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  1. Anne, this, from you, got my attention “Regarding David, the league of “if you can’t say nice things about him, don’t say anything” fans forget he is 23 now and all grown up”

    Are you saying that because David is all of 23 years old, he now must be expected to “take it like a man” and accept any and all malicious judgments and opinions posted on fan sites which were, by design, created to celebrate his artistry?

    My guess is that you are older than 23, and “all grown up”, as are the other posters here who go ballistic when anything the slightest bit challenging of them is pointed their way. These people apparently think they still have feelings that can be hurt, even though they are adults. The notion that it’s somehow “OK” to say whatever you want about David, no matter how disrespectful, because he is no longer a child and also a “celebrity” in 2014 seems like a lame justification for doing it from someone who wants the right to continue to do it without having to explain why.

    Human beings do not outgrow their feelings just because they hit the big 21. David treats every person he meets with the utmost respect, regardless of their age. He deserves no less from everyone who refers to him, in person or in print, no matter how old they are.

    • Bliss, i have thought a great deal about your assertion that David should be treated with respect in person and in print. The problem of “in print” is that the psychology of internet posting points to the cold reality that people who write behind a computer are more empowered to be more aggressive, less tactful and sometimes rude and vicious. The very same people would not speak in the same way if they were in the moment face to face with David. His eyes, his facial expressions, indeed his humanity would make it quite difficult to strike the same tone in conversation with him in person.

      I have believed it is ok to have less than adoring opinions in some aspects of David’ s career, but for me it doesn’t have to be disrespectful. It sometimes is in fan sites and the difference comes down to how something is said( written). I personally think that one should disagree or criticize in ways and words that one would use if face to face with David.

      I say this not to be a protector of David. He is wise beyond his years and I bet he can sort through social media contents and survive it. However, the fans become too polarized when conversation becomes aggressive and insensitive. I don’t see how this can possibly serve to promote David’s career.

  2. Kari Sellards @kariontour · 20h
    Just knowing what is around the “corner” gets me so excited!

    • Glad Kari is “excited”. Maybe she should tell us “what is around the corner” so we can all get excited.
      Especially if it concerns David because who really knows? Why the teaser? It borders on cruelty! lol.

      • And it might not be about David at all. Maybe the best is yet to come lol. Or David is eating at McDonalds. Could we get something from David career wise now at 6 months after his return. Or he could be getting ready to start BYU. Or getting engaged.

      • Well, it’s just under 5 months since he returned. It just SEEMS like 6 months, ha ha.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Kimak. Ir sounds like something is going to happen soon!!!

    • Letting out a guarded EPPPPP, last time I got excited over a mysterious tweet from Kari, JT added more tour dates! Hoping this time it is David related. “Aparte De Mi”

  3. Yes-I sure hope that there is something to that tweet from Kari. 🙂

  4. Sierra knows !

    Senseless~ I agree!!! Why does Kari have t tease us espeicially when we don’t knw if she’s talking about DAvid or someone else.

    • PraisingtheartistryofDavid

      Obviously she gets some enjoyment from it. I can’t say that I do.

      • Or perhaps Kari sees us as grown adults, and as such, “fair game” who should toughen up and “grow a pair” like David is supposed to be doing.

      • You’re the only one who has used the expression “grow a pair” on this site so you’re quoting yourself

  5. I read over at MJ’s and she has rules to keep her blog comments civil. She just posted this which I thought was good advice here.

    “Here’s a tip. If you don’t like comment or commenter…skip over it.Don’t be rude. If you aren’t a newbie, you should know better.

    KEEP the discussion in this thread ON TOPIC. Not the topic? Like ever? Assessing fellow commenters’ skills, artistic or otherwise.”

  6. Sierra knows !

    Bliss~ I remember you!!! You were THE ONE who called me a DRAMA QUEEN a few months ago cuz I ssaid I would be front row and David would see ME!

    • Sierra, please bring over that complete post. That doesn’t sound true to me. Why would I call you a Drama Queen for saying that? If it’s true at all, there is certainly more to it that you are intentionally leaving out to suit your purposes for this post.

      Let’s keep it real.

