Old School David!

Good for him that he got to see these artists:



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  1. I agree with you, old school, but phenomenal talent. David is all about good music, David has a very eclectic taste in music.

  2. Going back to the last post, Marie, you said that you wished that David would go on Dancing with the Stars. Did you know that a bunch of the pros from DWTS were at the show last night too because you know that Gladys was on the show and danced with the ever-charming Tristan MacManus and they danced on stage with her. So there is a good chance that David met those guys last night (wishful thinking perhaps on my part). And, even though I don’t really want David to dance on the show, it would be great if he would sing. And did you know that Julianne Hough (of the amazing Derek and Julianne Hough dancing siblings) has been voice-coached at some point by Dean? All these connections. Anyway, here is a little article about the DWTS guys being with Gladys http://www.puredwts.com/2014/08/09/dancing-with-the-stars-pros-become-gladys-knights-pips-at-the-hollywood-bowl/comment-page-1/#comment-402754

    • Interesting collegemom. Thanks for posting. 🙂 I agree that I hope David met them as it is good for David to have some connections in the entertainment business. It sure is not going to hurt David to go on DWTS and it just might give his career a boost.

  3. I would love for David to sing more of this kind of soulful / jazzy/ gospel type music. DWTS not so much.

    • oliveoil, I can understand your not wanting for him to go on DWTS, especially if you aren’t into that show, but still, imo, I really don’t (career wise) think it would be a bad move, that is if he wants a mainstream secular career. I’m, of course, a DWTS, viewer and really I’ve seen a lot of career revitalized after they were on that ‘cheesy’ show. Imo, he has been out of the mainstream that a lot have forgotten him, other than us diehard fans, (realistically not that many), so he needs to re invent himself IF, and that’s a big IF, he wants a mainstream secular music career. I’m not talking about being a mega star, just a successful career.

  4. Like oliveoil, I lean toward hearing David singing something soulful/jazzy/gospel but if he does more acting or appears on DWTS, etc., I will definitely watch and cheer him on. 😀

    Playing 360 degrees of David:

    David and actor Wesley Jonathan (WJ) both played in the Duffy’s Hope basketball game a few years back. WJ is also also very visible in the video clip of D singing “Ribbon in the Sky”. One of WJ’s biggest movie rolls is the character “Sweetness” in the 2005 movie Roll Bounce. One of the main songs from the movie was a remix of Kool and the Gang’s “Hollywood Swingin'”. And to bring it full circle, David saw Kool and the Gang last night, lol.

    Hollywood Swinging, w/Wesley Jonathan at 1:54-1:59

  5. I was skimming the last thread and someone stated that the LDS church was losing more members than ever before. The population of LDS church members is greater than its ever been, and it continues to grow exponentially around the world.

    I don’t know any singer that has had his or her career revitalized from dancing on DWTS. There’s even been an idol on that show. The effect on single and album sales? Nada. I’d be interested in names of those singers and data. The audience of that show skews very old.

    The music snippet was deleted? I guess that’s meaningful.

    • Mario Lopez, Donny Osmond to name two.

      • oh, and Marie Osmond too.

      • Data ? Mario Lopez, Donny Osmond, and Marie Osmond — have any of them released current music and what were their album sales?

        I agree that Mario Lopez got a big boost from the show, but he’s not singing, is he?

    • The number of LDS church members is growing but not exponentially. The growth rate was 1.99% in 2013 as opposed to 2.31% in 2012 and 3.91% in 1997. The church has 15,082,028 members.


      • David on dancing on the stars, I don’t think he has the gut to do it. David won’t dance sexy front of people around the world, lol!!!

      • Thanks, I understand your point. Here’s a quote I lifted from your link.

        “After 1990, average annual growth again slowed steadily to a rate around 2.3% for the ten years ending 2013, still about double the average world population growth rate of 1.2% for the same period.”

      • FYI, the population of the LDS church IS losing more members than ever before. It’s odd that the population figures they post has been the same for the last 5-10 years as being 14-15 million world-wide, showing no growth. Even so, of those numbers, not even half are practicing or otherwise involved in the church. Non-practicing members are still listed as members. The church makes it difficult for members to “officially resign” so many just don’t bother tryng to have their names removed as members.

        To be fair, the LDS church is not alone. All “organized” religious institutions are also losing members in record numbers. The difference is that members of most of the other religions don’t make it so nightmarishly hard to leave as the LDS Church does.

