“O Captain My Captain” RIP Robin Williams

As an educator and a Generation Xer, you know I had to go back to this, upon hearing the news of Robin Williams’ passing.

Sigh. Depression is no joke, and how sad to hear that someone who made me laugh in so many movies was suffering so greatly. 😦

RIP Robin Williams! You will be missed.

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  1. Omg, so sad, what a brilliant man, what a shame, yes depression is no joke, RIP Robin Williams, your talent brought me such joy.

  2. What a tremendous talent Robin Williams was. Depression is such a serious issue. Robin will be so missed. I am watching CNN right now and they are discussing Robin and his life and now his legacy. RIP.

  3. It terrible news about robin. He will be truly miss. RIP robin Williams.

  4. One of the brightest, most original stars of my lifetime. I am so sad. People tend to dismiss depression as a disease because it’s also an emotion, but major depression can be fatal. I am so sorry Robin Williams thought he had to take this step to end his suffering. What a complex thing the human mind is.

    Rest in Peace, Robin Williams. You left an amazing legacy.

  5. Rainbow Butterfly

    so very sad. 😦

  6. One of my favorite Robin Williams movies-Good Morning Vietnam. He was brilliant in it.

  7. Comedic genius often seems to go hand in hand with depression, it seems to me. I have no psychological training but seems like so many great comedians have a dark side. RIP Robin Williams

    • They know happiness very well that they made it their craft and shared it to other people… Apparently, they knew it so well that they’ve become friends with it’s other side: lonliness and hopelessness

      The world just got less happy, even sadder, that Robbin died… He was a source of inspiration and delight, then suddenly he was gone. What’s even stinging is that he was sad all along.

  8. Robin Williams, one of the most versatile actors ever. Drama or comedy, didn’t matter, he was always brilliant. Just can’t believe this man who brought so much joy & laughter to so many has left us.

  9. Very sad about Robin Williams. One of the last of the true Hollywood “stars”, and talented in so many genres of entertainment. Ironically, his untimely death is relevant to the discussion about David. So much has been written on this site and elsewhere about fans wanting David to become a big famous star, and how sad it is that he hasn’t done what he should have to achieve that loftiest, and most coveted of goals. Well, here we have someone who “had it all”, and had it for decades. Fame, success, adulation, wealth, wives, kids, the whole shmear.

    Robin Williams saw and lived the illusion of all that is hoped for for David by some of his most vocal fans. In the end, none of it mattered and none of it could save him from his own despair. I am heartened that David appears to already know that none of that stuff matters in life, and I am very hopeful that no matter how successful his career may become, his values, yes, his religious values, will always be what he turns to for comfort and meaning in his life.

    David does not listen to outside voices because his inner voice has his best interest at heart, and from what I’m seeing, is giving him great advice.

    • Unbelievable, how the heck can you turn a tragedy like Robin Williams death into a scolding. How in the world do you know FOR SURE, that he wouldn’t suffered from extreme depression if he wasn’t the brilliant talent that brought millions and millions of people such joy. I’m so absolutely sick of your rants!!!!!!

      • CQ, To no one’s surprise, you completely miss the point of my post, and only see the things in it that apply to you and your childish perspective. The post is not about Robin Williams. As I stated , his death is sad and untimely. The post is also not about scolding you, or enlightening you, which I realize is impossible. I fully expect that your fellow schoolgirls will join you in your outrage and will express how appalled they are at my callousness to Mr. Williams even though the post is not about him, a fact that I feel Robin Williams, himself, would understand. The post is about David, as are all my posts, because David is the reason I put up with all of the foolishness here to begin with.

