Iconic David Series #6


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  1. I’ve always loved the Matt Clayton pictures of David. I’m also a fan of David in longer hair, however, it’s good that it is short for this Middle East tour. I read that the temperature in Kuwait was 117 degrees yesterday. That’s David’s next stop. Yikes, that’s HOT! David is helping me bone up on my geography, and I read up on each country that he visits. Love the pictures that get posted by the men of where they visit.

  2. Jason Hewlett has put up a blog about day 2 of the tour. Can I tell you how much I love his writing and the pictures. He keeps tugging at my heart strings. It gives me so much more appreciation for our soldiers and what they do in the Middle East. This tour is proving to be awesome.

  3. Enjoyed reading the blog and Jason H. seems to enjoy making faces as do a few of the soldiers, lol. The picture of the cafeteria audience seems a bit intimidating due to the seating arrangement. However, this statement is refreshing: They say, “Thank You for coming to us, this was so amazing, the best show we’ve ever seen!”

    And GrammyJ, like you I’ve been searching the web re. the countries too. The CIA World Factbook is a good site.

    • Thanks for the advice to go to the CIA factbook. I usually just look at the wiki page for each country.

      I have been happy to read from the blogs how well received the show has been. Someone posted at Soul David that the military only would enjoy country or rock. Of course that is very popular among the military but there is still room for a show filled with comedy, excellent vocals via David, and some inspiring speaking from Dan. People are more diverse and well rounded than that person gave them credit for.

      • The post by a person who was former military, did say that the soldiers would be appreciative, but I think the point was that it wasn’t going to be a huge smash like more popular types of music. I think that’s about right.

        I liked the picture of the military guys lining up to get autographs. I wonder how many CD’s David brought to hand out.

      • I agree with cc halo. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in there. lol. 🙂

  4. cc i disagree

  5. Judging from what Jason has written, it appears that these military folks are absolutely David’s kind of audience. To say that a military audience only wants to see T&A or beefcake, as was posted on a previous thread, and they would be merely “appreciative” of David’s efforts to entertain them, is beyond insulting. To no one’s surprise, that misrepresentation has already been disproven, as David has been, as he always is, enthusiastically received.

    I think that poster has been watching too many reruns of “Gomer Pyle”.

  6. Actually, it looks like not all the soldiers stationed at these military bases are attending the shows. The shows are not mandatory after all, and there’s many empty chairs in the audience. It could very well be that for some soldiers, this type of show, a motivational speaker, a pretty much unknown but very funny comedian and only a short musical set (by a great singer, but do they know this?) so it may not be some of the soldier’s cuppa. I’m not saying this as a put down because I’m sure the one’s who do attend will have no regrets and are very appreciative, especially of David. Word will probably get out to the other bases about how good the show is and more soldiers will want to see it. I would love to see a video of the show in it’s entirety once they return since they have to be careful about what they post.

    On the plus side, the shows are indoors instead of out in the searing heat, so it’s not like the videos of USO shows I’ve seen where they are outside in arena-like venues in military bases around the world.

    The Iconic David series photos are pretty impressive. I do like Clayton’s photos of David but the BEST & most beautiful photos, IMO, have always been by fans taken of him on stage doing what he does best. Those photos captured the real Iconic David.

    • it would be nice if some people would read the blogs from these guys before opening there big mouth,and saying this is not a put down, is just thta in mop

      • I’ve read the blogs, rooster. I don’t think anyone is saying the shows are not a success in terms of reaching soldiers who attend, the quality of the entertainment etc. Why is your response so harsh?

      • rooster Did you read the blog by Dean that was posted here?

    • Senseless once again you make a lot of sense. 🙂 It sure is not a put down. Just the way it is. Very nicely stated. I guess some folks are just very sensitive for some odd reason. Oh well. I know I don’t even really post/comment even half of what I think anymore here. I guess that is for the best to be honest. cc halo did state and I quote” I liked the picture of the military guys lining up to get autographs. I wonder how many CD’s David brought to hand out.” Nothing wrong with that statement. Again- I just don’t care which I am sure irritates some folks . lol.

