So Much Catching Up!

I’m back from vacation and now need to do some catching up over events that happened in Archuland this past month.

But I’ll start with this! I can’t believe my Beloved would sing this song while I was away; y’all know how long I’ve been wanting to hear this rendition from David? 🙂

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  1. Welcome back hG. Hope you had a wonderful vacation, What is your verdict on David’s Bring Him Home? I think it is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Hi ya HG! Hope you had a great time chillin’. 🙂

  3. Welcome back Hg, thank you for keeping this site open while you were on you much deserved break, so glad to have you back though. David’s rendition of Bring Him Home is just divine!

  4. Welcome back, HG! Loved the Iconic David pictures while you were gone.

  5. Welcome back HG. The mice did play but appreciate you keeping things going in your absence. BHH, is there a more perfect song for David? And he killed it as I suspected he would.

  6. emilyluvsarchie

    Welcome back HG! Have fun catching up, it’s been a very busy month!

  7. Welcome back HG! Hope your time off was rejuvenating and restful on all levels.

  8. It was very busy in Archuleta-land while you were away. You have a lot of blogs to read and pictures to view along with some videos. Enjoy!

  9. I don’t know man, I don’t know. I don’t see Cook through rose colored glasses. In the beginning of this vid he tells his fans they’re all so nice and agreeable and wonders what he could perform that would make them want him to stop and then he starts playing crush. .

    • AnonAnon, I don’t either, but I also don’t see David through rose colored glasses either, lol. Yes, a bit uncomfortable, kind mocking Crush. He is an entertainer and thought that might be entertaining to his audience that are, after all, his fans. From the videos of Cook’s concert with both on stage, I did feel chemistry and heck maybe being that both careers are kind not doing well (David is understandable, but don’t know about Cook), maybe touring together might help. I don’t know what it’s going to take to help David with his career, I just hope he has a plan.

  10. AnonAnon.. Based on that video he did seem to be making fun of David! Why would he do that?

  11. Well perhaps my comment was incorrect. It was the song, “crush” that he made light of not David.

    • Cook makes fun of his own hit song. I think it was called Time of My Life. I just think Cook has that sarcastic type sense of humor.

      • You may be right…I may have spoken too soon and I definitely know nothing about Cook beyond that year of competition.

      • Yes, from the little I have seen of him, he does seem to have that sarcastic type of sense of humor, I actually don’t mind it, but not everyone gets it, and, lol, maybe including David which makes it kind of humorous and adds to the chemistry, sarcastic Cook and dry humor of David.

      • Cook is very sarcastic and I think that is why some see him as condescending at times but he is also very intelligent. idk. David obviously likes him so that is all that matters. I wonder if Cook has remained close at all to the other AI S7 alum? I know he was with some directly after the show but not so sure now. David has been away for awhile but I hope he reconnects with some of the other AI alum like Jason Castro .

  12. Cook obviously is aware of where he is (Utah) and that there still may be some resentment among the Utah fans regarding American Idol. He is spoofing the notion that the audience would not like it if he attempted to cover “Crush”, a song which “belongs” to their local hero, David Archuleta.

    David Cook has never shown anything but the greatest affection and respect for David, and he did it again this time. David, of course, went out of his way to make sure that Cook was not upstaged in any way, and they both took care of each other on Saturday night.

    There is a difference between “having fun” and “making fun”, and the 2 Davids were definitely “having fun” with each other the way guys who really like each other do. It was all good.

    • Bliss do you think that David missed those high note so that he wouldn’t upstage Cook?

      • I’m not Bliss so hopefully I’m not overstepping bounds by replying to this but I don’t think for a minute that David purposely missed those high notes. David is an amazing singer but he’s not superhuman — any singer has to warm up their voices properly to be able to reach their full range. David is no exception to that. Since he wasn’t planning to sing, he would have no reason to have warmed his voice up so when he tried to go for that high note the first time, he knew it wasn’t gonna happen. You could see him turn away from the mic during the next two times that note occurs in the song because he knew he wasn’t going there lol.

        Even David Cook said after the song, as David left the stage, that if places were reversed there’s no way he would have sung. Who knows if he really would have or not but I think he was pointing out how very difficult it is to get up and sing without notice.

      • Ali, absolutely that’s the way I felt happened, but that whole not wanting to upstage Cook really seemed a bit excessive. David is a great singer that would never not give his all.

      • cq – I agree. I also think, from comments he has made in the past, that David is more about the moment and the feeling than having every note perfect. Granted he does usually get those notes right but sometimes the off moments can be even more powerful than the on moments. If that even makes any sense lol. I can say that I’m happy he was willing to sing even though it was a surprise…I think it made lots of people happy and I could see “that” expression in David’s face when he told the crowd the sing along at the end. You know the one. The joy of performing one.

