Iconic David Series #12


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  1. I just read last night’s comments in the previous thread and dang, I did not want to get all caught up in this tour. My respect for all four of these men is immense. Regarding Jason’s blog removal, I hope no fans disrespected Jason. I have no doubt everything he wrote came from his heart with no offense meant. Perhaps David did ask him to remove it due to the glowing praise it contained.

    I too wonder why David has not really said much about this tour compared to the other men. It is a concern that David will not self-promote. Time will tell.

    My goodness, I was in tears over the news yesterday. The downing of the airplane and the new offensive in Gaza. Our little arguments here are almost comical when put in perspective.

    I cannot imagine how grateful the troops must be to see this little band of entertainers show up in these more remote dangerous places. It has to be almost reassuring to them such as “see it can’t be that bad here if they allow these guys to come to us” if you know what I am trying to say. I hope David allows himself to really feel their gratitude without being self-deprecating.

    Apologies for varied and scattered thoughts today.

    • I feel that Jason was really sorry about what happened but david and his PR people took it out of way of portion, jason really doesn’t know much about david and this was his first time he met david going this trip. I am sorry but pic of david sleeping, was cute.

  2. Again…….Jason didn’t know about david being so private but he knows now, it not jason ‘ fault. Yeah I have noticed that jason hasn’t standing next to david in pictures after this happened, maybe jason was upset by david and his PR team being rude to him? We don’t know how it went down behind the scenes and it prolly wasn’t nice. Glad to hear that they all are having a great time and spending time with the troops , god bless them!

  3. Lol David doesn’t even HAVE a PR team. Why are you trying to make something dramatic out of this? Either Jason felt the blog was too personal upon reflection or David felt it was not necessary. Either way it’s between them, they’re both adults and can handle themselves.

    • Ali, We don’t know the whole story about it. I just giving my opinion, that it was a big deal for david and Yes david does have a PR team, it run by two people.

      • If either of those two people you are referring to as his “PR team” actually contacted Jason while on tour for the troops in the Middle East, I’ll eat my hat. I’ll eat your hat. I’ll eat all the hats in the world. lol. Jason said in his own words in his own blog that it was his own discovery after the fact that maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate picture. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • I don’t think it was a big deal for David. I imagine that he mentioned it but remember this is the David who has sisters that posted pictures of him in his pj’s and hijacked his twitter account to say silly things about themselves and he learned from minute #1 on American Idol when he mentioned to Ryan Seacrest that he needed to use the bathroom and Ryan turned around and said it on the air and David said something like “I thought we were just talking between us” (not his exact words but you get the drift). I doubt that David hesitated to give a “heads-up” to Dan and the others about really private times (like being asleep which is clearly a personal time) but he is used to it.

      • Ali-I am with you about thinking that David does not have a PR team. You would have to pay for those PR services. If David does- I would love to know who they are. lol. Regarding Jason’s blog- I just see it as no big deal but I guess others do. David needs to do more self promotion via the social media as an indie artist just like I already stated in the previous thread.

    • You make a lot of sense as usual Ali.

  4. Haha, wait, sorry that was the wrong link! That was a cute pic but THIS is the great one I meant to link to:

  5. Looks like it’s safe to de-lurk! Thanks HG!

    I was thinking about D’s second vlog about finding ‘some gems’ in Utah, after his coming back from California. If Dean, Dan and Jason were the ‘gems’ being talked about, he certainly did! 🙂

    • I think David was probably referring to the songwriters he has been working with as the gems in Utah, but these three guy qualify too. I am enjoying the blogs, pictures and videos so very much!

  6. Iconic series #12…loving David on stage singing to his adoring fans, however, love what he is doing right now, very important work.

    So glad Dean said in today’s blog that they feel actually very safe, was great to read. I knew that the military would do everything in their power to make sure they were safe, but to have him say it will somewhat calm our worry from off the charts to just plan worry.

    I’ve always thought that David valued his privacy and wanted to keep his personal life private, but it did seem like he was more comfortable sharing his private life after the mission, but I guess he still is very private. I just hope he will be able to always strike a balance between his private life and his public one. With today’s technology, that is not easy to have.

  7. At first I thought maybe the blog was taken down for personal reasons, then I got to thinking maybe the photos of the wall around the base compound and other photos were not such a good idea, there’s a real, live war going on.
    Ali- if you have any hats left over, I’ll eat some too. Sorry to say David but that photo of him sleeping with the scriptures on his lap is one of my favorite photos, yes, maybe it was an invasion of privacy, but to me it showed a glimpse into the real David…the one he keeps close to his vest!

