Iconic David Series #5



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  1. So I was chillin with David Archuleta today…


    • Lol sorry I should have put that in quotes. That was the caption on the picture — I can only WISH that I was chilling with David today, ha

  2. Think they might be at the air base in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia today. That’s just a guess based on other pics on that same instagram account posted above.

  3. Thanks Ali for the link, love all the info and pictures we are so lucky to have.
    Hg, Iconic series #5…all kinds of love, love , love…just beautiful!!

    Read this on Facebook today that a friend posted and it so applies to me, lol:
    “Sadly, I do my best proofreading after I hit send”

  4. There are times I even proofread it wrong! Loving all the news on David and the guys.

  5. Jason Hewlett answers most of the comments on his blog. Here is one answer I know all of David’s ODD fans will love to hear:
    “Thank you Monica, it was a wonderful first full day. We are honored to be here! David’s voice was soaring and sounded better than I’ve heard it at other venues before his mission, which is hard to believe it can get better, but as he gets older his voice will continue to mature and tear everyone’s heartstrings out. And he keeps working at his craft daily, really cool to see. God bless you!”

    • Grammyj omgosh THIS!!!


      The shows and the pics and the blogs and the excitement really have me so ready to hear that voice live again. I mean, I wanted it before but now I’m like MUST HAVE!! Lol.

      And so much for my guess on location! Maybe that’s the closest weather station to the base lol idk. Hope they had a good show #2!

  6. Jason and friends are doing a great job with the pics and videos and blogs. I hope David is paying attention. lol.

  7. In case you missed it…a little snippet of David singing “Bring Him Home” and OH, MY…..he’s in fine vocal form. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203517279106650

  8. Can’t wait to hear David sing the whole song of Bring Him Home as the clip was stellar. I am so glad the Jason Hewlett went on this trip. He is giving us so many goodies!

  9. New post from Dean on FB: (thanks for the heads up, Janel!)

    Dean Kaelin

    3 hours ago
    Day number three. We did two shows today; one for army people at a Patriot missile base and one at the Isa base. The first show was more intimate and was just parts of our full show. We had no P.A. and I had to accompany all the songs David sang on guitar. The evening show was a lot more people and the full show. It was a nice theater at the base. The show we are doing is quite different than what they usually get here and they seem to be enjoying it. There were a few hickups in the show tonight as we try and tweak things and make it better, but all in all they seemed to enjoy it. We also visited a place called “The Tree of Life”. It is a tree out in the middle of the desert. It is a wonder how it grows with seemingly no water anywhere. It truly is a desert here and the wind is hot and sand blows a lot. It has given me new appreciation for the people of Moses wandering around for 40 years. Yesterday we went to a mosque. It is Ramadan here for the Muslim people; so they fast (no food, water, gum or intimate relations) from sun up to sundown. Every time we are off base we can’t eat or drink anything and we must wear long pants and long sleeve shirts. I have been using one of David’s since I didn’t bring any long sleeved shirts. (Who would want to bring long sleeved shirts to a place that’s so hot?) After the show I hung out with some of the servicemen and won all of my ping pong games and also the bag toss game that they had in their place. Tomorrow we fly early to Kuwait and it is supposed to be REALLY hot there (so apparently Bahrain has been just warm? Yikes!!) It seems to be worthwhile and all is well.

    • I think Kuwait is relatively safe so another somewhat more relaxed day in store for these guys I hope.
      “seems to be worthwhile” Mr. Kaelin I hope you realize soon how much you are doing for the people you are entertaining. I’m sure your troupe is the highlight of the season for so many in your audiences. So humble, just like David.

  10. I am a huge fan of Les Mis, seen the play and the movie several times, so it was extra emotional for me to hear that snippet of David singing that glorious song, Bring Him Home. Hoping for full videos of him singing, maybe when they return home, full video will be released.

    Another reason for my emotional reaction was that I was so happy to finally hear David sing secular music, it’s been a long time. I do realize the reason for him only singing religious music for the two years he was on his mission and was happy to get videos of his Christmas singing from Chile and I did enjoy listening to them because I truly love his voice, but I am a fan of David the secular music artist, so hearing him sing secular music is what I have been waiting for and boy I was blown away by that little snippet as to how much I’ve missed hearing the voice.

    Soul newbie, glad that you are still are posting.

  11. I don’t know the song Bring Him Home but David sounds absolutely terrific! Can’t wait to hear him sing it in a performance hall. 😀

    Other news, David’s former drummer tweeted a link to one of his new songs, Booty Pop. I had to laugh because I’m assuming he felt he had to do this to get heard, be relevant, etc. The other two songs listed are pretty good, esp. Strangers. He sounds a little like Stevie Wonder and Steve Arrington. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/21320372?utm_campaign=a_public_songs&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=page_object_news_item

  12. DA Venezuela does a great job of finding and posting new pics of D. Perhaps this is old news but if you scroll near the bottom of this page, you will see D with all 4 siblings.


  13. You are right- desertrat -they do a good job of posting all the pics of David. I have not seen any pics of David with his dad since his return. Interesting.

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