Iconic David Series #4



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  1. Love it!. More information on David than we’ve gotten in a long time!

  2. And video for those with FB. (Thanks FOD!)

  3. Yup this guy is going to keep us in the loop.

    • Music and laughter, great combination!
      As far as getting paid, not getting paid make no difference to me, still a very noble thing they are doing. Actually I would want them to get paid. I love my country, but the government has spend some money on a lot of stuff needlessly, this would be money well spent and very well deserved.
      Jason’s comedy reminds of Jim Carey, rubber face, yet very handsome, lol.
      I like this guy, but imo, it was a bit self serving when he said others had turned this opportunity down. One thing I know for sure, David wouldn’t gone there.

  4. thank goodness for Jason!

  5. Nice pics david and the rest of gangs too, even one with david sleeping,aww! David sang MKOP, thinking about one special girl at back home in Utah hmmm?!?.

  6. I really like Jason. He is great with all the pics and videos. Jason could be David’s PR guy. lol. 🙂

    • Good idea, Marie! We’ve gotten more info from him of behind the scenes stuff than any tour David’s been on. He even replies to fans. And he posts pictures and a video.

  7. Yep- Grammyj- this is more info than I have seen in a long time. Go Jason. lol.

  8. New blog from Jason about the first full day:

    “Our Show went off huge with the audience. Dan Clark opened with a few great stories, including his world famous “Puppies for Sale” from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, and then brought David Archuleta to the stage with Dean Kaelin. They did one number, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and crushed it. Apparently this wasn’t the same type of audience we’ll see every time, as it was all families with little kids, but I think everyone who came was there to see David. The women were taking photos, girls standing on chairs – Teeny Boppers – feeling like old times pre-mission, seeing the manchild work his magic with the music. It was beautiful.”

    Love that part 😉

  9. Nice job Jason with the blog. 🙂

  10. Yes Jason’s blogs are awesome and yes, lol, David needs to hire him as his publicist.
    We got a small snippet of him singing Crush…hoping we get some videos of him singing all the other songs.

    lol, sorry Bliss still sticking to my guns by saying that David deserves and should have a huge music career….

    • CQ, what David really deserves are fans that support and speak well of him and his life choices. Unless you do that, it doesn’t matter what else you think he deserves. Please share that with your Mormon hating Stepford Sisters so we can finally celebrate this “deserving” artist without all this anti LDS babble that has polluted this site for what seems to be an eternity.

  11. Jason responded about videos:

    Hopefully that means we’ll get some full vids later on!

  12. Oh boy I really need to hear David sing Bring Him Home !

  13. Very nice picture and I have to add-I like the hair-it is getting longer. lol.

  14. Yes Marie very nice picture of David. Actually very hard to ever have a bad picture of him. This one however really shows his fiscal maturity. Hum, he’s getting a taste of performing and being a celebrity again (I mean outside Utah, lol), hope that he is enjoying it all.

  15. CQ, “fiscal” refers to finances. Physical refers to the body, which is probably what you wanted to say.

    • Thank you bliss for the correction. I would caught eventually, as I sometime do. I know that I have a problem and thank you very much for pointing out to me, very sweet of you to do that.

      • I apologize to everyone that I used the wrong word.

      • cq, no apologies required <33

      • cq- Please. Why do you even pay attention to bliss when he addresses you? Ignore him even though it is not that easy. Again- my eyes are rolled to the back of my head when I read Bliss’s comments. Are you kidding me? lol. 🙂

      • I mean do you actually even care what he thinks at this point. I don’t. lol. 🙂

      • I know Marie, but I do get embarrass when I make those type of mistakes and so that was extra embarrassing to have it pointed out to me.

  16. It is heartwarming that David and team are doing this, and hearing about people’s excitement at meeting David shows his celebrity status is still intact.

    • isn’t all that fabulous.. so thankful there are folks out there posting stuff for us!
      hope some more videos pop up heard he sang MKOP too.

      • Yes, Kimak seems like old times once again. Aside from how wonderful he is for doing this tour, he probably will be getting such a great life experience and we fans are getting to experience it (somewhat) along with him, thanks to Jason.

  17. marie

    please…for someone who does not care what bliss thinks, you sure do pay attention to everything he says. as much as i want to ignore your comments it ain’t easy. please stop defending cq everytime bliss answers her posts. it’s irritating. are you her mother? i’m sure she is old enough to answer/defend herself

    • Ignore, you said: as much as i want to ignore your comments it ain’t easy. What make you think that it’s easy for other to ignore some comments. I can speak for myself, but I truly appreciate Marie and Ali’s support in this very embarrassing thing and with any other support. Doesn’t mean that I can’t stand up for myself.

    • ignore-whatever. I don’t care. lol. 🙂

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