      • That’s the way I felt about David, Ali, he was being a great sport about the whole thing, you know David being, David, lol. I guess I just didn’t understand that whole upstaging theory, what would of David done to upstage Cook, we all know that wouldn’t be a thing that David would ever do no matter what circumstances.

    • I think your take on the two Davids makes a lot of sense. How easy it is to rush to judgement using insufficient information as I did.

  13. Welcome back HG! Hope your vacation gave you lots of R & R. Thanks for all the iconic pics; they certainly brought back pleasant memories!

  14. Welcome back, HG!! So much good stuff to catch up on — definitely lots going on the past month.

  15. Bliss agree with you. cq I don’t think that David missed those notes on purpose, I think as someone has mentioned he was tired and not prepared.

  16. I think David would never miss a note on purpose. We have seen him many times adjust a song – not go high or change the ending based on his voice. I remember a morning thing where his voice cracked and he adjusted the rest of the song. He knows how his voice is moving up and down the scale during a song and what a pro – he just adapts or changes up the song in whatever way he can.

  17. Btw, I think it was beyond AWESOME that David did go on stage and sing….nothing but class!!!

  18. David is both a perfectionist and a realist. He always gives 110% of himself at every performance, whether at his own show or at an impromptu performance such as the other night. For whatever reason, he couldn’t hit those really high notes. it’s happened before and it will happen again. David has flubbed lines and notes before. So did Sinatra, Streisand and Caruso. No biggie. Babe Ruth struck out many times, and he’s in the Hall of Fame.

    By not “upstaging” I meant that the fact that the show was in Utah, and the whole AI “enemy territory” thing, David wanted to make sure that his presence on the stage would not make Cook feel uncomfortable at his own show.

    BTW, one tour to military bases, and David is already using symbolic language like “enemy territory” and “allied ground”, lol.

  19. CQ, I’ve never encountered a person who treats his fellow humans, without exception, with more regard and respect than David. Whether he’s known you his whole life or met you 2 minutes ago, everybody gets the same “Archuleta treatment”

  20. Welcome back,hg. :). Don’t you think that it took some persuasion on Cook’s part to get David to sing? Didn’t David even say in a tweet that Cook loves putting him on the spot. I am not really a Cook fan at all but I think the mentioning of Crush and other things Cook said at the concert was to get David to perform. Which IMO was actually a good thing.

  21. Any performer that invites David to perform invites being trumped at his/her own concert. Look at what happened to Brooke White and Michael Johns a few years ago. They invited David to join them in a few songs at the end of their show and, voila, it became the David Archuleta show. David Cook knows better than anyone how magnetic David is on stage. It is to his credit that he chose to invite David onto his stage , and David went out of his way to ensure that he came on and got off quickly so as not repeat the B. White/ M.Johns experience.. Classy stuff by a classy guy, David Archuleta.

  22. Many times when I skim the comments here I have to remind myself that reality fans have their own unique sense of reality.

    Anyhoo, welcome back, HG! B4 you unpack, I’d like your take on what you think of the past 4 months post-Mission:

    – Called to Serve
    – ShayCarl
    – F2f missionary chat
    – Some video shot in Costa Rica (?)
    – Military Tour
    – The Ghost of 2008 Past

    What do you think these “dots” add up to? Anything? Do you see any patterns? Future leanings? You’ve had iconic photos happening here. Do you see a new style emerging with David — even as he continues to sing mostly one original song — Crush?

    Looking forward to any of your insights here.

    • Your disdain and ability to mentally distance yourself from other David fans is truly inspiring.

      Think you forgot to list writing and recording new original music in your overview of the past 4 months though.

    • Glad that you mentioned reality fans as that reminded me-Watching AGT tonight as I always watch when the show finally goes live. Don’t like the auditions. Going to watch SYTYCD tomorrow night. I am a fan of some reality shows and proud of it. lol. 🙂

    • We all have our unique sense of reality even you Anon. Yours seems to definitely be gloom and doom and extreme pessimism. Of course that is just my take on you based on your cryptic posts. In real life you could be a real sweetheart. Who knows.

    • Anon-I will give you my opinion and insights even though you did not ask me. lol. Of all the dots that you listed the only one that really interested me was “The Ghost of 2008” past. I enjoyed when David performed with Cook. Would love to see him on AI. The rest of the dots-no interest. The military tour was of course OK but it is over and have no idea what he really did in Costa Rica-no proof of that yet. I bet I am not the only one that feels that way but maybe many of the fans that would have left or are just no longer interested. Just the way it is and keeping it real. 🙂

    • Not sure how reliable that information is, but it is plausible. It happens all the time with celebrity couples.

