Iconic David Series #9



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  1. Each new post is a chance to start over, no? 🙂

    Update blog from Jason: http://jasonhewlett.com/us-troops-tour-kuwait-to-afghanistan/

    Such a sobering reality to be heading into an area with so much danger. I know our guys will be well taken care of but it’s still eye-opening to read about the realities of soldiers heading into Afghanistan. Wishing everyone the best and a safe return home after.

  2. I love this picture.
    I’m so happy for all these wonderful soldiers for getting David’s glorious voice for a while (along with the others) to bring them joy, but I will be very happy to have them back home.
    I know the military is doing the upmost to keep them from harm, but dang, such a dangerous place.
    God bless all the soldiers and David, Dean, Jason and Dan.

  3. I was blown away by this picture when I first saw it. How I wish he didn’t think that promoting his God given good looks was not a good thing. I get this impression from various stuff he’s said about how he doesn’t like focusing on himself and his recent hair cut choices etc. I could be wrong.

  4. re. this pic, i still remember the hilarious comments made by the snarkyarchies, e.g., they analyzed kristy lee cook’s mysterious look and her hold on david, lol.

    re. david and co., they along with the soldiers are in my thoughts. i read “the kite runner” a few years ago; in safer times i’d love to visit the Afghanistan.

    • I read “The Kite Runner” too. It was such a good book and gave me an understanding of the culture in Afghanistan. I highly recommend the book to anyone who has not read it.

      Jason’s blog post was another great one and quite sobering. Here is one paragraph from it but everyone must read it in its entirety and look at the pictures.

      Dan Clark and David Archuleta had the experience of a lifetime and got to go up in the cockpit and stay up there the entire flight! Dean Kaelin and I hung out in the body of the plane with the soldiers in complete silence, a feeling of quiet and contemplation on the face of each uniformed hero, guns over their shoulders the whole flight, never to be removed. It was sobering. With the recent deaths of Troops in this part of the world, this was not a time where even a word was uttered between these comrades. I cried 5 times just thinking about what they must be thinking. In fact, it made me sick to my stomach.”

      I had a co-worker who lost her son in Afghanistan.

      • Sobering indeed. Prayers to these troops and those innocent Afghanistan people (my heart breaks especially for the children) who have lived with war for so long. I fear there are no good answers.

      • Yes sobering indeed, my utmost respect goes to David, Dean, Jason and Dan, very courageous of them to do this noble tour.

  5. Dan Clark @danclarkspeak · 3h
    Goal:To give our soldiers a break from harsh realities of war. Watch/Share http://ow.ly/zbPkp @DavidArchie @jasonhewlett @ArmedForcesEnt

  6. Mentioned in Jason’s blog, and very touching:

    • I’m so grateful that today’s soldiers are getting the respect and honor they so rightfully deserve. A dark time in our history when soldier were not respected for serving their country.

    • cc halo you got to me post on this video. Billy Joel really did an amazing job with this song and the video is very touching. Billy in addition to performing the song also wrote it in 1982. Such a talent is that Billy Joel. 🙂

      • I hope this trip inspires David to write a great song. I’m sure this has been an eye pening experience for him. I certainly have a greater appreciation for our servicemen and women just by reading the blogs, seeing the pictures and videos. I can’t imagine how I would feel if I had actually been there like David. Be sure to watch the video from Dan’s Facebook page that kimak posted the link above. It’s very well done and the entertainment guy at the end said it was one of the best shows he’s seen.

      • Totally agree with you Marie about Billy Joel and thanks cc halo for the video.
        Grammyj yes, maybe David will be inspired, he’s a sponge after all, I say that in an extremely lovely way.

  7. Trying to have positive & happy thoughts!

    Thinking about when that great photo of Iconic David with Kristy Lee Cook was released to his unsuspecting (me) fans. I think that’s when his (me) fans saw David in a whole new light. Still a kid, but my-oh-my, the POTENTIAL!! Hot-James Dean-Hot! Leather jacket Hot! It was also the first time I noticed his “Man-Hands”! Oh my Lucky Stars! AND this was before he grew out his hair and ya’ll know how we ( I ) LUV his gorgeous head of lush hair! Oh Lordy!

    And the boy COULD SING TOO! Be still my heart!!!

    What sweet memories! Just keeping it light! 😀

  8. David in Costa RIca
    maybe for a music video?
    looking great love the beach!

    • Thank you Kimak for the link. A MV would be awesome, actually anything to get his music career back on track would be awesome.

  9. Love David’s outfit in that picture. White pants and black top-Very Sharp. 🙂

  10. Love that picture, kimak! I seem to like every picture I’ve seen of David in white pants, which is weird because I’m not usually a white pants fan. lol. He looks good in them though!

    Can’t wait to find out what the video is! That beach looks gorgeous.

    • Yep, that outfit is definitely for the video, because I don’t think it’s something he’s just wear whenever.

    • …something *he’d* just wear whenever….

      He can pull anything off, but I think the hipster buttoned-up look isn’t the best for him with his shorter hair–it makes him resemble Charlie Brown.

      • lol, yes, David can pull off anything. I think that comb-over hair-do also has something to do with it. The short hair is not at all a bad look for him, but the do, yikes, lol. It doesn’t really matter, of course, all I’m craving for him is some phenomenal, kick-…ss music.

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