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  1. From last thread, thanks to those who corrected me on the origin of the hymn. I had wrong information and appreciate the correction.

    • Thank you Kimak for bring this gem over. Awe, love it. Something light, fun and just so refreshing to see.

    • Hahahahaa. I saw some speculating on twitter that the lady was trying to put her number down his shirt but I see now after reading Jason’s blog that it was money. Guess he was a good “dancer”. heh.

  2. Jason’s blog is great as usual but lol and yikes at this part:

    “Encouraged by some to take the stage, as audience members are to run up and put money in the shirts of the dancers, I hesitated too long and never got my chance. It wasn’t meant to be. But next came a real special moment, when the restaurant owner approached our table and begged David to sing. Now, I can only imagine how he felt. I’ve been invited to many a Christmas party and been disappointed to find out it was only because they wanted me to be the show after dinner without my notice or preparation. But this moment proved the humility of David and his kindness. I have been around other celebrities asked to do things and they say disturbing insults to the one asking. David tried to let them know he wasn’t prepared and was embarrassed, but not in a jerky way, just in a “who told them I could sing?” kind of way. After enough prodding he took the stage. Dean brought his guitar in case he’d have a chance to play with the band. When introduced the crowd kind of took notice and clapped a little, but once he laid into the first line of “Stand By Me” with “When the night has come”, there was a collective gasp and everyone reached for their phones to record it. With the flutes and drumbeats, and whatever other instruments were on stage, backing Dean and David’s performance, this was something most unique to witness. The cheers following the song lead to him throwing down REM’s, “Everybody Hurts”, to which the audience chanted “ONE MORE! ONE MORE!” upon his finish. Turning red from embarrassment we returned to our seats to sit back down and then came the flood. The whole room seemed to converge on David like a swarm of flies to a recent kill. We had to flank him with our people as we rushed him out of the place for his own safety. One guy grabbed David, in a headlock for a picture, Dan and I ripped the guy’s arm off David and yelled, “Hey, NO Touch!” It got scary quick.

    And that was our night.


    As we drove away people were taking pictures of the van, looking in, it was like the Beatles but wrapped in one person. To scare them off I did my Raptor face out the window, which did scare a few people ;)”

    There’s something about David that people want to be close to. I don’t say that just as an ODD fan but from continued proof. We do talk alot here about him wanting to be a big star or not and all that stuff but all that aside, he’s got whatever IT is that draws people. I’ve seen it happen myself in person. Not the headlock, lol, that’s nuts, but people wanting to be near him after he performs. Like to soak in some of his spirit, his light, his whatever. I don’t know, I’m just trying to find the words to explain the phenomenon. People who maybe had absolutely no idea who he was a few minutes before can hear him sing and be caught. It’s a sight to behold.

    Look at me, waxing all poetic 😉

  3. omg, a guy gave david a headlock for a picture, i bet david was scared. david is very famous everywhere now!.

  4. Now that David has shown, yet again, that he is an internationally beloved star, can we put an end to the “he’ll only be a local Utah “performer” hogwash. I mean, how many different continents does David have to be a sensation in for people to “get” David’s organic charisma?

    If he ever goes to Antarctica, they’ll have to fit him with a special Penguin protection suit.

  5. While I concede that it was great to see the reception he received on the tour and in the restaurant and that he is indeed beloved by those he performs for owing to his incredible talent for performing and charming live audiences, the “local Utah hogwash” had nothing to do with any of this. It was discussion and debate on his desires for his career, his actions and even words prior to this tour (and indeed to a degree before his mission) and reality that he is not considered a “star” in the context of singing stars in North America IMHO. The accepted definition of a star is one in the public eye who performs on television, is heard on radio, does Broadway or even theatre in major cities, etc. No one has debated that he is very popular in Utah and perhaps other pockets in the world. Reality is, if you polled folks in New York or London or Toronto some may remember the adorable kid from American Idol or the Battle of the Davids, but few will know what he’s been up to the last 6 or so years. And that is why we have had lively debate over the course of where his career is and where it is going. IMHO of course.