  7. From Dean Kaelins’s FB

    Day 4 – Middle East tour. We flew from Bahrain to Kuwait. We were picked up at the airport by a security team and whisked off to Ali Al Salem air force base. We are only about 25 miles from the Iraq border. Kuwait city seemed quite nice and the temperature was actually rather pleasant and even Bahrain had some pretty parts as we drove to the airport. It has a nice skyline and views over the water. It was quite hot once we were on the base. They said it hit 114 today. And with that hot wind constantly blowing it is pretty stifling. Fortunately everything seems to be air conditioned so once you are inside it is quite nice. Walking around the base tonight was pleasant as well. It was still warm, but not so hot and the winds had died down. The personnel is mostly air force, but there are some marines as well. We did a non-denominational service tonight. There are about 15 active LDS here, but we ended up with about 35 attending. It is nice to be more direct about God and Christ and our testimonies in those kinds of venues. I feel that our shows are positive, uplifting and fun, but they aren’t at all religious. Everyone seemed to appreciate the spirt and the messages as well as the music. It’s definitely not country club living here, but we haven’t wanted for anything, There is plenty of food and they have everything here we have at home as far as products go. We have had free wi-fi wherever we have been and as I said, pretty much everything except outside is air-conditioned! They do a great job providing physical and entertainment activities for those that are here. Most seem to be deployed here for about 6 months and then are rotated out, but they have a whole staff that just provides temporary “housing” for people just “passing through” for a night or two on transport from Afghanistan back home. Some seem to be here for just a few weeks for a specific assignment. The temporary housing is just tents that sleep between 10 and 20 people. They are all air-conditioned still and nice as far as tents go, but still tents. We are staying in officers housing, which is quite comfortable. There are 4 private rooms in our “apartment” each with our own bathroom, computer, tv and small refrigerator. There are way more females here than I expected. Well, I think that’s good for now. I wish you all well!

    • 35 attending a religious service run by 4 LDS guys when there are only 15 LDS on base seems like a decent number to me. There may have been more in attendance if it was an entertainment show rather than a religious service. I didn’t realize they would be holding religious services also as I didn’t realize any of them were ministers. I guess at least one of them is a minister. IMHO Kuwait sounds almost luxurious. I wonder if this next week is when they will be in the more rough outposts.

  8. Thanks for posting that Senseless as I hope it puts things in perspective for some folks but I highly doubt it. lol. That is all I am saying.

  9. Kind of interesting that David’s manager- Gina Orr- has yet to tweet or even re tweet a David tweet about his trip/tour on her twitter account but Kari has re tweeted a few of David’s tweets from his trip/tour already. Gina has sent out many tweets about David since his return until now. Things that make you go hmmm. lol.

    • Yes, Marie seems kind of weird. I know this tour is not about his career, but I would think she would a least re tweet some of his tweets.

  10. What, a service, was that separate from the show?

  11. Rooster, if I posted that the sky is blue, there would be posts to contradict it by predictable sources here. The hatred for the Mormons, and religion in general never takes a break here, even as David and the other fine people travel to far away lands to entertain our troops in sweltering heat. No opportunity to disparage and undermine David’s spiritual priorities is overlooked, and people who rarely post suddenly reappear to join in the poorly veiled bashing of David’s true nature.

    Marie, only you could say to someone who calls herself “Senseless’ that “she makes a lot of sense”, lol.

  12. Whatever. lol. 🙂

  13. See? I do read the blogs. But I still think not all the soldiiers who could have, attended the shows so far, but that will not be the case as they do more shows & word gets around about David & the group & how good it is, especially David. 🙂

    I have two brothers, an ex-Marine & ex-Army, and a beloved step-brother also a Marine who was killed in Iraq by a sniper. Needless to say, I am proud of my brothers for their service and my step-brother for his ultimate sacrifice.

