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  1. David posted couple pics on his Instagram (and auto cross-posted to FB) that I thought I would share in case anyone missed them. They were posted late last night. Maybe just before they boarded a plane?

    10 hours ago
    Visited the EOD (explosive ordinance disposal) specialists in our last stop of the military tour: Djibouti. I can’t believe the way these guys put themselves in such dangerous situations to save lives of people they don’t even know. They had me try on this 90-pound bomb suit that I could barely walk in and was sweating a ton– I cannot imagine trying to detonate a bomb in it. #Djibouti #ifeltlikeateletubby #EODspecialists

    10 hours ago
    Annnd the EOD specialists in Djibouti with their bomb-diffusing robots. Thanks guys for what you do. #iampuny #iwanttobelikethemwhenigrowup

  2. Thank you Ali for bringing over those great pictures!! David is getting some life experiences that are unbelievable, not to mention what he is bringing to these soldiers.

    Just listened to two snippets of EH and BOTW from the tour…hum no words…just phenomenal voice!!!
    It’s almost like his voice comes with instruments out of his month, lol. I know weird!! but it’s like he doesn’t need accompaniment to hear the layers of beauty. lol, sorry I guess I’m even more in awe of his voice.

  3. Whoo That bomb suit, that is very heavy piece and it look like he couldn’t barely walk in it, I agreed with david on that!! Cute pics of girl with david, miss Africa Utah, kinda cool after his home name and They make a cute couple Haha! But he is already seeing someone, yeah that right!! See ya.

  4. Huh, Miss Africa Utah, yes beautiful girl, but is she representing Africa or Utah.

    The only thing that has been going on with David has been in regards to his personal life. I’d say this tour was still part of his personal life, but kind seemed like part of his career, lol. I know, I know nothing to do with his career…
    One thing that I’ve notice, it seem that David only socializes with people that share his faith and everywhere he goes, he only hooks up with Mormons, anyway that’s what it seems to me. Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, just an observation.

    • Yes the girl that he is seeing , she is a Mormon. What david did for the troops and sang for going where the war is and risking himself, that take a lot of guts, He should be damn proud and I know his family is too.

      • lol, if you read any of my comment you would know how I feel about this tour. As far as David marrying a Mormon, of course, no question, or anyway if he did fall for someone that wasn’t his faith, they would need to convert, I got that. And I do understand him being more comfortable with people that share his beliefs. It might be the reason he might decide to only have a local career, much more comfortable for him.

    • I think he socialized with lots of people who were not Mormon on this trip…
      Yes, there were Mormons but the majority of the soldiers are not. He spoke and sang to and interacted with many many people. Or maybe I’m confused by what you mean by socialize?

      • Yes, Ali you are so right about the tour. Never mind I’m sorry I even brought it up, it just seemed to me that way, I’m probably all wrong and he has a big circle of friends that aren’t Mormon. Right now nothing is happening with his professional life that his personal life becomes front and center and with that comes some opinions, and you know me by now, I’m full of opinions, lol.

      • I don’t wish to speak for cq so please don’t think I am. What I saw in the information we received is that David did interact with other faiths but all his companions on this trip were LDS. They did firesides which all were welcome but I remember someone wrote that 15 LDS came (and maybe 5 others?). Please forgive me if I’m wrong. David gave out a Book of Mormon to someone. David sang his LDS hymn in his shows. He is immersed in LDS. Nothing at all wrong with that except once again that dead horse (me) is saying he seems to have somewhat narrow world view regarding religion especially.

        I am hoping this trip really opened his eyes to the big wide world. I think, how could it not open a person’s eyes? I would love music to come out of this. How spectacular could that be?

        He and the others did an amazing job it seems under great personal stress/danger to themselves. I have no doubt they touched folks and folks are grateful they did shows. I am not so blinded by the LDS-ness to see the good they did.