      • Sigh, Numbers1…are we really going there again? And it totally depends on the situation…most of my family has left the LDS church, and it was not “nightmarish” at all. Relationships with LDS friends have continued and there has been no ill treatment at all.

      • I agree that it is not just LDS. All organized religions are losing members. To me that is just common sense but that is just me.

    • Didn’t say singer, I was just giving examples of stars that being on DWTS helped get people curious again. Donny and Marie have a highly successful show going in Vegas, now I’m not saying that they wouldn’t still have that, but I’m just saying that there gig on DWTS, was good promo. I’d say Mario’s was a career that really wasn’t going as strong as after the DWTS gig.
      Anon, I respect your opinion.

      • cq I agree that being on DWTS gave Donny and Marie the boost in their careers to have that successful show in Vegas. I was going to post that . Helped them without a doubt. You really can’t minimize the PR that celebrities get from being on the show weekly in front of millions of viewers. Plus David has the older fans to do well on the show as those are the folks that watch it. It sure will not hurt his career.

      • omg, should be, careers going again, so sorry, dang!!!

  6. CQ, from the last thread you wondered if financially David was set for life. My guess is NO. He obviously made enough for this several year break, but not enough for life especially if he wants to marry and have the large Mormon family. Of course he could marry and his wife work while he takes care of the kids like my neighbor with four boys does. I believe he’s writing music so he can put out music and tour again. We really don’t know how much he actually made in the past. I believe the numbers reported were exaggerated and were gross earnings. We all wish we took home our gross earnings. His earnings were actually for a small business with taxes taking a big chunk, payroll, expenses and most likely supporting his whole family most of the time. Not sure how much was left after that.

    • Thank you Grammyj for your reply, I appreciate your input. Everything you said sounds realistic to me too. I do believe he is very good with his money, so yes, I think he’s ok.

    • I agree Grammyj that his earnings can’t be enough life. With the cost of living the way it is very few are set for life.

    • If he has held on to even a third of the reportedly 6 million he has earned, he could survive OK. The cost of living’s pretty low in Utah and most people would be happy to retire on 2 million.

      • You got a point cc halo.

      • Well I do agree with Grammyj, he probably couldn’t do a lot without continuing to earn money.

      • I doubt he personally ended up with 2 million, but that’s just my opinion. Only David and his financial advisor really knows how much money David has. What we do know is that he doesn’t seem to be doing anything currently to earn money. Hopefully that will change soon with new music to buy and a tour to attend.

  7. I’m finding it hard to picture David returning to touring and performing as he did before (though I have hope), let alone going on DWTS. I think hell would have to freeze over first.

    • lol, hell freezes over, I do tend to agree, but still holding out hope. What a shame if he doesn’t return to performing and touring.

  8. I agree cc halo. Not going to happen. lol. 🙂

  9. By the way cc halo I have been meaning to comment about the picture in your profile that posts when you comment. Is that your dog? How cute is he or she. Adorable. 🙂

    • Ha ha. Thanks. It’s actually all three dogs: my “Canine Good Morning Excitement Crew”. They’re peering over the edge of the bed thinking, “Yay!!! She’s awake!!!”

    • Yes cchalo very cute.
      I’m so techy challenged wouldn’t begin to know how to do that.

      • Thanks, cq. Don’t know if I’m doing it the official way, but I just click on “Leave a Reply” just like I normally would to reply, and the info comes up below the reply box. There should be a choice between (Log out/ Change) so click on Change, and then on the gray square where the picture would go. From there you would be able to select photos from your computer. You kind of have to experiment a little.

      • P.S. You might first have to “Log in” by clicking on the square icon.

  10. I can definitely see David doing Christmas tours. He stated that he loved his Christmas tours and he can combine his pop music with Christmas music including religious Christmas carols. He likes to do different genres which he can do in a Christmas tour. There are artists that make most of their money doing Christmas tours such as Mannheim Steamroller. I can see him going this direction although I hope he will tour year round. I am hoping once he gets enough new songs together he starts touring again. I had hoped for a Begin Again tour but I guess that was the Military tour.

  11. They are all sooo cute and what a cute pic. 🙂

  12. David is absolutely planning to tour again. Not sure exactly what was meant by “like before” (are you referring to like 2009 touring or like 2010/2011 touring?) but I’m talking about more than just a Christmas tour. And no I can’t give you hard proof for that and it’s fine if you don’t believe me. It’s true though.