    I asked one of my brother’s what he thought about a show like this and he said live music with a band is what draws the soldiers to the shows where they can let loose, but he said this particular show is not typically what the military puts on. But they do appreciate a break from their routines so he said it’s all good.

    • Yes, let loose is what I think most would want. I too feel that the soldiers do appreciate any entertainment and of course, that golden voice will make everyone that attends grateful. The word will get around as to how good he is and worth going to see. I actually think that maybe comedy is also a big draw. Letting loose by rocking out and laughter, a good combo.

      All your brothers are heroes and my deepest condolence about your step-brother.

    • David Cook played a tour at European military bases. He’s a rocker who came with a band. He played to smallish crowds in the hundreds. See this video for example http://youtu.be/9W2dbBVUC1I However, I would not take this to mean that military people don’t like Rock or bands. It’s just one example in one situation. It’s very difficult to extrapolate from it. Just like it is difficult to draw conclusions about what “soldiers” like based on what one soldier said or what relatives said.

  14. Senseless-Exactly. It is what it is.

  15. My blog name “Senseless” is in recognition of one of my favs by David. Although there were times when David was gone that I thought I WAS being “senseless” for waiting. Still waitiing & hoping his new music is as stellar as his voice. 😉

    • ITA senseless and I always known the reason for your blog name, love the song too.

    • I so agree that Senseless was a great song. I remember you posting why you chose that blog name. I am with so you about David’s new music. 🙂

  16. Thank you, cq.

  17. David is in harm’s way thousands of miles from home. Have you people no shame whatsoever? David and the others are busting their humps to uplift the troops, and yet references to “empty seats” and “this is not the type of show that soldiers typically like” are posted here. Am I the only one on here that wants to puke from this sickening B.S.?

    • Yes, you might be, lol. but I doubt it, I’m sure there will be some that want to puke along side with you.

      • yes me to, and on you lol, no one but the people ther know how manny people came to the shows,or how manny didn,t. so why bring it up, unless to slam david,

    • bliss-Thanks for sharing your truly random thoughts. Beautiful. lol.

  18. Marie,

    I’m pretty sure David & company will be well cared for and have comfortable accommodations with air-conditioning and all the other comforts of home…showers & beds etc, throughout the “tour”. Heck, they even have LDS branches there. They’re not out in the fields where the troops train for combat! The heat they experience is when they go out site-seeing which by the way tells us they are completely safe and not in the middle of the war-torn areas of the Middle-East. No way would the military allow it or be responsible for non-Military Americans to be in ant danger. They are in areas where Military FAMILIES live! Yes, they are thousands of miles from home but let’s be real.

    This is exactly the way it is. And yes, good qurestion about Gina O. hmmmm?

  19. Exactly- about Gina.

  20. Senseless, please go back under your rock, and take the others with you. You are truly one horrible person, and how David got stuck with you is beyond me. If it weren’t for the chance that David could read it, I would post your hideous, idiotic lie on twitter so all of David’s fans could see what lurks in the gutter of his fan base.

    • Oh hi Bliss! Didn’t know you were still here. 🙂

      Relax! Your hatred for me may cause you to have a stroke! Take some deep Breaths & count to ten or twenty may be better.

    • How horribly cruel you are Bliss. No one here bashes you in any way near the level you bash others. What an obsessed miserable person you must be to bash those who have differing opinions of David. I feel so sorry for you. Most likely it is you who David would be ashamed to have as his fan if he knew how you treat others.

      No one here has bashed David and his companions regarding this tour. Comments are based on blogs from Jason and Dean primarily. I also think Marie’s family, being former military, would have some insight into what the troops enjoy.

      Marie, I am sorry for your loss and thank your family for their brave service to the USA.

      • soul newbie-I think that you might mean Senseless as that is the one that wrote that very nice and touching comment not me. I agree with you by the way. 🙂 By the way I think that it is wonderful that David is over there entertaining some troops. I just don’t get the over sensitivity at times but Whatever makes you happy.