      • I agree with cq because I fail to see the connection between Robin Williams death and David not wanting to be a big famous star. If you become a big famous star you also have the money , the power , and influence to do a lot of good in this world. Here are just a few examples of big name celebrities that are great humanitarians but I am sure not perfect -George Clooney Angelina Jolie,Bono,Oprah, Sean Penn, Elton John. Robin Williams has a disease that effects millions but because he was such a well known entertainer the public knows about his issues. I would never put David on a pedestal as it is difficult for him to remain on it and you never know when he is going to fall off. No one is perfect-including David. No one has any idea of the issues that David might be dealing with behind close doors and his public smile. David’s problem is not his fans as you need them if you want a music career. I have seen numerous examples of well known folks being very religious but having serious issues and problems. I do not have time to name them all. I just hope to see a video of David at the JT concert in LA today. Now that interests me. This school girl is off to work and I wish it was school again. lol. 🙂

      • Bliss, I sure am not talented like you are at writing and yes, I will admit that some comments I have misunderstood comments, never have been perfect and never will be, but not this one.

      • oops one to many comments.

    • Robin battled alcohol and drug addiction for a very very long time… We will never understand why he gave up… I don’t think this could be a relatable subject to David.

    • Bliss I am sickened by this post. I doubt you will see my comment but I am so upset that I had to post this for me. How dare you, HOW DARE YOU! Depression is an illness you fool. I have no other words.

  10. Bliss… your post was neither about Robin Williams nor David – it was all about YOU. YOU and your pathological insistence in picking the most INAPPROPRIATE time to ram or insert your point of view in conversations where it doesn’t belong, is not needed and obviously when you have nothing of real value to add or relate to. This is when the obnoxious insecure alpha male rears its ugly head and attempts to crap all over discourse that has been occurring, in an attempt to steer it back into a direction that apparently appears to be more comfortable for you – antagonism, unnecessary confrontation, belligerence and plain old childish controlling ridiculous behavior that would be humorous if it weren’t so mean spirited, self serving and PREDICTABLE. Not today buddy. Today is NOT the time for your BS. You aren’t worth the time it tales for me to spit, so I will return to the topic of this post, and commiserate with those who are really really sad that we have lost a real icon, humanitarian and undisputed comedic genius.

    I’ve never really understood people who were affected by celebrity deaths – I couldn’t really grasp how you could grieve for someone you never even knew personally. Today, I get it.

    It’s not just the memories of how brilliantly funny I thought Robin Williams was, particularly as a kid of the Mork and Mindy generation, or the appreciation I had for his acting ability in movies like Good Will Hunting and Dead Poets Society as I got older that make me SO sad. It’s just that this man who brought so much laughter and had so many talents could leave this world in such a sad and dark way.

    By all accounts, he was a kind, generous soul, with kids who adored him and a gift for bringing happiness to others. It seems SO CRUEL that his life should end with suffering. Such a good man deserved better. So does everyone here or elsewhere who have experienced or are currently experiencing similar torment. I hope those battling their own demons realize that they aren’t alone.


    • Beauxcefus-I felt the same shock on a previous thread when fans were expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings about the loss of a child, THEIR child and Bliss took an opportunity to spin it into something that he is good at talking about…his distaste for fans! I was appaled. In my opinion that was the most distasteful, disrespectful and lowest of any comment he has ever written. I get that this is a public forum and am a proponent of freedom of speech but I just dont understand how some can defend what he says. Especially at a time like that…

      • Candy, I went back to read my post on the thread that you refer to when you say”

        “Beauxcefus-I felt the same shock on a previous thread when fans were expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings about the loss of a child, THEIR child and Bliss took an opportunity to spin it into something that he is good at talking about…his distaste for fans! I was appaled. In my opinion that was the most distasteful, disrespectful and lowest of any comment he has ever written”.

        Here was my post:

        “Here is what I don’t understand. Why would folks, like the ones who have posted here on this thread, who have experienced first hand the healing power of David at a crucial point in their lives, constantly post their disapproval, frustration, and dissatisfaction with David’s religious beliefs, which are the foundation and source of his healing powers. It is those very beliefs that are translated into his voice which acts as a veritable surgical instrument to heal and comfort all who hear it.”

