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  1. Love #21, so photogenic. I hope that whoever does new promo pictures of David will be able to capture the new, adult David, but still show that boyish charm that will be with him always. Such a great combination.

    • I love all of the Bench photos so much, but they did a lot of airbrushing–of his eye creases especially. It’s like his CFTH album cover, but with much better results.

      • Yes, you’re right, some airbrushing, but very well done.
        David has a very handsome face, but also very interesting, for a photographer to capture that will be epic. I just hope for great photos to go with his next project, not that he hasn’t had fabulous photo all along, but just looking forward to someone capturing the maturity in David.

      • Oops, showing my age. I should have said photoshopping, not airbrushing, ha ha.

  2. Never thought I would want the two Davids to tour together, but after last night, that chemistry might just make for an epic tour, hum…they’re friend, David is very comfortable with Cook, might be magic.
    BUT, BUT, I still want a David Archuleta tour!!!!! lol.

  3. I have always enjoyed Cook. Went to see him in concert when he was in my area about 4 years ago. back when both Cook and David were riding the wave, I felt they had such great chemistry that some type of talk/variety show would have been well received. Cook has a sharp wit, and David (at least back then was funny, without even realizing it- trippy airport tunnel dialogue)They played well off each other- Cook with the edgier voice and pushing the boundaries and David with the more soulful voice and moderate outlook. I really appreciated how Cook wore the cancer bracelet for the little daughter of FOX entertainment reporter from the Tampa area. Both genuine and talented guys who truly had mutual respect and were funny together.

  4. I agree with you rae that the two David’s play well of each other for the reasons that you mentioned. I am posting this link to mjs as she did a nice post about the concert and there seems to be quite a few comments. http://www.mjsbigblog.com/david-archuleta-sings-crush-with-david-cook-together-again-video.htm

  5. Cook’s ok but I doubt I will every fully warm up to him. Below is a throwback video I still find funny – Cook impersonating David’s “haha” and mentioning a guy in a bar “butchering” angels, etc.

  6. I know that this video was already posted in the previous thread but I am posting it in this thread again. Epic performance. 🙂

    • I watched — again — this time in large screen. 😀

    • Still loving it. I mentioned this elsewhere too but love how in control David is as he motions the band to cut out at one point. Boss.

  7. Considering that David probably never thought he was performing at this concert I think what he is wearing is just fun and casual. Also David already sent out a tweet about the concert. 🙂

    • Agree with you, just David wearing what he finds as comfortable, not performance clothes. I do find the sock controversy kind of funny, lol. Styles come and go and there will always be some that like or don’t, lol.

      I had a thought, how about a Military tour with the two Davids, The bromance tour, lol You have rock music and inspirational, might be epic. Btw, not trying to micro manage, just having a little fun.

    • David was being a good sport singing at david cook concert because he just got back the day after the concert, he must be very tired from all that jet lag!! Did david come alone at the concert last nite or did he stayed backstage??

  8. Good question.

  9. Wow, such fun watching the two David’s together again. I always felt Cook liked our David and it was some of Cook’s fans who were so resentful and felt threatened by David’s popularity and talent.

    I agree David did an amazing job just getting up unprepared and probably had a bit of vocal issue due to singing in the wrong key or most likely vocal strain from the long trip in the dry desert air.
    Still who could just get up and do that? Not many at all. I think in cases like this we see his true vocal skills and training come to the front to produce a wonderful performance.

    As for the socks debate, personally I don’t care if it’s the style, I don’t like the look. Just I don’t like the hair, even if I’m told short hair is “in” and I don’t like the neck strangling look of the top button being buttoned up when he does that look. I guess I am not a fashionista and never will be. I love the fashion David sported back in the day, the fashion looks HG has been posting on this little trip down fashion memory lane. I hope this new trend passes fast LOL

  10. lol soul newbie…I think this last picture was from a Bench shoot.I loved him in those outfits. As far as what’s in style, the big joke in our family back in the day was, Mother goes shopping with son, and as long as she picks out the most hideous stuff, you can be sure it was “in”!!!

    Actually, I have seen some college kids around here sporting dark socks with shorts…and I do guess it is “stylish” in some circles.

