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  1. Nice picture, don’t think I’ve seen it before (doubt though, just don’t remember, lol), shows off his hands nicely. I’m thinking when his project is ready for market (album, songs), he will have new photos for promotion, hum wonder who he will hire or will be signed a label that will make that decision?!?!

  2. Very nice pics of David with the soldiers. I’m at work and just heard that a Malaysian airline was shot down. What’s going on in this world? When will we reach the point that no U.S. soldiers are needed in Afghanistan? When I get home, I’m going to listen to David’s Imagine.

    • Unfortunately, in areas of the world where long held, deep seated hatred dwells, there is no answer to your question, desertrat. Prayers to those who died on that plane and their loved ones.

  3. Tried to post on FOD, where folks were talking about ways to support the troops, but they’re having technical problems over there. FWIW, this was my suggestion:

    One way of helping to support the troops is to donate to, or volunteer to raise service dogs. We were puppy raisers for my daughter’s Girl Scout silver award. It’s a two year commitment, but we heard veterans’ stories that these dogs had sometimes made the difference between life and death to them:

  4. I just got home from a short trip and OMG! The news today almost seems surreal. What is going on in the world? Shooting down a passenger plane with almost 300 innocent people aboard and for what? Why? It makes no sense at all. 🙂

    Then this! Dean’s latest Facebook blog! I know I previously said the group would be perfectly safe but I was way off base! For the life of me, I wondered how Dan Clark had the clout to have the group fly to the danger zones? Then I remembered his background and it made sense. I must say, David will have quite a story to tell when he gets home. Hope he shares his experiences in his own words.

    From Dean’s Facebook:

    Yesterday we got up early and boarded a Chinook helicopter wearing our battle gear and were flown to an FOB (Forward Operating Base) in the central part of Afghanistan. It was about a 30 minute ride. On the way we crossed over hills and the rebels shot at our helicopter. There were two machine guns mounted on either side of the helicopter we were on that fired down on the rebels as the helicopter made defensive maneuvers. The helicopter we were on is the fastest helicopter, but it is also the biggest so it has quite a wide body, which makes it an attractive target. The defensive moves help to make it more difficult to hit.

    We arrived at the FOB and were given a tour of the base. This was more of what I expected things to be like over here. It seemed a lot like M*A*S*H. All they have is port-a-potties. There is only one shower so taking a shower happens only every 3 days or so. They built a stage for us under a big tent that they also use for working out and weight lifting. This base is very close to “Sniper Hill” where several Silver Stars have been earned. There were army personnel and some special ops guys. The special ops are the ones that go outside the wire (outside the camp) on special missions. The army guys also do sweeps through the town.

    We found out that originally we were going to go to bases in Kabul and Kandahar, but that the plans got changed because there are too many things happening in those cities with the disputed elections and such. We heard that a suicide bomber killed 80 people in Kabul today. Right now is known as the “Fighting Season”. I guess it’s too cold here during the winter so the Taliban just hunkers down and doesn’t do much. But now that it’s warm they get more active. It’s Ramadan right now so insurgent activity has picked up and I guess it will really pick up once Ramadan ends. Although the base we visited gets a lot of action there was a notice that they had not had any injuries for 617 days. I guess the roads around here are famous for IEDs so it’s safer to fly everywhere.

    Here are a few pictures from our day. We had a great time with the troops there. They seemed to really enjoy our visit and the break we gave them from their normal day. It was also fun to get to see the Afghan countryside and ride in a helicopter. All is well. Our troops are doing a great job.

  5. Of course that icon is supposed to be 😦

  6. I agree that the world news today is awful. 😦 Just came home from work and just heard all the bad news. The pics of David and the soldiers are really nice.

  7. What a horrific plane tragedy. These massive tragedies just keep on happening and you would think we would be used to it, but the opposite is the case, with each one it’s way worse to handle. My deepest condolences to all the affected families.

    I have a hard time reading this blogs, just so scary. Can’t wait until this tour is over and David is home.

    cc halo, yes, anyway we can help these wonderful soldiers would be great, I would be happy to donate.

  8. So sad over all of it. The soldier not seeing his new born baby until it’s 10 months old. The dad who’s heart is at home with his family, wanting to send home a pic of him and David to brighten his daughter’s day. The people who have to raise their children in these dangerous countries with real reasons to be fearful everywhere. 300 people facing their last minutes as they plummet to the ground. The older I’ve become, the more pacifist I’ve become in my attitudes towards war. But what’s to be done. In a world governed by men’s laws there will always be contention, even when those people think it’s for a good cause and promotes peace. I had to have a good convo with God about it all this morning. Now David and all the guys, having to experience this helicopter situation…..now I just feel like I want them to come home….
    Even all those young kid-soldiers out there amongst it all. So sad.

    • Shanny- hearing and reading all this sad news in the world today does really put things in perspective,

  9. This one needs no introduction. If only we lived in such a world.


  10. Dan Clark & Friends, snippets of D singing “Imagine”

  11. Oh WOW! I was hoping he would sing the whole song with all the words! Very happy about that. Can hardly wait to see a video of the entire show!

    Good night all.

  12. Yes, Imagine, perfect song, sigh!

  13. Jason Hewlett wrote another touching blog mainly to apologize to David for posting that picture of David sleeping without David’s permission. Jason is so sincere and is such an honest, vulnerable person. His blogs are just the best. Here are a couple paragraphs I especially liked about David.

