Unpredictable Realities

It’s amazing how things work out. I remember how I was soooooo not in a celebratory mood when David lost to Cook (as the above pic reminds me), but I also still held out hope that these Idol contestants would have successful careers, parlaying something out of their exposure on American Idol.

Who would have ever predicted that – six years from that moment – David would be recovering his music career after a two-year stint on a religious mission and that Michael Johns would no longer walk this earth at the young age of 35?

Unpredictable realities.  But in a way, American Idol has always been unpredictable.  Had it not been for Kelly Clarkson’s successful music career, I think this show would have wrapped up after a few seasons – even before David had a chance to audition for Season 7.

Alas, Kelly made a name for herself, as did Clay Aiken as Season 2’s runner-up, as did Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson, who finished 7th during her season.

But, when you really think about it: how regularly has Idol churned out stars?  Out of 13 seasons, only two of the winners became household names – Kelly and Carrie Underwood – while two others have been fairly successful with a steady career – Phillip Phillips and Fantasia.

The rest (including finalists) are doing their thing but very much below the radar. So, when you really think about it, American Idol is not really the star-maker it’s been marketing themselves to be, when the vast majority are not in the mainstream of the pop world.

What they can all say, I’m sure, is that their time on Idol opened up doors and opportunities to do albums, Broadway shows, TV shows, etc.

But that’s about it, I think.  The few who became vastly popular lucked out like any other artist/entertainer who DIDN’T have a stint on reality TV.

At the end of the day, reality shows – Idol, The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, etc. – are just entertainment vehicles with enough mileage to promise the brass ring to thousands who’re willing to grasp for it.  Some get a chance to spend weeks on TV and some just disappear into the ether.

We held out hope when we saw genuine talent (like David) appear on our TV sets, but then had to make serious adjustments when we confronted the real struggles of making a career in the entertainment industry.

No wonder I’ve lost interest in Idol. After 13 seasons, it’s inevitable.  Besides, there isn’t a vast supply of “super stars” that could be churned out assembly-line style, as thirteen seasons of a talent competition suggests.  There are a few who’ve got it, and even those few have to find the perfect alignment of luck, talent, and purposeful management to really shoot off into the stratosphere.

Still, it warmed my heart to know that, whatever was promised the Season 7 contestants, they kept doing what they loved – making music and doing entertainment – and sustaining themselves off of that love.

Perhaps that ought to be the goal, especially when longevity (in life or in music) is not promised.

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  1. Lol, I am Carol. kimak, i know exactly what you mean about not knowing what is real when people are using fake names. I used to spend time designing sims in virtual worlds where activities and “life” there is a microcosm of real life. The things people say and do in those worlds using made up names and beautiful avatars is shocking, sad and sometimes pure hateful. Yet there were a few, and i mean just a few, whom i learned to know very well and felt trust and caring for them but never knew their real names.

  2. Aww. I’m thrilled to be able to hear that tiny snippet (over and over, lol). Such a small thing to keep us longtime fans excited and engaged, and it’s perfectly fine to share a PUBLIC instagram, without having to have some kind of insider knowledge. Ooooh: he just might have in the past, been disturbed by leaks, that happened years ago, that we should all just instinctively know. Ridiculous.

    Unfortunately a major fan site pastime seems to be shaming and guilting other fans, I should know, lol. BTW, my real nickname is cc, but who the heck cares or knows if anyone’s name is real. Maybe we should be scolding Beauxcefus or even HG, for that matter.

    • Sorry if I just shamed and guilted anyone on one side of the issue. I think sometimes things just get out of hand without people necessarily wanting to make people feel badly. Well not SOME people, heh.

    • HG and Beauxcefus seem pretty cool.. when they post you can tell it is them. just like you we can tell it is you.
      when you post anonymously that is the risk you take whether folks will believe you or not.