      • blisskasden
        on May 13, 2014 at 2:45 pm said:

        Sierra!, you kvetch this “David- Say
        Something, I’m giving up on you 😦 😦 :(”

        I think when David does do concerts in the future that they have a special “Drama Queen VIP”. You can sit in the first row while David sings “Complain” and “Things are Gonna Get Better”.

    • Sierra,btw, when did calling someone a “Drama queen” become so horrible.. It’s used routinely in day to day conversation and, in my experience, viewed as pretty tame. Hey, it’s certainly not as bad as being called the dreaded “Circus bitch” that has left me scarred for life, lol.

      • Sierra knows !

        No I wasn’t offeneded or anything, it’s mainly true! 😉 I was just saying I remembered you cuz f that! That’s all!!! 😉

  7. Here we go again. Whadd…. you’re wrong. The term “grow a pair” was originally used by another poster here. I may have used it after that, but I cannot take credit for its initial use.

    As for keeping the discussion “on topic, who gets to make that decision? I have seen people go “off topic” here countless times. IMO, there should be a free flow of ideas and reactions, so the “topic” can ebb and flow to wherever it goes.

    IMO, people with thin skin about themselves should not be on here telling David that he needs to thicken his skin and “get real”. We all live in the same “real” world.

  8. Yawn,,,,,

    Guess I’ll go for a run to get some energy. The weather is perfect for running…low humdity & mild temps.

    See ya’ll later!

  9. Sierra, thanks for the documentation. As I predicted, there was a larger context. My post to you was in response to your saying that you were “giving yup on David” and I quoted some titles of David’s songs that you may want to listen to before you gave up on him.

    I thought the “Drama Queen VIP” thing was kinda funny. Sorry if it offended you.

  10. Sierra knows !

    Whaddya~ How did you find that so fast??? I would never have been able t find that! I don’t remember posting thatLOL! I must have been drinking and crying over David. 😦

    • I googled “drama queen” “sierra” “blisskasden”

      • Whadd…. I gotta give you props. You’re on me like white on rice, lol. Have we met in person? You hate me like some folks here hate the Mormon Church, which is pretty dang severe.

      • Wow. I learned something new today about Google. I did Google that- Whaddyaknow- and came up with the Soul David thread from 5/11/14-Happy Mother’s Day- that did have that comment from bliss. Did not know that would ever come up from just doing Google . Interesting. I miss peter 😦 but I did notice some of the bliss comments from that thread. bliss sure has mentioned folks here being “Mormon Haters” often. Almost makes you think that “someone” has an agenda of some sort. Just saying. I will not engage in the conversation any longer but could not help but notice that. Off to watch Netflix. 🙂

    • Wow Sierra, you have Whadd working for you now to “get me”. Scary stuff. I’m going to have to get a research assistant myself just to keep up, lol.

  11. The current charity fund raiser challenge is the ice bucket challenge to raise funds for ALS. I hope someone challenges David and he accepts. He loves to support charities and this is a great one. The vids of the ice bucket challenge are funny IMHO. Here is a link to the ones posted at MJs.
    I liked Carrie Underwood and her husband’s and Melinda Doolittle’s.

  12. Marie, to answer your post at 8:54PM, when you say “bliss sure has mentioned folks here being “Mormon Haters” often. Almost makes you think that “someone” has an agenda of some sort. Just saying. I will not engage in the conversation any longer but could not help but notice that.”

    Allow me to clarify. I have concluded that a number of people here are, indeed, “Mormon Haters” on the basis of what they have written about Mormons, Missions, and especially how the Mormon Church undermines David’s career and personal life. My “agenda” is to point this out whenever I see it because I feel it is extremely disrespectful of David to bash his religion on his fan site.

    Anyone who feels that they have been wrongly characterized as a “Mormon Hater” has been free to post their objection to my use of that term. To date, not one person has come forward to repudiate being so characterized, leading me to draw no other conclusion that they are, in fact, a person who has those beliefs..

    Google works both ways. I can do the same research on back posts, should someone who has posted anti-Mormon rhetoric suddenly deny doing so. I don’t think anyone will, because those who are are guilty of doing so seem very comfortable with their position and feel entitled to post it here. To them , it’s David’s problem if he doesn’t like it because he is “fair game”.