    “I’ve been around a lot of famous people. Heck, some people consider me famous in my own little world, but this kind of adoration and fame is something I’ve only experienced around a few other people. And those few other people were usually of my faith and would know to be and act better…. And those few other people demanded VIP treatment because it was just how things were for them. It eventually sunk in that they would have a different life and people treated them like a celebrity, and so they acted like one….

    But not this young man.

    He’s the most reluctant superstar I’ve ever seen. Not that he doesn’t want to be successful, that’s an entirely different thing. He’s all about touching people’s hearts and works his tail off to make that a reality, helping them feel moved by music, and takes it very serious. His humility is real. His shyness is well documented, but when called upon to share his ability as a speaker and messenger, even without singing, takes even the best inspirational presenters aback. Few words spoken yet so well chosen. He delivers with the spirit, coupled with song and it leaves a grown man in tears. He’s just a wonderful, caring, helpful, fun, nice, everything you’d expect from afar and more than you could understand from outside kind of person.”

  14. My wish for David is that he achieves a big successful singing career, but is able to keep his personal life private like so few artists are able to achieve.

  15. thanks for the link grammyj. when i read jason’s first blog, i sensed that he had overstepped his boundaries not only with the pic of david sleeping but also referring to david as a “manchild”. i’m glad he apologized but i hope jason doesn’t keep kicking himself over it. david’s not fragile; during and post idol, he was often subjected to far worse … eg, rude djs, condescending tv reporters, etc. also, jason seems to be a nice guy. no harm meant and lessons were learned.

    i was surprised that david was rooming with dan; i thought he’d be with dean. no surprise that he wakes up singing. 😀

  16. Cq, i wish that for David too, but not sure it is possible in this world today where photos are taken without permission with cell phones and google glasses and where “sharing” with the world is but a click away. It seems to me that in times past, famous people did have somewhat better chance of keeping things private if they chose, and their PR people released only what was seen as necessary to establush the star’s narrative by design.

  17. Jason calling david a “manchild’ saying that david “unmature” I am sure david wasn’t pleased with that Jason’s comment, I hope david defend himself to jason. Yeah he should not have taken a picture of david sleeping, that was not cool and again sure david wasn’t happy about that either. Jason seem like a really nice guy, when u are a comedian, they can say mean words, but they really don’t mean in a harm way. I glad to hear that david and rest of the gangs are still safe and sound there.

  18. One thing that David can learn from Jason (and Dan and Dean) is-self-promotion as that is what Jason was actually kind of doing. Also use of the social media (twitter ect.) to promote your career. Perhaps Jason was a bit misguided but David does need to learn self-promotion more if he is going to be an indie artist. Jason knows that David has many fans (that is why he was posting the pics and blogs) but he probably did not realize how sensitive David’s fan base can be. I am sure that Jason was trying to attract David’s fans to pay attention to his own career. Was David upset or were his fans? Not sure which and maybe both were. Self-promotion is what is difficult in being an indie artist and with David’s personality he is probably better off with really good management/pr and a label but it is what it is. Have a great day everyone. Off to work. 🙂

    • I don’t think David’s fans were sensitive about Jason’s blogs. I think most of David’s fans loved Jason’s blogs. He was highly complementary to David and the picture of David sleeping with his Scriptures on his lap was a very lovely picture. I think the only one that would have wanted that blog removed was David himself. Maybe it was too complementary to David. Almost painting him to be too good – like some ODD fans do.

      I do agree that David could do more to promote himself. If we relied on David to tell us about this trip we would know very little about it. Most of the information through pictures, blogs and videos have come from the other three guys on the trip.

  19. MarthaPB @mlpb3 · 5m
    TODAY – Dean Kaelin Facebook – Military Tour. Thanks, Mr. Kaelin! @DavidArchie @jasonhewlett @danclarkspeak https://www.facebook.com/dean.kaelin.18

  20. great pic!!

    great blog too.. feel so much better today!! 🙂

  21. About jason blog about david picture and what he said about him, I read it was david’s PR people told jason to take it down?? But if this true, david PR people were prolly rude to jason, well jason didn’t know it would be that big of a deal but now he realized that it was, jason didn’t know. Maybe david and his PR team need to just relax about it because jason was very sorry about it.

  22. YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

    I think the blog has been taken down… For security reasons. With all this horrible things happening, and the fact that it’s a military base… It’s not surprising that tighter security is implemented. I’m just praying that they come home safe, and that the souls of the innocent lives mortifyingly taken away by a stupid missile will rest in peace… And wishing that justice be served, for humanity, for the loved ones left behind. Such a sad day…

    • It was by taken down david PR team not security , the security people had nothing do with with people blogs!!!

      • If it was security reasons that dean and Jason couldn’t do blogs and post pics than while they are still there and they would have been told allowed not to do that and they are still doing this so I guess it okay for them to do it where they are at now. Make sense!

      • YouWereJustaDreamThatiOnceKnew

        Oh my gosh… What’s with the angry tone… And how can you be so sure it was David’s PR? They went there with nobody else but their bodies and their luggages… And what’s the big deal with just a picture of him sleeping? So David insisted to erase the entire blog just for that, implying he’s that rude? David even shared the blog…

        I’m not here to fight…. There’s nothing to prove. This is just a fan sight and there are more important issues to debate about. I just stated what I think could be the most ‘logical’ reason given the situation they’re in… I did not said I’m ‘100000%’ percent right or that I’m the only right ‘theory’ (yes this is all just hypothetical ideas as to why the blog has been shut, no one knows the real reason because we’re all here… And David and the rest of them are there…).

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