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  1. YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

    Great picture! 🙂

    Saw this at twitter… I think this candid pic is such a winner… He seems preoccupied with his cheek biting LOL

    • Thanks Kimak, great pictures!
      Still in aw over yesterday’s Bring Him Home video!!! One thing I am surprised there is such low number of hits. I know that very few fans comment anymore, but I ready thought there were a big number of lurkers and would be viewing this gem. I think that most of the hits are mine, lol.

      It’s so cool to me that Le Mis is what started the whole love of music for him and now he is singing a song from that glorious musical to the most deserving human beings in the world, so happy these troops are listening to that glorious voice live. Full circle!!

    • YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

      Wow… It’s a goldmine of pictures! LOL… Thanks for the great find 🙂

  2. Beautifully said cq; I could not agree more!

  3. All these pics showing the troops listening and interacting intently to all three “stars” of the show clearly indicate that they are thoroughly entertained and moved by what is presented to them. Dan is a modern day Bob Hope in knowing what kind of entertainment will be enjoyed and well received by these 21st century troops. Bringing David was a move of sheer brilliance by Dan. It dispels the long held stereotyped belief that soldiers are a bunch of mindless horndogs craving only “skin” and raunchiness. There is no “Ann Margaret” on this show. They seem quite able to enthusiastically enjoy and appreciate beautiful music aimed at their hearts and not their libido. One soldier stated that he has seen over 500 of these type of shows, and this one was, by far, the best.

    In other words, David Archuleta strikes again.

    • Bliss, sorry, I really don’t think most people think : soldiers are a bunch of mindless horndogs craving only “skin” and raunchiness. There was only one dark time in history where soldier were not give the respect they deserved, so glad that is no longer the case.

      Imo, soldier like all types of entertainment, including this wonderful inspirational tour, but I’m sure that they would also enjoy a fun, lighter, get up and dance type of shows, and really if they (men and women) would enjoy some eye candy, I would never think of them as mindless homdogs, craving only “skin” and raunchiness.

  4. CQ ,Someone here wrote that this tour would be received “appreciatively” but not enthusiastically because soldiers want to see T&A, hear hard rock, and for the female personnel, a little beefcake. I am saying that the evidence we are seeing is that these audiences are loving this tour, not merely “appreciating” it, and there ‘s not a sexy female body, a hard rocker or a male stripper in sight.

  5. I’ve never seen some of these “iconic” photos.

    I watched the “Bring Him Home” video. It’s beautiful! I wonder, though, about it being the encore. Not having seen the show as a whole, I wonder why they don’t end with a patriotic song or a sing-along / stand-up-and-clap-with-the-chorus type song.

    • lol, this one iconic photos, hum let’s just say very artistic.

      Man I hear you Anon, no one sings patriotic songs like David.

  6. Anon, the purpose of this tour is to address the issue of suicide among returning soldiers. The statistics are shocking and the numbers are staggering. The macho culture of military life creates a sense of shame about not being able to cope with the horrors seen and experienced in the military and inhibits those most in need from seeking help. This is most prevalent with the men who are trained to not feel anything but “manly” feelings such as pride, aggression and anger. Feelings such as sadness, fear, guilt and regret are seen as “feminine” , or “weak”,and in the macho world of the military, unacceptable enough to make someone want to commit suicide rather than continue to feel these all too human feelings.

    To close the show with a tender song like “Bring Him Home” is a perfect way to end the show. David is not afraid to show any of his feelings, even the ones frowned upon by macho culture. In my book, this makes David a “real” man, and a great example for any of these military guys who act tough, but who are dying inside.

  7. I’m not feeling this iconic picture of David. Guess I need to hear from the artist why s/he chose to present D in this way.

    In his blog DKaelin wrote: “It seemed like a bit of a tough audience since they were so young. They didn’t even know some of the people Jason was impersonating I think.” I was thinking, there are mega male star singers out today but of the current artists, who could Jason impersonate that everyone would know? Usher, Timberlake, Biebs, and Chris Brown are big but they don’t have idiosyncrasies that everyone would easily recognize. Beyonce, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga would be recognized if impersonated but I can’t see Jason going that route.

    • I actually like this iconic picture because it is so different. Interesting what Dean wrote as I liked it as it was very honest. Not so sure how the young troops would always respond to Dan’s motivational speeches as he is older. I would think that is why David would be so popular as many soldiers his age would remember him from AI days. It does look like Jason might do Springsteen -who just has appeal to everyone of all ages – but the other ones he does not so sure of that. But I would like to see a video of Jason as in the pictures he does seem to engage the crowd well.

  8. Pipay gets a special greeting from American Idol David Archuleta

    Wish they had kept the video running on this. The man at the very end walks up to David as if he’s determined to tell him something (and I want to know what it is, lol.)

  9. Here, it looks like Jason is doing upbeat songs, sing alongs, jokes, etc. Wonder if the red bandana is a Bruce Springsteen impersonation — Born in the USA.

    If Jason is last, I can see why they would bring David back to do the encore to end the show w/a prayer … Bring Him Home. Sparkles2 post on FOD re. her son really touches me; closing the show w/BHH may touch that one person in the audience who needed to hear that song.

    • my last post for the night …. carried over from FOD:

      Sparkles 2 (Big Time Lurker) says:
      July 20, 2014 at 9:11 pm (Edit)

      You know our children leave for war having no idea what awaits them. My son was always adverturesome and happy go lucky. No matter what, he could find a way to be happy. Since returning from Afghanistan, he is different. Smiles don’t come as easily and he feels like he is always on guard. He says, they told us that as long as we are consistent things will be okay. That doesn’t explain why a fellow soldier decided to end his life during their tour of duty by shooting himself. Seeing this was life changing for my son. He says now this need for consistency has followed him home and he needs a sense of order to things. Depression has replaced his happy deameanor. Fighting the never-ending paper work and different channels that the VA puts him through in seeking help has only added to this tragedy. Bring Them Home…The question is..Who are they when they come home? Where is the help they need when they now need our country to fight for them? They fought so others could have peace and freedom from oppresion. When will their internal peace return and the constant impressions the stain of war has left on their young souls fade. My heart weeps for my son. He may not have missing limbs, but he is wounded none the less. Pray for all our young men and women as they make that transition back home and may they find the support they need from their country and not be victimized again when they seek help.

      Thanks Fab-4 for what you are doings. Thanks David.

      • My heart goes out to Sparkles and her son. War is hell and yes, I think that everyone is deeply affected, how can a soldier not be. Every single returning soldier should be given the utmost care that is needed to make them whole again without all the hassle that they have to go through, just plan shameful.

      • What I mean is emotionally whole.

    • I can’t tell everyone how many times I have listened to David’s amazing performance of Bring Him Home. I downloaded it. This is coming from a fan that really loves the pop soulful David (still wish he would go in that music direction) but he really did a wonderful job with that song. Again David would do well on Broadway for a short stint in a show.

  10. That post from Sparkles is heartbreaking. People think that the only casualties are those killed or physically injured, but the vast majority of the casualties are guys like Sparkles’ son. The recent V.A. scandal shows how disposable these soldiers are to the very country that they risked life, limb and soul to “defend”.

    David is a humanist and relates to all people in human terms. I’m sure he is reaching and touching these folks over there in ways that no other visitor has or will. That entire region is a hell hole, and unfit for any civilized person. Bring these men and women home now, and end this madness.

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