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  1. Reading Jason’s blog just re affirms my opinion in regards to organize religion (and I’m NOT taking about LDS) There is always good from religion, but it’s the wacky stuff that a person needs to also belief that to me is hard to take. I respect anyone’s right to practice whatever they chose, but I don’t have to respect some of the wacky ideas.

    Continued safe travels to David, Dean Jason and Dan.

    Really liked this on Jason’s blog: We perform for those who are willing to lay down their lives for strangers. Brought me to tears.

    • CQ, if, as you say, you “respect anyone’s right to practice whatever religion they choose”, but you don’t respect what you decide is the “wacky” stuff, then you really do not respect their affiliation with that religion. Every religion has “wacky” stuff , as does everything else in life. I’m sure the Girl Scouts has “wacky” stuff, as does the “Red Cross”.

      You repeatedly post your dislike for organized religion on this site. You made your point months ago. I think we all get it by now.

      David is an active member of an organized religion and always will be. His deep faith will be reflected in his life and his music. It is his deep faith that makes all of his songs, sacred and secular, sound and feel so beautiful. If he didn’t have deep faith in his religion, none of his songs would sound so fine. We should all be grateful that David has such deep faith, because we benefit from it every time David opens his mouth to sing.

      • Bliss, just don’t understand why you can continue to repeat your point of view and others cannot, but oh well.

        How in the heck do you know that if David was not a devout religious person that he wouldn’t be able to sing as he does, no one would know that, you are just giving your opinion.

  2. Love this quote from David:

    David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 8h

    Sometimes you just try, and then you end up getting a lot more than you expected.

  3. Dean’s blog..
    MarthaPB @mlpb3 · 3h
    Update – Military Tribute Tour – Dean Kaelin Facebook https://www.facebook.com/dean.kaelin.18?fref=ts … @DavidArchie

    guessing we won’t be able to hear much or anything from them for a while.. praying they will be safe. I am so proud of them all.

    • Yes, beautiful. Don’t think you are the only one that admires him we all do and really I do not care what you say to say otherwise….I love when celebrities take pictures with children, the cuteness and awe factor goes up a 1000%, but with David it’s a 1,000,000%

  4. Cq.. Which blog of Jason’s are you referring? What about his blog compels you to reassert your dislike of organized religion? I am now not sure if i have read all of them.

  5. Jason said he can’t look at women? I guess i did miss that one. Thank you.

  6. Huh, where did you read that? It sounds Muslim, with the burkas and all not with Mormons.

  7. guess who lol

    o good god , he said that he was not to look at women where i was, a musllim law, , cq i wish you nwould finale explain why you hate religion so much, you say it just about every post, please have the guts to explaun why, or keep quit about it gezzzzz

  8. yes Jason was talking about being in Kuwait I think.. maybe Bahrain but from what I heard that is the way it is there among other issues.
    us here in the US really do live a wonderful life.. our freedoms should not be taken for granted.

    here are the rest of the pics.. great pic Bliss.

    David Archuleta Peru @DavidArchiePeru · 1h
    Nuevas fotos de @DavidArchie en tour militar. Checa nuestro álbum 😉 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202626601281533.1073741835.1092485903&type=1&l=e4d4914aa7

  9. I found the blog that i believe cq referred to . I read it and i think that Jason was referring to the Muslim taboo of greeting a female in public.

    • Yes, Carol that what I was talking about. I also said that there is a lot of good things about organize religion, but some things I have a very hard time getting pass.

      • cq-I give you much credit for trying to express your opinions here. Not an easy crowd here. What I find not a big deal at all other folks seem to have issues with . I am not at all religious either but whatever makes folks happy- I guess. As long as you don’t have a rigid and self righteous attitude I don’t care what others post. Oh well just wanted to pop in cq to tell you that. Back to working and lurking this week. lol. 🙂

  10. I see that Dean fits reasonably well into David’s shirt–with the sleeves rolled up, ha ha. I like the picture where David is signing the inside of the blonde lady’s hat. If I had to wear that camo hat, it would be nice to see David’s autograph every time I took it off.