      • Yes- it does Grammyj. I would think the fame and egos would just get in the way of any kind of a normal relationship

  23. Since we are posting articles I saw David’s friend Jeannette McCurdy was trending on twitter yesterday with this article.

    • wonder if David saw her pics.

      • My guess is that David didn’t look at the pictures but was told about them. I read Jeannette’s blog that the article is referring to and agreed with what she had to say. It has for to be hard for her after the death of her mother, the release of the racy pics and the cancellation of her show. It’s hard to go from child star to adult star. I wish her the best. I’m glad that she and David remain friends.

  24. Yes- I could not help but wonder that too kimak.

    • David as detoved Mormon and I don’t think his folks in the LDS commuting wouldn’t not be happy if he was friends with jennette and I don’t think they are friends anymore after he was spotted with her in LA at fireside and I don’t think david expected jennette to be there too, he seem slight uncomfotable too but I know jennette was or still is, but I don’t know if she is still is after theses racy pics were surfaced but if u are a LDS I don’t think u supposed to be doing that, I meant being too sexy like that???

  25. David hasn’t been LA since the fireside, so I guess he hadn’t been hanging out with jennette than?

  26. Thanks for the article. She certainly decided to go in a different direction lately, it seems.

    • You’re welcome. BTW, one of the actresses and moms mentioned in the article are good friends of the Archuleta family (Edwards). Don’t ask me how I know that, because I’ve completely forgotten. I remember that the young actress had a food blog and was a ballroom dancer. She’s currently on a mission in the American south, and I always thought that she and David would be a good couple. Probably TMI.

      • I’ll check that part of the article out more closely. Thanks for the info…never too much information as far as I’m concerned.

  27. Jeannette has been in the celeb news quite a bit over the past year. Rumors of boyfriend issues, provocative pics of her that were posted online, and rumors that she was not getting along with her co star(Adriana Grande who is very popular right now) and others on that Sam and Cat show. Who knows what the truth is but I think that Jennette does seem to enjoy the attention and PR surrounding her at times. But I guess you need to in order to remain a celebrity in LA.

  28. Speaking of the latest celeb news. I have always been a fan of the actor Orlando Bloom but I really love his now. lol. 🙂

  29. just saw it on TV.. go Orlando!

  30. Marie, regarding that article you posted last night @ 9:34 about Jeannette, she said something that I feel is so true regards of what people think of her. She said that your family and people that you know should be your role models, not celebrities. I totally agree, that should be role models, not people you really don’t know. Of course, I also think that with being a celebrity comes with a lot of power and being a good role model a good thing.

  31. This is the party/concert that David and his sister attended on Moday for The Truman Brothers:

  32. I still think that David should consider doing a Broadway musical if that is an option. It would be a great learning opportunity for him on how to perform in musicals and he would be in NYC or in a traveling tour. I just have no idea what he is doing with his music career. David being based in Utah living with his family just makes no sense to me if he wants to pursue a career in “secular” pop music like he stated in this article. But maybe he really doesn’t. JMHO. I guess I have no patience with his lack of career plans but that is OK as that is just me. 🙂

    • He does seem to be building his career to be more based in Utah, so maybe that’s what he meant was have a local music career where he is comfortable and occasionally go out and do some stuff, but still be surrounded only with people that meet his high standards, who knows.

      • Oh btw, to me by doing that, it is so limiting as an artist. There are many gifted artists that may not meet his personal high standards, but still are genius at their craft so to exclude them is wrong, imo
        That first vlog about running back to Utah might of been more telling than we think.

  33. You can’t pursue a career in secular pop music and live in Utah? Why would living in Utah prevent him from producing secular pop music? If he wants to collaborate with other artists in LA or Nashville, its a 2 hour flight. I spend more time on the freeway every morning.

    • My2cents, you are absolutely correct, let’s hope he is keeping those ties with artists and people that will help his career outside of Utah, not that connections and peeps in Utah are not talented, I’m sure a big number are extremely talented. I’m sure that David will always live in Utah, that’s his home and totally understand why he would choose to live there, I was only talking in regards to his career. Heck there is recording studio in every state so yes, he can have a secular music career and live in Utah, lol.

    • My 2 cents, The Osmonds built a whole studio in Utah and they are still a first rate duo, especially in Sin City, where they have one of the most popular shows in Vegas. The last time I looked Utah was still part of the lower 48 and easily accessible by planes, trains and automobiles, not to mention computers and all other technology.

      David’s living and/or working in Utah should be a non factor moving forward in both his personal and professional life.

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