  21. Lighten Up Dude. lol.

  22. Marie, whatever, lol.

  23. I have no idea if the attendance of the shows is good or not. All I know is what Jason said in his latest blog:

    And so our Military Tribute Tour brings a new level of helping them feel appreciated. They say, “Thank You for coming to us, this was so amazing, the best show we’ve ever seen!” That’s what’s so great about our show, is that all of us have a way to connect with someone in the audience, and it is joyous.

    I love this. It appears the military personnel that do attend are very appreciative. I’m sure this is why they went, and it will be a success for them to have entertained the troops that do come to the shows whether it is a few or a lot. I myself like rock and country music but also enjoy comedy , inspirational talks and of course, David’s fabulous voice.

  24. Bliss, Senseless shares a truly sad event in which her brother was killed in Iraq, and the only response from you is to tell her THAT? Good god, you should be ashamed.
    I am in disbelief right now. Please don’t try talking your way out of it, I used to like a lot of your loving David comments, but I will never read a thing you have to say ever again. Sickening.

    • Thank you anon. Bliss’ comment was truly shocking and disgusting.

    • Really, it’s ok about Bliss. I’ve learned to just let his remarks slide. His words are like razor blades, to use lyrics from another favorite song by David, but I refuse to let him leave scars on my soul. 😉

      I posted about my brothers service to tie in the point about what my brother thought about this show. He is not really a fan but he knows I am…he should after all David’s concerts I’ve been to across the country (thanks in part to my job which involves travel). I’ve seen Davd in concert about 20 times at last count. Not bragging, just a fact. I was very fortunate. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. Hope to see David on stage again soon, but not counting on it this year. And he will be different no doubt, but still worth it.

      For Bliss or Rooster or anyone to say I or others who comment here are not fans of David because we may have differing opinions about certain aspects, are delusional. I don’t put David on a pedestal or think of him as some kind of “angelic being”. I’m a fan of David the man and artist who happens to be an awesome vocalist and performer. That’s all. 🙂

  25. Thank you Marie, yes my comment was for Senseless. Senseless, I apologize for the error.

  26. Senseless needs to explain why she has the need to trivialize and mock David’s conditions in Kuwait. That is the only aspect of her post that I commented on. Her personal references were not addressed, so spare me the group drama. It’s pretentious and besides the point.

    • soul newbie is a prime example of what i have been saying all along, pleas red posts to try and understand whta is said and not just to responed tosomeone. we have had at least 3 posts without any proplems, until cc and senless showed up , how about that, tells you whats up

  27. o i forget to mention the 2 foellers who would be lost without there leader, ( cq,marie )

  28. Gina must read this blog because within the past hour she has linked to David via her facebook page. hmmm… 😉 https://www.facebook.com/orrigami

    • LOL! What a coincidence!

      Although I do wonder if maybe she was on vacation or something? I noticed she hadn’t tweeted anything from June 27 until yesterday afternoon. She’s not around on social media much anyway though. idk.

    • hmmm. Maybe Gina is a Lurker on the sites. 🙂

  29. his voice seems stronger love this clip!

    • I agree Kimak does seem stronger. I just hope that the music he is working on will be as strong and beyond ridiculously good like that voice of his.

    • I would love to hear David sing this on Broadway in NYC in Les Miz.

  30. I’m enjoying JR’s download of “Bring Him Home on loop”: http://www.mediafire.com/download/js4752ic8a8dn7v/Bring+Him+Home+on+loop.mp3 (I had to watch out not to download more extra stuff along with it, so be aware). We fans are funny, though. Alfie Boe’s rendition of the song with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is amazing and will bring you to tears, and yet I doubt any of us are going to Alfie Boe fan sites daily, lol. We’re just freaks for David–IDK why.

    From Snowangelzz: “….We are a bunch of freaks (myself included). Nice, well-meaning freaks, for the most part, but freaks nonetheless. I’ve embraced my freakdom. Face it. It’s just not “normal” to obsessively follow a 17-year-old singer for six years….” However, “….. Is your David fandom something you’d list on your list of “interests” on a job application? Online dating profile? In your Christmas letter to extended family?” Lol.

