Iconic David Series #20


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  1. Yes it was Epic. 🙂

  2. I give David a pass on being a bit uncomfortable, not prepared and not even knowing what he would sing, I think he did a darn great job. I do hope that he regains that ultra confidence I notice on his Asian and Christmas tours. He’s got it all, he just needs to embrace it, if he wants a music career. I think that David is really struggling right now, before some go crazy right now, let me try to explain what I mean. Immersing himself into his faith has brought him a curtain mindset as to what is the right kind of behavior and having a career in the entertainment industry sometimes does not meet those very rigid standards. I believe in time, he will find a way to be comfortable and strike a happy medium.

    • Let me add might be struggling, don’t really know of course, jmo.

    • Cq I think you should consider changing your name to The Dark Side. It doesn’t matter what joyful thing happens, you are always peeking around for some grim interpretation. For your own sake, I hope you don’t do the same thing in your own life.

      • In what dang world do you live in smanda7 that you think that’s “a dark side comment”. especially this hugely DARK: I believe in time, he will find a way to be comfortable and strike a happy medium.
        Btw, why just come abroad to criticize, why not just say that you feel it wasn’t a correct observation and state your reason why.

      • I’m just frustrated. Everyone is excited and happy. What a fun generous surprise from what must be an extremely sleepy David – and you want to go down a dark tunnel with a struggling David? And you will give him a pass for being unprepared? Just ugh.

      • Ok, Smanda, I can understand what you are saying from this comment. I loved last night, I though it was epic and a real good showing as to the easing into David Archuleta the singer, but as I said it was an observation (not about last night, but from his first vlog and again this last blog what he said about performing) that was not meant to be a dark, actually I was stating that I felt he could strike that happy medium and I mean that, especially after last night.

      • ca you are very bad fan just like me who come around to make our opinions and not hurt anyone but anyone takes it to personal attack on themselves. I see you are not mean, just have your way of seeing the things in honest ways to you.

      • I agree that he will strike a happy medium. Sorry for being grumpy. Of course everyone has the right to their opinions.

        Here is my opinion. David is doing a beautiful job of creating his own life. Fan nitpicking and micromanaging is a joy sucker.

    • Coming here to pick out one speculative part of a comment out of dozens of thrilled, ecstatic comments that she made, and personally attacking her, is the thing that introduces “the dark side.” Geeze.

  3. I mean my post to cq. Sorry

  4. No bad fans In the archu-world. Just lots of opinions and that is great! I think I understand what Smanda means (imo). It is like when a kid comes home all excited about winning a baseball game and the mom/dad/sibling/someone says “Oh that’s great that your team won but gosh, too bad that you struck out that time”. Sometimes it is just fun to get to really enjoy the moment and excitement and wait until later tp pick apart the particulars, etc. On line we lose that sense of pausing to let people enjoy the moment. Most people don’t even realize how often we do that on blogs because if we were all talking face-to-face we probably would be more cognizant of the nuiances of spoiling someone’s fun and we don’t even realize it.

  5. I was just at a Fray concert and the lead singer actually apologized for not being able to hit the high notes, and everybody laughed and applauded. I think David did great for an impromptu performance after just getting back from 3 weeks of performing in the middle east. Crush is a very difficult song to sing IMO, especially since his voice changed. As far as the socks go, I think David is dressing the way he likes, just like he’s living his life right now.

  6. It was great to see and hear David last night. David is very different when he is the “star” of a show and when he is a guest. David was in a tough situation last night, and as usual bent over backwards to ensure that Cook did not feel upstaged by his presence on his hometown stage. The 2 David’s have a bind that only they know about, and their mutual respect and affection, built during AI, still flourishes today.

    I noticed that there was a bit of a moratorium on the relentless criticisms of David’s career moves, religious affiliations, even his style of clothing. while he was in harm’s way the last few weeks. Now that he’s back, I see that the engines of negativity are revving from the usual sources. There’s really no way to prevent it, so we’ll just have to endure it. Like bad weather, it will pass.

    As for the absurd notion that David is “struggling”, from all indications it is some fans who are struggling with the reality that David is a faith based person who has sung every note he has ever sung from that faith, and always will. As a fan and lover of David’s singing, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • reality check

      he performed ‘crush’ cause he was asked to. the rest of the scenario took place in your imagination.

  7. Hey Bliss I hope you are right, David is ready to embrace the entertainment world (in his own terms, of course) and is ready to rebut his music career.
    I hear so many things from David’s singing and yes, spirituality is at the top, along with layers of emotions that he brings to a song so special.

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