RIP Michael Johns

This is really such sad news to hear this weekend! Michael Johns was only 35 when he died! 😦

Apart from American Idol Season 7 giving us David Archuleta, it also gave us one of the most talented Top 10 group on Idol EVER!

I will always have these memories… Keeping Michael Johns’ family and friends (including his Idol ones like David and Cook) in my thoughts and prayers.

American Idol Live

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  1. (•_•)
    all the single ladies
    / \

    <) )╯oh oh oh
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    Beyoncé coming out of the wild…. Ok break now from 'word fighting'

  2. Ok, there was a glitch with beyoncé comment LOL

    Here’s a bunny… Similar to Josh Bradley’s bunny suit 🙂

           / |
      / ⌒ \ / /
      /  人 Y /
     (_/ >亠<
        /・ ・\
      ミ   Y   ミ
       (_/  ̄丶_)
       _(    )_
      (_>―<_ )

  3. You know I look at the picture hg posted of all the Idols from AI S7 and can’t help but think that none of them has had that super successful music career that I thought some of them would have 6 years ago. Fame and success in the music/entertainment business is just so fleeting. That is not a criticism but just a fact. Now Michael died so young. It is funny how things work out. The AI show and the judges have benefited from AI but the AI alum-not so much. But AI did give them a fan base and opportunities (music label,tour,PR) that they would not have had without it. I would not even have known about David if it had not been for AI. Real double edged sword (good and bad parts) that AI show.

    • I wonder what percentage of the top 10 of each season is making a living in entertainment. Please correct me if I am wrong but I have kept up to a small degree with S7 (my favorite season of all) and I think only Chikeze (excuse the spelling if incorrect) is not in entertainment at this time. I heard Ramiele is in entertainment in the Philippines, Kristy Lee is doing hunting shows on some cable TV station, etc. I wonder what other seasons would have 90% of the top 10 still in entertainment and not working 9-5. Yes, they aren’t superstars but maybe they are enjoying a tiny piece of the dream.

  4. Off to a long day at work. 🙂

  5. Just an Observer

    Bliss, I just have to ask who died and left you in charge as David’s spokesperson? You seem to think that you are his knight in shining armor. The truth is you spew of anger. The last i heard religious freedom included the right to not believe. Where do you get off policing every one else’s comments? Who are you to constantly bad mouth his older fans? For someone who professes to always have David’s back, I find you anything but David like. You are nothing but a bully hiding behind good writing skills. Get over yourself!

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