    • Doesn’t matter to me one iota any more if David is ever considered a Star or Super Star or whatever. To me he is an American Idol who is an amazing singer and also appears to be an exemplary human being.

    • “The accepted definition of a star is one in the public eye who performs on television, is heard on radio, does Broadway or even theatre in major cities, etc.”

      i’m always wondering what universe you’re in. Do you think David is asking radio stations not to play his music? Do you think he’s turning down invitations to appear on TV in North America? Do you think if he’d just unbutton that top button, get drunk, grow his hair to boy band level, and go all atheist that suddenly he’d be a big star?

      • Anon, these people would love for David to sell out, do all the think you mentioned that are totally against his nature, if it would result in his become the superstar they crave him becoming;

        As for “what universe they are living in”, I believe it is called the Bizarro Universe/”

      • What universe are you in to attack something the poster didn’t even say?

    • Soul newbie, very well put and ITA.

  6. Soul Newbie, thanks for the “spin”. I anxiously await the inevitable chorus of “ITA” from the predictable sources.

  7. i honestly don’t get the “star” debate. do you enjoy his voice more if he’s a big star? does his personality seem friendlier, funnier, more lovable? would you love to sit up in the nosebleeds at a stadium show where you paid $200 for crap tickets? or would you decline to attend a show at a small venue where only 50 tickets sold? is he less of a singer or performer then?

    the reality — he needs to make enough money to make music a career. other than that, it’s all gravy to me. i honestly don’t care one whit whether anyone else perceives him to be a “star”. what is that anyway? stars are balls of gas in the sky. all of us here? we’re humans. he changes lives. he’s changed mine. he makes people happy, entertains, inspires. he moves them. it’s an amazing gift he shares. the end.

    • KC, if this sites needs anything, it is more posters like you who get the point of all this. Some folks “need” David to become a superstar in order to explain to their families and friends why they are so obsessed with a young male star who is 2x or even 3x younger than they are who was on American idol 6 1/2 years ago.

      And yes, he does change lives, and that’s why he sings. Some people will never allow themselves to accept that. These are the ones that want him to be “popular” and “famous” more than they want him to be influential on people’s lives.

  8. Bliss lol do agree with you there.. local performer hogwash stuff. he always has had ‘it’
    thing is how far does he want to take ‘it’.

    lol that video.. loved just read that guy has vids not sure if he will post them but will be on the lookout for them if he does!

    • Kimak, if you went on a site of an artist that you recently enjoyed, and read that the people on the site thought he was only going to be a local performer with a limited career, would that encourage you to learn more about him.? I mean if his own fans are not that enthused, why should a new fan?

  9. Rainbow Butterfly

    Sunny Girl, what’s David’s girlfriend’s name? I wanna look for her on Twitter and FB!

  10. predictable sources

    Soul Newbie, “ITA” 🙂

    There, bliss, saved you from your anxious waiting hehe

    • Predictable, that’s a good idea. All the ITAs should post as one to save space. After all, it doesn’t really add anything to the conversation to merely agree or disagree with a previous post.

    • soul newbie- ITA not just to post that but because you are right. 🙂

  11. David will become as much of a “star” as the music listening and buying public allows. A performer cannot create their own stardom. If they could, Sanjaya would be a star today.

    Now that the American Idol “monkey” is off his back,, Davis will be free to release music that resonates within him. This is great news for any fan who respects and has confidence in David’s creativity, and not so great news for those who primarily want to hitch their wagon to a superstar to make them feel like they are on board with a “winner”.

    • I know that I might be in the minority on this one but I don’t think David needs to get the monkey of AI off his back. He owes most of his fan base and his career to being on AI. I know I would not know of David at all if it were not for AI. So I think that AI was the best thing that ever happened to David’s career. Now what he has done with his career since AI is on him.

