Still Appreciating Broadway

Still catching up, so much to absorb! In the meantime:

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  1. Hi good morning folks, Aww how sweet david went out on a date and hope he had a great time too, I wonder of all his dates were fan girls?!? why he is having a hard time finding a girlfriend?

    • David seems to be trying to find a perfect girl if you go by what he said in the chat he did. Since there is no such thing as a perfect person he may be looking a long time lol. I do believe he is very picky.

      • Yeah david is prolly is, I do think of him being a celebrity has lot to do it, not just Because he is Mormon, but I don’t know if they are picky people too when it comes finding the right person?

      • Yes so true on that, there is no such finding the perfect person because it ends up not be the one. I think david want long term relationship, i don’t think he want to keep jumping girl next to the next?

  2. I think the date went well, david seem happy about it in the pic or look like a force smile? See you all later. Bye

  3. Great picture of him. Yes, I really would like to see David in a Broadway show, maybe after he gets his music career on track he can spread his wings and do Broadway.
    Although it’s nice that we get stuff of what he is doing in his personal life while waiting for his music career to be active again, maybe an occasional fun tweet/picture regarding his career would be nice, imo. I say active again, because I do believe he is still writing or even maybe recording music, so he is still working on a comeback, but no one has any idea what, when or how that project will be available to us fans.
    I’m very happy he is enjoying his life, wouldn’t want it any other way, but as I said before, my interested is his music career, not his personal life.

    • Do you really expect David to tweet about his career every day? He just got back from a military tour where he was performing. He also just made a surprise appearance on stage at a concert and sang. He has tweeted about both of those things. He also said in that article posted yesterday that yes he is working on pop music and wants to do that as a career.

      How many artists tweet every time they are working on music?

      If he doesn’t tweet at all, people say he’s disengaged and doesn’t care about his career or his fans. If he tweets but it’s not the subject matter desired, he’s not “focused” enough on the right things. David is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t with some.

      Meanwhile, apparently there are those who enjoy his random posts of things he’s doing seeing as the tweet from last night already has over 1300 favorites on twitter and over 20K likes on FB. Pretty good way to stay involved with fans.

      • NO, lol, I don’t expect David to tweet about his career EVERY DAY!!!! don’t understand how you got that out of my comment, when I said occasional fun tweet/picture. Maybe occasional might mean everyday to you, but to me what I mean is every once in a while. Btw the way I am very aware as to what David is doing…other than him saying he is working on music on his vlog, all this things you mention are fantastic and so great to experience as a fan, but not really related to his music career.

      • Lurker, i am one of those who enjoy immensely those random everyday non career related tweets. I love how he “socializes” with fans and friends alike. He is keeping those of us who like that in his loop, not in a deeply personal way, but in a meaningfully fun sort of way, IMO.

        Also , i am happy with the amount of info that pertains to his desire for a career as well as the few tweets that confirm these things, like when he is writing music, etc. i have faith in him and his proclamations that he wants a pop, secular career.

      • And also, lurker, how did you get out of my comment that I didn’t also enjoy what his is giving his fans?!?, Hey, for those fans that really enjoy the personal stuff, fantastic, I never said it wasn’t ok. geez. It’s not a contest as to who is right or wrong.

      • Do you have an opinion about why the pic of David with his niece has gotten the most likes (80K) on FB since he’s been home? I’m talking like 8 to 1 over recording/writing music and “I’m home, I’m home.” The next most popular ones are the Red Cross (that’s explainable) and random professional photos.

        Maybe David should hold a baby on his next album cover.

      • Just throwing my opinion out there: babies are pretty popular. It worked for Nirvana 😉

  4. The above is of a wickedly(hehe) handsome man with boyish charm, a lethal combination, lol, very few men have that irresistible combination, lol
    Btw, lurker and Carol, I truly welcome your perspective comments, I was only responded to clear up what I said, lol. As you know by now, lol, I’m horrible at expressing myself. It’s great that we all have different views, that’s what makes things interesting.

  5. cq: I think Lurker just expressed an opinion as you did before, as well as after, in response. But as far as a contest between right and wrong…where did that come from in Lurker’s words? IMO he made no reference to right and wrong contests.