    I enjoy sharing my unconventional interest with you other similarly afflicted folks. Maybe we’re the wave of the future and one day we’ll have “Darchie” license plates and David’s photos all over our workplaces, like a couple of teachers from my school who are loud and proud about their love of Elvis, and no one would think that we’re weird.

    Unfortunately, some take their freakdom to ridiculous levels and can’t abide anyone trying to have a sense of perspective. Whatever the latest tactics are in the “bad fan” game–including throwing around terms like “criminality” of comments, saying that “appreciative” is “beyond insulting”, and pandering to David’s co-religionists, it’s time to just skip over the nonsense.

  31. Per this pic, I find it hard to believe that Dean was able to wear one of David’s long sleeve shirts.


  32. CChalo, “pandering to David’s co-religionists”?? That’s a new one. Is that code for “joining with those who respect David’s right to practice his religion as he sees fit, and confronting those who come on his fan site to bash his religion.”

    I guess I’m a “co-religionist”. Who knew?

    • No guessing needed – you’re just a plain garden variety old ASSHOLE. Who knew? EVERYONE. What real “man” hangs out on internet blogs with women he obviously has contempt for defending another man’s honor? I find THAT kind of behavior very suspect. Be mindful of all those stones you foolishly keep lobbing Miss Bliss – the kind of glass house you live in can’t withstand the blowback.

      • ITA-Ann Nonimus. So agree. You got that right and it also describes some of those that support and encourage (rooster is one) those judgmental and critical comments from him that are really just thinly disguised personal attacks on others. Just keeping it real as always. But soul newbie is correct that it is best to just ignore (and I will) as attention and negative debate is what is really wanted from these type of comments. Not worth the effort or the time as I don’t really care what they think. lol. Back to lurking for me. 🙂

  33. I hereby vow to ignore the ugliness that are the comments by Bliss and rooster. They are not worth my time. If anyone catches me replying to them, please call me out. Hope all have a good night. Thank you

  34. Good idea-soul newbie. I agree. 🙂

    • Soul Newbie, go for it. Just make sure you respect David and you’ll have no problem with me. And Marie, in keeping with your policy of never having an original thought, you are more than welcome to agree with and follow Soul Newbie.

  35. This is why I bristle when someone trivializes this tour and it’s dangers. Let Dan Clark, who actually knows what he’s talking about, set the record straight about this tour.


  36. The military tribute is a very noble and selfless act by David & company. They ARE in the Middle East thousands of miles from home in places where war & strife is a way of life. Where & when is there not war somewhere in the Middle East? I did not marginalize or trivialize the Tour. What I did was take what I read from Dean and Jason as well as photos of the group. They are in Military constellations where the accommodations are pretty good and they have food & water & air-conditioning unlike many of the local people who live in the areas. When they leave the Military compounds to visit local tourist attractions, they most likely have Military Escorts. I doubt the group would be so careless as to put themselves in mortal danger. They would not be allowed by the Military to venture out in the fields or areas where there is fighting between local factions going on.

    The description of Dan Clark’s concerns about “his” tour was written when they left the US with no security at that point. Even he was not aware of what to expect once they arrived. Other than the lost luggage they seemed to be pleasantly surprised that they would not be put up in tents in the middle of the desert. They were also surprised I think that Military familes, kids actually live in the Military compounds. The housing in the bases have all the essentials to which they are accustomed as proven by Dean’s latest blog. I think all of the US Military will continue to take good care of them.

    Am I happy they are not suffering other than from extreme heat when they’re out side? YES! Would I have preferred to read that they could hear mortar shells & explosions going off in the middle of the night? NO! Of course not! I think putting the Tour in a more realistic & honest light is beneficial & comforting for David’s fans & family. It was to me.

    Have a great Sunday!