  11. P.S. Cq – I agree, of course you don’t have to respect the “wacky” stuff in people’s beliefs, though we have to accept it . Beyond the incredible restrictions on women in the world, people choose not to have blood transfusions, for example, and allow their family members to die, out of religious belief. Just my 2 cents on that–but there are a lot of things in Jason’s blog that are food for thought.

  12. Muslim is an organized religion, while I respect their right to pray to whomever they wish, I will never in a million years understand how they can blow themselves up in the name of Allah! Or strap bombs to an innocent child. That kind of “wacky stuff” is what separates religion from terrorism!! At least it does in my book.

    • Your comment is very offensive and ignorant. I needed a reason to stop coming to this site so thank you. I used to comment here when the SDers were more respectful of each other, more educated and tolerant. I don’t know what happened to this quality blog created to celebrate a talented singer and great person.

      Oh, and please stop watching Fox news and open a book, you’ll learn that things are more complex and less caricatural than your intolerant comment. You know what provoke wars and terrorism ? Ignorance and generalization.

      • Are you Muslim, cmoi? I noticed a couple of folks on Jason’s blog comments who politely said that Islam is a religion of peace and that it’s only extremists who are violent. I don’t think Candy was slamming all Muslims.

  13. How can anyone ever forget 9/11- yes religious fanatics killed 3,000+ people in the name of religion!

    • How can anyone forget Oklahoma City? That was an extremist “Christian”. There are whack jobs in all religions and among those who are not religious at all. If we wanted to persecute everyone who belonged to a religion that had been used for nefarious purposes, the world would only consist of atheists.

  14. *getting off my soapbox*

    • Laughter is good medicine! I was raised that there are 2 topics that you don’t want to discuss- religion and politics- and this site always proves that to me time and time again. That is why I just think it is best to keep your religious beliefs to yourself (especially those in the entertainment/music business) but I know others don’t agree with me. Which is OK. I don’t follow Christian music artists for that reason. If you are not really a religious person it can be difficult to understand and totally “get” someone that is very devoutly religious even though it is very important-of course- to show respect for someone’s beliefs. It just seems to me to be a very deliberate move by some to start conflict by constantly stating that others are bashing someone’s religion. That can really incite folks. Kind of calculating and controlling and judgmental if you ask me. Just My 2 cents. I am out of this discussion once again. 🙂

      • I should add that I am talking about all religions not to discuss- not just one specific one.

  15. Islam, in its extreme form, is, to say the least, a repressive and backward looking religion , and their treatment of women is disgraceful and criminal. Having said that, David is the exact opposite of that, so to put David and Islam in the same sentence is highly unfair to David.

    All institutions are problematic to some extent or another, including all religions. David is a member of an organized religion. So what? David is who HE is, and, IMO, should be judged by the way he behaves, and not by the characteristics of whatever religion he is a member.

    David treats everybody with respect and worthiness. On a site devoted to him, it is completely appropriate tp point that out whenever that notion is put into question by a poster on this site. If I am the only one doing it, so be it. It needs to be said.

    • Yeah a religion that baptises dead Jewish people against their living ancestors wishes. A religion that has secret names and handshakes and secret rituals. A religion with orders to wear certain garments at all times. Yeah, that’s not weird. And as temple worthy David performs all that stuff or else he wouldn’t be hangin at the temple all the time as a member in good standing. Uh, yeah I can judge him by the characteristics of his religion because he has demonstrated he buys it all lock stock and barrel.

      • When I was David’s age, I was a member of a faith-healing religion, and knew of people who died from lack of medical care. Now, as I did then, I realize how much outsiders must have judged me for my admittedly weird beliefs. I’m glad that I was still accepted and had many friends, and I think that it’s the same for David. He’s a wonderful, talented guy with some beliefs that others find odd, but it’s okay.