    People tend to get defensive when they take others’ opinions too personally. Remember, as many have said so many times that we all have a right to our opinion. Not, you have a right to your opinion as long as I like what you say.

    • sorry, just by the first sentence:Do you really expect David to tweet about his career every day? I got that feeling, but I apologize for being wrong.

  6. I don’t know how you guys know he was on a ‘date’… Like some say he was on a date when he went to that little concert party (which turned out to be a night out with siblings)… I don’t think David will make it public if ever he goes on a date. In this pic, I guess he wasn’t with a ‘special’ girl because – why would someone take a solo pic if you’re with your date? (meaning… He made his date the photographer of this picture? That sounds weird)

    Well… Anyway… Just sayin’ my thought… Not trying to fight anyone.

  7. carol, out with friends, i pretty much doubt it?. i think he was def on a date.

    • Don’t see how anyone can say “definitely” when we obviously have no idea so if there is no proof it is simply fanfiction.

  8. did some says on twitter says that he was seen on a date?? hope david is working on music this week?

    • idolfan again

      you said he was on a date. bye. goodnite.

    • People were joking about being on a date with him, because they were in the same theater, but who knows–he could have been.

      • Yup, he’s not going to tell, but my guess is that he was on a date. We do have picture confirmation of several dates he’s been on since he returned from his mission. He seems to be on another mission now lol.

  9. Jasmine Hansgen @jhansgen21 · 49m
    Casual run in to David Archuleta.

    • What a cute pic! Lol Utah TMZ strikes again.

      I think I’ve seen that shirt at The Gap. /random

      • almost looks like he is growing out his hair on top. 🙏

      • He must have really fast growing hair, considering he got it cut on Monday, lol.

        Looks like he’s going out of his way to support the 2 BILLION dollar mall his church built.

      • How do you even know which mall he was at? And why does it matter? He didn’t get his hair cut there the other day…must not have his full support 😉

      • Since you ask, it matters to me, which is why I mentioned it. You don’t have to care one way or another.

      • Ok then. Whether its true or not must not matter either.

      • He went there to shop for his new wardrobe as was reported earlier, and it’s not local to his home, so there’s nothing untrue about it.

      • So you know for a fact that he went “out of his way” to shop at this mall specifically to support his church? And that he was there again today for this same reason? How do you know that? Sounds more like an assumption to me.

        I’m not trying to argue. It just tweaks me when people state assumptions like they are facts. Not specifically about David but about anything. I didn’t mean to upset you. It’s probably just me being to sensitive about it. More just wording. If you think that might be the case of why he was there, then fine. I wasn’t trying to tell you what to think, more about the way it was presented.

      • I did say “Looks like”, so totally an assumption, yes.

        I recently found a “Hobby Lobby” bag full of crafts belonging to a young person in my home. I could have ignored it, or raised a fuss about “Why would you support such a discriminatory business, blah blah blah…” But I just mentioned it, like, “Hmm, what do you think about that?” I just prefer to raise issues to think about, not to slam the person.

    • David”face is like he got caught haha! Look like a mall eater place, maybe he taking lunch break from recording. See u all next time busy weekend.

    • Now that is a really cute picture. 🙂

  10. Hmmm, interesting

    I’m wondering when the fansites that are still open & operating, are going to change the banners? The photos of David used for the banners are from the past. He looks and dresses differently now. It’s doubtful he will ever grow his hair any longer than it is today, right now. He wants to “be like Jesus” but without the long hair or *gulp* any facial hair. 😉

    His style of clothes now is geeky, comfortable & rather plain. It’s obvious he’s pleasing himself & not trying to emulate a “star image”. If & when he tours again, he may be more “stylish” but I think from now on, what you see, is what you get.

    I just think the fansite banners need current photos of David the way he looks now and the way he will probably always look going forward.

  11. What is up today?

    Pretty easy to be judgmental and make assumptions sitting behind your computer screen.