  12. “Dean brought his guitar in case he’d have a chance to play with the band.”

    I don’t know about you, but I smell something a little fishy here.

    “I don’t say that just as an ODD fan but from continued proof.”

    Someone who is traveling with David as a fellow performer uses language he picked off of David fansites.

    • BTW Jason, ODD stands for Obsessive David Disorder. Is that what you have? Et tu?

      • No, that was my comment that I added to the end of Jason’s blog. His part ends with the end quotation mark — where he says “which did scare a few people ;)”. The next paragraph is mine. Sorry for the confusion.

        And yes I do have ODD 😉

  13. I just re-read my post from earlier with the quote from Jason’s blog and realized it can be confusing as to where the quote stops.

    The entire last paragraph and final single line was me talking. About that ability David has to draw people in. I apologize if I confused anyone!! I need to separate better lol.

    • Thanks for the clarification. The blogs have been so overblown (IMO), I actually couldn’t detect any difference.

  14. Anon, I guess I am a little vague here, but what language did Jason get off a David sight and why is Dean’s guitar fishy, do you think Dean set David up? I am not following here.

    • 1. ODD (see Ali’s clarification)

      2. I don’t know that David was “set up,” but taking a guitar into a crowded restaurant….it’s awful handy, isn’t it? It does say that Dean was hoping to play with the band. You don’t have to infer that.

      • Yes, in case he could jam with the band, hum, they knew that this restaurant had a band, or else why did he say that, maybe he bring his guitar everywhere he goes in hopes that he will be able to play, could be.

        All I can is as a fan of David the singer, that was a lot of fun for me to read and watch, other than the scary overly zealous man.

      • Maybe the people who took them to the restaurant said that it was normal for the audience to participate and jam there–like open mike night.

  15. The question about David having a big career outside of Utah was never my thought, I’m thinking that would be a big possibility, the question is does David want that kind of career. A big career requires a lot of time and sometimes not so convenient for giving a big amount of time to personal life. I say family comes first and for most, but when you also want to give a huge amount of time to your faith, a big career might not fit in the mix.

  16. Wait…what? Bliss himself brought up the idea that David is an “internationally beloved star,” and now is bashing imaginary bad fans who supposedly “need” him to be a star. Lol.

    Soul Newbie, ITA. Your views are very accurate, I think some just want to make them seem controversial for their own fun.

    • CCHalo, David is already internationally beloved as a person. Obviously, he has not had mega stardom as a seller of music, but his appeal is international. There is a difference, if you choose to understand it.

      As for your reference to “bad” fans, if someone bashes David on a fan site, and minimizes him as a person or as an entertainer, that shoe fits perfectly, and it’s real, not imaginary. All the LOlL ing in the world does not change that. Your continuous need to use words like “good fan and bad fan” is very childish, and trivializes the discussion, which may be your intent.

      Also, to state that I oppose David being minimized and unduly criticized “for my own fun” is another attempt to deflect the discussion from its substance due to the highly embarrassing nature of it for those who do not want those issues aired on a public forum such as this.

      • How embarrassing!!!

        Bliss, if you’re embarrassed you should stop posting comments that embarrass yourself!!

      • Forgot to follow my own advice and ignore this argumentative stuff. Ironically, insulting people and imagining slights to David where none exist, is the very thing that scares potential fans away.

      • bliss, you are the one who used “internationally beloved star” in your earlier post. Now it’s “person”? How convenient to change your terms with the tide. You have lost any shred of credibility you may have had. You are the one who doesn’t understand the difference between “star” and “person” based on your posts today.

  17. david being unduly criticized on this site is true,and yes cavid just has ut,proff is hateres like cchalo, soul nedie, cq, etc. orove thaty fact, thay are still here reaping all the bennes from other fans,but contrubing nothing but crap.

