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  1. I’ve been enjoying Jason Hewlett’s blog and reading the comments. I love how he replies to many of the comments. I loved this reply to a David fan that was worried that David didn’t wear sunglasses.

    “It is amazing to see what they go through. Thank you for reading the Blog. David has glasses he just rarely brings them out We are like trees of shade next him anyway, but he casts the longer shadow.”

    • Grammyj, Jason is a delight and clearly a fan of David’s talent and the person David is. I was wondering this morning why David has taken such a back seat, relatively speaking, in promoting the things he’s doing. It would be one thing if he couldn’t, but he can clearly see that his companions are promoting, blogging, sharingt etc. This has been since he returned, when we started getting tweets and instagrams from those he was writing music with, but nothing from David. I remember when he used to be excited and supportive of those he collaborated with.

      I’m not asking for intimate details as I now know how he feels about the vlogs and wanting to keep things more private, but his collaborators are promoting him, I would think he would be anxious to return the favor. Maybe it’s just my perception.

      • I agree with you about Jason’s blog, really enjoy them.
        I understand what you are saying about David and I have an opinion in regards to that, but if I voiced it someone’s head would explode, lol,

      • I had the same thoughts about this tour, but I think it’s just his personality. He doesn’t need to say much in light of the amount of great communications from his companions. It’s asking an introvert to step forward and try to out-talk the extroverts and professional speakers that he’s traveling with–not gonna happen I don’t think. I do like hearing about him and people’s reactions to him for a change. Plus I can relate to David’s more minimalist style–pictures with descriptions–it’s how I do FB.

        He does strike me as more introverted since he returned, but when he actually wants to promote something (so far just religious things), I’m sure he will.

      • I really understand about minimal stuff coming from David from this tour and really we are getting way more than I expected.

  2. David has always taken a back seat in promoting what he’s doing, even before the mission. That’s one thing that — for better or worse, depending on your perspective — has not changed. He did to spend more time talking about other artists and promoting their work in the past but we haven’t seen that as much since he got back. It could be that he just really hasn’t listened to much other music since he returned, just working on his. Not sure.

    • Sorry, left a word out. Should say “he did USED to spend more time”.

    • I’m wondering about that a lot lately. Is it possible that he’s not devouring two years worth of music? Or is it just his communication about it that’s not happening? Maybe he feels that he needs to catch up before speaking out, or maybe he’s given up the old fan-relationship altogether.

      • Or maybe when he said that he was spending most of his time on his church, he really meant that the old pastimes and obsessions had faded in favor of new ones.

  3. Oooooo, the Yoga/Meditation pose by David. Soooo long ago that taken was when he still a boy. lol!

    Why David is not doing much, actually currently not really anything to promote this “Tour” could be because he’s still in the “Not About Me” phase of his Mission-think. He is tweeting about it though so that’s something I guess. I don’t have twitter again yet so not following his tweets other than what’s posted on the side bar here.

    It’s currently 7:30 pm Sunday evening in Kuwait. Just wondering if they have a show today? Is there a list if scheduled shows & dates posted anywhere?

    • Jason posted that they’re not allowed to give out info beforehand about where the next show will be.

      “Also, I have been informed that I am NOT allowed to post where we will be going, only AFTER the fact, so I apologize to anyone following and hoping to catch us on this tour. Obviously, this is not a secret we are here, but needs to be a secret where we’ll be, in order to protect all involved as well as the Troops. Thank you for understanding and still following.”

    • I agree about “not about me,” but I think he’s probably getting so much attention compared to his companions, that he’s trying not to outshine them, out of consideration.

      • I think you are right. However, hopefully, the new more confident David will do a bit more with self promotion in the future. This is how I look at it, even if you are as humble as David. If you feel you have a gift, and that your talent is your product, you actually have a responsibility to promote yourself. It is not self centered. It is promoting your business, which david surely knows, has the capacity to touch people. How he goes about creating his product, is where he can be where he puts his own spin on it. But self promotion is critical. It is the artist who needs to be confident enough to say, here I am, this is my work for you. Please hear and/or see me.

      • Very true. I’m sure that when the time is right, he’ll step up and do that.

  4. If we are to believe melweg, gina orr is the woman with the blonde hair. Four years ago, melweg used twitter to tease gina w/this photo while hinting that Gina liked to remain invisible.