      • Huh?, lucky you. You have found the only David Archuleta site that regularly has numerous people bashing David’s religion at the expense of celebrating his humanity. If you read other sites, the focus is on David, his music, his hair and whatever else about him that appeals to people. The posters on this site give mere passing reference to these other issues, but come on to criticize everything they don’t like about David, especially his religion.

        You are certainly a welcome addition to the gaggle of Mormon haters who use this site to further their Mormon hating agenda. Fortunately, this vileness seems to be isolated on this site only, and has not spread its poison to the other, more David friendly, sites.

    • Actually, women are suppressed, disregarded, exploited and abused by every religion in the world, some openly, others in a more subtle way. Women are considered inferior to men by these organizations and are forever condemned to be a second class human being. In many religions women have no rights at all. Women are not allowed to hold positions of authority and responsibility, in many religions and they are ruled over by the men of the church who have sole authority over doctrines & practices however the same religions have no qualms when it comes to having women work in other capacities as needed as well as taking care of the home, husband & children. In many religions, womens sole purpose is to procreate and as “servants to their husbands who are their masters”. Is it any wonder, religions are man-made institutions and very lucrative organizations?

      Women who dare to stand up to the unfairness, atrocities and abuses they have suffered throughout the ages can in some countries, be put to death OR in the more “civilized” countries, be excommunicated.

      Sad but true.

      • I hear ya. But there are religions founded and lead by women, and three generations of my and my husband’s family, including my very conservative grandfather, were devoted to these women and their religions.

        Also, most ministers in the church that I raised my kids in are women, and most liberal religious groups have women in high leadership positions, including a break-off branch of the LDS church, now known as Community of Christ.

      • P.S. The RLDS, or Community of Christ was founded by Joseph Smith’s first wife, Emma, and their sons, though their progressive views have cost them many members.

  16. Not sure what I was saying about the Muslim religion has to do with David…unless your comment is in refence to a different post.

  17. Wow, returned from vacay and found this blog more “wacky” than usual. Like, off the rails. I guess this blog is organized religion or something.

    I will go elsewhere to read about any news.

    HG, can’t believe that you, as a proud academic, keep this thing dragging on.

  18. Actually I’m very proud and grateful to Hg for having this fantastic blog. Thank you Hg for allowing us the freedom to express our opinions.

    • CQ, I notice that you constantly thank Hg for keeping this site open, and flatter her regarding her allowing you the freedom of expression, blah blah blah.

      You are right to do that because if Hg ever decides to shut this site down, you will have no other place to post your daily “personal opinions” about religion, etc. that you obviously cannot live without. I mean, you announced to the world that you were leaving the site after David’s LDS chat, but realized that you couldn’t live without your daily ‘fix” and returned the second David did anything that was “non-Mormon”.

      HG has her reasons for allowing the anti- David rhetoric to be recycled here every day, but, if she decides to pull the plug, your flattery will not prevent it from happening.

      • The very first post I made, I made it very clear that it wasn’t about the LDS church, you were the one that brought it up.

  19. Anon-Cats away….

  20. As I said earlier, Jason’s blog has a lot of food for thought, so discussing it, and all of the fascinating things he and David are experiencing, is totally on topic, if we so choose.

    • Bliss is happy now. He provoked it and now gets to be outraged yet again. Fun times.

      • CChalo, any time I can expose any post that disrespects David or his beliefs, I am happy. I thought people here might show a scintilla of respect for David while he’s on this wonderful tour, but, alas, I overestimated the basic decency of even this motley crew.

  21. ahh well this is what I say to all the party poopers.. life is too short to be grumpy all the time!

  22. i see the queen has caused a derailment again and needs to join my intensive therapy online group. there is an opening available. for peopl with anger/gender isssues. think about it!

  23. Bud Weiser, I think you’ve been drinking too much of your screen name.

  24. i’ve only just begun 😀

  25. New post from Dean on FB:

    “OK, one more short post. We got a ride to Afghanistan on a military transfer with several army troops. Not very luxurious, but efficient. The picture of Jason and David inside the C-17 was just too cute not to share! haha And a picture of me in my “battle gear”, which we are required to take with us wherever we go the next 5 days.”

