Iconic David Series #10


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  1. I had to smile at the “Leave a comment” how does one do that when a picture renders you speechless! A 17 year old Elvis, or James Dean in the making, or so we thought back then, he even has the lip thing going on. This picture and the one with kristy caused quite a stir. Great flashback HG!

  2. You got that right Candy, stunning pictures of David. Loving the series Hg, but will be happy to have to back posting your great articles.

  3. David had a mini Twitter party this morning from Afghanistan:

    9:05 pm in the Middle East
    at 82 degrees

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 18m

    Found internet. Been performing for the troops in Afghanistan. Wow, it’s amazing!!

    Carson Heath ‏@carsonheath Jul 15

    Thanks to @DavidArchie for visiting us in Afghanistan. It means a lot! 🇺🇸 #DavidArchuleta pic.twitter.com/KuUsOMqJc4

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 10m

    @carsonheath Thank you, kind sir. It was a special night for us visiting your camp!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 8m

    Awesome things like this “@carsonheath: Thanks to @DavidArchie for visiting us in Afghanistan. It means a lot!

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 5m

    likewise for us! Thank you for having us and for coming!
    Wilyanti Angelina ‏@angelalalo 37m

    @DavidArchie heeyy David did you still remember about 3years ago. Jakarta? Concert? Yep, today, this date!! Come back to Indonesia, pleasee!

    David ArchuletaVerified account ‏@DavidArchie

    @angelalalo of course I do! You bet I will be back in Indonesia in the future!

  4. Indonesia.. maybe that means he really WILL be touring!!

  5. Many may have already read this but Dean Kaelin posted a new blog today:

    Dean Kaelin
    6 hours ago
    Well, I have received permission to tell at least some of what we’re doing. We left Kuwait on a C-17. It was pretty amazing to see them load equipment into the belly of this huge plane that we were sitting in along with about 60 soldiers that were all being sent to somewhere in Afghanistan. It was quite humbling to see the demeanor of all of these soldiers who were being sent to an area with the potential of being in harm’s way. We had to fly south in order to go around Iran since we are not allowed to fly over Iran air space. Once we entered Afghan air space we went “Red Light” in order to be less visible as occasionally these planes are shot at. We traveled with battle gear that weighed maybe 35 pounds. We arrived at Bagram air base in the Northeast of Afghanistan and within 10 minutes of our arrival there was an alarm indicating that a mortar had been launched by Afghan rebels into the base, which I guess happens fairly regularly. Apparently the rebels aren’t very accurate with their shooting. They just lob them in the direction of the base and hope they hit something.

    The housing here was closer to what I had expected to see rather than the “country clubs” we had stayed in at Bahrain and Kuwait. Our housing is more like really bad college dorm housing with the bathroom down the hall and two of us to a room. The perimeter of the air base is 12 miles. The base is entirely encircled with tall cement walls and razor wire. No one leaves the base unless they are on a mission; it is too dangerous outside the perimeter. The air base is the largest in Afghanistan and it is entirely encircled by mountains that go as high as 20,000 feet. This is the same mountain range that connects to the Himalayas and there was still visible snow on the tops of the highest mountains. We are at over 4500 feet above sea level so it is not as hot as Bahrain or Kuwait, but it is still plenty hot. It is lovely in the morning, but the winds gradually pick up throughout the day and it is quite windy and dusty by the afternoon and evening. In the winters it is quite cold.

    We toured the base and got a special tour of the detention center where Afghan terrorists are detained, tried and sentenced. In the evening we came back and did a show for all of the MPs at the detention center. The concert was under a tent and the wind was really whipping outside. Jason made the comment, “This is the first time I’ve ever done a show in a tent, or a hurricane!” They were really appreciative of the show. It meant a lot to them to have us there and help them escape the stress, uncomfortable weather and occasional boredom of their situation as well as being away from their families. One young man announced that his wife just gave birth to their first child, a son, and he was going to be in Afghanistan for another 10 months. It was a very tender experience. They all stayed after to talk and get pictures. One dad had written “Hi Sarah” on a sign and had David hold it while he got his picture taken with David so that he could send it home to his daughter who was a fan. More when I can.

    • There are also 5 photos attached to that post that I included the link to above. They show the aircraft they flew in on, their room at the base, the guarded wall surrounding the base and the inside of a tent during their first show there.

      Scary that there was a mortar attack within 10 minutes of them arriving. Can’t imagine living that way all the time. I do feel very grateful to be in a place that I don’t have to.

  6. I tend to put the horrible things that are going on in the world, especially the Middle East never ending war/conflict to the back of my mind and always feel so lucky that I live in a country that I’m safe from those horrors of war, but of course, this tour has brought it front and center in my mind. Once again safe journey for David and all other wonderful entertainers that do this for the brave and deserving soldiers and God bless them all. Have read that others have done what our David, Jason, Dean and Dan…all such wonderful people.
    Hope that someday soon the Middle East will be free from the horrors of war.

  7. I know there are many wonderful, giving, honorable countries in this world but I was never prouder than when I took my oath of citizenship to the United States of America. Whenever there is trouble somewhere, the world still looks to the USA for help. Sorry but I feel so proud of the soldiers in our military and of those who take risks to bring some comfort and aid to them. Entertainers are important just as are doctors. Healing the spirit is important as healing the body.

  8. I love to read and I’m fascinated by Dean and Jason’s blogs. I’m sure if I were there an experience like this would really make me think about my priorities in life.

    Dean wrote:“One dad had written “Hi Sarah” on a sign and had David hold it while he got his picture taken with David so that he could send it home to his daughter who was a fan.”
    I figured many of the military personnel are young enough that they had either heard David’s name before or they had a family member who knew who he was. Early on I suspected they would enjoy taking pics with him and the others to share with their families. With security so tight there, I wonder if their internet access is limited.

  9. Anyone else seen Jimmy Fallon’s skit where he dances in his white pants? Seeing David in white pants made me think of it. Enjoy …

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