    • Someone,

      I believe you that he “is absolutely planning” to tour again. But planning & doing are two very different things. But since you seem to be “in the know”, is he “planning a tour in the USA or in another country? Inquiring minds want to know.

  13. I agree David may never again tour as he did in the past. I think he will perform, but not touring as a headliner but perhaps as an opener for more well established artist. And there’s always a chance that he could do the club circuit but doubtful considering where his head & heart is now.

    Of course, if the sun, moon & stars are aligned, his new music may be what hits are made of. He’s got the voice, hopefully the new music he’s creating will do justice to and match his vocal ability. Just wish we knew more about the new music.

  14. i see you guys couldent go another post without bringenig up the church bit,and youcan,t blame it on bliss this time, ha ha ha wabohc

    • but the dif frence is that th ere is no name c alling and no one is s colding or attack ing a n yone but i,m su r e b lis s will appe ar any sec on d now

      • booster, but you are still putting down his church,,and i guess you are one of the women on ,who post evert day, just changeing you name ,.chicken

      • peo pl e were no t put ting d own his chu rch they were ju s t d iscu sing whet her or not the ch irc h is lo sing memb ers and othe r ch ruche s were menti oned as w e ll don,t sta rt the name c all ing you don,t wa n t to go the re, you real l y don,t

      • A conversation between rooster and booster. For some reason I find this very funny. LOL and still LOL.

  15. David is only 23 years old, younger than most people who are struggling to get into any part of the music business. I have no doubt that he will tour again and who knows how it will be over the years as we see many great singers/performers have ups and downs over the years and I expect David to have a lifelong music career. He talked one time (maybe someone here can remember where I read it) about how he admired different singers in their 70’s still up on stage and that was how he wanted to be.

    • Good point collegemom. No one knows what the future will hold for David. One thing that I have head on to was that he said he was returning to his music career when he returned from his mission, so that’s the reason I’m here waiting. Although I don’t think this is the case, it might well be that we won’t get anything from David career wise for several years, who really knows.

  16. Didn’t know where to post this, but I thought this story about concert tee shirts gave a good overview of the complexities involved in just one tiny part of touring:


    • Interesting read about the cost of T-Shirts at concerts and how monies are distributed.

      One thing I would not mind when or if David tours again and if we are offered VIP passes which included food, gifts, a private mini-concert & a picture with David that they forego the gifts & even the picture. IMO, a private concert & meeting David is worth the cost of the VIP passes without the rest which cuts into the net profits for him after the VIP handlers get their cut. Maybe adding signed photo or poster would be OK though. Just a thought.

      Some of the gifts while not really extravagant, still cost money. Gifts differed from tour to tour, included scarves, t-shirts, totes, posters, etc. I gave away most of the gifts to young fans at some concerts who didn’t go to the VIP’s who were so thrilled you would have thought I gave them a million dollars! I wouldn’t be at all surprised if other fans who went to more than one VIP at each tour did the same thing.

      Crazy how musicians make more money off their “merchandise” than from the music they work so hard to create for our enjoyment and pleasure.

  17. If I were David I would grab a JT T-shirt at the JT concert in LA. 🙂

  18. Interesting to read, missbianca. I could be remembering wrong, but I think the CFTH t-shirt I bought my daughter cost $40, and she only wore it the next time we went to David’s MKOC concert/VIP two years later. She begged and begged and I thought, well, it’s part of the fun and the splurge of the whole thing, so why not?

    It’s always good to hear, even from very unofficial sources, that David is planning to tour again–not that I doubted it would EVER happen–just that I had a hard time PICTURING it. I still have a hard time imagining him going back to anything like he was doing before, because of his vlogs and the fundamental changes he talks about. He doesn’t come close to sharing the passion for current music like he did before.

  19. As a 22 year old… It feels like there’s so much time for me to achieve my dreams, so I’m taking baby steps at a time… Here I am studying in a ‘Post-grad studies’ which will take me 2 more years of studying (since I’m currently on my 2nd year) and after graduating another year for licensure examinations. After that, I have to study again to become specialized and work hard to climb the ranks…. I think I’ll only be stable when I’m on my 30s. I’m young but not too young… And I’m old enough but not too old.

