I’m Detecting Growth…

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  1. Rainbow Butterfly

    so david thinks his heart needs changing? again i don’t understand what is going on with him. 😦

    • What I’m getting from his tweet is that he’s learned he can’t change the world to conform to his beliefs but instead has learned to open his heart in tolerance, acceptance and understanding with no judgement of those whose beliefs & lifestyles are in direct opposition to his own faith.

      But that’s just my interpretation. It explains how he can be devout in his faith & beliefs and still admire greatly the talents of artists like Sara. Others may have a totally different perspective of what he meant.

  2. It’s similar to what I was taught as a child, and what I taught my children–specifically that the purpose of prayer was to change your own thoughts and attitudes, rather than to ask God to change or do something for you.

    Outside of the context of religious belief, which we no longer have, it’s more reminiscent of the Serenity Prayer, most often used in AA:

    “(God), grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

    The courage to change the things I can,

    And the wisdom to know the difference.”

    It’s excellent advice whether you’re a believer or not. David’s quote is from a Mormon publication and it’s about accepting God’s will. I wonder if he’s struggling with something, or if he just shares what he happens to be reading.

  3. Rainbow Butterfly

    maybe david is struggling to know what God’s will is for him right now. just like the rest of us who want to hear God’s voice before we make big life decisions.

  4. Rainbow Butterfly

    wish david would just start his own church already so i could leave mine and join his!

    • Lol. I think some people here have already joined the Church of David.

      I put this on the last thread, but thought it was more apropos to this discussion, so for what it’s worth:

      The thing that’s tough about being in a church is that you often give your power to other people who really don’t know what’s best for you, but always seem to think that they do. If you get value, fellowship, etc. from it, and can still tune out the opinions of others and do what you feel is right FOR YOU, stick around. But if it makes your life MORE difficult in balance, there may be other ways or other, more open churches that will give you the support that you need without the judgement.

      Just my 2 cents.

      P.S. Changing churches is really common in this country. “Americans change religious affiliation early and often. In total, about half of American adults have changed religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Most people who change their religion leave their childhood faith before age 24, and many of those who change religion do so more than once.” –Pew Report

    • Funny you should say that because shortly after the AI Tour he was put on a pedestal by the majority of his die-hard fans, some actually believing he was an “Angel” sent from Heaven! I used to think, My God, he could start his own “church” with members who would follow him to the ends of the earth & back! Such was the zeal of his fans for anything & everything he ever did. Even as young as he was , he was as beloved and charismatic as any celebrity I had ever known or read about living or not. It was kind of surreal in a way. But at the same time he was helping so many people with his voice and his example which was why so many fans believed he would never go on a mission for his church because he was already on a mission bringing happiness to so many with his voice.

      There was a time when I seriously thought his “followers” would have done anything for him. Me included….at least for a minute. lol!

  5. I think it’s a matter of perspective. I don’t see this tweet as indicating that David is struggling. I see it that David is acknowledging that faith is within, not without. Also I realize that he is quoting someone, not putting things in his own words so it’s the sentiment he’s identifying with.

  6. I have to be honest and admit I just have no idea what that quote means. Teen Choice Awards are on tonight (of course not watching ) and I can’t help but think of David. I hope that David stays in LA for awhile. So many changes since he was on that show in 2008. I love the “whatever” comment from David. lol.

  7. I went to the article where he got the quote, and found this–which is like what we’ve been discussing here lately:

    “… Sometimes our insistence on acting according to our own timetable can obscure His will for us. I realized I should put my trust in God’s timetable. Yes, I can make plans and chase my dreams. But through it all, I need to realize that when something isn’t working out, it may be that God has a different path for me.”

    So yes, I’m sure he’s relating to the sentiment.

    • Wow, maybe I was totally wrong with my interpretation of the quote he tweeted which I thought was his own quote. Looks like he’s doing some deep pondering about the path he’s following or if he’s even following the right path? He may be at another crossroads in his life. He needs to do whatever brings him contentment, joy, and peace even if it turns out to be the opposite of what I am hoping for.

      Looks like his 2 younger sisters are or were also in CA as well. 🙂

  8. Rainbow Butterfly

    thanks cc for finding out that interesting info for us. and that’s the most difficult thing, how do we know what is our plan and what is God’s? will the Holy Spirit lead us strongly or quietly? so much room for mistakes and confusion. i need to know if God wants me to leave my church and go somewhere else. of course i cannot discuss this with my church friends as it would cause alot of conflict and bad feelings. so thanks for helping me out here with your opinions!

