David the Soother

Most of you know my story: about how I came to call myself “Hello Gorgeous” because that’s what I said to my TV set when I first laid eyes on a young David (think he was 16 at the time of his Hollywood round).

I think some of you may also know the rest of the context for that story: about how I was an absolute wreck that week, overwrought in anxiety because, later that week, I had to get a breast biopsy to rule out cancer.

Listlessly channel-surfing, I forgot American Idol was on – even though I had sworn not to watch that season because I was so mad the year before that my favorite contestant, Melinda Doolittle, had placed third.

And then, there was David (sigh), so adorable, so sweet, so sincere. And that was even before he opened up his mouth to sing “Heaven.”

*Heart melt.*

And for that moment, I was so soothed by those vocals, so taken up with this kid and the velvety Voice, it lifted me out of my despair.

After that, there was no turning back! 🙂

Things turned out fine with the biopsy, and today – having gone through another wait-and-see diagnosis, in which my follow-up mammogram came back with a clean bill of health – I can now breath a sigh of relief. *Whew*

And, of course, forever linking David to my anxieties over my preventative breast health care, I was moved to listen to the Voice today. And specifically the Voice crooning “Heaven.”

Whatever new music David works on, I just know that there is no surpassing his tremendous gift for being a “Soother.” He’s definitely got the charm.

I sometimes wonder, had I not been going through such a health concern when I was introduced to him, would I still be here, a devoted fan of David? Would he have hit me so hard the way he did, like a ton of bricks?

That Voice keeps me here, and it keeps me wanting more. But mostly, it keeps me calm.

Whether or not such gifts are rewarded with fame and commercial success, as long as we’ve got access to it – no matter what life struggles and joys we’re going through – that would be enough for me.


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  1. you know that there is another “fallen video with 2.5million views, too. My favorite Star Search song is “You’re all I need” or whatever it is called https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ysq337lL9kM

  2. And in keeping with going down memory lane, no wonder he took all the screaming in stride at his school 8th Grade Talent Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdjGDb1aWXY

  3. Collegemom-I like that video. 🙂 Short hair and very casually dressed.

  4. You can see the pic a bit larger at the original instagram post: http://instagram.com/p/rdIktxvHUC

    Not sure where that is but I’m guessing somewhere warm based on the bit of tree we can see behind him. Looks like a warm weather tree lol. Possibly California but maybe not LAX?
    That must be his favorite new shirt 😉

    • Again, Maybe he is in Hawaii!?! Could be anywhere in CA. I have seen pics of LAX, it doesn’t look like that??

    • Not thinking Hawaii just because they’re in the middle of a double hurricane so I don’t think it would look that nice there and probably not too many people heading in til the storm is done.

      • Oh yeah I forgot that Hawaii was having a hurricane, hope everyone will be safe there. Who know where david is at, he is so secretive!! Lol! I hope wherever he is, will be working on some new music again.

    • He’s got that look on his face: Sigh. Smile for camera…..

  5. Okay I said david is def in Las Vegas!!!!

  6. Santa Barbara airport? .. pretty cool one different atmosphere

  7. I would guess CA but that is just a guess.

  8. There is a picture posted on FOD of David with a very pretty girl and he looks really happy. Mckenzie posted it I am not sure if it is recent or not because his hair looks longer.

  9. I thought that looked like an older picture. His hair is longer in it.

  10. Thanks for clearing things up Ali, I wasn’t sure if it was old or new.

  11. Oh David just tweeted from a Gladys Knight concert so he is at the Hollywood Bowl in L.A. since that is where she is. I love the HBowl!

  12. Over FOD says david is at hollywood bowl concert, he is at Gladys knight and kool in the gang concert I think? I had no idea david likes them, I would say he must be with his dad???

    • David loves all music from soul music to broadway show music and anyone who loves cool music would go to that concert – young or old and he is a walking encyclopedia of music

  13. David knows tons of people in Los Angeles.

  14. Never doubted that David was in California for personal stuff. Somehow I really don’t think we will ever get any kind of info from him when or if he does anything in regards to his career. I find it kind of interesting. Sounds like a fun concert, hope David has a good time with his stay and feels a little more comfortable with California.

  15. JT ‘s tour is in LA on Tues. He is on San Jose on Mon. Wonder if he will go. Of course it is so sold out so someone (Kari) would have to pull strings to get him tickets. 🙂 The tour does go back to CA at the end of Nov. I wish I could go to a JT concert . lol. Hope David is mixing business with pleasure and talking to some folks at record labels. It seems to me that David had a big adjustment period from that mission. Hope he can deal with the business side of the music business in LA better now that he has been home for awhile.

