When David is Alone…

Just what is he trying to tell us?


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  1. So sad to hear about Michael Johns… I thought he had a great voice, and deserved to go much higher in the competition. Prayers of comfort to his wife and family, and all who knew him as a friend or peer.

  2. Sod evastated of Michael Johns’ death 😥

    He died because of DEEP VENOUS THROMBOSIS which was brought about by the ankle injury he got… Multiple thrombosis (blood clot like those causing aneurism) may develop in the veins of our lower extremities because of many probable reasons and one of those is sprain or ankle injury… These thrombosis may dislodge (becoming now an embolus) and be carried away by the venous circulation… What makes the case lethal is when the multiple clots go to the lungs (which happens in most of the patients with DVT), and this clot will block the blood flowing into the lungs causing it to necrotize (in simpler terms tissue death)….. This is very tragic… I can’t believe this could happen to a good man.

    May he rest in peace!

    #forevermore #RIPmichaeljohns

  3. You can’t go back and I don’t know the medical specifics of the case but you have to wonder if Michael had been admitted to the hospital for tests when he went to his doctor last week and treated for the blood clot- if his death could have been avoided. He was just so young. It just makes a sad situation even more tragic. RIP Michael.

    • I can tell u I sprain my ankle really bad and could barely walk but I didn’t get no blood clot, I think michael had medical condtion and maybe he didn’t realized he had it, it had happens to people, they just don’t know it than died all the sudden. I don’t think it was caused by a twisted ankle, just saying my part.

      • With that bad pain michael had, he should have went to the ER right away not the doctor.

      • The chances of having a thrombosis after a leg injury is not always the case mind you…. Like when riding an airplane for long hours, there’s a chance of clot building up in the lower extremities, BUT this clot occurence don’t happen to most of the passengers, but a very small percentage unfortunately has … This Deep Venous thrombosis is usually asymptomatic in contrast to the pain Michael had with his ankle that’s why doctors often fail to detect it, it’s the same with aneurism (asymptomatic and acute) where clot builds up in the arms or heart or somwhere else (and while this clot is forming you are not aware of it) and then this clot dislodges and is carried to the blood vessels of the brain where it blocks the vessel culminating to an aneurism.

        The likelihood of a person dying from a twisted ankle is almost 0%… But if this proceeded to what I have been mentioning: DVT then that person’s chances of death is high especially if untreated with anti-thrombotic drugs like warfarin

  4. Again, if Michael had bad sharp pain he should went to the ER right away on that day than he maybe Saved him but he waited a day after go to the doctor. Everyone who is so much pain knows go to the hosptial, but I kind of shock Michael didn’t go there. THis a shame what happen to him and didn’t deserve to die whatever he had, it just heartbreaking.

  5. I read Brooke White’s comments about Michael and I thought it was just quite touching and so real

    • Yes, Marie very touching and so was David’s Cook statement. The pressure cooker that these people are put in (AI) you will develop respect and friendship for follow contestants or in some sad cases the opposite. In season 7 a lot of respect.

  6. Here is what Carly Simthson wrote on her twitter. It seems in recent years Michael was probably the closest to Brooke and Carly from AI S7. Carly Smithson @CarlySmithson · 12h
    “I don’t even know what to say or how to feel. I was so strong yesterday but today I’m just a mess. My buddy is gone forever.” #MichaelJohns

  7. FOD has done a lovely tribute post for Michael Johns. If you don’t normally read there please head over there today.

  8. David at a wild party? Sure he had a great time! Nice of him to wake michael up at 8:00am!! My favorite one when he dance behind david at the AI tour when they were in NJ, poor david but u can tell michael adore david!!

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