        What did you find so “appalling” about my post? What was so “shocking” about it? I was merely raising a legitimate question regarding the disconnect between the healing power of David to help people and the disapproval by those people of the source of that healing power, his religion. The “distaste” is by you, for me. You’re a loose cannon, totally self involved, and a legend in your own mind.

        I have no “distaste” for most fans. I have met and chatted with numerous fans, and have found them to be, by and large, fine people who love and respect everything about David. What goes on here is in no way indicative of the vast majority of David’s fans. That’s why i’m not worried about David’s future.

  11. He said 99% of ALL his lines on “Mork and Mindy” were ad-libbed… Genius.

  12. Shanny in Australia

    I actually thought Bliss was simply saying that it’s a good thing David is staying grounded and not getting caught up in the craziness of fame. That fame and fortune is not all joy and bliss and Robin’s death is an example of that.

    Considering that someone I know – a wonderful, beautiful person I have long admired – recently nearly went to take her life and is battling depression and feelings of worthlessness – combined with the news of Robin Williams passing, makes me think how depression really obscures a person’s sense of self worth. These beautiful people who come to think so little of themselves, while others think so much of them….

    The lesson I learn is ….all of us should remember now that no matter how bad it gets, if we ever find ourselves in a dark place, never, never believe the lie that we are no good.

    On a personal note, I just spent the day at a double funeral today. The husband and wife died within two days of each other of seperate and unrelated illnesses. So sad and yet so joyful that they get to go together.

    HG, I love that movie too! What a thrill when they all stand on the desks and honor him! 🙂

    • Shanny, Robin Williams was sick. Depression is an illness, as is addiction. I believe his genius was fueled by his demons (or is it the other way around, chicken or egg?) but to post that David has his faith and is grounded and will avoid these pitfalls is just………………I cannot even express it.

      If David suffered from the illnesses Robin had, no telling if his faith, family etc could pull him out. That is the cold hard truth of the illnesses. Bliss was totally out of line.

      • i have to agree with shanny,, again some people should read post to understand not just to reoly,because they see who posted,,take the blinders off.

  13. Shanny… It isn’t what you say, but how you say it, x10. There is history in certain responses to posters to whom there is disagreement OR differing viewpoints being presented that in tone and content are repeatedly and consistently insulting, dismissive, condescending and churlish. Today IMO is not the day for that, excuse my language because I do respect you, C.R.A.P. NOT TODAY. As long as there are those who take up the unappointed and unneeded position of being a defender of David, every now and then there will be somebody out there who will slip on a cape and challenge you. I’m no thread hijacker, it’s about our collective sadness for the loss of a true non-hyperbolic comedic genius. That calls for the sharing of kindness, compassion, respect, understanding amongst each other. I’m sad, and it’s nice to know there are millions of others out there sharing in the laughter, tears and memories of this man and the loss of a towering talent.

  14. PraisingtheartistryofDavid

    Beauxcefus, I love your posts in this thread. They are just perfectly stated. Those who said depression is an illness are 100% correct. It afflicts the famous and the obscure. The rich and the poor. It is no respecter of station, stature, fame or fortune. If David suffers from this illness it won’t matter if he should become a big star or a total unknown. It will have nothing to do with his fans, whether he has 50 perfect fans or a million imperfect ones. The one thing that is sure though is that should David become ill, Bliss will be there throughout pointing fingers and assigning blame to fans who in his sick mind will be the cause.

    I was not a big fan of Robin Williams although I had a lot of respect for him as a person. Comedy is just not my cup of tea. I am sorry to know that he was in such pain and I know his loss is a major blow to a lot of people. Depression is something that follows you your whole life. You don’t recover from it. It can be treated though. I don’t know if Robin Williams just didn’t find a treatment that would work for him or if he avoided treatment altogether. It just makes me very sad for him. In case you think I don’t know what I’m talking about re depression, years ago I was hospitalized for a month with depression. I received treatment that did work for me and it’s under control. I wish Robin Williams had been so fortunate. If the love of millions of people all over the world could have cured him, he would still be alive and sharing his great gift of laughter because he truly did have the love of millions of people.

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