    Uhhh, who was it that said they were not in any danger whatsoever on this trip? 😉

  26. omg want to see David in his gear.. driving a tank! 🙂

    • Not me! I would prefer to see David doing a tour here in the USA wearing comfy clothes. 😉

      However, David is experiencing some unforgettable moments which he may turn into some great songs as most genius artists like David can do & who can see music & lyrics all around them even in the most dire of circumstances, Great songs have been created in some of the most unlikely ways & places. I can imagine David’s brain soaking it all in & how to express it all musically.

      Have a great day! I’m off to catch a short flight. 🙂

  27. I agree about David doing a tour in the USA-but do you think that for even a small tour in very small venues he would be able to sell enough tickets at this point? Just wondering and of course I would hope he would be able to.

  28. cq – If I’m reading this correctly, Bliss didn’t bring up religion, you did, in the very first post here. That is the baiting I’m talking about. You know that it brings out several people, not just Bliss, so why do it? There’s plenty to talk about without baiting the conversation just to create controversy and discomfort.

    Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, and I have nothing to say about the opinion itself here, but you do bring up religion all the time. ALL THE TIME. It now seems like a tactic to get people riled up on purpose. What’s the point?

    • Yes, I did bring up religion, what I said to bliss was that I wasn’t the know that brought up the Mormon church.

      What part of this did you get that I was throwing everything about religion under the bus: Reading Jason’s blog just re affirms my opinion in regards to organize religion (and I’m NOT taking about LDS) There is always good from religion,

  29. But cq does not make personal attacks on posters constantly for what they write. Bliss does that and he is very skilled and calculated with it. Don’t believe me than take a look at all the threads. He even brags about basically being the “comment police” here. Bliss wants to control this site and he is doing a great job. I don’t care any longer so let him. lol. But the truth is the truth. If you don’t like a comment then just ignore it. How simple is that? The humor is just gone from this site totally. Off to work and I hope everyone has a Great Day. 🙂

  30. Bliss regularly posts that folks here are Mormon haters-that is not trying to incite folks. Are you kidding me? lol. He can be a bully and I do not like bullies who try to then be the victim. So Bliss do you believe that I have my own mind and can speak up for myself now. lol.

  31. Well, so now we can just have a contest as to which is worse, baiting or condemning. Neither is comfortable or fun nor do they add to the conversation about David, which is what this site is about. I enjoy some of the posters here very much, and I enjoy jabbering about David on several sites, so it just feels a shame that this site has devolved into all this bickering. Both “sides” could put a muzzle on it and people would have a better time here. But it has become a game.

    • Put a muzzle on us and only the right conversation will happen. You say I’m entitle to my opinion, but you might not really mean it. I think what you mean is that I only can express an opinion that you feel is appropriate.

      • cq – It’s good to give your honest opinion when it’s on topic, as you did, and I think the whole point of this site as opposed to the others is to have frank conversations without being muzzled. People can skip over it if they don’t like it, like I often do when things get testy.

        But IMO, we need to recognize that even very clever responses to Bilss don’t do anything if he isn’t really trying to converse. He started out bashing you for one thing (you were objecting to the treatment of women that Jason described) and then did the very same thing himself (saying that the treatment of women in Islam is criminal). His agenda bears no relation to the actual conversation, so I say don’t even respond. JMO.

  32. The focus should be on the MUSIC not religion at all. That is up to David and his team to put the focus where it really belongs- On the music not a fan site to do that. I don’t even know the religious beliefs of other music artists I follow and don’t care. I don’t want to know about David’s beliefs either to be honest. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself. It is a private matter. Again focus on the music. 🙂

  33. Here is examples right on this thread– blisskasden on July 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm said:

    CChalo, any time I can expose any post that disrespects David or his beliefs, I am happy. I thought people here might show a scintilla of respect for David while he’s on this wonderful tour, but, alas, I overestimated the basic decency of even this motley crew.

    blisskasden on July 14, 2014 at 7:05 pm said:

    Huh?, lucky you. You have found the only David Archuleta site that regularly has numerous people bashing David’s religion at the expense of celebrating his humanity. If you read other sites, the focus is on David, his music, his hair and whatever else about him that appeals to people. The posters on this site give mere passing reference to these other issues, but come on to criticize everything they don’t like about David, especially his religion.