  12. It doesn’t surprise me one little bit that TMZ David is more popular (tweets, Imstragram, facebook), in general people now a days are more into celebrity’s private lives than they are into what they do. So, hum, maybe David knows that, lol, kudos, good business. I just hope that when he puts out music that all these peeps will BUY, BUY, BUY, and support his professional projects, along with several hundred thousands more, lol.

  13. Hmmm, interesting

    What are you talkng about? Judgemental? Not at all. More like the truth. I accept the way David is now and the changes he’s gone through. I see David the way he is now, happy, content, satisfied with his life. Not wishful thinking and rose-colored glasses. The photos of the past are of the past. Time to be in the now and in the future.

    What about you, Ali?

    • I accept David as is now just fine. Perhaps I misread the tone of your previous post but saying he is geeky and plain now came off as judgmental to me. Along with the assumptions about him never growing his hair longer. Personally, I don’t really care too much as long as I can hear that voice. Just the assumption that his current look is all about him conforming to some church “be like Jesus only with shorter hair” type thing is what annoyed me.

      Apparently I need to be offline today because I’m being informed I’m overreading into everything. Some days are just like that. Sorry.

      I’ll catch y’all mañana. Peace and good night.

      • Hmmm, interesting

        Nrever said HE was plain. He dresses geeky (long black socks, buttoned up), comfy & plain, meaning not flashy. And his hair is also kinda geeky too IMO.

        It is a very good thing he is a handsome guy though, because if we are being honest, if he wasn’t as good-looking as he is, his voice as beautiful as it was back then and becoming more so, how many of us would have become so obsessed? Just being honest.

  14. cchalo ha you sound like Harry Reid going after Mitt Romney.. whole lotta fluffer not too much nutter.

  15. hmm interesting I think David looks great.. let’s see what you look like so we can attack you.

  16. I think that this is a fun poll, hg. I kind of have 2 answers-Book of Mormon is really the musical I most want to see David in the most. It would be a very edgy choice and prove that David has a good sense of humor but realistically I don’t see it happening. lol. The choice that is probably more realistic is Les Mis and I would love to hear David sing some of those songs. I would love to see David out of his comfort zone and push it a bit and do a Broadway musical-either in NYC or on a traveling tour. It would be a good learning experience for him as a music artist. 🙂

    • Yes, Marie, oimo, getting out of the comfort zone is where sometime magic happens.

    • Marie, now that David has traveled to Afghanistan and other war zones to entertain and uplift the troops, at great personal danger, can we never again make reference to David needing to leave his “comfort zone”. David is one of the bravest people, musically and otherwise, out there, and the references to his “comfort zone” and other innuendos that he is uptight or conservative have been proven wrong so many times it “ain’t” even funny.

      • I don’t agree but that is OK. We usually don’t agree on anything bliss but once is a great while we do. However- I just can’t recall it right now. lol. If you are a music artist I do believe that you need to get out of your comfort zone to grow as an artist. 🙂

  17. CQ, you made a snarky reference to David’s high standards in a recent post. Having “high standards” is a good thing, not a character flaw. Yes, David does have high standards, and his fans are going to have to “up their game” to keep pace with David and his high standards. Those who are stuck in the past, which, to be honest, you and many others seem to be, are going to be very disappointed in the “new” David. David refuses to be treated as a child anymore by his older fans, and I for one, applaud and congratulate him for taking yet another career risk by doing so.

    David is a serious artist deserving of being taken seriously, and spoken about seriously. He’s also a devout Mormon, and THAT deserves to be taken seriously, whether you agree with those beliefs or not. David is not a piece of clay designed to being molded into whatever makes his fans happy. Those days had their day in the sun, and based on what we’ve seen and heard from David recently, are currently in the rear view mirror, where they belong.

    • Bliss, WHY, WHY do you keep bringing up his religion.
      As far as my remark about David’s high standards, I didn’t say it was bad, geez…he does have high standards, nothing wrong with that, just was saying that ‘MAYBE’ it might limit what people he would work with than don’t share his standards. I don’t see it as anything snarky, but it you do, you have the right to your opinion.

  18. I checked out the banners on David’s main fan sites since Hmmmmm Interesting thought they should be changed. FOD and Snow Angelz have the album picture from NMHF, so I assume they will change it when David puts out new music. I’m fine with that. I’m hoping we won’t have to wait too long.