    • Perfect comment Senseless.
      This is a reply to your 10:27 comment: Wowza 20 times you’ve seen David in concert, that’s fantastic.
      Actually David need several million fans that do and think just like you..a fan of David the man and artist who happens to be an awesome vocalist and performer. That’s all. 🙂

      • cq, Yep! At least that many times! But no way could I have been able or even afford to attend most of those concerts if not for my job which takes me here & there, although not as much anymore. Some concerts I attended were when I planned my vacations around some of his tour stops. I enjoyed meeting & talkng with David’s fans but in all honesty, there are some fans who look their noses down at other fans. There are “Cliques” who think they “know” David & that he “knows” them! Really, not kidding! These cliques reminded me of high school! 😉

    • Senseless- you are a very dedicated fan to have spent the money to go to so many David concerts and have every right to post any comment you want here. You don’t need to justify your comments to anyone and a certain mean spirited someone knows exactly what they are doing when they dissect others comments. It is done for entertainment of some sort. Who cares what he thinks and to tell others what to and what not to post? Are you kidding me? Get a grip. lol. Ignore a comment if if it bothers you that much and just go on. David needs all the diverse fans he can get at this point to have a music career. How could anyone not see that?


  38. senseless you should know about cliques y6ou are in one here ,cq marie soul nebie and now ann noimus,also a few others you to can kma

    • Hi Rooster/Ray…cock-a-doodle-doo!

      Still not using spell-check? I feel your pain…when I can decipher your cutting retorts. 😉

    • Hi Hen! Bend over. 🙂 Ooops, looks like Miss Bliss has beat me to it – maybe tomorrow, I don’t like sloppy seconds. #dontcomeformeifididntsendforyou

  39. My goodness Ann Nonimus…talk about cruel, crude and crass…

  40. The problem with sh** throwing contests is everyone gets dirty. And regardless of who lobs the first one, everyone gets covered up.

  41. Sometimes when I come here and read all the comments, I sincerely wish that HG would disable the comments so that I could just read her very articulate, open-minded and thoughtful blog. Can’t everyone just take all the bickering and rudeness and work it out among yourselves by DM’ing each other or something in private like adults?. Back and forth and back and forth and each escalating and even crudeness and name-calling and finger-pointing on all sides and the taking of sides. I love good debate but it is hard take the personal animosity and misunderstandings among so many of the posters. Everyone here has such interesting things to say but it is just so hard and discouraging and disheartening to wade through sometimes.

    • You can read HG’s blog without clicking on the comments. But I think if people stop responding to the fan police all together, things will probably improve.

    • That’s what I was going to say, cchalo, you don’t ever have to read any comments to enjoy HG phenomenal articles. Btw, so happy she is taking a break, but will be so happy to have her back posting those thought provoking articles.

  42. Ann Nominus, still channeling those old Charm school days, huh? I notice that you are trying to “insult” me by insinuating that I’m gay with your vulgar sexual references. Are you homophobic? Do you hate gay people? It sure seems that you do. You do realize , don’t you, that the hatred for the Mormon Church that we read here daily is based primarily on the Church’s anti- gay stance and its support of laws to ban gay marriage. That puts you at odds with the people here.

    Watch it, girlfriend. You don’t want to alienate your support system here. Fortunately for you they hate me more than they hate the Mormon Church, so they gave you a pass for now

    That’s it for now. How’s the weather in Salem, Mass. btw?

    • Thou dost protest overmuch, LOL. Well, you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, and the one that’s hit, will holler… Woof Woof Miss Bliss! 🙂

      • Ann Nonimus, You need to bone up on your Shakespeare and get the quotes right, but the old English might a little rough for you.

        I was watching “The Exorcist” the other night. Was the Linda Blair character based on your actual life, because her behavior was eerily reminiscent of your posts on this site? When I read your posts, I expect pea soup to come spewing out of my laptop.

  43. Rooster, thanks for your support and understanding of what is going on here. I know there are others who see what we do, but they just don’t want to be subjected to the gang warfare that takes place when anyone posts the truth.

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