this one from Melinda Dolittle is classic:

    • I’m saddened to see that that tweet was sent to D. 😦

      • I think that he probably realizes that she’ a well-known malcontent in the fan base. I think she says what other people might think, but would never say to his “face”.

      • It saddens me too desertrat. What is the point of being so hateful to a man who wouldn’t hurt a flea? Rather than choose to not read his quotes, she must deprive some sort of pleasure from being a perfect jackass to him online. She must be feeling very piwerful about now. Kind of like the internet version iof the knock out game.

    • Wow, so cool what Melinda did..

      Since David is big with quotes here’s one from him from page 238 of COS:
      “Fame brings with it the opportunity to help other people”

      • she’s a punk. me I do say what I wish to say not afraid to just do it without being a bully.

      • Btw, I could do without some quotes, but really if you don’t like it, just skip it like I do instead of making that snarky tweet.

      • I went to her twitter and yikes…I think I’d cut her some slack. Living in a war zone would make anyone grouchy.

      • cc halo-I agree. Has to be tough to live there and she is a young fan frustrated by David ‘s career. Very understandable if you ask me. But no one is . lol. 🙂

      • cchalo, war zone, yikes…can’t imagine the stress, yes, maybe should cut her some slack.

      • Meh, she tweeted things like that to David long before there were rockets going off overhead. I’m not saying that to at all trivialize what is happening in the Middle East now, just saying she has not changed the type of things she says to David because of it. I do believe she is a big fan though. Just one without a filter. Takes all kinds to make up any fanbase.

  3. lol ok well he does quote a lot.. this one I liked. was more then one tweet though guess David saw it too he just tweeted support for the childrens choir tonight on AGT.

  4. There are fans are getting piss off david at not getting any music news past couples of months, he had been laying around not getting much invloved with the his music!? Idk why he hadn’t , it would be nice if david tell us why, we want answers???

    • yes fans are not happy.. agree with you there.

    • You seem a little..fixated on this topic lately, lol.

    • Desertrat, you say “I’m saddened to see that that tweet was sent to D. :(”

      So am I. I’m also saddened that it was viewed as a tweet worthy of being posted on his fan sites. I guess it falls under the heading of “fair game” in this age of “anything goes” as long as you’re a celebrity.

      CCHalo, you called me out on the last thread as being “un David-like”. Is your posting a tweet that refers to David as “stupid” and “obnoxious” something that David would do to someone else, and hence “David-like”?

      That tweet is not snarky. It’s meant to show anger and entitlement. There is a growing mutiny building in David’s fan base that I find troubling, and should not, IMO, be encouraged and/or celebrated.

      • Fair enough, Bliss. It does make my stomach drop that that was sent to him.

        However, you’re also right that it does speak to a “growing mutiny building in David’s fan base,” which is worthy of being addressed. Following an artist who hasn’t performed in public for two and a half years says more about us and our obsessions than about what he should or shouldn’t be doing with his career. Keeping us engaged with (mostly church) quotes and fun personal tweets is fine as far as it goes, but people also want to know, in David’s words, “Why are we all here?”

      • Are folks really surprised about what is being tweeted on twitter to David? I was the one that pointed out in a previous thread that if some folks really felt the need to police or protect David they might want to go on twitter to do that and not fan sites. However, I think David is a young man and does not need protecting. These are young folks on twitter that tweet what they want. Does not make it right but it is what it is. Evils of the social media. I don’t have twitter or FB but I sure am not surprised with young folks comments to David on twitter . I just keep wondering if young folks are going to start to un follow David as I am sure they are not happy with the direction or no direction of his music career . Just the way it is. Does not make it right or fair.

      • Good point about social media. My son gets into huge fights and gets very upset by discussions on FB, etc. However, his current girlfriend and love-of-his-life is someone he knows through online forums. (He just got back from visiting her in your neck of the woods, cq). So both up sides and down sides to it.

      • Cchalo, my neck of the woods, lol. Awe, hope they have a lots of fun getting to know each other.

  5. Oops, that was meant for Allabout…Pretty soon, I’m gonna make a quote about this site. lol.

  6. Jordin Sparks is still under contract with a major label and has not had a record release since 2009. She has had an album of songs ready for some time but her label has not released it. Cook has had two albums released since AI7. He is about done with his 3rd album but it has not been released yet. David on the other hand has put out six albums. I think our problem is we think David should be putting out new music because he has done an album a year since AI7. That is not the case with most singers. We have really been a lucky fanbase. We know that David has been working on music. It will most likely be released. Just dial it back and give him time. In the mean time I’ve been listening to music from Five for Fighting and A Great Big World. If he does music like that I will be happy!