    • forgot to add, this is in response to the last thread where we discussed gina being a phantom, lol.

    • I remember that pic Melinda posted of Gina. lol. Is there an actual pic of Gina showing her face out there. Just wondering as she might be a phantom.

      • Lol, like the wizard behind the curtain. I appreciate that she is not like Scooter however.

      • Yay Marie I’m kind of curious about Gina, would like to see a picture of her.
        As far as being a manager goes, I just hope that she will be able to do a lot of promoting when David is ready to release the music he is working on.

      • I agree about not being too much like Scooter- rae. Of course the Biebs and the Kardashians show the other extreme-too much self promotion and too little talent. I really do hope that David goes to a JT concert when he returns as I would love to see Kari take some pics of JT with David.

  5. Interesting comments on David’s seeming lack of self promotion. He has never been one to toot his own horn, I agree. What I was trying to say but often lack the clear communication skills, is that David used to be excited to promote those he worked with. I understand that he may not see the need to promote this tour, as that is being done beautifully by others. What I am trying to say rather clumsily is that I think it would be nice of David to thank Dean for accompanying him. Or to have said it was a pleasure working with “so and so”. We know he has had song writing sessions since his return. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just a perception I have that’s not really true but it seems like he used to be excited to work with and thank fellow artists.

    • Do you suspect that he has not thanked all of these people personally?

      • I think it goes along with him being an introvert. I agree that he’d thank everyone personally rather than making a show of it.

      • Of course he has thanked them personally. I am just stating that I noticed a public difference. Not criticizing, just stating my opinion.

  6. Is anyone else having a problem viewing this latest thread. Not all the time because I am posting right here, lol, but sometimes I can’t view it.

    • cq, it disappeared one time for me also. I had to reload the page twice.

    • Yes, I had to use the links in the Recent Comments box to even get back into this thread. Once I got in here it’s working fine though. Weird.

    • Yes this thread was acting strange as it was there and then it was not there. David has never been good at self promotion and that is why I hope he has someone on his team that is good at PR. Maybe it will help David to see that everyone is using the social media for self promotion as the guys he is traveling with are doing it as were the other artists he wrote with and of course Shay Carl-the one that is the best at it as he has made money by doing it. lol.

  7. Things seem to be back to working order right now, thanks for the replies.

  8. Senseless, you said this, “Why David is not doing much, actually currently not really anything to promote this “Tour” could be because he’s still in the “Not About Me” phase of his Mission-think”.

    Why do you think this is a “phase”? David has been in, what you call, “Mission think” for as long as we ‘ve known him and will be for the rest of his life, so I suggest you get used to it. David went on the Mission, as he said, because he was tired on his life being “all about me”. David is on this tour to help the troops, and will not exploit it for his own professional advantage. He knows that would be insensitive, highly inappropriate, and downright tacky. Surely someone like you, who has seen David perform live, over 20x, should understand this by now. It’s Archuleta 101, for Pete’s sake.

    • Oh bliss are you saying that the ones that post a blogs, such as Jason, are doing so for their own professional advantage and are exploiting?

    • Bliss, I was very fortunate to have been able to see David in concert many times and met him face to face many times as well, but I’m just a fan. I don’t presume to “know” him like his close friends & family “know him, unlike some fans who have seen & spoken with him a few times think they “know” him.

      What I do know is that he is different now. He IS still in the “Not About Me” phase he was in during his mission. Why turn it into a debate? It the truth as I see him now. Why do you feel the need to turn what I write to mean something it’s not?

      I think eventually this “Not About Me” thinking will change as he gets more involved in getting his new music out there and resumes touring. How can it not? He is an artist. He obviously still wants to make a living as an artist otherwise why would he be so into writing “pop songs”. It’s going to involve some self-promotion and there is nothing wrong with that. I would expect David knows what is needed if he is to have long term success as an artist. No reason why he can’t have his religious & personal integrity as an artist at the same time while promoting himself & his music which is inevitable.