    • I can’t pretend to know the answers to your questions with any certainty. My experience says we are guided somewhere in the middle of strongly and quietly. My gut says that you already feel you have your answers but are afraid to act on them. Doing some research on the points you question might help you, and even speaking with a church leader from another faith. Most priests and minsters will give you honest answers with no agenda of conversion. Good luck to you!

      • Rainbow Butterfly

        thanks AnonAnon! very much appreciate your advice. 🙂

      • We went church shopping when our kids were small, and made the choice to return to the church where we felt most peaceful and uplifted. Of course we had already researched to know that the doctrines suited us.

  9. Rainbow Butterfly

    it is possible of course that God has destined david to be someone very special in a spiritual way and guide/lead many people back to the church.

  10. from what I saw Michael John was laid to rest Friday? him flying into LA and his tweets might be related to this.

  11. Ali, I think you have it right. David does not appear to be struggling with his religious beliefs. He appears to be very rooted in his belief system, and, for the first time in his young life, he is confident enough to express his beliefs publicly, and live fully in his truth. His Mission and subsequent trip to the war zones have served to reinforce this belief system. He’s a deeply religious person. It permeates all aspects of his life. Those who choose to be in denial of that realty can expect to be incessantly disappointed, which we clearly see is already taking place.

    • Rainbow Butterfly

      i agree, after his mission and overseas trip david does seem very sure of himself and his beliefs. i think the problem now is how will he be able incorporate those strong beliefs into a secular singing career without having to compromise? and i think it’s clear, we all loe and respect him and don’t want him to have to compromise himself in any way.

      • Rainbow Butterfly, yes, that is the question. How will David manage to have a viable singing career without compromising his religious beliefs? Unfortunately, not all his fans feel the way you do, and they do want him to compromise, if not completely ignore, his religious beliefs to accommodate “their” secular singing career. To some, “religious beliefs” = lousy, local, career full of boring, “message ” songs” and not nearly enough sexy “modern” music like the kind he gave them glimpses of before he was swallowed up by the Mormons and their uptight belief system.

        David will find a way to produce great, entertaining and substantial music and still be true to himself. He’s a true artist. He’ll find the way to do it.

  12. Rainbow Butterfly

    love not loe

  13. Yawn…

    Suddenly got so sleepy. 🙂 But fiirst,

    Marie, I have to say the video of David & David at the Teen Choice awards in 2008 clearly shows how much David and Miley have changed. Miley, not for the better, and David? Well we know the changes David has gone through but who would ever have guessed Miley would have morphed into the mess, albeit, very successful & lucrative mess, IMO, she is now? In 2008, I thought David was the one destined for a very successful & lucrative career. Hope God lets him know it’s not too late & it’s OK to go for it! 😉


  14. Yes- I agree. Miley is both successful and a mess. Along with the Biebs of course. lol. I hope David does go for it too. 🙂

  15. I think there’s a very good chance that David’s first project will be a religious cd. That way he can share what he believes musically, just like he did in Chile. After that , more pop music. What do you think?

    • Purely from a speculation basis, I’ll guess his first release will be Spanish pop. Based on the leak we heard. Not sure if it will be just a song, an EP or a full album.

    • My guess is that David’s first CD won’t be a “religious CD” per se, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the music will be intended to inspire, uplift and enlighten whoever has the good sense to listen to it.

      David is conducting a clinic on how to “go for it” right now.. He is true to his values, and not buckling under to the pressures from those who do not respect those values because his values get in the way of their needs. He is taking his sweet time in creating the best music he knows how, and enjoying himself in the process. No amount of sarcastic, mocking references of his beliefs will cause him to stray from them at any time, for any reason. Now, that’s what I call “going for it”.

  16. Bliss, I’m sure you’re right about him putting out inspirational music. Ali, hope you’re right that he will release some Spanish pop . I remember him saying it takes him a long time to write because he has trouble with words. Plus he seems to be a bit of a perfectionist. So it may take a while , but the wait will be worth it !