    David is just 23, and I think he feels no need for the word ‘hurry’. Because as he said post mission he did not want to repeat his mistake before, of hurrying things up just so to please everyone only to end up with something he’s not satisfied. I know it’s hard to wait for something that seems to never arrive, but we’ve seen crumbs of David’s recent career-related works. He will surely make a comeback, or try again in the music business, or try a new career. Let’s just not tear each other apart because our ‘speculations’ are not befriending each other. Besides, he need to make a living (it’s the reality). Even if he’s as rich as what the internet’s projecting he is… It wouldn’t be enough when time comes his children needs to go to college, or when there’s a health crisis or emergency in his family, or when his sisters need financial aid… Because who knows what’s gonna happen in the future. He’s young, he wouldn’t think about retiring. With all the energy you’ve got, the wisdom you’ve got because you’ve matured enough, the drive to achieve your dreams… Why would you settle with what you’ve earned before when there’s still so much to earn ahead? We shouldn’t underestimate David and put limitations in his ability (just because he became so inclined to his faith and became brave to show everyone he’s his faith)… Let’s not forget he’s a young man, and just like the rest of us in our 20’s (and the rest of you when you were in your 20s) are filled with the will to become what we aspire ourselves to become.

    “I am on my way – I can go the distance!
    I don’t care how far – Somehow I’ll be strong
    I know every mile will be worth my while
    I would go most anywhere to find where I belong”

    -Hercules the son of Zeus


  20. Thinking out loud…

    David just needs some really great, not just good, but really great songs with unforgettable melodies and relevant lyrics people, not only his older fans, but young lovers of great music, will not be able to get out of their heads. Songs we can’t help but move to, hum to, or playing the cd’s on repeat in our cars or on our Ipods. Original songs he will be famous for and be remembered for years from now.

    Why is it said David ever needs to sell his soul to be as famous or as successful as JB? David is so far removed from artists like JB in every way that counts. Don’t mean his religion, but his character and integrity and love & respect for his family I think would deter & keep him from ever falling into a dark abyss & craziness such as JB and others have fallen into. Having a huge successful career, making tons of money is not shameful or undeserving. Just think of all the good things a person like David could do if he had the kind of money JB or Miley earned last year alone! Mind boggling.

    Is David’s passion & desire for a successful music career still there or is his passion & desire now for something else?

    Having a really great team behind him is very important as well. Rumor during his MKOC tour was he was being pursued by some big time music honchos but of course David was going in another direction. Now David seems to be going it alone. Who & where are his “team” or is there a team? I could say Gina Who? And who can blame Kari for going where the bright lights are?

    Feeling frustrated and just a little melancholy. And thinking about what David can still do musically if he really wants to. Forgive me but as a fan I still wish & hope David’s star will soar to the stratosphere because too many deserving & mega talented artists give up & disappear.

    • Sharshine, absolutely agree with you 100%.

      • oops sorry, misspelled your name, le’s just say it’s my signature move, lol.

      • I agree with ya Starshine. At this point- honestly my expectations are rather low for what is going on with David’s career- but it is more than OK with me. Unless he signs with some sort of label- I just don’t think he has the team in place that he needs for a secular music career. I just don’t get the no scheduled appearances at this point. To me David has never had a clear plan in mind for his music career. His religious(church), spiritual life- yes but his music career -no. He has always been all over the place with his career. lol. I feel that he lacks the drive and passion for his music career right now but maybe it will change. He is young. idk. But- His career not mine.

    • “Is David’s passion & desire for a successful music career still there or is his passion & desire now for something else?”

      I think we’re not sensing that passion he once had, which is why we get a little pessimistic. It’s why we keep talking about whether he even NEEDS to do it financially. But it’s all good–when he gets back into secular music on his own terms, it’s fine by me–I’m not holding my breath.

      YouWereJustADream, I can relate to being at that age and all of the different educational paths I took to finally arrive at my career in architecture. And then after a dozen years, I left it to raise my kids through their teens, and now have a completely different career.

      I was never a prodigy like David, though, and it seemed like he was so fortunate to have that direction from an early age, without all of the floundering around that so many of us do. But HE doesn’t seem excited about that, he says that he spends MOST of his time on his church. I trust that he’s working to get things just right, but in the meantime we can just speculate.

    • I am glad you are thinking out loud…thoughtful questions, concern and frustration, sadness and a bit of disappointment. I share some of your thoughts and concerns because, like you, i too want his star to shine. But i also think, like the 22 year old, David is still young and moving at a pace much slower than we would like so to “get it right this time” . I really believe he is moving forward with his career and that he will tour again.