    ITA with you about David doing a great job considering he was not prepared to sing and probably exhausted from travel. I wondered had his voice deepened or did he start on a different key. As far as him getting up and taking the stage, I felt he was in command while at the same time being very considerate of it being David Cook’s big night. He showed restraint yet was very comfortable in many ways.

  11. I think david must have stayed backstage because people were shocked that david came on stage, there was no tweets people at the concert he was sitting watching the show idk.

    • Someone tweeted this last night:


      • Oh okay I didn’t know that, who freaking knows is he came alone, with family or a new date, maybe a girl he is seeing, some says. happy david had a good time late nite with david cook

  12. just saw this picture from the Ethiopian restaurant on Archuleta Ave Malaysia; hadn’t seen it before.


  13. Shanny in Australia

    Ahhhhh look at that guy. He might be getting back into performing as ‘David Archuleta’ again but he sure hasn’t lost any of his performance skills. He’s oozing confidence as he comes on stage, talks to Cook about how to get the keyboard working, controls the band with a wave of his hand, calls out to the audience to participate and then brings it swiftly and expertly to a close. There’s not even a hint of covering up that high note which he is missing (I guess extreme tiredness, lots of performing, desert air and 2 days on planes does that to a singers voice). Also seems to me the guitarist/base player? behind him is getting into it half way through and then they all laugh at the conclusion, as if to say…Ok Boss Man, we see you’ve got this all well and truly covered.

    Haha, David may be getting back into performing again but he sure ain’t lost any savvy ness. Watch out Archie’s, the possibilities are mind boggling!

    On the socks…took my daughter to the movies the other day, had one of those little ‘everything reminds me of David’ moments when I noticed 2 boys in front of us dressed exactly like David here, right down to the black socks pulled up. Lol

    • I read that David was at the concert with his family but don’t have any proof

      • Yeah that what I read too, I don’t know if that person is telling the truth or not but that person did say saw the pic?? Couple of fans were like where? Why is the pic is not on the net already??

  14. There was a david cook fan was sitting few rows away from david but Never mentioned his family with him, I find that was weird as well.

    • Eh, I don’t really find that weird. People usually don’t mention his family, just him. Or if he’s with someone that might be a girlfriend that will sometimes get mentioned lol.

      • I think different but everytime david with his family, they are always mentioned, Maybe the supposed girl he is seeing, didn’t go or a has a job or david doesn’t have girlfriend at this moment.

      • Really? I’m intrigued. I must just be missing these tweets because he only time I’ve seen mention of him being out with family is when it’s the family themselves mentioning it. We do get that, if that’s what you mean.

  15. I would think he was either at the concert by himself or with some member of his family or a friend. It doesn’t mean his whole family went to the concert. That pretty much covers it. lol. 🙂 I would love to see a close up picture of his ever elusive manager Gina Orr posted here sometime. I have just seen a pic of her from a distance 🙂

  16. Good morning everyone, Yeah who knows but David could have brought his sisters and maybe a “special friend” with him too. Hopefully we can all see the pic for ourselfs. See you all, bye for now.

  17. I know that some might that it’s wrong for me to feel this way, but I can’t help it, I would love for David to have an even bigger hit than Crush, actually would love for his next album (crossing fingers) would get mainstream huge recognition and yes lots of awards. It will be what it will be and I will of course be very happy to have new music from him period.

  18. marie,i would like to see a pic of you, to see if my op is right,lol

    • Rooster that was very uncalled for and kind of mean spirited. Shocking but I don’t care what you think. lol. That was not a slam on Gina Orr. I like her as she is a professional music manager in the music industry and I like Kari too. At least it is not family/friends/church management-yet. lol. I also liked Melinda/WEG and I know she is not popular with most folks here but honestly I don’t think David would be that easy to manage in today’s music industry. Just my opinion. I was just wondering what Gina looked like as she is David’s manager. Certain folks are just way too sensitive. It has just gotten ridiculous with the Over The Top sensitivity and judgmental comments to others. You know who you are. lol. 🙂 Relax-I don’t even post half of what I really think anymore and I won’t. Not worth it and I don’t care. Too busy at my job and my personal life. But I will ITA those that dare to. lol. Many fans don’t even post anymore for a variety of reasons. David issues with his music career are bigger than comments that folks post on a random fan site or even on twitter. I like the soulful pop music direction for David but it does not look like he is headed that way. Maybe it will change. idk.

