Iconic David Series #8


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  1. For anyone that wasnt at FOD when that happened, it became so heated (and ugly) the mods actually shut the entire site down, blocking all comments. Sad it had to come to that. I do know that Bliss was blocked/banned whatever you want to call it from posting on the Voice, even if it was temporary following a similar incident on their site. Maybe he isnt or wasnt aware of that. There are always two sides to every story.

    • Yes, Candy, there are 2 sides to this story, the truth and the B.S. you just posted. I have not posted or attempted to post on the Voice since before David’s Mission, so there would be no need to “block” me. Furthermore, I am still on their E mail list, and receive notice of every new thread they put up. There was never any “similar” incident on the Voice, so you are making that up too.

      BTW, when have you ever posted on the Voice? I’ve never seen a post of yours on that site. Do you have “friends in high places” there too?

      This stunt is similar to last week when you went on FOD and basically called CQ an idiot by telling her there that she shouldn’t ” take my bait” and needed you to go on FOD (a sleezy move if there ever was one) to enlighten her to what she couldn’t decide for herself.

      You are first class trouble maker and flat out liar, and that’s the truth.

      • This is all about you, just the way you love it.


        Someone is going around spreading lies about The Voice. He went to FOD. He went to Soul David. He went to twitter. He even went to David’s twitter account. He went everywhere but to me and to The Voice. When it first began back in August, I determined that unless and until the site’s name was used, I would simply ignore it. But bullies don’t go away just because they are ignored. Now he has named us and in that libelous act, maligned the reputation of this site and the marvelous people who visit and post here.

      • Thanks so much for posting that article and comments from The Voice-Whaddyaknow. 🙂 Really puts things in perspective for me. I know a bit about the debate as it had been mentioned here at SD at the time but not the whole story. I am done with any type of debate or engaging with certain folks here (waste of time and energy for me but if others want to then go for it). But I will continue to post-about other music artists and post their vids ( I really enjoyed when peter posted videos on other music artists and I will do that too. Too bad if annoys a certain someone.),other reality shows, and other music and entertainment topics that interest me-that sure does “not” include religion or politics for me. My hope is that David and his team focus on his MUSIC not his religion as I have not interest at all but that is just me and my opinion. My mantra for me-Move On and Let It Go. 🙂

      • Oh and I do continue to think that if David wants a music career he needs a great diverse music management team and to be signed to a major record label and work with diverse and top level producers and songwriters in LA, Nashville and NYC not just Utah-whether that is an option for him right now or not. That is what I believe and if others want to pick apart that comment then go right ahead. 🙂

  2. Yep…you speak volumes Bliss…keep right on going…theres still alittle rope left!

  3. Bliss just keeps on hanging himself. Its a joy to watch!! 😉

  4. how dare you call candy a liar??! i totally remember when you were banned from the voice!!!! this is probably the only site you are still allowed to post on!

  5. candy- true! 😀

  6. Whaddyaknow, yes, I read that thread. That was the Voice in full damage control about my exposing their treating David like a blow up Ken doll and ogling his body like a Chippendale’s dancer. That’s another pet peeve of mine, and you must be one of the regulars over there because it took you all of 10 minutes to post that thread here. Anytime you want to discuss that issue will be fine with me. You’re another trouble maker.

  7. Why would you want to open up that can of worms again. I’ve refrained from posting my screencaps of the comments about David on that site so as to not embarrass individual people. Let’s keep it that way.

    • Wow, lies and threats, a new low. Go ahead and post your screencaps

      • Like I said, you’re a trouble maker. That issue is old news. That article was written to minimize the damage and was removed shortly after. You obviously are one of the people I was talking about and are still pissed off at me for unearthing that issue. It’s ancient history. Let it go.

      • Why do you say the article was removed when everyone can see it’s still there

        All in, Blissie Boy, give us what you’ve got

  8. your arrogance is mind boggling

  9. Whadd, that article was not removed, it was replaced by a new, unrelated article shortly afterwards. If you want to discuss anything with me, reveal your true identity on the Voice and we’ll discuss it. Do you have a twitter account? Follow me, I’ll follow you and we’ll DM each other.

    • “That article was written to minimize the damage and was removed shortly after.” Make up your mind. All in, Blissie Boy, no need for secrecy

  10. Just skimming, but I think Bliss set a new record a few weeks ago when the comments even on THIS site were shut down due to strife he caused. It only took a couple of days for him to come back at full force. I don’t thing he CAN be reasoned with or told off, maybe try ignoring, even when he’s nice, because it always escalates.

    • CChalo, do you think HG shut down the comments a while back strictly because of me? Don’t flatter me. You and your comrades were front and center in that debate. Take some responsibility for what goes on here. You and the others willingly and gleefully participate in everything that happens here, and can put an end to it by simply refusing to engage.

      As for my being “told off”, I am not your child or your employee, so of course I can’t be told off. You’re just some posters on a fan site.

    • cc halo-Exactly. You are right. 🙂

  11. Whadd, ss I said, that article was not deleted, it was replaced by another topic a day or two later. Why are you drudging up this year old issue? You know what, David is half way around the world, in a war town country, in harm’s way. Out of respect for David, I will not engage in this idiotic foolishness with you. I don’t know who you are, or what your beef is. if you have nothing else to do, why don’t you pray for David’s and the the other’s safety instead of engaging in this infantile nonsense.

  12. Long Time Lurker

    Wow, I don’t even know what to say! What ugliness. Can’t everyone just let it be and show a little class. Remember it takes two to tangle.

  13. I Had a busy day today and I see, so did SD. Lol
    Seems everyone’s gone off to bed ….Probably best to just let it end there.

    Thanks for your kind words to me Bliss.

    I think it’s very cool that David got to fly in the cockpit of a military plane. I used to think I had a ton of questions I’d love to ask him…..after this trip, I think I have twice as many now. Lol

  14. Shanny, lol. Now you know why I need some reinforcements. Now they’re making up lies about how I’m banned from posting on other sites, etc. These people want the site to themselves and, for that to happen, they have to make the site as uncomfortable as possible for those who they want out. Most people can’t be bothered dealing with their aggression, so they just leave. I’ve seen it many, many times. Nice people, who love David, bullied into leaving a David Archuleta site.

    I haven’t succumbed to their tactics, and don’t intend to. David needs a supportive, respectful voice on this site, and I will always be that voice. You are also such a voice, and I will always support you from the kind of treatment you received yesterday. They will try to pit you against me, because they want to isolate their enemies from each other. You will hear things like “I can’t believe you agree with Bliss, blah blah blah”, but it’s just a meager attempt at “divide and conquer”

    Anyway, onward and upward, and hoping to see some great videos from this wonderful humanitarian venture that David has lent his heart and his talent to.

    Take care, Shanny.

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