  21. Starshine and cq, I also feel a little frustrated and sad for all the same reasons. But then I must remind myself that these are MY expectations, not David’s. He was thrust into a whirlwind life at the age of 16. During that time he was always missing his family and friends, and spent whatever free time he had with them. He gave everything he could for his fans before he left on a 2 year mission. I can only imagine how much he missed his family. I understand how he must enjoy being free now to be David again. Not the celebrity David, but the person he was before American Idol. I hope with all my heart that he will put out new music, tour, and bring joy to all who hear his beautiful voice. In the meantime I listen to his music, enjoy the fan sites , and watch lots of his videos on you tube. He continues to inspire me with the things he has done since he returned from his mission.

    • It make me kinda of think that david cares about his church more than his singing job, So david really don’t cares about his fans with his music and he has not started going back to the music scene again since left from the troops trip???

  22. Yeah david seem not into his music now since he got back from his mission, he more into his church than music, if that is true than david should say something and be truthful and I am not gonna waste my time being a fan of his, if he feel that wAy?

    • It like david doesn’t care anymore about his music at this Point. He barely not in music studio at all lately. Nite guys

      • We really don’t know if David has been recording or not since the Military tour. He could have been recording but not tweeting about it. We do know that he has three new songs done and he had a video shot in Costa Rico, so that indicates to me he is still interested in a music career.

  23. Nice, inspiring overview of the military tour. Could have used a touch more info about David’s performances though.

  24. looks like D attended a sbarreillis concert in san diego last night. 😀

    so david archuleta walked up to our box office window tonight and im still not over it. still freaking out here. FREAKING. OUT.

    david is so adorbs and small and i want to put him in my pocket and take him home like really

    seeing david totally took me back to 8th grade and goddamn im just so oldddd

    no he was at sara bareilles’ concert in sd!

    • I am so glad that David got to go to Sara Bareille’s concert! He’s back to going to concerts. Now let’s hope he gets back to performing his own concerts too. I’d love to go to a Sara B concert myself. Love her music.

  25. Glad to see David is going to a concert of a current, relevant, young, and popular music artist. Hopefully next stop-the JT concert. I love Sara Barreilles 🙂

    • I rather see david working in the studio than going all these concerts, I wonder if he took his new girlfriend there or he just being lazy and just don’t care. seem theses two why he is lacking with music, hmmm??

      • I don’t see any issue at all with David going to concerts except that I am a bit jealous. I wish it was me going to those concerts. lol. Also David needs to see what other music artists are doing now when they perform in concert so it really could be helpful for him in his own music career. 🙂

    • Her lyrics are so smart. I buy all her music and follow her on twitter. I love her wit and outlook.
      She is an artist that IMO crosses generations, as my 13 year old daughter is just as big of a fan as I am.

    • Thank you Marie for the video, she is just wonderful. Meaningful, catchy lyrics and just plan super good.

    • I have all her albums, and she does do pop with smart lyrics. I believe that’s what David wants to do – pop music with meaningful lyrics. I really like Jason Myraz’s new album who is another artist that David likes who does pop with meaningful lyrics.

  26. I’m still not getting why people are pessimistic, frustrated, sad and disappointed about what David is doing now. His career before the mission was frenetic, rushed, and responsive to TPTB. Now, I see it as planned, thoughtful, and more personal to David and his style.

    He’ll be back touring again, otherwise, why post BandsinTown app on his website? He’s likely assessing the industry, working to regain contacts, writing music and learning to do it in a different way. This make me more hopeful for a good outcome for him – one that may not make him a superstar, but that allows him to play to his strengths and fulfill his own wishes. And wouldn’t we all like THAT in our careers?

    I also like that he is out and about – LA, San Diego, etc. Seeing concerts, taking in the music of both current and classic artists. Fabulous, David, keep taking it in, allowing it to inspire you. Good things come to those who wait. 🙂

    • These are my feelings, too. I figure happy David living life on his own terms is going to equal stellar music. I can wait for it. It makes me happy to think of him having the time to be fully himself.

    • Thumbs way up on this comment, marlie7. We are a society of instant gratification. In the past David did release a lot of music plus a book in a short period of time. I thought incorrectly that he would continue this way once he was back and I think others thought the same. I think that’s the cause of some of the disappointment. I have readjusted my expectations and am here to see what happens next. We know he is working on music as 3 songs are registered and he made a video. Eventually we will get new music from David.