    You are certainly a welcome addition to the gaggle of Mormon haters who use this site to further their Mormon hating agenda. Fortunately, this vileness seems to be isolated on this site only, and has not spread its poison to the other, more David friendly, sites.

  34. In a break from the daily back-and-forth, here’s a short update from Jason about some people who are actually facing life and death situations every day:

  35. hey you all.. how about making peace considering they are in harms way for the next few days? does this all matter.. or maybe why the world is at each others throats because folks cannot for whatever reason get along?
    God Bless David, Jason, Dan and Dean.. and especially our troops who put themselves in danger this way on a regular basis.

  36. kim-I was thinking the same thing…Time to “Give Peace a Chance” and focus on what is really important. The safety of David, Dean, Dan, Jason and our troops. Crossing from green into red…gives new meaning to “Being in Harms Way.” They are now in the deadliest and most volatile war zone. A very sobering and scary time for them!

  37. Marlie, good to “see” you here again. Your thoughts are always reasonable and rational, and injects a sense of “fresh air” on this site.

    The issue here has been and still is a simple one–respecting David. I’m a veteran of many sites, including TDC, where the debate could get very heated. However, there was never any question about the affection and respect that all the posters had for David, and his integrity was never questioned.

    Ironically, I started posting here because the discourse on the other sites was too gushy for my “manly” taste. You know the drill, all that squeeing, hair talk, girlfriend speculation, etc etc. It seemed so
    silly and beside the point, especially from people of my age group.

    This site is like the Bizarro fan site. Instead of gushing about him, the people here criticize virtually everything about him, especially, as you pointed out, his religion. Someone even mocked the conditions that David and the others are working under on this tour to war torn countries, saying that David doesn’t have it that bad. Can you imagine someone coming on a fan site and saying that?

    As for personal attacks, I have been called every name in the book here for exposing the verbal abuse David gets, and I am badly outnumbered, so I get it from all corners. I continue to post here because I do not want anyone who comes on here to think that this negative view is how David is seen by all of his followers.

    The other day I was called a “circus bitch” by someone for speaking well of David.

    Take care, Marlie, and I hope you’re well and are enjoying the summer. Please check in here often.

    • i called you a circus bitch because YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH INSULTING WOMEN. it’s sick! you do it every day and then try to rationale it. it has nothing to do with david. again get some therapy!

      • Bud, try to understand this. I have no idea, nor do I care, what the gender of the poster is, including you. I reply to the printed words on the page. A regular poster here, named Peter, who I assume is a man, has posting things on this site that I took exception to, and he to me. Gender is completely beside the point. If you think that I am challenging posts here based on the gender of the poster, you are 100% wrong. The fact is that almost all of the people who post on David’s fan sites are women, so it stands to reason that a poster will be a woman. However, if you ever read my interaction with “Rascal” a male poster who also disrespected aspects of David’s personal life on another site, you would know that I am an equal opportunity defender of David.

        BTW, the last time I looked, calling someone a “circus bitch” was an insult, so you are hardly an example of civility. Also, using the word “bitch”, as you did in reference to me, is an insult to all women, so YOU who are the one insulting the women on this site.

  38. Marie, I call people “Mormon haters” because their posts are hateful of the Mormon Church and of David’s devotion to the Mormon Church. If I quoted all the Mormon hating posts I’ve seen here for the past year, the list would be longer than the Magna Carta.

    People have a right to their religion, their ethnicity, their sexual preference, and their choices in life. These are basic rights that we all share. Repeatedly stating one’s objection to any one of these things on a public forum may be ‘free speech’, but it is also “rude speech”, and can overflow into “hate speech” if left unchecked. That’s where I come in to the picture to spoil the party.