    • I don’t get, your comment, Marie was not in anyway disrespectful to Gina. Heck I’m curious, she’s supposedly David’s manager, so I’m thinking why not make yourself visible to his fans.
      rooster, this constant slam on fans is really not called for, imo.

  19. What video? How do you know so much Anon, but have seen so little as in “the video”?

  20. I wonder if david is really worried about the new music he is making and it will flop and he doesn’t want upset his fans and fear he will failed?? I think david will do fine.

  21. marie, you are a (fan) of davids and i just wanted to see what you look like, is it mea for you to want to see gina ,NO it not ,don,t see what you got upset about,

  22. I must be in a minority of one because I have always thought Cook is condescending to David. In this crush video he is often cracking up. What is so funny about David Singing crush? And it is not the first time he has said “I don’t even know the words (to crush.) His teasing of David looks more like a put down than a bromance to me.

    • I have read some folks calling Cook condescending before. idk . I guess you might have a point but David really likes him. Cook sure has not had the career that AI pushed him to have. They would have been smarter to push David. The AI alum I like is Phillip Phillips-seems down to earth to me and of course talented.

      • Cook is laughing because his band doesn’t know the song and they are trying to fake it. The bass player tries to pick out a note or two and then shrugs. The drummer misses the beat when he is supposed to come back in. Cook cracks up. He is embarrassed that David has poor backing when on his stage. Cook even made a comment after about David doing well, but not having the best backup band.

      • That makes sense.

  23. Whatever. It is OK. I have already moved on. lol. 🙂

  24. David waving off the instrumental at the end.. was the best.
    large and in charge.


  25. It look like david was upset by it doing that, maybe david cook bassist wasn’t being nice while doing crush and He was laughing the end too, I didn’t think it was funny.

    • Maybe the whole band were playing/ joking with david idk. When david sing, he likes to be prefection on stage!!!

    • David wasn’t upset.. was way to let them know no music. why Cookie was laughing and the base player. like I said David has grown up speaks up lets folks know what is up. think he did that at the restaurant in Ethiopia too.

      • Yeah I guess u are right kimak, well he did kinda he look upset but i guess he wasn’t at all than, David doesn’t joke around when he on stage singing, well to me.

  26. Hey! Where the pic of david family at cook concert, I guess it didn’t happened but Why did the fan said it than?.

  27. Anon Anon, you obviously do not understand “guy” culture. Subtle “put downs” are the way guys show their affection towards other men because they are afraid that any show of real affection will raise flags that they might have sexual feelings for them.. David is in dire need of more straight male fans, and the reception he received by all those military men bodes well for the future. The tour was very much a masculine experience, and David did not seem uncomfortable or out of place in that environment.

    As for David Cook, it is obvious that Cook has a very strong, healthy affection and respect for David, and it is reciprocated easily and naturally by David. Your “read” on their relationship is a misread.

    • Hmmm, interesting

      What do you know about what David is in “dire need” of? And how do you know for a fact that all the male soldiers he met on the tour were in fact “straight”? You have no way of knowing what David thinks, feels or desires. You have no way of knowing for a fact what Cook really thinks of David. On the surface, looks can be deceiving especially when they are on a stage for all the world, however small their particular world (fans) is.

      Like the rest of us, you don’t really “know” David other than what he chooses to let us know. The rest is nothing but pure speculation.

      • Hmmm, Interesting, anyone with eyes and ears who has been a fan of David’s for the past 6 1/2 years, and has a lick of sense, can draw rational observations about him. How does anyone know anything about anyone? By seeing a pattern of behavior over a period of time, that’s how.
        People here have drawn all sorts of conclusions about David’s career, his personal life, his religious beliefs, his plans for the future, etc. Why aren’t you calling these people out for having “no way of knowing” all of what they claim to know?

        I realize that speculation about David is the sport of choice on this site, and drawing any conclusions would end the much needed ongoing discussions about him. After all, if there were no daily speculations about David, people would have nothing to do but be patient and wait for David to release his next CD, and that wait would be unbearable. Hence, concluding anything about David needs to be discouraged because the ensuing silence would be deafening.

      • ITA-Hmmm. You are correct. 🙂

  28. When cook won , I was so shocked because david had a better voice than cook had knew that himself that archuleta was better, again cook should have give title to archuleta but didn’t, I thought that was a little cocky, During theirs whole idol season, everyone kinda knew that archuleta had the best voice there from the start, We all can see that, no offense to cook thought.