      Bliss, did you or did you not say a while back that I was such a horrible person that you would no longer acknowledge my comments? Or was I dreaming? Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. 😉

  9. As an introvert myself I maybe have a different perspective than some of you that are extroverts. I’m sure David is letting the three extroverts he’s with do the talking/blogging. One person on another fansite said she was glad that the others were blogging so that would relieve the pressure from David. David did tweet a link to Jason’s blog and indicated that Jason was a very good documenter of the trip. It would never cross my mind that David wasn’t thankful to those around him or didn’t care about other artists, etc. He’s been busy getting back into the swing of things and ramping up his music again. Nobody is perfect and it’s impossible to do it all. Sure David could do a better job a self-promotion, but there are some artists that I follow that do way too much. I guess there needs to be a happy medium. Too much is annoying, then Dacid would get criticize for too much self-promotion.

  10. Promoting a body of work is not at all self promoting the way I see it. I’m hoping David understands that having a music career, promotions is part of the business and being that the body of work is him singing there is no way around it. To me it is totally different that some of these talentless self promoters do about themselves personally, not about the body of work. I hope that he will be able to do a promotional circuit on radio and tv. when he is ready to release his music, but who knows what will be available to him. Heck I would love for him to be a guess on a food show someday, music and food, I think David would like that, lol.

  11. A picture from today! Looks like they’re still in Kuwait.

    • holy crap WTF?!! bliss is a woman?! when did this happen???????! too f****** funny , i always wonderd myself. why would any man hang around a woman site just to insult other women who like david archuleta?? makes sense now. bliss is a first class low down circus bitch! damn! LMAO 😀

      • I’m gonna assume this was not supposed to be a reply to me and the picture I posted of David smiling next to one of our hard-working US soldiers?

        But I will take this moment to say that I think crass name calling is not necessary and completely counterproductive, even if it were in response to other rude actions. It’s always best to try to raise yourself to the level you would wish for rather than lowering yourself to the least common denominator.

      • Bud Weiser, NOT COOL! Not cool at all.

      • I am out of this conversation. Not even worth going there. I miss the humor on SD as everyone gets waaay too upset here now. Maybe there are past issues with some folks here. idk and really don’t care. I miss- peter. 😦 Whatever happened to just ignoring comments that you don’t like? It is just a fan site with random comments and I just think folks need to lighten up at times. But whatever. Working all week overtime so I will be busy. Not that anyone cares. lol. I am watching Sister Wives on TLC (yes I like that show) and Rising Star tonight with hopes that rising star somehow improves. lol.

      • Marie, I miss peter too and some others that were a lot of fun and also others that had fantastic thought provoking posts.

    • Thanks Ali for the picture. I glad that David is getting his autographing a warm up, he will need it when he returns to his career, lol. He looks great!!

      Demeaning anyone is just not right. There is always some that will go there and unfortunately that brings other in the mix.

  12. Bud Weiser, you’re obviously Ann Nominus. You like to use these plays on words as your screen name, and I’m sure we are all very entertained by that. I answered you on the previous thread, but I assure you that the language you use is standard fare with New Yorkers like me, and I hear them all the time. You’ll need to dig a little deeper into your garbage bag if you want to get me to feel anything.

    Have you ever seen David in concert? Obviously nothing about him has rubbed off on you. David works wonders on people like you, but he might have to put in an extra effort to get that jackal out of your soul.

  13. Wow, just stopped by to see how everyone was doing, and if people were talking about the Bring Him Home video. And what I see is a ridiculous mess of insults, nastiness and bickering. Why do the conversations have to slide into “he said, she said,” finger-pointing?

    That was a rhetorical question, so please don’t answer with “he said, she said” to explain it. As I read through the posts, there is a lot of baiting going on, so I guess you all like it. So be it.

    Anyway, David hasn’t been that quiet…he tweets and instagrams quite a bit about the trip. But he isn’t a writer in the same way Dan Clark, Jason Hewlitt and Dean Kaelin are. Maybe he’s writing songs, which you all wanted him to get busy and get doing. Maybe he’s reading scripture, which is what some of you don’t want him to do. Maybe he’s sleeping. He’s probably trying out some interesting food. And since he’s the one that is recognized in airports, I think he’s probably doing okay in the PR department right now.

    What I really came to say (see how people get sucked into this BS?) was:

    OMG, his voice is even better than I remember it. I hope we get a full video or two during this trip. I noticed someone sitting on the side of the stage videotaping David during the snippet of Bring Him Home, so maybe we’ll see some full-length videos. Wouldn’t you think some of the audience would video tape him. Perhaps they can’t upload videos for security reasons. Ah, well, maybe when the team returns they will be able to post more.