  17. I have no idea what David is going to do regarding his music career and his first project. I can tell you what I hope he does-a Spanish pop EP/ single/ album or a pop soulful EP/single/album. Also would not mind pop/rock music. If David wants to produce inspirational/religious music than that is entirely up to him but I just have no interest at all in that. But if others do that is great. Any one check out David’s wiki page lately? He has quite a few labels listed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Archuleta Jive[3] (2008–2011)
    Shadow Mountain Records[4] (2011)
    Ivory Records (2012)
    Highway Records (2012)
    E1 Music[5] (2013-present)
    What is E1 Music? Off to work my very long work day. 🙂

    • E1 Music is the distributor who released No Matter How Far. Shadow Mountain & Highway Records are the same thing (essentially) and they both refer to the release of BEGIN.

  18. Someone asked David about a month ago what kind of music he was making. His response was:

  19. Thanks Ali. In his own words he is writing pop and Spanish songs.

  20. Rainbow Butterfly

    i do believe he will put out a new album with pop songs, and a spanish song, and a few inspirational songs thrown in just like TOSOD and Begin albums. just hope we don’t have to wait forever. sometimes wish david was not such a perfectionist. i will buy anything he puts out. it doesn’t have to be perfect david!!! 🙂

  21. Happy dance here!!:)

  22. When I saw David’s tweet I was so hoping it was in reference to tolerance. I still hope that is how he meant it in light of what is currently happening in our world and in light of his attending Sara’s concert. My hope is a little tempered by the context of where he got the quote, however.

    My issues with conservative organized religion (yes Bliss ALL, not just LDS) is that for some, it just twists them in knots trying to do the right thing, be the right person etc. For those who find comfort and love there without angst, I am happy they have found a place of peace. But I can’t help wonder if David struggles. I am not sure what or how David feels anymore since he basically told us that his times in the spotlight pre-mission were almost all an act. Looking back I strongly remember on Idol Ryan asked David how he was doing-he obviously looked a bit stressed. But David said he was pretty sure he was the happiest he had ever been (or something like that). Was that an act? A lie? Just being caught up in the moment? Based on is posts, Bliss seems to know for sure every inch of David’s heart and brain but I can only speculate.

    • Anne: “I am not sure what or how David feels anymore since he basically told us that his times in the spotlight pre-mission were almost all an act.”

      I’m not sure how you get that from what David said. He said he felt he needed to make everyone happy and had to try and please them – he thought he was supposed to do that. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a good time performing, touring, traveling, singing, etc. He loved to sing then (he’s said that before), he still loves to sing (we can see that!), he is going to work with people he loves, etc.

      That does not mean he was putting on an “act?”

      • I hope you are right marlie and I am wrong. I hate the thought of David regretting (for lack of a better word) what he did pre-mission.

  23. Interesting takes on, what I thought was, David’s quote.
    If it mean, just work on your faith and don’t try to change others to think like you, hum very interesting as to where it comes from.

    I remember that twitter exchange about what kind of music he is writing and yes, I totally believe that’s what he is doing. The question is when and how he is going to launch the music.
    Loved that little snippet of the Spanish song…up tempo…and that dreamy voice, sigh!!!

    • Yes, cq, I do believe he is writing and will put out music. And I agree, how will he put out that music? Lots of now popular musicians started out distributing stuff basically on their own. I don’t know much about Gina Orr, but I would think, even though Kari is a tour manager, she has tons of knowledge and maybe even contacts she can share with David. I wonder if things are just kind of on hold with David because she is so busy with JT. Makes some sense to me.

      • I remember how excited he was about TOSOD and how he felt it was the songs he wanted…I want to believe he really felt that and still feels pride for those songs. Even though they really didn’t catch on I thought it didn’t matter to him because after all, it wasn’t about stardom, it was about the music.
        David is fascinating and continues to be mysterious to me.

  24. Rainbow Butterfly

    as usual, david’s motivation and thoughts seem to be a mystery. wish he would tweet his own thoughts in his own words and stop with the quotes from other people.

    • Maybe he thinks the quotes say it better than he could??

      • Rainbow Butterfly

        u are probably right anne but i want david to know i would prefer his words, not some “perfect” quote from some person i don’t even know or care about.

  25. I understand Rainbow. We would all love to really get some thoughts directly from him.

  26. Anne, I am not a proponent of organized religion, nor do I have any personal interest in the Mormon Church. My interest is in David, and HE has a personal interest in the Mormon Church. That’s enough for me. If David wants to be a Mormon (and he most certainly does) then, as his fan, I will respect him for it, and accept that as a significant part of his life. Why others cannot do the same is beyond me. Citing polls and statistics (not you) about how the Mormon Church is losing followers, etc. is another form of whining about how the Mormon Church is bad for David’s career, blah blah blah, and it will not change his involvement with LDS one iota. I also realize that my pointing this out will not stem the tide of these comments, since they are both tolerated and encouraged on this site.