  3. I wonder if anyone could translate the snippet. Portuguese and Spanish is very similar, but can’t figure it out.
    This little snippet is all kind of goodness. Even if it doesn’t amount to nothing (not released) it’s stuff about his music career and that’s what I’m still here to see where that going next.

  4. Here is my attitude about differences of opinions-Let it go and move on. 🙂 I know easier said then done at times but it is something to try to keep in mind.

    • How adorable is that and btw he’s looking mighty fine!

    • I think we all can agree that is a cute picture!

      • Yeah it a cute pic but some girls are grabbing his arm and david seems getting piss off, look at his face? David is getting mobbed by kids!!!

      • Cute pic. Still can’t help but wish David was in a recording studio in LA or Nashville working with big name producers and song writers. Just saying. 🙂 There are recording studios everywhere so it is not a big deal that he was in a recording studio. Just read that AI alum Kris Allen is moving to Nashville with his family. Still think that might be a good fit for David too. He is just so out of the entertainment/music scene in Utah -which apparently is what he wants- but still makes no sense to me. Just being real. 🙂

  5. I’ll be dreaming in Spanish tonight 😉

    Lurker, don’t feel bad. If there is anything wrong with that snippet being posted, it should be the studio feeling bad. But for all we know David was perfectly fine with it. We’ll certainly never hear about it from him though lol.

  6. I feel that no one is wrong here in regards to the snippet, everyone was just trying to do the right thing. I do think that snippet was a great thing for the fandom, it gives a little taste as what we are in for…and man, I can’t wait….we might be in for all kinds of awesomeness.

  7. Shanny in Australia

    That’s one fab pic. Looks to me like the kids are getting a lil crazy and grabbing and pulling on his arms and he’s just pulled his right arm out of the girls grasp. So yeah, he’s probably a lil annoyed in a fleeting, crazy-kids kind of way. Lol. Looks like they’re all having fun though.

  8. Looks like the snippet has been removed. I’m so happy that I got to hear it before that happened, thanks again lurker.

  9. Anne who was soul newbie

    Anything posted on the internet that is not private is fair game IMHO. Frankly I am sick to death of those who feel David must be protected from his fans. OMG, on one hand people say he is an adult who is free to make his own choices and decisions, then they feel they must blast someone that they perceive may have violated some rule they made up in their head. How exactly does this little snippet hurt David’s career? Maybe I’m missing something so please explain this to me. He is a public figure whether he likes it or not or whether his protective fans like it or not. This really has me riled up in Lurker’s defense. And to those who think people are not trustworthy unless they post under their real name, are you kidding? I am pretty sure there is only one using the name Lurker here. I think they would have to be Lurker 1, Lurker 2 etc if someone else wanted to use the name Lurker. It’s called a user name on the internet for a reason. Whew, rant over.

    • rant all you want clip was pulled.. guess he wasn’t supposed to do that.
      duh all around.

      • One thing that puzzled me, why there wasn’t a contract signed by the studio in regards to privacy for the artist? If that was a breach of contract, David has legal rights. I do believe the only party at fault if any here, is the studio, not lurker.

      • Oh well, so much for prefect people in Utah, I guess Ca. might not be the only state with ‘bad’ people.

      • If the clip was pulled, that tells me David doesn’t think it was good enough or ready for the public to hear yet. Perhaps the studio person who videoed it was reprimanded and asked to remove it.

      • I bet that since David is polite and considerate, he would have asked nicely to have the clip removed. I doubt he would have pulled a star tantrum or expected to be treated differently than all of the others on the site.

      • cc halo, heaven yes, that’s the way I think it went down, but I still wonder about the privacy issue between studio and artist, as to what the studio is entitle to do.
        This snippet, imo, has caused no damage at all, if anything maybe gave some fans a bit of excitement for what’s to come.

      • I just mean that since there are other artists on the site, I doubt there was a thought that David needed special protection. He wasn’t tagged, apparently, so they weren’t trying to get attention because he’s famous–just being treated the same as others.