    • your so right sweet marlie! i have no right to talk to her highness in such a crude and lowly fashion! it is an honor and privilege just to be here in her presence!!!!!!ROTF!!! and down the street! 😀

    • Marlie – If there were any doubts as to whether that voice still sounds as magical as it did before, the Bring Him Home clip certainly dispels that!! The timbre, the dynamics are outstanding. I, too, am hoping for some full length videos later on. Don’t think the military crowd is probably too much on videoing based on a lack of many vids from other artists who did military tours so all my hopes rest on the group that’s actually over there with Davd. I too noticed the person taping from side-stage in that clip so I’ve got my fingers crossed!

      Not sure if this got posted in the last thread but it definitely is worthy of posting again.

      • Magical that’s the word, Ali. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve listen to this little gem, lol.

      • He definitely seems to have more breath control, and the phrasing in the song – it was perfection. I know I’ve had that little section of the song going through my head ever since I first saw the video. 🙂

    • It’s a dilemma. There are occasional dust-ups on other sites, but it’s just here where this person chooses to spew insults, day after day. I think that ignoring is the best, because telling him off just keeps the negative debate going, which seems to be the aim in the first place.

  14. ITA-cc halo. The negative debate is just a total of my time.

  15. if bliss is not a woman then maybe “he’s” justin beiber!!!!!!!! day by day shaming david archuleta fans into the dark abyss of obvilion so that that he can resume his place at the top with no chance of david unthroning his a$$! time to confess bliss! 😀 the jig is up

  16. senseless my love, i’m not cool, i’m ice cold! thought we were in this fight together! don’t fall for his tricks my friend.

    • Bud Weiser, everyone here knows how he is and how he demeans some posters here with insults. He especially has a hatred bordering on insanity towards me in particular. Even so, I have given back, though not quite as bad, as he’s given me. That said, I don’t have a need to bring myself down to his level especially on a this fan site. So thanks but no thanks.

      Sometimes, like Marie, I just have to roll my eyes and chuckle at how hard he’s trying to “cleanse” Davd’s fanbase of those who don’t measure up to his expectations.

      Good night now.

      • ok my friend, i understand. you are better person than me! it makes me ill the way he talks to you 😦

  17. Just to make things a little lighter here, I still can’t figure out how on earth Dean fit into Davids shirt!

  18. Or maybe it is one size fits all.

  19. CChalo, it’s really very simple. I am a fan of David Archuleta and have been an active poster on You Tube, twitter and fan sites from the beginning. It’s all there in black and white, and I have never posted under any other screen name than Blisskasden. By fan, I mean I enjoy the music of and respect the person of David Archuleta, and write accordingly. I have no interest in the lives or the individual persona of any other fan. They are just online names to me. I am not interested in being liked or disliked by anyone online. I have my own “real life” in the real world. When I read posts that disrespect, doubt or demean any aspect of David’s life and career, I post my objection.

    This site is unique in that it is the only site that has numerous posters who disrespect and demean David on a regular basis. the other sites do not do this to the extent that i see here. It’s all there in black and white as well. When I read these posts, I comment on them. It’s all about the content, but the people here think it’s about them. I couldn’t care less who you are. I am responding to the words I see on the page.

    I hope this clarifies my position on this site. I am a fan of David and his music. You people react like we know each other from the old neighborhood. I am a total stranger to every one of you, and vice versa. Get over yourselves and get over me. It’s about what is written, not which funny screen name is writing the words.

  20. bliss-if you are true fan of david then out of respect for david you should treat all his fans with same respect. david would not like way you talk to his beloved fans. so think about that!!! and apologize to senseless for starters if your man enuf! i think you might be very old crabby woman in a nursing home with very good internet connection. be grateful for that!