      • Than david need to prove that he cares about doing music for the fans not lacking it, david hasn’t barely done much music, I just think maybe david doesn’t care as much as now????

      • I thought the same, Grammyj – that David would come back and do the same as before. I didn’t think it through, though, and I’ve also readjusted my thinking. I’m glad he is taking this time and think it will help him grow and incorporate his deeper self into the music.

      • Thumbs up to Marlie7 and her timely comment. And to you Grammyj, always a steady, thoughtful look at realities without overreaction. Smanda, I agree with your comment about David taking time to be fully himself.

    • Well stated marlie7, in other words, i totally agree, lol.

    • Like your point of view Marlie7. Superstar has never been David’s reason for singing, I actually saw that even as early as AI days, of course, as a fan, I (not him) thought and still think he deserves superstardom, lol. Just wondering if you would have a guess in what different way he is doing, other than taking his time? I’m totally sincere about this question, I have no clue as to what it takes and how things need to be approached to have a successful music career, again, I say successful, not superstardom.

    • I agree that David does need to go to music concerts. I am all for that. 🙂

  27. Whatever his reasons, personal, business or a combination of both, for being in CA now, he seems to be reviving old contacts & hopefully making new contacts. That he seems to be doing it alone is what I find perplexing. I can’t imagine David going to the concerts by himself. Surely he’s accompanied by someone.

    I wonder if he met with Sara B again after her concert? I remember how excited he was the first time he met her. Does David still follow her on twitter since Sara has what is called a “potty mouth” and is not shy about it. lol!

    Anyway, if David could join Sara on a tour, how fantastic would that be?!!!

  28. Allaboutdavidarchuleta – stop. You are driving me nuts. I’m sorry, but your posts are just irritating without adding anything to the conversation.

    cq – answering your question – I think David was so young and inexperienced when he was launched out of Idol that he could only follow the lead of others in song-writing. He had so little life experience as well. Now, I think David has more to bring to the music, and I suspect (this is only my opinion, not fact) that he is taking time to think about what his music should say from this older, more mature perspective. Perhaps he even has the time to pen a song, then let is simmer and evolve over a few weeks or months, and then return to it with a refreshed perspective. That is how it works in writing fiction – sometimes you need to put it down and come back later to improve it.

    Even with TOSOD, which David said he was more able to influence, there was this label hanging over him, and expectations that he had to meet, even if he wasn’t completely or consciously aware of them. The pressure was on. I don’t see that now, although I’m sure David has pressures like all of us. But that label isn’t snapping it’s fingers for the next hit. That has to be freeing all by itself.

    That’s just my imaginings about what may be going on.

    • Well i am sorry but I like to see david being more in the studio than goofing off.

      • You’ve got some issues dude… No matter how much you rant here, David won’t get your message.

        If I were him, I would do the same with my money… Watch concerts! It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s thrilling. Now, we can’t do anything with your personal issue w/ David having a quiet career so far, we don’t really have a choice but to trust, be patient and wait… Or you can personally go to David and question him and rant out all your hard feelings for him.

      • You are also driving me nuts Allaboutdavidarchuleta!

        Goofing off? Are you serious? Ok, now I have just made a decision. Since your statements are usually negative, sometimes insulting, one line barbs, and contribute nothing to the conversation I formally decree that I will no longer read nor be impacted by the negative energy you put out.

        Of course you have every right to comment however you see fit. And I have every right to stop reading your posts.

    • Marlie7, thank you for your answer. Nice perspective. Hum, so are you thinking that a label is not a good way to go for a true artist or at some point they might still need a label? Can an artist have a label that will give him the complete freedom to do whatever they want even if that label doesn’t agree, after all the label is the boss, for lack of a better word. I guess that could happen if that artist is making mega money for the label, but if that’s not happening, don’t know how that would work.

      It’s so nice that some fans can always keep an optimist attitude no matter what is going on with David’s career, very admirable. I, however, have ups and down, lol.

    • Marlie7, off topic question regarding TDC. I see you and JR are the only one’s who keep that site up and operating so my question is what happened to the others who are listed in your “About/Join us” letter on the site, davidfanLIZ, freo, Rascal, ronaldsf? Are they still fans & followers of David and if not, why keep their names listed? It just seems odd to me. I do know freo comments here on occasion, but what happened to the rest? Answer if you can, but if not, that’s ok too.