    You brought the subject up tonight. I wonder if anyone will call you out for doing so as they did to me a few days ago. CQ? What about you?

    • Can you get any more transparent? Now you want people to confess to being Mormon haters so you can bash them again? I thought you were smarter and able to hide your motives better in the past.

      Hate is a strong word and I’ve never seen anyone but you use that word.

    • bliss-I have to clarify this even though I am done with this conversation. To use your “technique” on 7:45pm you (bliss) posted a comment that stated “You hate me like some folks here hate the Mormon Church, which is pretty dang severe.” On 8:45pm I (Marie) posted a comment about basically disliking your continual use of claiming folks here are Mormon haters. Since bliss made this comment prior to me he clearly brought the subject up once again. I just called him on it cause I am tired of it. bliss then tries to turn it around on his post on 9:23 pm that I brought the subject up when he actually did and he once again tries to play the victim. bliss- I believe does have an agenda. bliss’s one goal seems to me to be to agitate situations and control what others post. He does a great job of it.

  13. Sierra knows !

    Bliss~ Don’t worry, I’m pretty much CLUELESS when it comes to searching for things!!! Much as I would love it, Whadd is not my search ninjaLOL! 🙂

    • Sierra, lol. I hear ya. Whadd has a personal vendetta against me. I’ve probably exposed something she posted under another name, and now it’s “payback time”. “Senseless” is another one. They change their online names to appear to be an “objective” poster, but they are probably someone who wants revenge for something from a past online ID.

      I guess we’re all “fair game” after all. I can take it because I actually do “have a pair” already, lol.

  14. I cannot begin to keep up with this place. So, posting late and all out if order.
    Cq – I wasn’t addressing my post to you or in that thread, it just fell under your comments. I do think sometimes your comments have been unpleasant in the past but I’ve noticed many more pleasant ones over time. I’m not picking on you. I just don’t always agree with you. But that’s ok, right ? 🙂
    Whoever keeps saying David doesn’t need protecting – I think there is a wide gap between saying that some comments are just nasty and and trying to protect a guy who doesn’t need protecting.
    Someone else said that people shouldnt take comments about David personally because they aren’t related to him, aren’t his friend etc. Huh? Its not possible to care about him as a person unless you are close to him? Nope.

    • Thank you Smanda, I thought that might be the case. Yes, I do have very strong feelings like everyone else and yes of course they wouldn’t be the same as yours and totally understand, I do respect your point of view and from things you have shared, it does seem like you have an open mind.

  15. Well we’ll see if that tweet from Kari, first of all is about David and is what she is excited about coming soon. Maybe?!?!

  16. I am writing this at the bottom of the thread since I can’t figure out where it should go. So here goes.


    I don’t believe anyone on this site or any other David site is a “Mormon hater.” While some may not like the theology, that doesn’t mean they hate the Mormon people.

    There is a HUGE difference between the two.

    David is Mormon and we all seem to love that little Mormon guy even though some don’t agree with his faith. So, the “Mormon hater” theory doesn’t work. I don’t think anyone here hates David.

    If you really think about it, wouldn’t being a fan of David make all of us Mormon love-rs?

  17. Came back in late before going to bed & had a chuckle. At first. For anyone who’s interested, but doubt anyone really cares, I’m posting under another name I’ve used in the past here. Oh, and another one is Still Senseless. There are times when I stay away due to job constraints or other personal reasons or when I don’t have adequate internet access.