      • I think there’s quite a bit happening with this professional life though? And yes this tour was a part of that — he was touring as “Singer David Archuleta”. We’ve seen some videos of him performing, included in that incredible Bring Him Home. He did some new covers…not religion-related. And before he left on this particular trip, he told us multiple times about writing songs and about recording. And the trip to Costa Rica, which I assume was career related. Seems like they’re getting things built up for something to happen later this year. Don’t be discouraged, cq.

      • Soul Newbie, you said it so much better than I could ever of done.

      • Ha ha, I think that Dean is the one that needs to get out of Utah more. He was pretty concerned about performing for people drinking–gasp!–alcohol. I’m a life-long non-drinker and even I found that amusing.

      • Awe Ali thank you, I won’t be, I’m just waiting for that career to kick in full gear!! I just feel that David is a gift to the whole world, not to just a small group, that’s why sometimes these opinion slip out, lol.

      • cq – Opinions are good to share, no worries! Because then we know how others are feeling and can often find out more about what we ourselves are feeling. I’m still hoping for that tour we talked about yesterday 😉

      • I get the speculation about David’s relationships with people outside his church. Ex-Mormons commonly say that they’re so amazed at the difference in their perspective once they leave–that now they’re able to relate to people as equals, not as people to whom they need to set a good example or to teach or convert.

      • Well stated soul newbie. 🙂 Dean really said or wrote that cc? Oh boy. lol. I don’t drink they way I did when I was younger but I still like my glass of wine or alcohol at times.

    • Everytime david go to a restaurant, he always have to sing there, can david just eat his food lol! But david is being a good sport to do it. David should just be a restaurant singer for now on haha!

    • Dang, would love a video of this, lol!
      I think that one thing is that singing for David is still his first language, lol. Still human jukebox!!

      • That reminds me of one of my favorite things we’ve gotten out of these blogs while on the military tour. From Jason:

        In the mornings I hear him in the other room singing. As his Twitter Bio says, “I’m David. I like music”. Yep, that’s true in every sense of the word. He’s rooming with Dan Clark and I’m hanging with Dean Kaelin. I said to Dan, “I think I can hear you snoring through the wall, Dan. I thought there was an air raid in your room, which ended with a fight between Godzilla and a Grizzly Bear! I’m sure if David snored it would be a cantata, or Les Mis….” To which Dan said, “Yeah,he wakes up singing. I thought it was my alarm clock going off too early and I almost threw him across the room!” To which I responded, “I thought I had died and was being welcomed by the heavenly choir but it was just David humming upon waking….”

      • My favorite, too Ali!

  5. Dear David, don’t talk to people who are not Mormon about your religion because that’s disrespectful to their own religion. And also don’t talk to other Mormons because then you look like a cult member who only likes other Mormons. And in your free time don’t attend firesides in the locations you are because then I’ll know you’re not serious about a worldwide superstardom career. And please don’t mention your religion on twitter or FB or IG because I don’t like you to put your real-life in with your business life. But please talk about everything else you do — just not the parts I don’t agree with. While you’re at it, can you go ahead and schedule a date to denounce all of your pesky personal beliefs that get in the way of me loving you like I want to? Thanks! Kisses and xoxo, your entitled fans.

    • Geez!!!!!! Seriously is way out of line! David is a Mormon that who he is and will be part of his life, he is proud to be part of Mormon religion. David loves his job to be a singer. Don’t judge!

      • Sunnygirl, actually seriously was NOT being serious. She meant the opposite of what she said. She was poking fun at all the people that post that seem to think that David should put his beliefs in a box because they don’t share them. It’s not going to happen. Of course David is going to gravitate to people that share his beliefs just like most of us do.

    • I agree that it’s OUR problem–closely following such an intensely religious guy is an exercise in masochism, if we only want to focus on his beautiful secular singing. He said in his last vlog that he spends most of his time devoted to his church, so expecting it to seem to be on the back burner, like it was before his mission, is pretty futile. Face it–he’s not going to suddenly switch into full-on secular career mode, so being a fan–“fanatically” is going to have to include hefty doses of Mormonism, if that’s our choice.