    • Not my favorite photo because I actually cringed a little thinking that I would not be appreciative if someone took a picture of me when I was feeling secure and if you can’t even go to asleep without wondering about what people around you are doing, you have no sense of personal security or space and feel like you have to be constantly on guard. David needs at least some time when he trusts that he is not being recorded and I don’t want the 100% lack of any personal down-time to shove him out of putting himself back on the touring stage, etc. I can see where we are all used to taking photos of our kids and other really sweet things and I think this was just a reminder, a sort of “heads-up” to just stop and think for a second about what you are taking a picture of. Dan is an amazing, funny and thoughtful recorder of events and I can’t wait for his take on the rest of their tour and I think David appreciates and enjoys it too as we know that David is an avid journal-writer and has a great appreciation for the humor and also the quirkiness of life.

  8. Interesting note: a link to connect with David on the Bandsintown app was just posted on his FB page. For those not familiar, this is an app that will let you know when artists you “track” will be performing in your area.

    Not to be too optimistic or anything but…could this mean there are shows in the works? *fingers crossed*

  9. So candy, So if it wasn’t a big deal for david than why jason blog and pic was taken down than, so it had to be big deal for david and his PR team , yes david is very but way too private, in my opinion but I think it time for david to break his shell a little bit, sorry people.

  10. IMO, I assure you that anyone who would agree to go into a war zone, live in minimalist conditions, and perform for the troops, has already “broken out of his shell”. What life endangering, humanitarian activities have you engaged in recently that entitle you to pass judgement on David?

  11. david posted a blog today,on his os i think,saw it at fod

    • Great blog. So gracious, and heartfelt. Proud of the team for supporting the troops. Makes what brave men and women do for our country so real. Sad times with so many acts of violence everywhere.

  12. If anyone wants to know why I am so adamant and confrontational in my defense of David’s integrity, just look at the pic of him wearing that body armor. That’s why!

  13. “One picture is worth a thousand words”

  14. the look of a man who is very happy to be doeing what ihe is at this time,,i am with you there bliss,, even sometimes you can take it over the top lol

  15. The Jason thing. I knew it was coming. It’s like you can see these things coming down Fifth Avenue.

    1) the usual folks flocking to anyone with news and access

    2) chirping bluebirds – flattery and hyperbole on both sides

    3) the realization that one – no, two people have been/are being used

    4) the withdrawal and/or apology

    • notice you don’t see us bluebirds flocking all that much Dean or Dans way.. Jason and David have a lot of what folks are drawn to.
      would also venture to guess Davids fabulous blog may have been inspired from all the wonderful updates/blogs we have received thus far.

    • Very provocative, Anon. I remember how David’s fans would smother members of David’s band, especially those who would interface with them. Once they were no longer in the band they were dropped by the fans like hot potatoes. I particularly remember the drummer named Steven I think. Never really thought about this until your post.

      Point 3 especially makes me think. Yes I can see how the fans have used Jason and others in David’s past. Is David the second person you are referring to?

      • hmm soul newbie I did not even “get” what Anon might have meant with #3. Anon is kind of like the crazy Riddler-lol- but not so sure it is really accurate info as I believe the Anon that posts here does not really like David’s fans that much. Interesting.

      • I did not mean to post a riddle. I meant to keep it very general because I was observing a pattern. Your reading, however, is spot on.

        I don’t think it’s as bleak as you describe. After all, #5 could have been:

        5) years of totally worthless promo on FOD

  16. Anon, clarify what you mean by #3

    • Just love David’s new blog, I feel bad that it been so freaking hot down there for them but david and rest of the gangs are not complaining at all, being good sport about it. I hope all the troops come home soon so they can be with theirs families and friends again. They are all Heros!! 🙂

  17. Marie, yes I could be way off base with my interpretation of Anon’s post. But it did make me think how anyone David works with, who posts info about David, suddenly becomes a favorite of a certain type of fan.

  18. Meh, some people are just gushers and hangers by personality type. It takes all kinds to make this big ol’ world go around and I wasn’t put here to decide who is more worthy. Tbh, I’m just happy there’s finally something for the gushers to be gushing about. Quite the dry spell we had there. And when there’s nothing to gush about, all that’s left is to eat the young.