    I may be censured here but being honest. I don’t care for Bliss. Never have, never will. He gave me the heebie-jeebies the first time I saw him. I was shocked he was a male because I always thought “Bliss” was a female not only because of the name he uses which is not exactly masculine, but because of his OTT spazzing over David. He still gives me the creeps. He’s an old man who seems to have no other life than to pick on certain fans of David & sounds like he has a serious obsessive crush on David as he accuses female fans of having. He disguises that obsession and has taken in David’s LDS fans by going on & on about “Mormon-haters” which is a misnomer making it seem as if those he accuses hate Mormon “people”. For me, it has never been about the Mormons. It’s always been the Mormon “organization” as well as other conglomerates disguised as Christian & as the only way to salvation. The Jesus I read about would never condone the huge monster churches & temples built in his name made of marble, glass & steel and filled with the finest, most expensive art and furnishings. If Jesus were to return as Christians believe he will, the Jesus I read about would tear down & destroy all those monstrasities. The Jesus I read about would not be dressed in a suit, white shirt & tie, or flowing robes made of the the finest cloth, or wear gold medalions & rings. He would not get around in a limo & chauffer. The Jesus I read about would look & act opposite of how He is depicted in these Christian churches. In fact, “prophets”, priests, & ministers of today would probably look down their noses on Him. The Jesus I read about would look like the common blue-collar working man, with longish hair & a beard. The Jesus I read about is NOTHING like the leaders of the so called Christian or pseudo Christian churches of today. Those are just some, and I have so many more, reasons I have a problem with the religious organizations which includes the Mormon Church. Not the people because I used to be one. It’s a choice to leave I made long ago. I can and do admire artists like David who are devout. I can & do admire & believe David would be the same great person he is even if he were not as devoutly religious as he is. Believe it or not, there have been & are still many truly good people in the world who aren’t religious but would give you the perverbial shirt off they back, feed you & shelter you with no expectations of payback other than asking that you pay it forward.

    Maybe nobody here will agree or care about what I had to say and HG may very well delete this post. But there comes a time when one has to speak up. If one person can get away with trashing so many others and only non-LDS here as he has so many countless times, I feel like I should also be allowed to do the same even if I don’t especially feel good doing it. 😦

    • Senseless!-I fully support your right to speak up and your comment. 🙂

    • Senseless, I see a difference too and fully support your comment.

    • Senseless, I’m sorry if my comment upset you. I didn’t mean to re-open an old and painful debate. Two things are usually guaranteed to cause an uproar and hurt feelings so I usually try to avoid discussing religion and politics.

      I only commented because I disagree with the term “hater” and think it absolutely does NOT apply here. As history has shown, it’s not a term to be thrown around lightly because of it’s connotations. It’s a very serious accusation and IMO anyone who uses that term here is way out of line.

      • If I may, I’m sure that nothing you said re-opened any wounds. You are among the very welcome peacemakers here and I appreciate it.

    • Senseless – I agree with everything you said and fully support your right to say it.


    • Wow! Senseless, I’m going to leave alone the part where you talked about Bliss, but the rest of it just wowed me! I agree with you and want to say a few things in return. Later though.

    • Senseless, I was wowed by your boldness and courage to say what you did. I appreciate your honesty in sharing what you really believe and believed. I agree with you about the “Mormon haters” accusation. It is true, we really are all Mormon lovers aren’t we? We all love David.

      Disclaimer: If you’re not in the mood for a “Sunday School lesson “, don’t read

      What you said about Jesus is what I really appreciated. Whether people agree with you or not, you are speaking the truth. Jesus did not parade about in fine clothing and perfectly groomed hair. He was despised and rejected by his own. He had nowhere to lay his head. He kept company with “sinners”. He dined with tax collectors (hated because they often were thieves/corrupt), and prostitutes. He loved them, was a friend to them. Taught them about forgiveness. He spoke to those he wasn’t “supposed” to speak to. He stood up for those the righteous religious people wanted to judge, look down upon, hate, and even kill. There’s a song by Casting Crowns called “Jesus, Friend of Sinners”. I recommend it. It talks of what you were saying in your post.

      The ones Jesus was hard on and scolded, with great zeal I might add, were the religious leaders and false teachers. Those who exalted themselves. Those who thought of themselves as righteous. Similar to those who live in penthouses and yet call themselves prophets and apostles of God, expecting others to stand when they enter a room. Those who have their perfect smiling pictures displayed in newspapers and on bill boards. Read about the prophets of the Bible. Jeremiah (the weeping prophet) wallowed around in a muddy pit in which those who hated him threw him. Elijah and John the Baptist wore animal skin clothing, lived in the wilderness/desert and ate locusts/food brought by birds for dinner. Isaiah said” Woe is me for I am a man of unclean lips”. The apostles died horrible gruesome deaths because they told people the truth about Jesus. They did not sit in offices with comfy chairs. Don’t think for one second that turning a blind eye to false teachings and false apostles/ prophets is “being like Jesus”. He confronted them head on.

