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  1. Bringing over Dean’s latest blog from the last thread. They have probably now left Afghanistan. Sounds like the last performance there was great.

    Today was our last day in Afghanistan. We started by going around to some of the places where soldiers were working in the Bagram Air Base and probably wouldn’t get a chance to come to our show. We did little “mini-shows” for them where Dan told a story, Jason did some funny bits and David sang a song and I accompanied on guitar. They seemed to really appreciate it since they are the “behind the scenes people” with loading and maintenance, etc on 24 hour shifts and are often forgotten.
    We also got a chance to tour the airfield. We saw A-10s and F-16s (fighter planes) and got great information about them and what they can do. We saw a few take-off as well. They are LOUD! There were a couple of Air Guard units that are currently based here out of Kansas and Alabama. They are just “regular guys” with normal jobs, but are also in the guard and they got deployed. They were really nice to us and seemed very appreciative that we had taken the time to come to them. They are going out on missions every day.
    We did our biggest show so far in the “Clam Shell” in the evening. Once again we performed in a giant tent with winds howling outside and blowing the canvas on the tent around. The sound was pretty “echoie” since it was a large space with a cement floor. They use it as a full court basketball court as well as other things. We had a private dinner with the two base generals. They were very gracious. Military leaders all have their own special coin created. When someone offers exceptional service, the leader will sometimes “coin” the person. They do this by placing the coin in their palm and then shaking your hand, passing the coin to you. We have been “coined” at nearly all of the places we have performed. So I have a very cool collection of coins to bring home as souvenirs.
    The show was probably our best so far. The audience was great. They were very responsive, laughed and seemed to really enjoy it. The show clicked along really well. We changed things up a bit and David and I started with two songs we hadn’t done so far; “Stand by Me” and “Fields of Gold”. The other songs we did were “Crush”, “Imagine”, “Hero”, “Everybody Hurts”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and he did “Bring Him Home” as an encore. His voice sounded really great in the echoing “Clam shell”. Jason was really funny. Dan’s stories clicked and all and all we felt it was a great way to end our tour of Afghanistan. When “Vertical Horizons” was here on July 4th there were a couple of incoming mortars that hit nearby in the middle of their show so everyone had to hit the ground with their hands over their head until the “all clear” was given after several minutes and they were able to finish their show. Unfortunately we didn’t have that kind of excitement this time! haha

  2. I love this picture of David by his billboard.

  3. Great picture of David by his billboard.
    Loved that he sang Stand By Me, along with the other great songs.

  4. mjs’s blog did a nice post on David’s military tour. It is nice to see such a positive post and comments at mj’s as I am sure some folks can remember back in the AI days in 2008-09 when there was such negativity between fans over Cook and David. Times have changed and neither of them have had that superstar music career that their fans thought they would have at the time. But not many AI alum have-maybe 2. lol. Here is the link http://www.mjsbigblog.com/david-archuleta-blogs-from-afghanistan-photo.htm

    • Marie, yes it is nice to read only positive comments on that blog.
      Regarding AI I remember David saying somewhere (maybe COS) that he thought AI was a bootcamp for singers, that one stick with me, lol. AI and other shows like it are great for giving exposure to artists. For the most part all the contestants that make it to the final 10 are good singers (some great) that can do covers very well. The ones that have made big careers after the show (all great) have had luck, knew what they wanted to sing, had the right people around them and had songs that were relatable. I guess I would say only three have achieved super stardom (I say three because I’m including Jennifer Hudson) there is a big number of others that are having successful career and yet others that are making a living. Don’t know where David will fit into the mix, but one thing I know for sure is that he deserves to have the superstar placement, lol.

  5. Notice the guys head between the triangle in David’s arm? It almost looks like he’s a guardian angel sitting on D’s shoulder.

    That same troop is in another pic with David.

    • oops … i hit send before i finished, lol.

      That same soldier is in another pic with David; I detect homesickness in him (the soldier, that is).

  6. My favorite gems from David’s blog:

    * “Anyway, this is a military tour, not a desert tourist trip. I wanted to express my love for these military men and women.”

    * “These are people who learn what the word ‘duty’ means.”

    * “We take what we have for granted – whether we go to the air-conditioned malls, or sit at our peaceful homes bored.” (He’s mastering the art of the dash.)

    It’s interesting that they shuffled up the flow of the show per Kaelin’s (?) blog. It also seems that David has more songs now??