      For me, it’s like having friends on Facebook who often post religious or political stuff that I don’t like–I have to decide if it’s going to be worth it–or am I just going to cut back to a basic once-a-year-send-Christmas-cards relationship. Same with David. I could probably be more productive not being a “fanatic” and just checking in on him. Hmm, it’s kind of like going on diet–I know I should, but will I?

    • Seriously, if you are going to do the sarcasm, please do it right, meaning get your facts right. No one here is talking about worldwide superstardom. No one is saying he shouldn’t talk about his faith or attend firesides or associate with other Mormons. No one cares (except a few less than earnest posters) about his dating life.

      • I don’t care about David’s dating life at all but if other fans do that is OK too. Just his music career interests me.

    • High Five!

  6. What a true hardship, to find yourself inadvertently following an artist who dearly loves his Heavenly Father. We must find ways to abstain…

    • I’m remembering that HG didn’t want to hear much about the specifics of Mormonism in order to preserve her good opinion of David. It’s probably healthier for a lot of us not to go too deeply down that rabbit hole. It’s just as weird to me as Scientology, so yes, probably much better to abstain.

      P.S. Do David’s fellow travelers realize that praising him as “obedient” sounds to outsiders like Mormonism must be a cult?

    • P.P.S. Of course the abstaining we’re talking about is abstaining from fanatic-level following, not abstaining from continuing to truly enjoy David’s artistry and secular career. Even if religion didn’t come into it so often with him, it would still be a healthy move to spend less time online.

      • cc halo spending time online is a hobby of mine, I do have the luxury of time to enjoy my hobby, lol. Following an artist (in my case David’s) music career is possible due to technology and fun (at time, not so much, lol) to be along for the ride.

    • His Heavenly Father and Mr. Smith. Now let’s get sarcastic for real . . .

      • For reeelz? A real life sarcasm throwdown on a David Archuleta fansite?? The world shudders at the possible repercussions of this badassery . . . . .

        Get ur own name. Mine’s taken.

  7. Grammyj, I hope that what you said “Of course David is going to gravitate to people that share his beliefs just like most of us do.” is not true of David. He seemed open to others prior to mission. Do I know what’s really going on with him? Of course I don’t. I think an artist needs to remain open though.

    • His dating life will always get be in public and also of david get sightings of him everytime he going on dates with girls LOL! He should just have dates at his house just eat there, not in public anymore.

    • soul newbie, I agree that in order to express full artistry, artists need to remain open.

  8. I thought you guys made up the title Miss Africa Utah. Wonder what that means, lol.

  9. think they look great together.. I ship them!

  10. Cq said…’It’s almost like his voice comes with instruments out of his month, lol. I know weird!! but it’s like he doesn’t need accompaniment to hear the layers of beauty. ”

    Yes! Yes! As crazy as that sounds lol, it is the most accurate description I’ve ever heard of what I feel about David’s singing!

  11. Shanny in Australia

    Ugh, now my turn to post as some weird name I once used in never never land many light years ago. Grey warbler = Shanny in Australia

  12. Soul Newbie, Just for clarificatio, your comment at 5:05, the hymn Be Still My Soul is protestant Christian hymn written long before the lds religion was created. Please excuse the grammatical errors. Not good at texting.

    • Perhaps the words of “Be Still My Soul” were written before the LDS church was created, (I didn’t look it up), but the melody is “Finlandia,”by Sibelius, written in 1899-1900 as the Finnish national anthem.

    • Yes, I do remember reading that. I should have said lyrics. They were written by a German lady who died in 1768. Interesting info. It was translated into English by a woman in Scotland in 1855 and added to her work “Hymns from the land of Luther”.