      When I think of the kind of organized religion you’re talking about, it’s not people meeting at church to read and discuss the Word of God. It’s religious organizations using man-made rules to wield power over people. Demanding obedience and money. Filling them with the false thinking that if they don’t tithe and follow the rules of the church, they will not live with God in heaven for eternity. They put people in bondage, when the true gospel is about freedom.

  18. You know, sometimes I cringe to think I am associated with this fan base, and pray David doesn’t read here and think what’s posted here represents all of his fans.

  19. wow see you guys are still at it.. life is too short guys enjoy!!

    David is!

    David Archuleta ‏@DavidArchie 6h
    Saw this good man, @johnondrasik , in concert here in Park City, Utah. Always have loved Five For Fighting music

  20. Kimk, thank you for bringing over the great picture and the awesome (going down memory lane) video.

    As much as fans say they want David to take all the time he wants and that they will wait forever, I do notice angst about not getting anything regarding his career.

  21. Getting back to David’s music career-David should at least make some appearances somewhere in the US other than Utah even if he does not tour. I just don’t get it but maybe he does not have that option for some reason. David also needs to do the ALS ice bucket challenge and post the video. It is for a great cause. I am going to post the ice bucket challenge that Carson, Blake, and Adam from The Voice did. 🙂

  22. All organized religions are made of people and there are NO people who are perfect. There will always be problems in churches because people are flawed, but IMHO that is not a reason to dismiss organized religion. Faith in God helps people everyday in their lives. Of course there are people who do good works who are not people of faith. I go to church to help me in my daily life. To learn to be more like Jesus and to worship God. I love the music and inspiring sermons at my church.

  23. Just saw Carrie Underwood’s ALS ice bucket challenge video. Again for such a great cause and is raising money for their organization with this campaign. Social media can really do some good with putting the focus on humanitarian and charitable causes. 🙂 Would really like to see David get behind this cause.

  24. Senseless, you’re a real charmer.

    ” I may be censured here but being honest. I don’t care for Bliss. Never have, never will. He gave me the heebie-jeebies the first time I saw him. I was shocked he was a male because I always thought “Bliss” was a female not only because of the name he uses which is not exactly masculine, but because of his OTT spazzing over David. He still gives me the creeps. He’s an old man who seems to have no other life than to pick on certain fans of David & sounds like he has a serious obsessive crush on David as he accuses female fans of having. He disguises that obsession and has taken in David’s LDS fans by going on & on about “Mormon-haters” which is a misnomer making it seem as if those he accuses hate Mormon “people”.

    I give you the “heebie jeebies”, lol? My screen name is actually the name of a company that I worked for, and “Bliss” was one of the owners (Kasden was the other). As for the LDS stuff, you and your loyal supporters have been bad mouthing the Mormon Church in every way possible since David went on his Mission. The bunch of you can spin it any way you want, but it’s right here in b/w for all to see. Sure enough you go on another diatribe on your post today because you can’t stop bashing the Mormon Church.

    You keep referring to “meeting” me and “I gave you the creeps”, yet you don’t have the guts to ID yourself. I have never had a unpleasant exchange with any fan of David’s that I have met at concerts or signings, so you’re being dishonest by implying otherwise.

    Since you like to use songs of David to as your screen name, how about changing yours to “Not a Very Good Liar”, which should be your theme song.

    • Senseless doesn’t “keep referring to meeting” you. Stop making things up, because EVERYONE CAN SEE THE COMMENT YOU’RE REFERRING TO

      • Whadd, stop yelling. Who are you ? Are you another of my phantom creepers that “met me”? I notice you like to speak for others . How about MYOB and let others speak for themselves.

      • HEED YOUR OWN ADVICE. David doesn’t need your “help”

  25. Whadd, cut the Prozac in half. You’re an embarrassment to the very people here that you support.

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