      • It’s really just JR and me (and more JR these days as she is a web research Wiz!). I didn’t even realize that page was still there! LOL.

        I’ve been thinking about redoing the site – while David was away and now during this little wait time, but OMG, there are 951 posts and over 71,000 comments. The site is so big I’m scaredto make changes (yikes).

        Rascal is around, but not paying much attention to David these days. Freo keeps up, but moved and has a lot going on. DavidfanLiz isn’t really a fan anymore, nor is ronalsf. Some people have wandered away from following David.

        I’m just glad we are able to keep the archive complete. There are thousands of photos and videos available on the site.

      • Waving! I’m still here, just moved to a different part if the world. Yesterday I listened to David while on a run along the beach.

    • thank you mar;ie7,made my day,

  29. Was watching the Bring Him Home video again this morning and noticed some of the comments from people who likely haven’t heard anything from David since before his mission…or maybe some who haven’t heard any of his music before.

    K May1 5 hours ago
    My Lord…exquisite.

    Alykat 21 hours ago
    His voice is as beautiful as ever. I’m just in awe right now. He really grew.

    andrea heilesen 1 day ago
    His voice has improved while he has been away and it is gorgeous .His voice has matured now and I can’t wait to hear more from him.Love that song.

    Edward Correll 5 days ago
    Stunningly beautiful! Most singers, even with beautiful voices and sharp technique, cannot move people as deeply as David moves me here!

    Roxanne Jackman 5 days ago
    Thank you for posting and your service to our troops. We have sure missed this voice!

    Gwen Mangelson 1 week ago
    STUPENDOUS! I needed Kleenex as I could hear angels singing this to Heavenly Father as both of my parents were passing away last month- I am so grateful this was created for the soldiers but I see it a bit differently too-

    MrSpice5 2 weeks ago
    It’s such a pleasure to hear someone who can hit all the notes…a pleasure. Two years away and he hasn’t missed a beat….Great job, Archie…


    As I mentioned yesterday when talking about my experiences at David shows over the years, one of my favorite things is to see the reaction of others to that voice. It also gives me a bit of a fresh perspective on David and reminds why I’m still a fan.

  30. Ali – I agree that I don’t think that David has ever followed Sara B. Looking at his followers again just now, I was reminded of Alison Sudol and how great it was when he met her. He was the perfect example of the definition of the word “smitten”! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLn1SCHbHXU

    • thanks for posting, i’ve haven’t looked at this in several years. had to smile when his dad appeared behind the curtain, almost like he was a hologram projected into the video clip. i wonder if david was channeling alison’s “oh oh oh’s” in that mini clip we saw of him singing the spanish song.

  31. collegemom – that was one of my favorite videos of David – they were both so cute! LOL

  32. I loved seeing Sara Bareilles as an opener for Sugarland at the Greek Theater in LA. Better than Sugarland, actually. I see that she’s performing there tomorrow night as the main act.

  33. Marie7,

    Thanks for your response & the update on TDC. Interesting. I enjoy searching through the archives on the site & especially the writings from ND by Rascal dating back to 2008 which are so insightful as are the comments from the fans, many who are no longer active. Or maybe just no longer visible but still fans of David. So much has changed over the years but back then, when David showed so much promise and potential to be the “next big thing” in music, the one who could change the world of music, David’s fans had high hopes. As Simon said. he was young, likable, good-looking & had a great voice, not a bad place to be. Indeed! The next 3-4 years David gave us more music than we ever could have hoped for and a whirlwind of photoshoots & appearances. A very exciting & happy time for David’s fans and for David as well. Or so we thought. Turns out that was not the case as he indicated on his “assertive & honest, this is the real me” vlog. Who would have guessed he may have just been following orders especially when we can see the aura of happiness David exuded in photos and appearances. He was always smiling, never looked anxious or sad. I like to think he was mostly happy. Who wouldn’t give anything to be living their dreams as David was doing then?

    The Archives on TDC are a chance to go back to see what brought us here & why we are still here. We may not always agree with each other. We may have different viewpoints of what David should do and why, but ultimately we just want to hear David sing.

    • Starshine, that’s what’s so puzzling, interviews, photos and stage, I thought, he was so happy.

      • Its very possible to be happy in the moment but find out later on that you weren’t as happy as you thought or find a different level of happiness and realize you weren’t there before. I’ve done this countless times in my life. Its also about growth and discovering more about yourself. I don’t think that realizing you’re in a better place now personally means that things that happened before hold no joy for you. David has changed, as each person reading this has changed over the past 5 years.