  39. Some pretty low stuff has been going on here lately. 😦

    Anyway, for the record, and if anyone is still even reading this thread, I’ve decided to say 2 short things…..

    1. I don’t feel there is any evidence to suggest Bliss hates women. Objecting to things some women are doing does not equal hate for women, it equals dislike for certain behaviours.

    2. Cmoi and any other Muslim fans who might read here…..I just want you to know that I have always understood that a few extremists don’t represent everyone in your religion. I think there are plenty of people out here who recognise that but you know….it’s the sensationalism and the vocal ones that make it seem that everyone hates you/your religion. Don’t worry, it’s not true. Hugs.

    • Yes, I did come back to check and really, I totally always respected your point of view, but really cannot respect you for defending a person that says such crude and demeaning things and think it’s perfectly ok.

  40. Shanny, wow, I am shocked to hear you say that….

  41. OMG. Not surprised at all with the comments here. That is all I am saying. Time to move on. I would suggest not to post much here as then it is more difficult for “others” to pick apart what you post. I miss peter. 😦

  42. Marie-I dont come here that often anymore and when I do its the same old stuff. To be honest, for me, Bliss has sucked the life out of the site, so rather then argue, I just dont visit much or I read and dont comment.

    • Candy-Exactly. Bliss is TOXIC so best not to give him anything to pick apart but that is just me. lol. 🙂

      • To Clarify-he is toxic to David fan sites as that is why he is not allowed on other sites from my understanding. Isn’t that true???

      • Marie, exactly WRONG. I am not banned from any site. Candy made that up. I choose not to post on FOD or the Voice because I have nothing to say about David’s hair.

      • Try posting on FOD or The Voice, liar

  43. Shanny, congrats to you for having the guts to come on here to speak your mind on something that you knew would get the backlash you have already received. They talk about sexism. They are the sexist ones, and they see you as a traitor to their cause for defending that “mean man who hates women..” Props to you and Marlie, both independent and intelligent people for joining me in not letting their one sided thinking be the only point of view allowed on this site.

  44. Marie, I can’t believe you said this”

    “OMG. Not surprised at all with the comments here. That is all I am saying. Time to move on.”

    LOL, If I had a nickel for every time you have announced your departure from this site, I could afford to go to David’s first VIP. You know you’re not going anywhere.

    Then you say, ” I miss Peter” .

    We all miss his pessimism about David’s career and his posting of irrelevant videos of random reality show contestants. I think he said he’ll be back in September to root David on.

  45. My attitude about this whole discussion:

  46. Hmm…well actually I’m surprised at the responses to me. Didn’t think it was THAT controversial. Lol.
    Must be some misunderstandings surely….

    Bliss, well this site sure ain’t for the faint of heart that’s for sure! Lol

    Peace peeps. 🙂

    • Shanny, actually, I’m not surprised at the reaction to you. Guilt by association is the order of the day here, and you have committed the cardinal sin of having a your own point of view and posting it. Supporting anything I say will win you no popularity contests here, but it will get you the respect of those, like me, who believe in fair play and who admire David for the humanitarian and brilliant artist that he is.

  47. Marie, to clarify, I am not “banned” from any fan site. I rarely post on FOD because they temporarily blocked my posts about a year ago for calling out CQ. (she actually said that David should be grateful to have any fans left at all.) I still can’t believe she said that. For the record, the posters over at FOD are usually very supportive of David, but the Admins do not tolerate much heated debate, and they always keep it light. One of the Admins, Kalei, and I have DM ed in the past, and she’s a great fan of David’s, as well as an excellent writer.

    I cannot imagine why any site would ban a someone who supports David as much I have for the past 6 years. Only people who disrespect David have ever had any problem with me, and will always have a problem with me, because David deserves to be spoken about with the utmost respect.

  48. you liar. you came on FOD for the sole purpose of insulting the female posters there. you have a serious problem!

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