    Also, feel free to mock me and call me any name in the book, but please do not come on a fan site and wonder if David was a liar and if it was “all an act”. Have you ever been to a show? Have you ever had David look you in the eye, shake you hand and thank you for buying his book or his CD? I have, as have countless others. I know when people are “full of it” and David is not one of them. David is probably the most authentic human being I have ever encountered. There are many things about David that are worthy of discussion. His honesty and integrity should not be on such a list.

    • PraisingtheartistryofDavid

      Your opinion! You really don’t know what’s in David’s head any more than the rest of us do. You see what David wants us to see. The real David he keeps private. David has said he sees himself as just David. Who he shows to the public is David Archuleta, the performer. They are both part of David, but he has said it as if he sees himself almost as two different persons.

      • Praise….,I like your screen name. We need more of it around here. As for David, when you say “You see what David wants us to see” you’re saying that David “manages” his public persona and he is not “in the moment” and. hence, not authentic. I disagree, based on my personal, albeit limited, interaction with David. I also have never spoken to anyone who has met David who has ever doubted his sincerity and authenticity, nor have I ever read any account of anyone drawing that conclusion. At some point, the preponderance of the evidence will lead a rational person to form a conclusion, and in the case of David, that evidence reveals that he is, and has been, in fact, an honest and sincere person to his fans for the past 6 1/2 years.

      • PraisingtheartistryofDavid

        Bliss, I’m just repeating what David has said many times. I don’t pretend to know what’s in his head or what his intentions are.

  27. Bliss, David himself is, by his own actions, promoting the discussion of his religion. Fans will discuss whatever is going on with David and he knows it. So, if he tweets out religious quotes and tweets about returning missionaries, the discussion will naturally “go there.”

    In case you haven’t noticed, HG has put up David’s religious quote as the topic of this thread so you shouldn’t be surprised. You should just expect it in the natural course of things.

    As with ANY topic, you will NEVER have everyone in complete agreement. You will get pros and cons. It’s called a discussion. It’s normal!

    If you were in a group of your friends and you brought up the subject of religion or politics, would you really expect them not to give their opinion on the subject at hand? Of course not. To bring up a subject and not expect discussion on the matter, both pros and cons, would be completely unrealistic.

    Actually (and this will surprise you) I agree with you that I would prefer to see conversation about other topics. But it’s David, by his own actions and words, that determines what fans discuss.

    I’m not saying David shouldn’t tweet about anything his little ole heart desires. He’s a grown man and can say whatever he wants to say. I’m just saying that what he talks about, fans will talk about.

    • Anon Too, point taken. Religion, as such, is certainly not a taboo subject, nor should anything else. However, the consistent and relentless bashing of religion in general and, worse yet, David’s involvement in his religion goes way beyond “discussion”. Regarding David, what’s left to discuss about his religion? We’ve heard the tantrums about how horrible LDS is. You know the drill. LDS represses free expression, doesn’t want you to drink alcohol, coffee, Pepsi, etc, makes you wear some strange underwear, wants you to convert everybody in sight to their Church all over the world, wants you to never have sex until you get married, and then reproduce like crazy……… We get it.

      At what point do the fans of David Archuleta accept that this guy whose music and personality they are so engaged with is a Mormon, follows these rules, and has no intention of changing any time soon? Reading these endless diatribes about LDS is like a watching a 5 year old rolling around on the floor because he/she can’t have ice cream before dinner. The reason David is a Mormon is because that’s what he wants to be. How about accepting what cannot be changed, and is none of your business in the first place, and moving on to discussing other issues that are still unresolved and within the realm of being a fan? The Mormon question has been asked and answered by David a million times.

      • Bliss, Religion, just like politics, is an extreme Hot Button topic. They are two things I try very hard not to discuss with others for that reason. People have extreme opinions on those topics and each feels HIS is the correct side. It’s a lose-lose topic but as I said, as long as David continues to bring it into the conversation it will happen.

        As you can see, your continued “defense” of him over the last several months has not changed anyone’s opinion. Most people over the age of 30 have very FIRM beliefs and almost nothing can change them.