  13. Interesting history of the hymn Be Still My Soul. Actually singing a hymn on this tour I feel is totally appropriate and I’m glad it was one that all faiths can relate.

  14. Wow… The atmosphere here is kinda… Intense.

    This iconic picture… I think I recognize this. Oh yes 🙂 this was on his first major concert in the Philippines with David Cook! Those blue checkered polo… I vividly remember it. My bestfriend and I were watching with the rest of the ‘thousands of thousands’ of people. It was phenomenal! The entire sea of people singing crush! It was surreal…. Was my recognition of this picture correct?! LOL, forgive me if I made a mistake… But kind of sure this was on a major concert.

    Anyway, I think him being more involved in church works and co-mormons makes him very happy and at peace with his mind and spirit. David is very ‘different’ yet the same from the David prior the mission. Now… He sings with more radiance, with full confidence, and ‘free-ness’ (free from self doubt, anxiety, thoughts if people will like what he’s doing, what others would think). He is still that David we fell for (dorky, shy, humble, kind, and an awesome singer)… But after those 2 years of being away from the limelight and the harsh tongues and judgemental people… He has grown… he became a MAN with a steadfast heart of his own.

    I am just happy for him, I alwats get inspired watching him, and weird enough… Even though I want David to become the most famous singer in the world (and become an icon or a legend like the rest of the singing legends), I just want him to be happy (no matter what it would mean to his career)… We don’t know David… But we know him enough, enough for us to love him. 🙂

    Oh gosh… Such a long comment. On another note, David could do the reboot of teletubbies… He would be adorable. Just kidding 🙂 #forevermore

    • Love your comment and I very much agree. My comment earlier about David gravitating to people the belief like he does does not mean he won’t associate with others. Of course he will just like he always has.

    • Great comment, Forevermore. lol, it does get intense at times here, but it’s a great site and allows everyone to voice their opinion. It’s just opinions no one knows David personally. I guess that maybe those that have seen him in concert, been to vips, book signings, etc feel they know him better. To me they are just lucky they have seen him sing in person, lol.

    • YWJADTIOK, just popping in to agree with everything you said. I believe David is now doing the things that make him the most happy. Hopefully, for our sake, he will make lots more music and have lots of concerts in his future.

    • forevermore-I don’t find the conversation here intense at all but interesting comment. I find it refreshingly honest and more focused on David’s music career and what he might need to do if he really wants a secular music career. We have no idea what he wants at this point but he has been very focused with his church since his return. Not a slam just a fact. I just do not follow any music artists that sing religious music or are focused on their religion as I am not. Good for you if you can accept whatever David does as a fan (he needs those fans) but I know I can’t. I just wish David would go in the soulful pop music direction and work with diverse folks in LA, NYC, and LA. 🙂

      • Marie, yes maybe more interesting than intense, but I guess it really depends on the individual’s perspective.
        Yes, there will always be those fans that first of all, really are even more aboard with the new more religiously liberated David and ones that are just plan fans of David the man.
        One thing that really seemed a bit strange to me was that his twitter following, etc didn’t spike up by a big numbers when he did Call To Serve, than again when he did the chat and again now with this tour. I would think that every Mormon would be following David by now. The numbers on the videos on these various things are not very high, it just seems kind of strange.
        It will be interesting to see if he can manage a secular career when he is now giving so much of his time to his church. I know a career seems to take a lot of time, so we shall see what he can do. I don’t know for sure, but it does seem like there is a lot of time involved doing church related things in his faith. If Imagine Dragon and Donny and Marie and Romany can do it, I don’t see why David can’t do it too.

  15. Most of the hymns David sings are Protestant hymns that I have sung in church and are not exclusively Mormon. The only ones that I haven’t heard before are the primary songs and one song that was about Joseph Smith.

  16. In the group pic with david, dean, Jason and Dan with bunch of kids, it look like david is holding that little girl hand ,that poor little girl shoe is missing, I hope she found it.

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