  18. Things that make you go hmmmm. lol.

  19. We interrupt this regularly scheduled back-and-forth fest 😉 to tell you David’s home! 😀

    • YIPEE!!! happy dance!!! YES, GOD BLESS AMERICA and all that risk their lives everyday for our freedoms.

  20. Happy to hear that they are all home!!! 🙂

  21. And we hear from the main man:

    David ArchuletaVerified account
    ‏@DavidArchie After one of the greatest trips I have ever experienced, we are back home. A successful military tribute tour. pic.twitter.com/arDgAlnzQJ

    So happy to get these tweets!!!

  22. Good that David is back home and had such a great trip. 🙂

  23. And a more detailed message with that picture on Instagram (I do love that about IG over Twitter)

    “After traveling to Bahrain, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Djibouti, and Ethiopia I got a quick snap of the welcome sign to home. This Military Tribute Tour has been incredible. I have gained an even greater level of appreciation for the troops and their families, and I will miss everyone that we got to meet. An unforgettable experience.”

  24. Hope david attend at david cook concert tomm night sandy Utah, hope we see a pic of them together. Maybe david will sing with him too?.

  25. I have to say that I never expected David’s first tour once he got home from his mission would be to the Middle East. He definately does the unexpected. It has been what has kept me here – his unconvential career. I also never expected that we would receive so much information about the tour through blogs, videos, pictures, instagram and tweets. It was the most behind the scenes information the fan base has ever received. I really enjoyed it and have a bigger respect for our military. I’m going to miss the daily blogs and the many pictures. HG will have a lot to catch up on!

    • Yes, she will have a lot to catch up on…I forgot when she said she was returning. I hope it’s soon, miss her posts.

  26. Rainbow Butterfly

    Thanks Sunny Girl. Where is pic u referred to earlier? And please get pic tonight if possible! She better get used to fame if she wants to marry our David! haha 🙂

    • It the girl with picture with two other people, it just recently, some saying that he is seeing her now? I doubt it that he will be going other dates if he is dating her only.

  27. and now that he is home, the moening,gr oening,wineing will begain.where is he ,why an,t he on tv, o dam hes dateing again,we need him to pleas us not himself. just wait you will see i am right lol

    • Yes u could be right on that too. As long david is happy whoever he is dating. See ya bye

      • Rainbow Butterfly

        Thanks but is it on FB or Twitter? Wondering if I’ve seen it already or if I missed it! 😦

      • Hey Sunny Girl if I was younger I would probably be more interested in who David was dating too. Nothing wrong with that as David needs all kinds of diverse fans. I would also love it if he showed up at Cook’s concert as I am a AI fan. David really needs to get himself to a JT concert and he could see his pal Kari at the same time.. I do use the word diversity alot don’t I- but I just think is so important. 🙂

    • This is just for you rooster:

      What is wrong with David, why in the world didn’t he get right back on a plane, with a band & half naked back up dancers and start his world tour and while he was at it, stop in LA and be on a couple of sleazy shows, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Bliss, what name did you post under on IDF? It was unique, but I don’t remember what it was.

  29. Rainbow Butterfly

    O M G :O Just had a crazy crazy thought! What if……. Bliss IS Rascal?! :O

    • Don’t know where that idea came from. Having read most of what both have had to say over the years, there is nothing similar in any way about their writing styles or the way they make their positive or negative comments about any topic. jmo

    • I don’t think so-Rainbow Butterfly. LOL. It is interesting as many folks thought peter was Rascal (which makes more sense) but he wasn’t as I believe even peter denied that. I think that Rascal lost interest in David’s career . But not sure of that.

  30. I don’t have twitter, did the Fab Four trend?

  31. I just found out it did not WW trend , I guess too many 1D and Bieber fans on twitter, I thought Bieber was losing his popularity. I am so grateful David is who he is.

  32. David did WW trend when he returned home from his mission. I can see why it did not trend for that as I believe it is many younger folks on twitter. I would bet he would WW trend if he did a tour in Asia. lol. I don’t have twitter either but do check it on the internet.