        As for accepting who he is, I think the fans here obviously do accept him for who he is because they are still here. But that doesn’t mean they HAVE TO agree with everything he does. They don’t need to like everything he does to appreciate his talent. They aren’t voting him into office. They just want to hear him sing. And to many, WHAT he sings DOES matter. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

        Fans can love David the man and the artist without necessarily loving the David who has been a preacher exclusively for the past two years and is still preaching. Many fans signed on for his career, not for his religion, and there is nothing wrong with that either. Each us of is entitled to follow David for our own reasons and there are probably almost as many reasons as there are fans.

        I personally wish he’d separate his career from his church. But then again, he really doesn’t seem to care what either you or I think. We are not the ones who have to live his life so it’s his choice to run his career as he chooses. If he chooses to mix the two, career and religion, then he obviously accepts that there will be some who like it and some who don’t.

        Perhaps you should consider that if David doesn’t care if people like it or not, you should adopt the same attitude. At this point, continuing to berate fans for their opinions is just a waste of your time and creates hurt feelings for no good reason, unless you do it just for the enjoyment you get out. I’m hoping you’re better than that.

    • Actually it was Bliss who brought up the subject of religion that directly led to the discussion of statistics, etc. Every reasonable, intelligent response just leads to a diatribe on (bad) fans’ opinions which are only found in his head, so why bother?

  28. I like your title: PraisiingtheartistryofDavid. However, who are you behind your title. Is it private? Or is it an act? David is genuine!

    • PraisingtheartistryofDavid

      We are discussing David on this forum so what I am or am not is not relevant. Each of us are just commenting our opinions and observations of David as we see them. When David has made a comment it will be discussed here if commentors so choose. My opinions are genuine and that is all you need to know.

  29. I find it funny that David tweeted that quote and right after post that, lol.
    Anyway, nice picture of him.
    Glad that he is having fun in Ca….had no doubts it was a personal trip, but was hoping for business also.

    • We don’t know what all David has been doing while in California. Maybe it was business as well, maybe it wasn’t. Same is true with recording music — as a commenter here was repeatedly saying the other day that David doesn’t care about making music enough and should be in the studio more. There are a lot of hours in the day that David does not tweet pictures of his specific location. And there are also many hours in the day where random people don’t tweet that they saw him out somewhere. Just because it’s not tweeted about doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Doesn’t mean it IS either, just means we don’t know.

    • btw,just my opinion, in no way do I know it to be fact that he was only in Cali for personal stuff.

  30. David tweets, we comment. Unless the owner of this site deems a comment inappropriate, we are free to say what we think. What We Think not what we know for certain.

    Bliss, you are the only one here, IMHO, who seems to know how David thinks, how David feels, what his intentions are etc. Everyone else here can only speculate but because you have met him briefly, you Know him completely, head, heart and soul. Everything I write is only my opinion based on what I see and read from David. You are so lucky to be so plugged into his very being that you can be certain about these things.

    • Anne, just like you and everyone else, everything I write about David is my opinion based on what I have seen and heard over the years. I have no special link to David. What I do have is 2 eyes and 2 ears that have been paying attention to David for over 6 1/2 years. This has created a vivid impression of who he is and what he believes. I take what I’ve seen, what I’ve experienced, and what I have heard David and others say to draw reasonable conclusions about him. That’s why when I read that David may have been “faking” his affection for his fans or “lying” about enjoying his career, it flies in the face of everything I have seen, heard, read, or experienced.

      You can mock me with sarcastic posts till the cows come home, and draw any conclusions you want. I am merely expressing what I see as an informed opinion about David.

  31. Rainbow Butterfly

    i just wanna see a pic of this girlfriend who someone said exists! who is she? where is she? is she with david right now? too bad the LA paparazzi doesn’t follow him anymore. 😦

    • who is “someone” and why would you want to have LA paparazzi follow anyone? It just causes well-known musicians/actors/etc. who aren’t into putting their private life out for public consumption to try harder to stay under the radar except when they are performing. There are many, many “famous” people who mostly stay under the radar and then there are those who try to get attention by being present at certain clubs or hot spots or whatever. Wouldn’t wish that on David.

    • I think the same people who said that David was dating Charice are the ones insisting that he has a girlfriend. We now know how credible that was. Plus it changes–first it was the skinny blonde, and lately it’s supposedly been the brunette in the Mietra photo where David was looking a little uncomfortable.