    I like that David is looking more casual now when he is out and about. At first when he got back he looked too dressed up. I was also happy to see him in something beside the shirt and tie.

    • That’s what I think too Grammyj, when we get another album it will come with professional pictures, can’t wait for that. As I said before I just hope the photographer capture David’s maturity, he has certainly grown into a very mature, handsome man.

    • Grammyj- great point about seeing David is something besides the shirt and tie. I agree. 🙂

  19. CQ, are you reading this thread? I didn’t bring up religion on this thread and, FYI, David’s religion is always a topic of conversation here. I notice that there is a reference to a $2 Billion mall built by the Mormons that is sticking in the craw of one of our resident Mormon haters here tonight. I would gladly never bring up David’s religion if the haters of that religion would finally “get over it” and let David worship as he sees fit without the constant criticizing and bad mouthing that his religion receives here daily.

  20. Bliss you said: He’s also a devout Mormon, and THAT deserves to be taken seriously, whether you agree with those beliefs or not. David is not a piece of clay designed to being molded into whatever makes his fans happy. I’m sorry if I misunderstood that sounded like you brought up the Mormon religion.

  21. CQ, I certainly did not bring up the topic of his religion. That had already been done. I referred to it because it had already been raised so many times before as a “problem”. I would love the entire topic of his religion to be filed away under, “been there, talked about to death”.

  22. I think David has plenty of great mature pictures.
    I think David constantly steps out of his comfort zones.
    I think David is sporting the latest clothing fashions for young men.
    Short sides, long on top and combed to the sides is the latest hair style for guys, I think he’s going for that.
    I think he goes to all sorts of places no where near his home for a variety of reasons.
    I think David would love performing in Les Miserables.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Posting problems. Can we please just have an ongoing understanding that Grey Warbler is me. Lol. Ugh!

    • David has never acted or sang in a musical in NYC or anywhere else as far as I know. That would have to be going outside his comfort zone to do that. Which I think is a good thing. Just saying. 🙂

  23. FYI- hg’s post was about Broadway musicals and was a poll regarding that. So I am not going off topic here. 🙂

    • Marie, Has David been asked to do a Broadway show and has turned it down because it was outside his comfort zone? You can’t do Broadway unless you’re asked by the Producers of a show to do it. David can’t just call up a Producer and say that he’d like to do a show. Even I don’t think he’s that big a star yet, lol. Personally, I think David would be a sensation on Broadway. Those rumors about David portraying a young Paul Anka in a musical about Anka’s life was very intriguing.

      • There are many talented folks on Broadway and national tours of shows that are not big stars. Actually David’s S7 AI alum and friend Syesha Mercado ( she finished 3rd in AI S7) is on Broadway in the book of Mormon right now. I would say that David is a bigger star than Syesha.

  24. Shanny (or whatever your name is, lol) I think the “comfort zone” issue is more a problem for some fans than for David. David has an ever expanding “comfort zone” and he has shown no hesitation to expand that zone even further when the situation dictates.

    Some fans , however, have a rather limited comfort zone when it comes to their notion of what is acceptable about David. Their narrow comfort zone wants David to:

    1) sing predominantly pop music (inspirational music is such a drag to them)
    2) live anywhere but Mormon- dominated Utah (too many Mormon financed shopping malls)
    3) grow his hair out so he looks “less Mormon” (code for “sexier”)
    4) wear “less conservative clothes” (also code for “sexier”)
    5) loosen up and have a beer (defy his religious teachings )

    The list is endless, but you get the drift. Fortunately, David seems very content to be “the person he has become” and is not “comfortable” doing any of the above.

  25. bliss- I do recall that even “you” stated- in a comment when David first returned from his mission- that you would be concerned about David ‘s career if he was still living with his family in June. I am sure that you will correct me if the comment is not exact so go right ahead. Well-It is August tomorrow- and he still living with his family. lol. I am also sure that someone will point out that he might own the house they live in. idk. Anyway I also am a big fan of Orlando Bloom right now for putting bratty biebs in his place so everyone has their opinions. lol.