    • You know I have learned the hard way here that it just not worth getting into a negative debate here at SD. Some folks are just very good at turning things around to try and make themselves look like they are the victim and try to make you look bad. I like it when folks keep it real and tell it the way it actually is not the way they want it to be but many here are very uncomfortable with that so it is just not worth going there. I just no longer care enough to engage in it any longer. I just wish the humor would return to this site but idk. My hope for David is diversity-diverse fans and writing and working with diverse folks in the music industry in LA, NYC, and Nashville. Have a nice positive week all. 🙂

  21. Bud Weiser, it’s wackos like you that do not allow me to take this site seriously enough to engage in civil, mature discourse. As for your claim that fans should respect other fans, I believe you referred to me today as a “circus bitch”, so you are hardly an example of how people should be treated on this site.

    This is really all about gender, isn’t it? If I were a woman, saying the same things, there wouldn’t be anywhere near the convenient wailing and moaning over the “treatment” you poor dainty ladies are receiving by this bad, mean man.

    I am so glad that David is traveling on this tour with real men who admire him and respect him. He has been mothered, grandmothered, and smothered in femininity way too long. It’s good to see him not yielding to the pressure to “be a good boy” and let all the worry wort women in his fan base know every step he takes.

    • oh boy.. crazy here I see.

      Bliss David is not a good boy.. what is he doing that is bad? think he is doing what he always has done the right thing.

  22. Kimak, you completely misunderstood my post.

    • Bliss reread your post admit I just skimmed comments.. last couple of threads a bit too much for me. kind of think he has always done just that and I kind of like it. I love a good mystery.
      us ladies aren’t all that bad you know all that you mention means that we care.
      anyway I assume you have seen what David tweeted by now and Jason wrote.
      both are outstanding and I especially love what David said for so many reasons. I am thinking this tour has been really good for him and of course for those he is there for.

      David Archuleta @DavidArchie · 3h
      Sometimes you just try, and then you end up getting a lot more than you expected.

      Jason Hewlett @jasonhewlett · 43m
      US Troops Tour BLOG Update: Kuwait! @ArmedForcesent @danclarkspeak @DavidArchie @jasonhewlett http://jasonhewlett.com/us-t

  23. Latest facebbook post from Dean Kaelin might be the last as they are off to Afghanistan on military transport. I had to laugh that Dean sounds like my husband about not getting facebbook. I find it very simple. My husband is very techie so maybe it is too simple for him. Anyway, I’m going to say my prayers for David and the rest as they are off to Afghanistan. Let’s be grateful for our freedoms. Peace, everyone.

    Dean Kaelin
    4 hours ago
    Well, these last few days have been my first times experimenting on facebook. I must admit, I still don’t get it. I must be too old! So, for any that have been paying attention this might be my last post of our Military Tribute Tour. Don’t think we got shot in some conflict if you don’t hear from me. Also, I am not exactly sure what I am allowed and not allowed to say about our whereabouts from this point on. We had a good show last night and have been very well taken care of at the bases we have been at so far. A security team picked us up at the airport and has whisked us everywhere we have needed to be. I feel a bit like the President with secret service people with ear pieces and the whole works. We leave later today for Afghanistan on a military transport plane. We will get a chance to perform at some bases there and even to travel to what they call FOBs, (Forward Operation Bases) to perform for those that are not living in the “country clubs” at the bases. It should be an interesting and I think a very worthwhile experience. I have enjoyed the opportunity to speak to many of the troops and hopefully show my appreciation for their service by performing for them. I wish you all at home in the comforts of your nice homes and cars well. And encourage you to take a moment to be grateful for all you have and for the freedoms you enjoy because of those willing to serve our country. My best to you all.

    • Thank you for posting this, Grammyj. It amazes me that the US has an all volunteer army and people keep volunteering to put themselves at risk to do the dangerous work the military does. Just as the “three D’s and Jason” have volunteered to entertain and comfort the troops, the men and women they entertain were not drafted, but rather chose this path. I wish them all safety in their travels and may they be blessed.

  24. good morning to all the beauitul nice david fans(you know who you are)! 🙂 and to bliss: i consider it quite the privilege to be called a wacko by someone as great and powerful and all knowing as yourself!!!! 😀 thank you also for gracing us wit your amazing wit n’ wisdom. how lost all us idiot delusional peasants would be with out your supreme guidance!!!! get some therapy!

  25. Bud Weiser, you know, putting smiley faces on posts intended to insult and hurt someone is a manifestation of an evil heart. This is a common practice on this site, but it always makes that poster appear creepy, as well as evil. Welcome to that club. I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable among the other members.

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