Daily Archives: August 7, 2014

David the Soother

Most of you know my story: about how I came to call myself “Hello Gorgeous” because that’s what I said to my TV set when I first laid eyes on a young David (think he was 16 at the time of his Hollywood round).

I think some of you may also know the rest of the context for that story: about how I was an absolute wreck that week, overwrought in anxiety because, later that week, I had to get a breast biopsy to rule out cancer.

Listlessly channel-surfing, I forgot American Idol was on – even though I had sworn not to watch that season because I was so mad the year before that my favorite contestant, Melinda Doolittle, had placed third.

And then, there was David (sigh), so adorable, so sweet, so sincere. And that was even before he opened up his mouth to sing “Heaven.”

*Heart melt.*

And for that moment, I was so soothed by those vocals, so taken up with this kid and the velvety Voice, it lifted me out of my despair.

After that, there was no turning back! 🙂

Things turned out fine with the biopsy, and today – having gone through another wait-and-see diagnosis, in which my follow-up mammogram came back with a clean bill of health – I can now breath a sigh of relief. *Whew*

And, of course, forever linking David to my anxieties over my preventative breast health care, I was moved to listen to the Voice today. And specifically the Voice crooning “Heaven.”

Whatever new music David works on, I just know that there is no surpassing his tremendous gift for being a “Soother.” He’s definitely got the charm.

I sometimes wonder, had I not been going through such a health concern when I was introduced to him, would I still be here, a devoted fan of David? Would he have hit me so hard the way he did, like a ton of bricks?

That Voice keeps me here, and it keeps me wanting more. But mostly, it keeps me calm.

Whether or not such gifts are rewarded with fame and commercial success, as long as we’ve got access to it – no matter what life struggles and joys we’re going through – that would be enough for me.