  26. Why do we think David might own the house? Is that a rumor or does someone know that for sure?

  27. Just a rumor as I don’t think anyone knows for sure. Do they? idk.

    • David is 23 year old, he is able and afford to live on his own or he could have roommates too and he is a grown man, if the rumor is true. Hmm david got another date tonight or with the same person last night, what people are talking about?????????????

  28. Marie, not only that, I also said that I would be concerned if David’s career wasn’t in full swing by June, so I’m 0 for 2. I’ve decided to grant David a 3 month extension, so now we’re talking about the end of September. If that doesn’t happen, I’m getting out of the prediction business, lol.

    In my defense, I’m just a humble fan. I’m not Nostradamus.

  29. Im sensing a trip for someone to Siberia 🙂

  30. He owns the house his mother lives in now or the house his family used to live in that someone said was sold?

  31. He bought the house they live in now

    • So I guess they won’t be asking him to move out anytime soon….hahahaha

      • Well that kind of complicates things as at least David could move to Nashville to be around the music scene more but I guess not. How could he effort to own and maintain 2 homes? I am surprised that the family is not living in the step father’s home or a home step father purchased with David’s mom. Where do the stepfather and mom work? Where does David’s dad live and work and why is this all so secret? I think where folks are employed should not be a secret. I still don’t think David has as much money as some folks might think he does. David will never complain. I know that.

      • Right after David’s mom married I checked out David’s stepfather’s (who’s name is Dave) facebook that was public. Dave works for a funeral home. He does owns his own home and is currently renting it out. Possibly when David marries his family will move into Dave’s house. Lupe has a job but I don’t know where. Not sure what Jeff does but I assume he works somewhere. I know this is actually none of our business and I probably should not have looked at Dave’s facebook. I don’t any more. Curiosity got the best of me!

  32. David is a good man.

    Meg Nelson @meggysue22 · 7h
    #livetweet David Archuleta is a cutie

  33. Whenever I think about stepping out of one’s comfort zone regarding David, I think artistically. Obviously going on the military tour was stepping out of a personal comfort zone for all involved. But David remained in his musical and personal beliefs comfort zones on that trip. I guess it could be argued he steps out of his comfort zone artistically when he accompanies himself on the piano. Performing in a musical would be a trip out of the zone, performing in Book of Mormon would be like a trip to the moon out of the comfort zone, artistically.

    I was always fascinated with David’s fascination with Les Mis, given the story involving prostitutes, etc, but it is most certainly the theme of love and redemption that resonates with David the most. I would venture to say if he performed “Master of the House” that would be a leap out of the comfort zone.

  34. GrammyJ, interesting info. One would normally think they would all move in with Step-Dad but maybe the deal was they would take care of David’s house while he was away. Now maybe the renters still have time on their lease so David has inherited his family for a while LOL. Thinking for myself I wouldn’t want to be living alone in a big house anyway. I like people around a house.

  35. David has gone out of his comfort zone before his left on his mission. One that come to mind that was big was doing NA. Totally unexpected and really artistically a real good thing. I know that it was a cheesy show, but he did and seemed to really enjoy it and was happy for the experience and probably learned a ton artistically. As far as personally stepping out of his comfort zone, yes, of course he has with that military tour especially but touring with people that were in his comfort zone. I know that David has changed, but I still hope he will be able to continue to go out of his comfort zone artistically, personally there is no question he will always step out.
    There is nothing wrong with being in your comfort zone right now, physicallypersonally and artistically, but as an artist that David is, I hope that he will always reach for the best without limitations.

    • cq, OMG I forgot about NA. Yes of course he leaped out of his comfort zone acting on NA. What is wrong with me? Brain cells disappearing by the day LOL

      • lol, Actually the Asian tour, NA and MKOC tour all showed me, anyway, such growth and really seemed to be in such a good place professionally. After the shock of the announcement wore off, lol, I thought that it was a good thing for him personally to go and it would be the only way that he could move forward professionally, I still think that, no matter how personally I feel. He’s still fascinating to me and it will be very interesting to see where his career will go.