  16. I really don’t think David would go to LA for anything but business reasons, unless there was an emergency involving family who live there. And certainly not just to go see a fellow artist in concert even if the artist happens to be Mormon. David is not known for spending money foolishly like flyng somewhere on a whim. And vacations for David have always involved family. Just don’t think he’s on a vacation either, not by himself anyway. If in fact he is by himself.

    On the other hand, if Kari is in the area with JT, THAT could very well be why he’s there combining business with Kari & the pleasure of seeing JT in concert.

    Just nothing but speculations of course. It’s what I do now more than ever before regarding David.

    • I doubt he would consider the short hop to LA to support a friend spending his money foolishly. She has her own LDS choir and they travelled all over to do Mormon firesides, so with his history of performing with her, and of friendships with other Mormon artists, I would be surprised if he didn’t also know her well. Her choir is/was? called Saints Unified Voices http://www.suvchoir.org/

      • I agree with you cc halo. I am quite sure they know each other. Well it will be very interesting to see if he does go to the JT concert. I have a feeling that Michael Johns funeral is going to be very private and away from the media eye when it does occur. I am sure they will have some type of more public memorial service at some point.

  17. Don't worry...

    David was featured with Gladys Knight on July 4th, 2010 for the
    Washington, D.C. ‘Capitol Fourth’ Show seen on PBS.
    She also was a guest on American Idol for Season 8.
    No doubt David is very familiar with her and her music!
    Gladys Knight has been performing professionally since the 60’s
    and has a string of hit songs. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll
    Hall of Fame in 1996. No doubt, a place is reserved there for David Archuleta, too!! 🙂

  18. Much speculation as you never really know what is going on or not going on with David’s music career. To me it is like Where’s Waldo and David is Waldo. LOL. 🙂

    • lol, where’s Waldo is so right and what is Waldo doing. It’s funny a fireside talk is the only thing I thought he was in California to do. Now after cchalo said that about Gladys sounds right to me. Nothing wrong with that before anyone goes off thinking I’m bashing. I of course, would like it to be business, that’s all.

      • Does David get paid for these fireside chats? Just wondering. It is all I have heard him doing since he has been back (aside from the David Cook concert appearance). Good for Cook for making him perform Crush. lol. 🙂

      • IDK if he would be doing a fireside on this trip, and I’m sure she’s not (she’s got another concert tonight at the same venue). Perhaps this is just the most convenient opportunity for him to go see her in concert.

      • No the firesides aren’t paid. He has enough money to do what he likes and what he feels is important. He may be thrifty, but remember when he was asked in interviews about what he spent his money on, he would talk about spending it on traveling to be with family and people who were important to him, rather than other material things.

      • cchalo, do you think he is set for life financially wise? If he is trying to continue a music career in his own terms and would be footing the bill for all that is involved, isn’t that going to drain some of that wealth? And being that he has professed his devotion to his church, why would he even attempt a career that really might only drain his money with no return. David will always sing, heck he could just go from firesides to firesides and sing, church, charities, if he didn’t really need to make money. Why is he even writing and recording if he didn’t need/want a music career? The whole career thing is such a mystery to me.

  19. I have always liked Gladys Knight and her music. My favorites are Midnight Train To Georgia, If I Was Your Woman, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me and especially Neither One Of Us Wants To Be The Fiirst To Say Goodbye.

    Haha…Long song titles!

    David could if he wanted to, KILL any one of those songs. He has the kind of voice, the emotions he exudes would bring me down to my knees if he ever does an R&B Soul album. **sigh**

    • I love her too and yes, David would kill any of those songs. She was in DWTS, maybe she can convince David to be on it, hahahaha!! Don’t know if it would help his career, but at some point, he does have to do something so that people would know he has new music out.

  20. David should do DWTS. It would help his career. I hate to bring this up again but that would really be outside his comfort zone. LOL. 🙂

  21. Rainbow Butterfly

    i think David is friends with Donny and Marie. wonder if they’ve ever considered having David open for them in Vegas? or maybe they have no opening act? never been there, don’t know how that works. anyone here been to a D&M show? 🙂 thankyou!

  22. I have not but a friend of mine at work- who was not really a fan- went to their show in Vegas and loved it. She said that Donny was really entertaining and engaging with audience and this is coming for someone who is not a fan.

  23. Off to do lawn work. lol.

  24. Rainbow Butterfly

    thanks Marie! 🙂 i think Donny would be an excellent mentor for David.

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