    (In response to Marie’s complaint, I replied to some of you on the last thread.)

  7. Very happy hearing the success they are having in reaching out to the troops. I wonder if it was their idea to seek out those in more remote areas of the base to do mini shows for them. Very thoughtful no matter who had the idea.

    Does this mean they are headed home now or are they just moving on to another country? Sorry I haven’t been paying enough attention to the timing of it all.

    Finally, I did not mean to trash any of David’s fans, especially those here. I was just agreeing that I witnessed so much fake behavior in order to get “inside” info regarding some fans. And I want to point out this happens, as we all know, with many many bands and artists. I understand the dynamics but when this happens to someone as obviously kind as Jason is, it bothers me a bit.

    • I believe the original schedule for the military tour was 7/10 – 7/23. I don’t know if the dates have changed, but some of the cities / destinations were already changed because of current events.

      I would leave the issue on the last thread. Speaking generally, I wish those connected with David a lot of wisdom — even fatherly wisdom — when it comes to celebrity/fan behavior.

    • I “get” that soul newbie. It is a valid concern. I only post here and don’t have twitter or even facebook (really out of it. lol) so I really don’t know what other fans do so much on the social media sites.

  8. Do not think they are heading home yet. Jason just tweeted that they are back in Kuwait. And if I remember correctly from the original information, they will still be going to Djibouti unless plans have completely changed. David said in his blog they have one more week of shows and he would try to update again before they headed home.

    • They are also going to Ethiopia according to the original information about the tour.

      The reason TMZ and the gossip magazines like the National Inquirer are popular is because fans of celebrities want to know the inside scoop on celebs even though it is often times not true. Some ODD fans of David are no different. They just want a little inside info about David so they try to get to know those close to David.

      • That is true Grammyj about fans of celebrities. That is also exactly why celebrities have PR folks as they want to keep their names out there in the public for career reasons.

  9. They are back in Kuwait per Jason.

    Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett
    5 days in #Bagram, Afghanistan great, FOB #Airborne and #Jalalabad, today back in Kuwait, forgot how hot it could get here. Miss my family.

  10. Sounds like Jason wishes he was home. One week in that part of the world would be more than enough for anyone! I’m one person who on the one hand finds it difficult to reconcile the need for the U.S. to have a Military presence there but on the other hand, I guess it’s necessary.

    I was hoping for a recap from David in his own words and lo & behold, it was like a “wish & you shall receive” kind if thing! David wrote a very impressive, intelligent & eye-opening synopsis of his experiences & feelings so far while in the Middle East. I’m happy he realized the fans back home, while grateful for his companion’s updates, were anxious to hear directly from him.

    I do have to question why David wears his shirts buttoned all the way up to his neck. Some say it’s a new fashion trend for young men but I travel quite a bit and I have yet to see young guys wearing shirts buttoned up that way, unless they are wearing ties. It just looks so uncomfortable especially in such hot & humid temps. So is it a “geek chic thing” or just a David’s preference thing? Just a random observation on my part.

    Really enjoying the “Iconic David” photos. I thought this particular photo showing David smiling, no, more like almost laughing at the huge billboard picture was hilarious to me because we don’t know what he was really thinking about it. 😀

    • Long Time Lurker

      Definitely a fashion thing. My son and his friends all do it. They are all around 24. Drives me crazy too.

  11. They are showing a video of David singing Bring Him Home at the Voice!

  12. Some fun in Afghanistan:

  13. Thanks CCHalo-It makes my heart happy to see soldiers having some fun when War is raging right outside their tent door! #WARISHELL

  14. Picture from Dean Kaelin’s latest blog.

  15. Here’s the first paragraph of Dean’s latest Facebook post. The whole thing is posted at FOD. I bet David will take them up on singing in Honduras.

    Wow, the time seems to really be flying by. It is amazing that we only have one more week. Jason and I were “roomies” at Bagram Air Base and got along really well. We got up early (5:30am), ate and had to go through customs before leaving the country. (We have had to wake up early most every morning, but I haven’t minded for some reason.) There were somewhat tearful goodbyes as the 2 people who have been in charge of our tour over here and have traveled with us at every point said goodbye. They said they loved our show and that it was probably the best they had had, especially since it was so different than anything else they had seen, and also because it had an uplifting feeling and strong, positive messages. They invited us back at any time. In fact they asked if we could come back in October! They were talking with David about possibly doing a tour to Honduras. We’ll see.

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