      • Great point Ali, absolutely there is no way that he wouldn’t have change in 5 years. I do choose to believe that he did have happy times, that it wasn’t all bad. Moving forward, he will also be faced with times that won’t be completely happy, but with the maturity he has now, he will be able to handle those times better.

  34. I decided to stick to lurking for a couple of days and let others have their say, but then I get hit with this:

    “. A very exciting & happy time for David’s fans and for David as well. Or so we thought. Turns out that was not the case as he indicated on his “assertive & honest, this is the real me” vlog. Who would have guessed he may have just been following orders especially when we can see the aura of happiness David exuded in photos and appearances. He was always smiling, never looked anxious or sad. I like to think he was mostly happy. Who wouldn’t give anything to be living their dreams as David was doing then?”

    So, you think that the whole thing was just some “act” concocted by his record label and David really was holding his nose and faking it the whole time. If that’s true, David should embark on an acting career immediately because even Lawrence Olivier couldn’t have pulled that off for so long.

    • Bliss, did you purposely miss the point I was making? David himself said he never wanted to do what he was doing. That he was doing he thought he was supposed to do? That he was making the “higher ups” happy?

      Or something along those lines. Maybe I misconstrued what he meant. But the jist of what I got from what he said was that he was depressed and unhappy. Maybe not all the time, but much of the time. It was as if he was saying “be careful what you wish for cause you may just get it and it’s not always pretty”. But I LIKE to think he was MOSTLY happy.

      I guess you were “lurking” just waiting to pounce. Say what you will, keep trying to purge David’s fanbase of what you deem to be undesirables by attacking, disparaging, insulting, disrespecting the commenters like myself. It will take more than what you dish out to turn me off from being a fan of David Archuleta.

      BTW, David absolutely SHOULD expand, pursue & add more “acting” to his resume because the potential is there as we saw in NA, not to mention how he has the ability to make us “believe” he knows about what he’s singing as in “Heaven” for example. Just sayin’.

      For the record, this will be the last time I will read what you have to say or respond to you in any way.

      • Starshine, if you’re going to throw a childish hissy fit every time I post, then, by all means ignore my posts. This kind of nonsense never went on on TDC in the “old” days.. People responded to the text of the posts, including those of the revered Rascal, who was 10x more caustic and insulting than anyone on this site.

      • David said he was unhappy and did what the higher ups were expecting him to do but as we already know, Blisskasden knows David better than David knows himself

  35. Rainbow Butterfly

    here’s what i don’t get. he’s a devout mormon so why would he support an artist like sara who is clearly pro-gay. not trying to start anything just really curious. do u think he just compartmentalizes when it comes to music or what? that being said, i am a fan of sara’s. i’m also a lady gaga fan and people at my church would very much disapprove if i were to attend her concerts. so what do i do? stop liking certain artists for their political viewpoints or leave my church? 😦 seriously confused.

    • I’m a devout Mormon who just went to a Sara Bareilles concert a few days ago and who loves and supports her gay friends and family members. There are a variety of opinions inside the church just as there are outside the church. This is a process we’re all working through. Life has some black and white areas and lots of lovely grey areas, imo.

    • Follow your heart and don’t feel guilt over liking these artists.

  36. Rainbow, have you seen David’s last tweet? I’m not religious at all but I do believe that’s your answer. 🙂

  37. Rainbow Butterfly

    thanks Smanda, appreciate hearing your viewpoint! 🙂

  38. Rainbow Butterfly

    thanks cq but i really don’t know how i can solve this music/church dilemma.

    • The thing that’s tough about being in a church is that you often give your power to other people who really don’t know what’s best for you, but always seem to think that they do. If you get value, fellowship, etc. from it, and can still tune out the opinions of others and do what you feel is right FOR YOU, stick around. But if it makes your life MORE difficult in balance, there may be other ways or other, more open churches that will give you the support that you need without the judgement.

      Just my 2 cents.

      P.S. Changing churches is really common in this country. “Americans change religious affiliation early and often. In total, about half of American adults have changed religious affiliation at least once during their lives. Most people who change their religion leave their childhood faith before age 24, and many of those who change religion do so more than once.” –Pew Report

  39. Rainbow Butterfly

    Starshine- no i haven’t, will go look now. thanks!

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