    • Ali, I totally agree! I’m really happy that David is doing public music appearances again. The drought is over. Plus there is some sort of video coming from his trip to Costa Rica per the hints we’ve been given. And just maybe there will be concerts since the link to Bandsintown was added to his Facebook page.

      • I was referring specifically to a blog entitled “Circle of Trust” that was written and taken down by everyone’s new BFF, and I was noting a pattern. That’s all.

        By all means, gush away.

    • Ha. Yes, I was referring specifically to the gushing and kissing up on Jason’s blog comments. And even then, it’s just an observation of a pattern, not a judgement of it.

  19. Patty-Ann @pabuckie · 38m
    wow @davidarchie sang Stand By Me and Fields of Gold and Everybody Hurts…Dean’s update: https://www.facebook.com/dean.kaelin.18/posts/10152276191100017

  20. Brett A @brettja6 · 21h
    @mel_lovesarchie he was honestly one of the most humble and genuine people I’ve ever met. Absolutely a class act.

  21. oh boy now us gushers and hangers are getting trashed.. ok I see you all just need stuff to complain about.

    • Yup there is ALWAYS something to complain about. It is the glass half empty folks. To each his own. I’m going to continue to GUSH!!! This tour is wonderful.

    • Ooh I should clarify. I’m a bit of a gusher, too. Enthusiastic loving friendly support is awesome and I love this tour, too. Scary, for sure, but it just feels like the stuff David was born to do. The people he is with seem pretty amazing, too.

      I just have a personal icky feeling about the way David’s friends and family and coworkers can get glommed onto. It’s human nature, I’m sure, and there are natural friendships that will occur but some of it is “using” for informations sake. Bleck.

      But I don’t want to talk about that now, or ever really. Just wanted to clarify my knee jerk response. This tour is too terrific to generate complaining.

      Also, wow, David seems to have bought a LOT of new clothes! 😊

  22. Here’s Dean’s blog. Last day in Afghanistan and the show was the biggest so far. Love that they are going out and doing mini shows for the troops that are on 24 hour shifts that would not bee able to come to the bigger show.

    Today was our last day in Afghanistan. We started by going around to some of the places where soldiers were working in the Bagram Air Base and probably wouldn’t get a chance to come to our show. We did little “mini-shows” for them where Dan told a story, Jason did some funny bits and David sang a song and I accompanied on guitar. They seemed to really appreciate it since they are the “behind the scenes people” with loading and maintenance, etc on 24 hour shifts and are often forgotten.
    We also got a chance to tour the airfield. We saw A-10s and F-16s (fighter planes) and got great information about them and what they can do. We saw a few take-off as well. They are LOUD! There were a couple of Air Guard units that are currently based here out of Kansas and Alabama. They are just “regular guys” with normal jobs, but are also in the guard and they got deployed. They were really nice to us and seemed very appreciative that we had taken the time to come to them. They are going out on missions every day.
    We did our biggest show so far in the “Clam Shell” in the evening. Once again we performed in a giant tent with winds howling outside and blowing the canvas on the tent around. The sound was pretty “echoie” since it was a large space with a cement floor. They use it as a full court basketball court as well as other things. We had a private dinner with the two base generals. They were very gracious. Military leaders all have their own special coin created. When someone offers exceptional service, the leader will sometimes “coin” the person. They do this by placing the coin in their palm and then shaking your hand, passing the coin to you. We have been “coined” at nearly all of the places we have performed. So I have a very cool collection of coins to bring home as souvenirs.
    The show was probably our best so far. The audience was great. They were very responsive, laughed and seemed to really enjoy it. The show clicked along really well. We changed things up a bit and David and I started with two songs we hadn’t done so far; “Stand by Me” and “Fields of Gold”. The other songs we did were “Crush”, “Imagine”, “Hero”, “Everybody Hurts”, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and he did “Bring Him Home” as an encore. His voice sounded really great in the echoing “Clam shell”. Jason was really funny. Dan’s stories clicked and all and all we felt it was a great way to end our tour of Afghanistan. When “Vertical Horizons” was here on July 4th there were a couple of incoming mortars that hit nearby in the middle of their show so everyone had to hit the ground with their hands over their head until the “all clear” was given after several minutes and they were able to finish their show. Unfortunately we didn’t have that kind of excitement this time! haha

  23. Like I stated in my comment the “Anon” (there are several different ones) that I know that posts here does not seem to like many of David’s fans- probably including me. lol. Just posts the comment and then leaves. Who cares anyway? 🙂

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