Iconic David Series #17


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  1. I guess is heading home, well be extremely happy to get that I’m home from David tweet!!!!

  2. Nice video from the US Army:

    • Noticed the professional videographer–so I hope the entire show will be available.

      • That would be great but not counting on it. There have been other times we’ve thought we would get a DVD and did not – online Christmas concert for CFTH and Nandito Ako.

  3. That is a really nice video. Very well done. Thanks for posting it. 🙂

  4. Great video!!

  5. I’m going to miss the blogs, video clips, etc., when this tour is over. I had no idea I would be so engaged with David & company and the well-being of our troops.

    This pic is one of the funniest so far. I get the impression all 3 knew who David was and couldn’t wait to greet him w/that AI pic.

    • I love this picture!
      I too didn’t know what to expect from this tour as far as what we would get, but we sure went on the ride with them, scary, eye opening and humbling and we were so lucky to get that video gem of David singing Bring Him Home. A very successful tour.

      Hum, what’s next (career wise) for David…let the speculation continue, lol. I kid.

  6. The military tour has been amazing. What an experience for David & the guys — and for us following along from home. But how much more intense it must have been for them, being there in person and seeing what really happens. Never would have expected this before it started.

    As far as career, I say Spanish song next!

    lol I’m basing this on the hopes that he was down in Costa Rica making a video for it 😉

  7. Can’t imagine the intensity, Ali. Will be very happy when they are home.

    lol, a Spanish song would be my guess too, of course, I do have a horrible track record on guesses as far as what David will do with his music career. Heck I would love a Spanish song and an English song released at the same time, why not think big, hahaha!!

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