  32. Yep, that “source” is less reliable than the Russian news agencies.

  33. Rainbow Butterfly

    and then we have brittnie, the girl who “dated” david one time and was shocked that he asked her out. she’s on twitter but private. 😦 not that she would tell us anything anyway.

    • It sure would be annoying to want to ask random girls out and having it in the back of your mind at all times that whatever you say/don’t say, do/don’t do could end up in someone’s blog or twitter or whatever. I think he has gotten a little more relaxed about things after being thrown in with so many random people on his mission and coming back seems more at ease with just hanging out with people but it still must be hard.

      • At the AI dress rehearsal we attended years ago, Carrie Underwood was chatting to the crowd and mentioned how she went out one time and got ambushed because she forgot that she was famous, lol. It must be so odd for David to have people always speculating about where he is and what he’s doing.

      • Rainbow Butterfly

        yeah sometimes i wonder if david regrets going on idol and having to continue to deal with being famous. seems like he was enjoying it back then. but now, it’s kinda hard to tell. think he wants a career and privacy at the same time which is difficult when most of us fans have been emotionally invested since 2008! wonder if he ever plans to vlog again? 😦

      • He did a vlog right before he left on the military tour. And he’s done two written blogs since then.

      • Honestly-I am just not of fan of the vlogs although I know other fans do like them. I don’t blame David for not wanting to do them. Other music artists don’t do them as far as I can tell. RIP Robin Williams. Shocking and sad news.

  34. CChalo re: your post at 5:15 PM, Really? I just popped up with a mention of religion out of the blue? I don’t think so.

    Anyway, HG has introduced the subject of religion on this thread by posting David’s recent tweet, a quote which is clearly religion based, and taken from a recent LDS publication. The ensuing conversation has stemmed from that tweet. If you don’t like the subject HG chose to present, you may want to consider absenting yourself from the discussion altogether, since we have already had your anti- LDS point of view shoved down our collective throats countless times, statistics and all.

  35. never judge what you don,t understand

    • It wired that his sisters and him are same cite but not together. Some pics of new david with fans today, there young blonde girl sitting down behind them could be David’s new girlfriend?? She could live in CA not in Utah, david seem spending time there now and Believe it or not, david does have new girlfriend!.

  36. Rainbow Butterfly

    what the heck was that??

  37. Rainbow Butterfly

    omg those pics Lol! and that one where david looks pissed off, wonder what he was saying?! also i noticed a purse on a bench in the background. maybe it belongs to the gf! maybe david and his gf are having dinner with jeff and his gf, that would be one awesome photo!!! 🙂

  38. Rainbow Butterfly

    can u guys imagine if david introduced us to his girlfriend via a vlog?! the twitter/facebook frenzy that would follow would be extremely entertaining! 🙂 hope it happens.

  39. OMG! The banter back & about David’s phantom “GF” is making me LMAO!!

    • Rainbow Butterfly

      i know, it’s funny and exciting just the thought of it! Lol 🙂 i think she’s real.

  40. Back & FORTH…duh.

  41. Agsin It could be his sisters purses, they could be in LA now with him, it could be any girl purses. Okay nite

  42. Rainbow Butterfly

    senseless, what is the “duh” in reference to? the fact he has a gf? or that we are talking about it?

    • No. That I goofed & left out the word “Forth”. lol!

      Actually, I would be happy if David has a GF.

  43. WOW, just heard Robin Williams died…suicide. Can’t believe it…

    • Senseless, Hg has a new thread in honor of Robin, so, so sad.
      So nice to see your name, hope you come back to commenting.

  44. There a pic of david getting mad at something with some guy in the pic, does david knows he was being photographed/ caught and He seem piss for some reason, I think fans might be upset to see different side of david that fans normal don’t see? David seem mad than all sudden he turn smiley.

    • The guy said they were just talking & joking. It’s just how the camera caught his expression. He said they talked about his culture and food. Lol, David and food are always hand in hand.

    • I think he was just having a conversation and the picture was taken at an odd moment. Do you really like David at all? You seem to find fault with everything about him.

  45. The pot gets stirred here a lot, as we know.

  46. lol oh brother.

    JT is at the Staples Center tonight hope he goes

    WYSYLM Staples Center

    this is what I miss.. I miss David singing live for us

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