    • Grammyj, omg really, again david had not been working, everyone can see that now, we would have been getting tweets and from himself from his own mouth about new songs for past couple of months, I feel I am sitting here wasting my time here waiting for david to say something with any music news, still has not, Nite guys.

    • I agree, Grammyj. I think those folks have been performing, though. It would go a long ways to have any kind of secular performance from him–even just on social media.

      I’m not really speaking for myself, however, because like you, I’m pretty content with other people’s music, and oldies from him. I mean, what do Michael Jackson fans do? They’re not getting new music, and can still be rabid fans.

      • Oh, I agree with you cc halo. I really thought David would have had a concert or at least a public (secular) performance by now. My hope is that he signs with a booking agent, and starts touring again.

    • Grammyj, you are a breath of fresh air.

  7. CCHalo, regarding your post at 8:08 PM, Well, I’ll be danged,, I agree with everything you say, especially this: “Following an artist who hasn’t performed in public for two and a half years says more about us and our obsessions than about what he should or shouldn’t be doing with his career. ”

    Remember the Smokey Robinson and the Miracles song “You Really Got a Hold on Me”. Well, David has a hold on his fans that would make Elvis himself green with envy. There’s a line in “Brokeback Mountain” where Ennis says to Jack (or vice versa, lol) “I just can’t quit you”. That’s the effect David has on his fans. It’s quite something and quite unprecedented. I really think there should be a “60 Minutes” report on David’s fan base. IMO, it is THE pop culture story, so far, of the 21st Century.

    • Here I think what going on is what he is not telling us, david is taking summer break because he hasn’t seen his family and friends in two years in chile and he sang there, I think when david last vblog he did, maybe david should have told the fans like something like this’ hi guys i Am taking Summer off and go back in the studio starting with brand new music in stepmeber??” If david has say that, I would have understood that, Instead of us waiting all summer for music news?? Just posting my guesses.

      • Allaboutdavid….. You say this ” Instead of us waiting all summer for music news”

        Since when did waiting for music from an artist become a full time job? Can’t you do whatever it is you do and also wait for music from David? It’s called “walking and chewing gum at the same time”. Give it a try.

      • OMG! I am not going to say this again and again, david had not much of music on at all lately , it is so obvious and it is true!!!! Done with that. I am off nite guys.

    • Bliss, I like this, it’s funny: I really think there should be a “60 Minutes” report on David’s fan base.
      Yes, David’s fans are almost as unique as David himself, of course, in totally different way…David being an uniquely super talent and ‘we just can’t quit him’, lol.

      • It’s one thing to have rapid, passionate fans when you’re in the heat of a career, but David has been “inactive” for 2 1/2 years, and “invisible” and “incommunicado”, in another country, for the first 2 years, and he STILL has a rabid fan base tweeting and posting like mad clamoring for his return to music. As a fan and great admirer of the person who David is, it shows how indelible his influence still is on his fans, regardless of age or nationality.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Bliss said “You Really Got a Hold on Me”. Well, David has a hold on his fans that would make Elvis himself green with envy.”

      Lol, not sure how true or not that is but I sure do love to imagine it to be true! Lol

  8. It’s rabid, not rapid in line 1

  9. Allabout~ “david had not much of music on at all lately”. Yeah, I think we’ve established that..many times over. Being “done with that” is a great idea. 🙂

    • VJ……those comments have been going on for quite a while now…..

      Great to see you again too. 🙂 how’s things been? Are your family still nearby? My fam have all moved into town recently lol, and I couldn’t help but think of you.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Btw, greywarbler is me.

        Think other peeps know that now….just letting VJ know this time. 😉

        I’ve got issues with gravatar and old/new email addresses, causing this silly screen name to keep popping up.

      • Hi. I’m doing well. I could tell it was you, lol. Um..personal info is staying off the internet. Hope you understand. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Yeah that’s ok. Hope things are going well anyway. Take care. 🙂

      • Shanny in Australia

        Also, I hope it didn’t come across as prying.
        I was just really wanting to say hi and I hope you’ve been well. 🙂

    • Actually I really find myself posting the same thing over and over again regarding David and his career or lack of career plans too as do some other unnamed folks on this site. I sure don’t have the time or desire or interest to debate folks here on David. LOL. Until David actually does something in regards to his music career that IMO is interesting I am going to confine my comments to other topics-such as the ALS ice bucket challenge, watching SYTYCD tonight, and hopefully that JT concert that might be live streamed online. That is what interests me but that is just me. Folks here should post whatever they want to and David needs all the fans he can get at this point. Off to work peeps. 🙂

  10. But of course I will stay ITA the comments that I agree with. lol. That won’t change. 🙂

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