    • lol, I get your frustration, Anne/soul newbie. We get so little as far as career info goes, so to me this snippet was totally career related and I felt a nice taste of what we are going to get from David.

    • I’m not the original Lurker & I am posting as Lurker. It’s tied to the email.

      • This could get confusing so I am not the original Lurker.

        I hope everyone enjoyed the snippet. They won’t be posting any more, you can bet on that.

  10. david seem mad by little kids pulling his arm, that a different side of david right there but at least david should be happy he was not getting headlock by a guy LOL!.

  11. As soon as the snippet started to circulate yesterday, an overzealous fan tweeted it to David…end of story!

  12. david isnt not a prefect person, sure he get mad. he is human.

  13. So there are two more Lurkers who are not the original Lurker who posted the snippet?

  14. Carol- if Im not mistaken there are also several Anon’s, why it gets confusing sometimes not knowing who or in this case which person is posting or who you are replying to. Peole dont need to give real names if they arent comfortable but maybe use Anon 1, 2, 43 same with Lurker.

    • Exactly Candy, if all posted as Chris (me) it would be confusing as to what Chris. Anything like ‘lurker here’, or ‘anon forever’, would help.

    • I agree with you Candy and at some point with multiple Anons and multiple Lurkers it seems to be a matter of social courtesy to attempt to remove the ambiguity for the sake of the rest of the posters. Your suggestion would be helpful.

  15. people changed theirs name all the time all over the internet, it not like a crime or anything calm down!.

    • Of course it’s not a crime..it’s just confusing and often responses go to the wrong person using the same name as others.

  16. sorry fot the yahoo post.

  17. Well, I couldn’t make out most of the words he was singing, except “ahora,” which means “now.”

    • lol, yep that’s the only word I was able to make out, now back to waiting, hoping that things start coming together for David career wise soon.

  18. Anne who was soul newbie

    If the snippet should not have been online, it is the original poster or studio owner that is culpable. I maintain it is not Lurker’s fault, who simply passed on something that was sitting there for anyone to see. David’s and any unhappy fan’s gripe is with the person who put it out there, not the person or people who were just trying to make other fans happy by passing along the snippet of a song. End of story for me.

  19. Anne who was soul newbie

    Candy, re

  20. Anne who was soul newbie

    Sorry, hit the wrong key. Candy re your comment that someone tweeted David and he may have had the snippet pulled, i appreciate that information. Are we sure David had it pulled or maybe the studio person saw several complaints and pulled it? The only reason I am wondering is, yes, it is absolutely David’s right to have it pulled, but dang it, little leaks like that are actually “leaked” by management and labels all the time for other artists to create a bit of excitement for the artist. Promotion is good David !!!! LOL

  21. Anne- what I did see was a fan tweet the link directly to David, I have no idea what happened after that. I agree 100000% that “leaks” happen all the time from management or the producer to generate buzz. if the song is something David plans to release, the snippet would serve to create buzz, after all, a little buzz never killed nobody!

  22. Rainbow Butterfly

    u guys probably won’t believe me but i am a butterfly, just like the one in david’s rainbow video 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. PraisingtheartistryofDavid

    I really and truly hope it wasn’t David who had the clip removed but was instead the studio or whomever posted it. Since David returned from his mission he has not sung one note for his fans who are not LDS so unless you are LDS or military in the Middle East, you are out of luck on hearing David sing. The only music we have had from him are things that were posted by military or the guys on the tour or things that were not aimed at us but we gained access to anyway (CTS and the face to face chat). I know I will take flak for this, but this is one fan who is starting to feel pretty left out and yes, unappreciated. Does David not realize that just a few notes here and there on Instagram or anyplace he could put them would do a lot to keep fans interested and excited about what he might release at some point in the future, but who knows when? It gets hard to maintain a level of interest or excitement when you have no clue what or when any kind of new music will be released. Anyway, that’s just my opinion and I realize I’m probably all alone in feeling that way but I can’t help it. I still feel that way.

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