Iconic David Series #14



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  1. Powerful

    • Absolutely gorgeous. He needs to sing on Broadway.

    • WOW!!! Thank you Lurker, have heard it and was in aw already, but seeing him sing it just makes it that much more powerful.

    • Uhhh…this. is. incredible.

    • YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

      Oh my gosh! I rarely cry when listening to songs… But this, oh my gosh… I’m crying right now.

      I have to say, his voice… Became super duper more ginormously amazing!

      And i have to agree to one of the comments, he should do broadway! He can act, he can sing gloriously… And his voice has now elevated into something even better. I just can’t describe enough my awe for this guy and his golden voice and heart

  2. Selfie of a new fan with David. Before going to the show she tweeted asking who David was. She is now a fan. As we know you just have to hear him sing.

  3. BHH-There really are no words …he is amazing, that is all.
    Im off to Nashville for 8 days, will check in when I can. Take care everyone, see you on the 28th.

    • Yes, Candy no words is right….holy cow!!!
      Candy, have a great time, Nashville a great place to visit, on my bucket list

  4. some thinh like this posted and only 6 post, this is good stuf,,but if you are puying david down ,you get hunderds of psts, somethin wrong here.

  5. I agree that there are always more comments here when the conversation takes a negative turn. I have always noticed that.

  6. However-many folks are on twitter and other sites and HG does move the posts along so if she posted not as frequently then there would be more comments here. 🙂

    • The audio was posted on FOD and I was surprised that site didn’t explode with comments either.
      It’s still early others will check in and post.

  7. Maybe it’s because the vocal is so beautiful there are no words to describe it. Or fans are listening to it continuously and haven’t stopped yet to comment! Or people are busy and haven’t checked their computer today.

  8. Incredible!!! David was born to sing and change people’s lives for the better through his voice and deeds.

  9. I think part of it is that the video wasn’t “public” when it was first brought up yesterday so it was hard to share it and then the audio that was posted was quite distorted. I heard it yesterday but it wasn’t the quality that this one is!

    • You are so right, the person that posted the audio versions was great to do so, but THIS without a doubt gives us a glimpse as to what awesomeness we lucky fans are in for, make me even more impatient to hear the songs he has been working on, lol.

      • Yes I do wonder about the songs he’s been working on and the video he made in Costa Rica. Wonder how soon any of those will be revealed and how the new music will sound. More speculation for us ODD fans.

        Where’s Bliss? He should be waxing poetic about this vocal.

  10. I really like that a side benefit of this tour is that it put David up on stage singing night after night a variety of songs and it gets him back into his wheelhouse of music and getting back somewhat into his own music (doing stand by me, etc. sort of tunes him back up musically in my mind and all these performances bring him back to his comfort level performance -wise. Although we know he sang on his mission, except for the Christmas events, it was mostly small groups and standing with music in his hand and these performances are totally different and more like he was doing before he left. Gets his voice back in shape and working with Dean who has helped guide him musically since he was young and works with so many singers all over the world with very different types of ambition is a good thing for David imo.

    • Good point. It is great he has Dean with him to work with his voice and keep it in shape.

    • Good point. Can’t believe how gorgeous David sounds, even under harsh conditions. What a perfect and heartfelt song and tribute for the troops; the song happens to be one of my favorites from Les Mis. David has always been good at picking the right songs for an event.

    • That’s what I thought collegemon when I first heard of this tour, as a side benefit.

  11. Grammyj, you ask “Where’s Bliss? He should be waxing poetic about this vocal.”. I say, your wish is my command.

    What can one say about the singing talent of David Archuleta? He is, without question, the greatest singer of my lifetime, and he proves it every time he opens his mouth to sing. His range, his depth of emotion, his innate ability to reach his listeners, and his respect for and connection to the song, is unequaled by any other singer. In short, he is completely in a class by himself.

    This song is right in David’s zone, and, as we can all hear, David’s voice is even more powerful and plush than ever. There is no genre of music that David does like elevate to a higher level, and his version of every song is the new standard for excellence of that song.

    David is just what the doctor ordered for the military guys and gals in these God forsaken places. David is both the blessed and the blessing, everywhere he goes and to everyone he meets.

  12. W.O.W.!
    I actually saw Les Miz last week for the 1st time; of course now, I can’t get this song out of my head. I’ve been listening to it while reading the lyrics – it’s so appropriate for the audience. That very last “bring him home” — I don’t know how to describe it … I’m speechless.


  13. That should read “does not elevate” not “does like elevate”

  14. What a joy to hear his voice this way. Plus, the blogs, the pictures, the significance of his tour can not be underestimated on so many levels. I agree with you Bliss, David is in a class by himself.

  15. Love this.

  16. Funny how one song can wipe away two plus years of frustration….

  17. Goodkarmaseeker

    Oh my, oh my, that voice!!
    It’s been so trying to wait for it.
    But now my spirit is soaring!
    How utterly beautiful.

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