  29. Sunny girl, the title was not Cook’ s to give to David. It belongs to the owners of the show. I don’t know what you think Cook did that was “cocky”. On the finale, Cook went out of his way to put his arm around David twice while he was singing his “victory song”. Everything about the finale was perfect, except for the result, which was a travesty, but not the fault of Cook, of course.

    • I believe that title should go to the best voice not due to personal reasons. Archuleta should have won because he was the best voice there. I don’t have a problem with cook at all, deep inside I am sure he wanted archuleta to win. Archuleta was okay not winning that and he got a record deal that nite too I think??

  30. I kind of thought that Cook’s laugh was like, “Whoa, Little Brother is really in charge and grown up now!” His statement at the end about just loving that guy seemed very genuine.

  31. Anon, our you a fan?

  32. There’s a picture posted in the comments of The Voice with David, Cook, David’s oldest sister, his cousin and Aunt so David did go to the concert with his family.

  33. Marie, I can literally set my watch to your ITA ing any post that challenges anything I say. Wait, let me guess, you don’t really care lol. I’m still waiting for that elusive first original thought from you.

  34. bliss-I leave you with this. 🙂

  35. Seems David is at a backyard concert/party tonight, according to multiple tweets.

    • It says private party, looking for a girlfriend there too lol!! He prolly brought a date with him, It guess it a Utah area band concert?

  36. LOL

  37. David just had his haircut (we’re all like… WHY?! Is he trying to abstain from the vanity brought about by hair?.. Or I’m just being ridiculous hahaha… Or maybe he got inspired by the military men… Or he just wanted his hair cut for no apparent reason LOL)

    And he went to a private party

    *stalker mode on


  38. Well it is July. I keep my hair short in the summer too.

  39. Utah TMZ, lol.

  40. Hey again, just saw pics david and his family , there were two pics, one with cook, they all look good!!!!

  41. Thanks for the tips guys… Saw it… 🙂

    They’re really supportive of David Cook 🙂

  42. Shanny in Australia

    I agree with Bliss, David is knowable after following and listening to him for so long. I’m sure we know less rather than more but he’s not a completely unknown entity.

    And I agree with those who thought the laughter on stage was of the good kind.

    Marie, I’m sorry you had a rough day. Elevator helps me on days like that – reminds me that tomorrow or some day soon, will be better. Get a good nights rest.

    And on the topic of rest…..does David ever get any!? Lol

    • Hmmm, interesting

      Well, of course you do, agree with Bliiss. You always agree with Bliss. He’s a defender of David AND his religion of which you are also a member. 😀

      As for the “hair”, or what’s left of it on David’s head, I’ve always thought he would take after his dad. I always thought the nickname “MIC” was rather rude especially since David may start wearing a cap too in the next few years. I’m afraid it may be inevitable. My point is that we may as well get use to David with very short hair. At least he still has hair. 😦

      • Shanny in Australia

        Lol, you are so right! I do tend to often agree with Bliss because as you said, he defends David, whom I care about and yeah, he defends David’s right to live his religion of which I also care about. Makes sense then, right! 🙂

        And I also actually agree with you….that the nickname ‘MIC’ is rude. And disrespectful to someone David cares about because it came about in a sarcastic way. But that’s an old can of worms now.

        As for David’s hair receding one day…..shrug….it probably will. Maybe people will stop referring to him as a kid then lol. Might give him some more credibility. Either way, I ain’t here for the hair. Lol

      • Shanny in Australia

        Lol….I guess it’s probably necessary to also say that….I don’t think people who have different opinions to me don’t care about David. 😉

      • Hmmm, you brought up a good point. I do understand why some would agree with some fans or not. Everyone has opinions and some meet more with what you feel than others. I also tend to have some fans that I agree with more because their opinions are more on the lines of mine. What I don’t understand is the down right meanness that some fans have towards others that may not see things the way they do. The whole defending of David and his religion is one of the things that seem to give this one person the right to say and sometimes in real horrible evaluation of the fans character, a pass because of the ‘honorable’ thing his is doing.

  43. thinking if you all are looking for the new Enrique, JT, etc not going to happen.
    maybe going for a quirky, fresh, preppy style
    something like Pharrell WIlliams now?

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