  33. I noticed from checking twitter that David has not really increased his twitter followers since his return home-I believe that was mentioned here recently. I also noticed that he is now following mormon.org and LDS church. There is nothing wrong with that but I just fail to see how that helps his music career. Hope he has much support from his church as he will need it for ticket and music sales. I wish David would at least follow his management team and other music artists on twitter for music career proposes-which is all I am interested in. Again-Diversity is needed. Just saying. 🙂

    • Marie the only thing I found interesting is why his followers didn’t increase that much after he returned. What I think would of been a big increase would be from Mormons that have twitter. He has only done faith related public events (call to serve, chat), now the tour wasn’t a church event, but the church did get a lot of pr from it. If he continues to mix his religion with his music career, he will still have non Mormon fans, of course, that will be fine with the proselytizing, but I sure hope a big number of Mormons come aboard and support his music career.

  34. Marie David follows Gina and Kari now. as for the trend was fun just not thinking Fab 4 Military Tour really excited his oversea or young fans. did not see them help out last night.
    1D and 5SOS are dueling for fans now on trends.. it might help going forward if they want David to trend pick something geared for all his fans something maybe light, fun and cool perhaps? twitter is mostly for the young and kind of think the trend should be too. at least a trend done on purpose not one that just pops up on the fly.
    David did trend during American Idol when he popped up on a question they asked on one of their shows.

    • Great. Glad to know he is following them. Thanks for the info. kimak. 🙂 I don’t have twitter so I can only check what is on there when I check it this way. https://twitter.com/DavidArchie

      • I can’t check his followers that way on twitter for some reason unless it just happens to be listed on there who he just followed. I would sign up but I just do not want to bother for some reason. 🙂

    • I totally agree with you about something light, fun and cool.

  35. Yes-I agree with David doing something light,fun, and cool. Love the short video that kimak posted of David in the restaurant signing. I noticed that the person that posted it had this remark- “WTF.. I was at a restraunt in Ethiopia and David archuleta was there and decided to sing.” lol. 🙂

    • lol, that’s my favorite too. Of course him singing…Bring Him Home…is divine!!!
      Who knows maybe all this seriousness surrounding David might help him being viewed as an adult.

  36. Hey peeps… Sorry for popping randomly and kind of late-ish, my time is opposite of your time there.

    Anyway… These speculations, debates and talks just made me even more excited for David’s career.

    We’ll be just surprised with something big… Like a ‘music video’ (*coughs Costa Rica). I’m certain David’s gonna make an effort to have a comeback to his former stride (in terms of career success) as technically this is the means of his livelihood. I just know (based on my gut feel and based on David’s eyes in his pictures, yep I stared at them, and based on his activities post mission LOL) that his mind is set for a comeback or at least a new career (which would still be mainstream). What we all need to do is cross our fingers and pray that David would be able to lay his cards well and make better career decisions (not that I’m saying he made bad decisions before), and that the odds be ever in his favor (*does the hunger games hand gesture) 🙂

    To be honest, I think David just needs a big catchy and widely-relatable pop song or ballad or alt-pop song (complete with an epic music video showcasing his charisma and good looks) to be able to rake in new and younger fans (including ex-fans) and freshen up and revitalize his singing career, coz this is the reality of the mainstream music industry. A song needs to sound great/cool/radical at first hand to grow organically amongst the listeners even without the help of major record labels (example ROYALS, which just went extremely famous because it sounds new and catchy and good even if Lourd was just a small time indie artist before this song). BUT THEN AGAIN, I am just an avid supporter with a long opinion 🙂 … Only the time has the knowledge of what lays ahead.

    Sorry if my comments are always long… I’m just trying to put everything in one comment, as my opportunity to comment is not often. But seriously, you guys are great… Because of you people, David’s career will continue to churn on. Okay, carry on with your ‘interesting’ exchange of thoughts. 🙂 #forevermore

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