  36. I’m not entirely convinced that David really does own the home to be honest. Rumors are easily started on fan sites and then repeated as truth. Frankly, I need more to go on than a fly-by post.

    • I don’t really care who owns the home but it is something to talk about I guess. It would make sense for taxes but other than that, maybe he’s just a renter too LOLOL.

      • Of course we don’t know for sure who owns it, but the house the family lived in previously was put on the market when Lupe and Jeff were divorcing. It was pulled off the market and the only one that would have had money to pay the mortgage at that time in the family was David. That leads me to believe that he owned that house and then sold it and bought this smaller home. Of course it is feasible that he could have bought it for his mother and then it would have been her house to sell and this house is hers.

      • A while back an anonymous poster came onto FOD to defend David–I forget the topic of the time–but there was strong evidence that it was a certain angel-loving friend. They said that he owns a home, so yes, it’s rumor, but I believe it. The current home isn’t much smaller, btw.

      • hum cc halo, don’t hear that much from her anymore, or maybe things she says about David aren’t being posted on fan sites.

  37. That sounds plausible, GrammyJ. The only thing I do know for sure is that the original home the family lived in is sold.

  38. My comments can’t get posted…. Why…. 😐 ~(*.*)~

  39. FINALLY! My comments are posted…

    Hey everyone… Wow…the thread’s very long already… Here I am again, popping out of the wild :)) I was too busy with my studies that’s why I was gone for a little, in fact I just felt dead (like a butchered cow) hours ago after that dreadful pharmacology test (as if this is of interest to the rest of you guys hahaha… Just felt like sharing). Anyway….

    @cc halo and cq: glad you guys enjoyed that little tmz goofing around :))

    It would be a frabjous day to see David on broadway (Imagine: Sound of Music! As Rolf Gruber singing “you are 16, going on 17… Baby it’s time to think!…” Or in a musical Peter Pan where in David would nail the playful and youthful singing Peter Pan… Or ‘King and I’ were David would shout ‘et cetera! et cetera! et cetera!’… Or a musical ‘tarzan’! LOL JUST KIDDING! I could not imagine David as tarzan… David in brown shabby underwear shouting while pounding his chest haha!)

    Or… David could partake in musically inclined animated movies! His voice would be perfect for dubbing! Coz I really think his voice has that ‘disney-vibe’ potential (as heard in his song “Things Are Gonna Get Better” and the very recent “Bring Him Home”)


  40. It’s unbelievable to me that peeps would spend all their time looking up every restaurant, store, studio, food truck, or building that David happens to frequent. They “research” (haha) the address on the internet, and I guess keep an over-sized map on their wall with pins in it of all the places David goes to on any given day.

    Then what do they do? Eat a bologna sandwich, post more embarrassing comments on SD, and “research” through the Hobby Lobby bags that their poor children brought home.

    Did I leave anything out? Oh yeah, there’s even more “research” going on. Gotta find out about those mortgage documents.

    Now what? Gotta go and buy some more pins to put in the map on the wall and check and see if kids brought any more Hobby Lobby bags home.

    What a freaking life. What a “comfort zone.”

    • Hmmmm… you feel better now that you’ve put everyone in their place?

    • Actually, you should include those of us who also go to FOD, where some go find the French Toast truck and post pictures of themselves in front of it and become Facebook friends of David’s family, etc. As we said earlier, we’re all nuts–or fans–short for “fanatic.”–even those sad ones who spend their time documenting other people’s eccentricities and mocking them for it.

    • P.S. I was wondering if the Anon who has been posting somewhat nice, chatty things lately was the same who hates “Skari” (Kari) because she’s “left of center” So I get your irritation on the Hobby Lobby thing…

      • P.P.S. It took some “research” to figure out Kari’s political opinions–so pot meet kettle.

    • Thanks for the info Grammyj. Anon-Please. Like I care what you think? lol. soul newbie your comment-“Whenever I think about stepping out of one’s comfort zone regarding David, I think artistically.”-Is exactly what I meant. Your comment was good. 🙂

  41. I don’t get the Hobby Lobby thing. I must have missed something.

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